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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ivan Van Sertima Lives

Last night I was informed of a radio announcement stating that Ivan Van Sertima had died at the age of 74 on May 25th, Memorial Day. When I became engrossed in African studies in 1998, my good friend Damion Reid told me about this brilliant Guyanese scholar who wrote and edited some of the finest books that I would ever read on classical African civilizations. Damion leant me a copy of Egypt: Child of Africa and my personal sense of who I was, and what I could accomplish as a man in this world, rose to greater and greater heights.

However, Van Sertima's scholarship also helped me realize--perhaps more than anyone else's--that the Black man's history and culture was not limited to the United States, the Caribbean or even Africa. He showed me that we are in fact a people of GLOBAL import, as we have nurtured and left an indelible mark on every culture we have encountered.
For evidence go out and purchase other great works which Van Sertima either wrote/co-wrote or edited such as The African Presence in Early Asia, Golden Age of the Moor, The African Presence in Early Europe, Black Women in Antiquity, Egypt Revisited, Ancient Future and his magnum opus They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America.

In the profession that I am in, I have had an opportunity to meet more than a few entertainers and celebrities but the only time I was ever Star Struck was when I met the Rutgers University professor. The year was 2002 and Medger Evers College in Brooklyn had honored him for his academic contributions to the cause of Black self-realization. I was writing a story for a newspaper I worked for at Brooklyn College. With no photographer, I had to take my own pictures with one of our newspaper's cameras.

I remember introducing myself to Van Sertima and stuttering how much I appreciated his work before I asked him to pose with his wife while I took a few pictures. It was obvious that he was tired, having just given a two-hour lecture, but that didn't stop me from bothering the man for a few poses. My editor-in-chief never asked me to get pictures, much less write an article, nevertheless I felt compelled by a sense of history. Some of it personal, some of it was not. I knew that I may not have that moment again. As it turns out, I was right.

Van sertima was a good soldier. He posed for this annoying amateur photographer/reporter. One picture came out great and my article was even better. A lot of Black students and faculty members on campus enjoyed it. I hope that future generations will come to appreciate the wonderful gifts that Van Sertima has left behind and that they enrich their lives just as much as they have enriched mine.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya: Melodic Weapons for Musical Wars

Mind Control. For most of us the term generally conjures images from Hollywood thrillers such as The Manchurian Candidate. However, the existence of such a sinister method of manipulation may not be as far fetched as one might suspect. In fact, if you go to the United States Patent website and conduct a search for patent number 3,951,134 you will discover something rather interesting.

On Aug. 5, 1974 scientist Robert G. Malech requested a patent for a device that was supposed to monitor electrical activities within the human brain. However, if you checkout the patent summary under the sub-head which reads “OBJECTS OF THE INVENTION,” another purpose is revealed. In addition to monitoring electrical activities in the human brain it provides “a method and apparatus for affecting brain wave activity by transmitting electromagnetic signals thereto.”

That’s just a technical way of describing the process of mind control, as thoughts are known to travel through the brain in the form of electrical stimulus. These electromagnetic signals can be encoded with subsonic tones that produce harmful chemical compounds in the brain of the receiver. The brain is extremely sensitive to external phenomena so even a minor change in its electronic frequency levels can alter thought patterns. Consequently, if an individual or group even slightly alters your brain wave patterns they will have varying degrees of control over your mind. The Music of Time by Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon, although it's kind of old, explores this concept. The patent for this mind control weapon was granted to Malech on April 20, 1976.

Thirteen years later, Dr. Oliver Lowery of Georgia got a patent for his “Silent Subliminal Presentation System” (SSPS) (U.S. Patent # 5, 159, 703). According to the description found under the “ABSTRACT” heading on the patent website, the device was clearly created for the purpose of mind control. The SSPS is:

“a silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplified or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real-time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.” The high-tech sorcery described above has been called psychotronics in some circles. Its development was anticipated by high ranking government officials for several decades. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former National Security Advisor who helped to groom Barack Obama for the U.S. presidency, said in his 1970 book, Between Two Ages:

“It may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic-political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and human behavior. Gordon J.F. MacDonald, a geophysicist specializing in problems of warfare, has written that accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes ‘could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth…. In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period…No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades” (p. 86).

