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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Occult Meaning Behind the Game of Baseball

Monotony is the mother of revelation. That was my thought as I attended a horribly boring Mets baseball game this past August. The more you immerse yourself in the study of metaphysics, mythology, and cosmology, the more these concepts filter through your observations about things that most people would consider trivial.

Occult themes and concepts have become the very foundation for much of what we call popular culture. They're in the movies, they're in advertising, and can also be found in America's favorite pastime: baseball.

The diamond on the baseball field is in fact the square and the compass of Freemasonry. Freemasons often refer to God as the “Grand Architect of the Universe,” who would naturally correspond to the Kemetic god, Ptah, the original Inspector General. The Pitcher on the mound is Ptah. We know this because according to ancient Kemetic cosmology, as it is recorded on the Shabaka Stone, our physical universe came into being when the god Ptah arose upon the primordial mound from the celestial waters of Nun carrying the god Atum (from whence you get the word “atom") on his shoulders.

Ptah gave birth to nine gods, often referred to as the Ennead. This is why there are nine innings to a baseball game. The nine innings in the unfolding of a baseball game are symbolic of the nine gods, who in turn represent the nine stages involved in the birth of our physical universe.

There are 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry and 3x3=9. Symbolically speaking, an Inspector General is supposed to represent one who has attained mastery over himself, and consequently, his environment. A Master of the Royal Secret, on the other hand, has only 32 degrees which is the freezing point of water. When we marry Freemasonic thought to scientific fact, we can conclude that a Mason is still frozen in a catatonic state of ignorance unless he gets his 33rd degree, because his soul has not been thawed by the light emanating from the mind of the Grand Architect. And even then, he's not even hot. In order for him to reach his spiritual boiling point he would need “Moor” fire.

Those of you who read my blog entitled “The Collapsing House of Mirrors” may remember that Ptah, is also the Demiurge spoken of in the early Gnostic scriptures. For more on the Demiurge you might want to check out the complete Nag Hamadi Library (It’s a collection of various Gnostic scriptures, not an actual library). For those of us on the path of spiritual liberation the Demiurge is the "Bad Guy" but this is actually a matter of our human perception which is firmly entrenched in the polaristic pleasure-pain, fight or flight dynamic.

The Demiurge uses our animal appetites against us (so it appears) for the purpose of keeping our souls locked in the Dead Zone. This is the true meaning behind the fictional crucifixion. It represents the tragedy of pure spirit being trapped in the dregs of matter. Nothing more, nothing less. A cross contains four 90 degree angles, which represents the four elements (fire, air, water and earth) of matter. When we submit to the whims of our lower selves our spirits are crucified on the elemental cross of matter.

Given that a cross consists of four 90-degree angles, we know that there are 360 degrees in a cross. There are also 360 degress in a baseball diamond since a diamond is made of two triangles which are 180 degrees each. Have you noticed that if you add the digits in each of the four numerical references in this paragraph, they all add up to nine (e.g. 9+0=9, 3+6+0=9)? Multiply these nines by four and you get 36, which brings you back to 9 again (3+6=9).

There are no other numbers past nine. Every other numerical value that comes after the number 9 is just a reconfiguration of the first ten numbers (zero being the first) in our numerical system. This is because numbers are the markers for places and things in the physical universe which has inherent limitations. The universe may be expanding as many scientists propose, but there are definite constraints on this expansion which we will all realize eventually. Does the so-called “Big Bang” mark the birth of our universe, or the death of an older one? It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It could be both.

Like the cross, the baseball diamond is emblematic of the the realm of matter, Malkuth, which is under the dominion of Ptah. However, there is an interesting paradox as it relates to Ptah's role in the progression of our spiritual careers. By challenging us, Ptah the pitcher, is actually helping us to build the muscle and develop the hand-eye coordination that will enable us to escape the world of Maia, and return to the stars from whence we came. This is the true “Home Run.”

Ptah pitches obstacles and challenges at us over the course of our lives and it’s our job to bat them out of the ballpark (the ballpark being the Kabbalistic world of Assiah, the plane of solids, liquids and gases which we currently occupy). The bat that you use to accomplish this is your pineal gland, which is a tiny pine cone shaped organ resembling the female clitoris in the center of your brain that becomes stimulated once you become enlightened.

This is the true "light that taketh away the sins of the world." The pineal gland is also known as the “Third Eye,” which gives you “sight beyond sight” as Lion-O(siris), Lord of the Thundercats would say. The white ball blasted out of the park once it connects with your bat is symbolic of you leaving this density as a white orb of light following your final incarnation.

When you fail to cultivate your mind, the love in your heart, and build courage, then you strike out in the game of life and must return to the dugout (the ancestral realm) until your number is called again. I'm going, going, gone. Actually, I'm Already Home and so are you.