What if this audio technology were being used by hip-hop music industry overlords for the purpose of mind control? With online filesharing, hip-hop has become the most accessible form of music among young people in the United States today. If someone wanted to control the population they could do it successfully through hip-hop music. It’s interesting to note how Earth Wind & Fire’s “Fantasy” or Marvin Gaye’s “Love Party” can make a person feel upbeat and optimistic about life, while much of the popular rap music today encourages short-temperedness, self-pity, careless spending and senseless violence.This kind of rap is the most popular because major record labels prefer to market and promote music that appeals to man’s lower animal nature. But understand that it’s not just the lyrics of a song that determines your emotional and psychological response to it, but the tonal frequencies of the music itself.

In February 2005 I published an essay entitled, “Bridging the Gaps: Black music’s future depends on a fusion of culture, sound and ides.” In that essay I pointed out that each of the chakras (energy vortexes that make up the human spirit) that Trantrists speak of correspond to a particular genre, or expression, of black music. In my efforts to stay focused on the subject at hand, I did not share that each chakra also has its corresponding tonal frequency on the musical scale. There are seven chakras to the human spirit and seven notes in the musical scale. When you say "doe-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-doe," you're actually saying "doe," twice.

If a producer knows the specific tonal frequency that corresponds to the heart chakra—which deals with the expression of love—and the root chakra, which is synonymous with lust and violence, they can blend the two tones into an infectious harmony that evokes a love for violence in the listener. This is why we can listen to a rapper say the most vile things on a record, yet we still love it because the lyrics are accompanied by savvy production that blends the tones representative of both the heart and root chakra. If the rapper has charisma and slick wordplay, his music will further amplify these negative feelings within you and you will find a way to rationalize your appreciation for his poison.

When you hear the tone of a given musical note, that tone triggers an encoded electrical stimulus—which has its own geometric signature, its own hieroglyph—through the neurons of your brain. This electrical stimulus then tells your brain which neurochemicals to produce and in what quantity to produce them. Your brain synthesizes these chemicals and secretes an entirely new chemical compound that dictates how you will respond emotionally and psychologically to what you’re listening to.

If this were not true you would feel a different emotion each time you heard your favorite song. The reason why you do not is because the song produces the same drug in your brain each time you hear it. What causes you to eventually get tired of listening to that song is the fact that each time you hear it, your brain has to produce more and more of the chemical compound in order to re-experience that initial high. When your brain has to work harder than it can afford to to produce this wonder drug, you end up putting that CD on the shelf where it begins to collect dust.

However, the brain will never stop producing a compound that assists in its preservation, entirely. Songs that help to preserve the brain are known as classics in the music world for that reason alone. If you look at any song considered to be a bona fide classic, you will usually find that it celebrates the best in human nature and is reflective of man’s highest aspirations in some way, shape, or form. You may stop listening to these songs for a while, but you always come back to them because your brain knows what’s best for it even if you do not.

Most of these up-tempo hip-hop songs you hear produce chemical derivatives of angel dust and cocaine in your brains. Many people who spend a great deal of time listening to them exhibit the same animalistic tendencies as coke and dust heads. These individuals could definitely use a detox, but the way the music industry is looking, they aren’t likely to get one. In the movie Scarface, Tony Montana goes on a mad shooting spree against the feds in his mansion after snorting a ton of blow. After that coke went up his nose Montana felt invincible, as if he could take on the entire world. Aggressive rap makes people who are otherwise reserved, or timid, feel the same way until the music stops.

Is it any coincidence that the hip-hop community was inundated with Scarface t-shirts, jackets, and cubic zirconia encrusted dog tags in 2005? They were all over the place. Whoever was behind this dubious fashion trend was trying to lead the hip-hop community down a dark path. Fortunately, if you are consciously aware of the effect that the music has on your mood and temperament, then the chances that it will significantly influence your behavior is drastically diminished. It all depends on whether or not you’re doing the alchemy. Are you taking the base emotions that the music conjures within you and transmuting it into sonic gold?

Instead of imagining yourself doing something wild and reckless when listening to this kind of music, use it as emotional fuel that can be used to accomplish a noble goal. A man who consistently transcends his circumstances to accomplish his goals is a man with a strong will.

A man who has a strong will has reached a plateau in his spiritual evolution wherein he is able to focus the spectacular energies coursing through his mind, body and soul. A vast amount of energy and personal power is a prerequisite for the exhibition of a strong will. A person may genuinely have the will to stop using drugs but they lack the personal power necessary to exhibit the desire to do so. Only when they begin to build on their personal power through affirmations, or other simple, yet highly effective activities, will they obtain the personal power they need to give up their addiction and improve the quality of their lives.

A conscious use of the music you listen to, no matter how abrasive it may sound to others, can help you increase your personal power. Instrumental CDs are extremely effective for this purpose. They allow you the freedom of deciding how you will process and interpret the music entering your ears because there is no rapper directing your attention towards their choice of subject matter. Instead you interpret the mood and meaning of the music FOR YOURSELF. The power is in your hands. The only limitations rest in your imagination, which metaphysicist Phil Valentine has pointed is the nation of the inner magis that reside in our minds.

When I listen to the instrumental for the DipSet song "I'm Ready," its about me being ready for MY own spiritual transformation, and not any of the stuff they're talking about on the actual song. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend the instrumental CD for Diplomatic Immunty Vol 1 (2003). Start your day with the DipSet Anthem instrumental. You might find that lyrics that better reflect who you are start to take form in your head. I also like "Triumph" by the Wu-Tang Clan although the actual song is just fine the way it is.

If a record producer understands the science of music, he can instill the most destructive thoughts and behavior patterns in his audience through his selection of the rappers he uses to rhyme over his beats. So, the next time you’re shopping for the illest hip-hop CD or downloading a couple of hot bangers onto your iPod, ask yourself one question: is my favorite producer trying to make a helpless addict out of me?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The African Origin of the Illuminati: A Brief Synopsis

The Middle Ages were a time when most of Europe was ravaged by the brutal plague of ignorance. Much of the knowledge accumulated by the Greeks and Romans was scattered to the winds as a result of Rome’s moral decay and ongoing wars with neighboring European tribes.

To make matters worst, Roman Emperor Justinian, whose empire covered much of Europe and North Africa, abolished the so-called “mystery schools” of Kemet (Egypt) in the 6th century C.E. These universities of Ma’atematics (the science behind the maintenance of cosmic order) as I will call them, were major catalysts in the development of the more substantial aspects of Greco-Roman culture. In these schools Black Africans cultivated their souls through the integrated study and practice of art, science, mathematics, and spirituality. 

The wise Kemetic priests were holistic thinkers who believed that none could be fully understood without knowledge of the others. In his 1928 occult masterpiece, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Freemasonic historian Manly P. Hall says that initiates who attended these institutions of higher learning “entered it’s portals as men” and “came forth as gods.” According to Yosef Ben Jochannan, one of the preeminent scholars on ancient Kemetic history and culture, the students attending these schools fit into one of three categories.

The Mortals: Students on probation under instruction, who had not yet achieved experience into the inner vision.

The Intelligences: Students who had attained the inner vision and also received “mind” or “intellect”

The Creators or The Sons of Light: Students who became a part of the spiritual consciousness.

The African Sons of Light were the models, the standard bearers, for the European Illuminati that the Roman Catholic Church was so hell bent on destroying since the Renaissance (13th -17th century) and Enlightenment (18th century) periods. The new movie Angels & Demons didnt tell the whole story, but then again, it wasn't supposed too. 

The European Illuminati was despised by the dominant white power structure of medieval Europe—the Roman Catholic Church—for the same reason that white people who absorb and pattern their lives after the cultural values of Eastern cultures are today: they are constant reminders of just how bankrupt and hollow European culture is when compared to that which people of color have to offer. Any culture where men feel that their net worth is solely based on the material items they posses is an empty one void of any real intrinsic value.

Justinian and other Roman Christian emperors viewed African universities of Ma’atemetics as a threat to their new state religion. These emperors wanted their loyal and faithful subjects to look outwards to them for spiritual guidance instead of looking within. However, the abolition of Kemetic knowledge backfired on them. By the time the 8th century C.E. rolled around, Europe was in its Dark Ages. It was a period characterized by minimal accomplishment in the arts and sciences. 

However, with the spread of Islam throughout the Middle East and Africa beginning in the 7th century C.E., a powerful new empire was on the horizon. As the religion swept across the globe, Muslims coming out of Northwest Africa (primarily Morocco) invaded Spain in 711. Lead by general Gebel Al-Tarik, they entered through the Pillars of Hercules, now named The Straits of Gibraltar after the African general. Armed with the B.I.B.L.E (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth), the K.O.R.A.N. (Knowledge of Order Rhythm Astronomy and Nature), and swords, these fearless warriors trampled King Roderick and his ignoble band of Visigoths under their feet and took control of Spain.

Following the historic confrontation the sons of Atlas ruled over Spain for almost 800 years, producing the finest civilization in Europe at the time. They were known as “Moors”(Blacks). The Moorish Empire covered Spain, Italy, and parts of France and Ireland. In the Spanish city of Cordova where they resided, the Moors created paved roads that were well lit for night-time pedestrians. Volumes of books flooded the city’s market places. 

Universities such as Oxford began to pop-up throughout Europe during the 12th and 13th centuries when Moorish lands provided Europeans with their main centers of learning. This should not be surprising in light of the Moors’ intellectual accomplishments. Most of Europe’s advancements in medicine between the 8th and 15th centuries were made by Moorish men and women.

The Moors also traveled the globe sharing and searching for the mystical knowledge that laid the foundation for early civil society. For well-over 1,000 years there has been a spurious version of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s Book of Enoch in Russia. Although the Russian Secrets of Enoch is believed to be a forgery, its compilers clearly had foreknowledge of the original Ethiopian book. Most likely, they obtained this knowledge from Moorish book traders.

The Moorish man was the prototypical "renaissance man." In fact, Spain and Italy, which had the strongest Moorish presence, were first to rise during the European Renaissance. The Moors were most responsible for this. Spain’s Christian King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella booted them out of the country during the bloody Crusades in 1492. However, they were smart enough to hold on to the vast repository of knowledge and information that the Moors had accumulated. They made sure to use it to their own advantage.

The very idea that Christopher Columbus accidentally sailed to the Americas after getting lost on his way to India, is absurd. The Spaniard’s chief navigator was a Christian Moor by the name of Pedro Alonso Nino. The Moors, who were legendary sea navigators, had detailed maps that showed exactly how to reach the Americas. This is because they were making trips here at least 2,000 years before Columbus was born. For evidence of their presence in ancient America checkout the Olmec stone-heads in LaVenta, Mexico.

As far as the origin of the term ‘Moor’ is concerned, there are many theories. Perhaps the most illuminating was proposed by Cambridge University Professor, Frank Snowden. He traced it to ‘Mauri,’ a term that some of Europe’s classical writers used to refer to Black Africans. Interestingly, ‘Mari’ was the name of an ancient kingdom in the Middle East under the dominion of Phoenicia. Phoenicia, which is today known as Lebanon, was also known for producing great sea navigators. In the 12th century B.C.E, these Phoenicians setup colonies in Carthage and Morocco. Ironically, Morocco is where most of the Moors came from. Could there be a cultural link between the Moors and the ancient Phoenicians? It is not only plausible, but probable.

Contrary to popular belief, Muslim Moors did not simply murder those who did not accept Islam as many white Jews and Christians lived alongside them in Spain. As a matter of fact many of the Moors themselves were Jews and Christians. In a series of documentaries produced by The History Channel called The History of Christianity, it is acknowledged that some Catholic priests traveled to Spain to receive theological tutelage—in Catholicism—from Moorish scholars. 

Protestantism rose to prominence after the Moors showed and proved to white Catholic priests that their popes were spreading false Christian teachings such as the selling of indulgences. The popes and their underlings were actually telling the public that they could commit any sin they wanted and still make it to heaven as long as they paid for their spot.

Under Moorish protection, white Jewish intellectuals and occultists were allowed to study subjects that were forbidden by the catholic church. The Jewish Kaballah, a spiritual system based on the ancient Kemetic Paut Neteru (The Tree of God), was conceived under these favorable conditions in 13th century Spain.

In her book Isis Unveiled Vol. 2, 19th century occultist Helena P. Blavatsky says that the Moors were “profoundly versed” in the esoteric spiritual sciences. “Nowhere, during the Middle Ages, were the arts of magic and sorcery more practiced by the clergy than in Spain and Portugal,” says the purported Russian mystic. “The Moors were profoundly versed in the occult sciences, and at Toledo, Seville, and Salamanca, were once upon a time, the great schools of magic.” With this in mind, it would not be a leap of the imagination to propose that the Moors were the true authors of the Kabala in its present orientation.

The fact that white European Jews were kicked out of Spain in the same year that the Moors were is by no means a coincidence. The church was working towards complete political and economic control of Europe so that it could consolidate its forces to plunder the earth and steal the wealth of indigenous people. 

The Moors presented the church with its greatest challenge in achieving that goal. Not only did they have an expansive intelligentsia, but a military presence that could challenge the Unholy Roman Cathlic Empire. The Knights Templar were put to death because they were working as spies on behalf of the Black Moors. In the eyes of the pope, this was tantamount to serving the devil. I strongly suggest you checkout Bobby Hemmitt’s lectures on the Baphomet goat head for any elaboration on that particular point.

When the Moors invaded Spain they did not bring any women with them, so there was a great deal of race-mixing under their rule. Many Spaniards and Italians—particularly Sicilians—have Moorish blood coursing through their veins. The same holds true for many of Europe’s royal families. I have seen some of their coats-of-arms and they depict Black men and women of high esteem. Maybe this is why those royal families are referred to as the Black Nobility.

As Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Ivan Van Sertima, and other mind-terrorists who have fought the scourge of white supremacy have pointed out, Black history is not just about the struggle for civil rights, slavery, apartheid and despair. It is also about laying your mack down and putting your smack down. More importantly, it is about being at the forefront of civilization on a global scale. Don’t take my word for it. Do the knowledge for yourself.

Recommended Research Materials:

Dungeon, Fire and Sword: The Knights Templar in the Crusades, by John J. Robinson.

Golden Age of the Moor, edited by Ivan Van Sertima.

They Came Before Columbus, by Ivan Van Sertima.

Metu Neter Vol.1: The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual
Cultivation, by Ra Un Nefer Amen.

Black Indians by William Loren Katz

Africa’s Moor’s and America’s Indians: Exploring the connection, featuring Dr. Jose Pimienta-Bey (video lecture).

Lemuria: Myth or Reality, featuring Ancient American Magazine editor, Frank Joseph (video lecture).

Monday, May 11, 2009

Esquire Magazine Article Addresses Killuminati Conspiracy Theories

"Like niggas is telling me about this Illuminati shit while I'm in jail right? That's another way to keep your self-esteem down. That's another way to keep you un-confident. And that's why I'm putting the 'k' to it, cause I'm killin' that Illuminati shit. "

Tupac Shakur

I just read this article on Esquire Magazine's website that trashes conspiracy theorists and their views (see the link below). It's worth checking out. The writer makes some good points, but he ignores the fact that much of Western history IS a study in conspiracies. The French, American and Communist revolutions were all conspiracies. So was the suppression of the Civil Rights movement through Cointel-Pro and other government sponsored programs.

Personally, I don't believe in conspiracies as they're presented by David Icke and some of his peers. There's no all-powerful shape-shifting reptilians from the Draco star constellation fucking the world over. Just a few wealthy whites and their lackeys of color utilizing the sorcery that OUR ancestors mastered.

Unless you have your head up your ass, it's very clear what's happening in the world today. There’s no real secrecy. The Beast isn't hiding anything from us. Everything is being done right in front of our faces, it's just that most people are in denial. Admitting that something is terribly wrong means that you have to do something about it, and most people don't want to do anything so they ignore you when you talk about the Global Elite fucking over the world populace.

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY TRYING TO CONVINCE THEM TO SEE THE WORLD THROUGH YOUR EYES. If they're receptive to your observations and insights as they relate to current events, share some more with them. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and keep it moving. Some of you need to check your egos at the door and stop trying to show off everything you know to any and everyone who will listen. Share your uniquness with those like-minded individuals who will appreciate it. THOSE are the people whom YOU will learn from as well. Reciprocity is a beautiful thing.

At the end of the day, there are a couple of questions we all have to ask ourselves once we learn about the Aristocracy of Evil's plans for us: 1) What am I doing to better MYSELF? 2) How am I working toward creating the reality of MY own choosing? 3) Am I practicing my Magic to succesfully counteract their efforts? My rant is over. Just wanted to share some thoughts with likeminded individuals. Big Up to Ill Will Cox for putting me on to the Tupac quote. You showed me something new, bro. That's what it's all about.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rize of the Dragon Queen

Panting and out of breath, I was running down a sparsely populated street one day when I tripped on an elevated crack in the sidewalk that sent me flying face-first to the pavement. After I fell through the street I found myself suspended in the boundless blackness of outer space.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a majestic figure appeared before me. It was the figure of a woman. This woman never identified herself to me, but my Higher Self later revealed that she was the Voodoo goddess Aida Wedo, who is the wife of Damballah Wedo. Aida was a fearsome queen whose image seemed to be the work of crafty Japanese animation. She looked like a character from Dragon Ball Z or Pokemon and I’ve never actually sat down and watched any of those programs. Don’t ask me why Aida presented herself to me looking like a cartoon character because I honestly have no idea. She had luminous yellow eyes and black vertical pupils that pierced through my soul. She wore a gold crown, a long orange cape and a necklace made of spinning comets that were draped across her ample breasts. Aida exhibited a composed anger. Why she was angry was something I did not know.

Seconds after Aida appeared before me hundreds of writhing, curling rainbow serpents bled from her leafy-green body. She then gave the serpents what once seemed to be a very puzzling command: “Sistas,…………….……...”

Immediately the rainbow serpents merged as a single rainbow which moved in a steady wave formation. The rainbow wave was headed towards planet Earth, a blue and white marble on my far left. After I awoke from my lucid dream I reflected on it like the ocean beneath the clear blue sky. “What was the message being conveyed to me,” I thought. My efforts to find clarity were fruitless.

Then months later I saw an HBO program that highlighted the making of the movie Queen of the Damned, starring Aaliyah. When the program aired the R&B singer had already been dead for a few weeks. Based on what I saw, the movie looked mediocre. It was nothing that I wanted to see. That was until I saw what I call, “The Scene.”

Aaliyah’s character, “Akasha,” was talking to some man at a distance. Then suddenly, she walked slowly towards him with her fangs exposed, making a creepy wavelike movement with her slender arms. Watching that movie scene sent chills through my face because it brought me back to the memory of the Dragon Queen I dreamed of just months before. They even shared the same likeness and fiery temper. This brings us to the subject of this blog entry.

It was later revealed to me that the wave of serpents that I saw represented the high-energy frequencies entering our solar system from what is reportedly an unknown sector of our Milky Way galaxy. Once this energy reaches the point of critical mass, the kundalini energy in carefully selected Black women will rise to their pineal gland resulting in the opening of their third eye and the birth of the goddess. The imminent transformation is personified by Aaliyah’s character, Akasha, in the movie Queen of the Damned. Even though it honestly was not a great movie entertainment wise, I highly recommend that you watch it, even if only to get a better idea of what I’m talking about (In the world of metaphysics and the occult the “Akasha” is the subtle energy which serves as the very basis of matter. Its main characteristic is sound. It’s worth noting that a music recording artist, Aaliyah, was cast to play the role of a character with that name).

According to a report published by Russian geophysicist Dr. Alexey N. Dimitriev, there is an abundance of electromagnetic energy entering our solar system. As stated before, the source of this energy is reportedly unknown. However, it is my contention that the origin can be traced to our galactic center, the Hunab Ku spoken of by the Olmecs of ancient Mesoamerica. Dimitriev says that as a result of this energy influx, the atmospheres of the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune) have become more radiant because they’re absorbing this potent energy. The intense heat that it generates has caused clouds to form at Mars’ equator. There is also “an unusual growth of ozone concentration” in the red war planet’s atmosphere.

Essentially, what Dimitriev is saying is that Mars has become more suitable for human life in recent years. When a planet has clouds and ozone in its atmosphere, dangerous cosmic rays that can damage crops and other planetary organisms are blocked out. The lush clouds and abundant ozone in our atmosphere are what stand between many of us and sudden death.

The changes on Mars may explain why former president $elect George W. Bush was so interested in sending a flight crew there. Apparently, he never got the opportunity. If he did, we certainly were not told about it. Mars’ increasingly favorable conditions have made the establishment of a colony there more realistic. Bush and his cronies knew that the Black man and woman are about to rise from their mental graves to regain rulership of the Earth. The entrance of Barack and Michelle Obama into the White House this past November is symbolic of this truth. As a result, certain interest groups are making every possible attempt to escape the Dawn of the Dead.

What is most interesting about this energy phenomenon in our solar system is the fact that it has quickened the vibratory rate of our sun. Anyone who has followed science news over the past decade knows that our sun is going ballistic. NASA photos show dark spots and solar flares that were not seen before 1996, all over its surface. According to a 2003 article headlined “France reports over 11,000 extra deaths in August heat,” which was featured on Forbes Magazine’s website, a combined 14,000 Europeans from France, Spain, and Portugal died from the heat-wave of August 2003 (Malachi 4:1). The death tolls were unprecedented and I suspect that they are related to this energy phenomenon. Lets see what happens this summer.

Dimitriev states in his report, which you can read on the Millennium Group website, that this energy will not have an impact on Earth in the immediate future. However, one must bear in mind the fact that his report was published 12 years ago. Who knows what’s in store for Earth in the years ahead. What does all of this sensational information have to do with the Black woman?

Well, melanin—a substance that has its highest concentration in the skin of Black people—contains carbon, which is a natural conductor of energy. Melanin allows us to absorb all kinds of energy frequencies including solar rays (Malachi 4:2-3) and sound-waves. Our melanin would have no problem absorbing the new energy entering this sector of the galaxy IF we are in a state of mind that is conducive to it. Once this energy reaches critical mass within our solar system a powerful force will rise within certain Black women. Nothing can stop this. It is the cosmic will. The fact that we have a strong, intelligent and truly regal Black woman behind a man who occupies the world’s highest seat of power is no coincidence.

The Blacks of Indus Kush—who were the original inhabitants of ancient India—called this force that will rise within the Black woman, Kundalini. According to modern Tantrists, Kundalini is a feminine energy, a sexual energy that dwells within every man, woman, and child. It is often called “serpentine fire” (Check the Earth Wind & Fire song of the same name on their classic album, All ‘N All). Serpentine fire surges up the spine and filters through the cranium of those who have reached an exalted state of consciousness.

Located in your spinal column are what biologists call sacral nerves, and they run from the base to the top of your spine. India’s sages called the nerve fibers on the left side the ida, and the ones on the right, the pingala. They are depicted as opposing serpents intertwined around a staff in the American Medical Association’s official logo. The bulb at the top of the staff that the serpents are coiled around represents the pineal gland situated between the two hemispheres of your brain. Occultists call this structure, which resembles a woman’s stimulated clitoris in its structure, “the third eye.” When you see Lion-El from the Thundercats cartoon looking into the eye of his Sword of Omens for “sight beyond sight” he is simulating what you can do through your own pineal gland. When your pineal gland is aroused by kundalini energy it secretes serotonin, a natural hormone that medical scientists say is chemically related to the psychedelic drug LSD.

With that said, I want to make it clear that I personally do not recommend the consumption of illegal drugs. Those who are pursuing the spiritual path should attain higher levels of consciousness through their own hard work and effort. Your acts of dedication will foment an alchemical process in which your body will produce these chemicals NATURALLY. When we let things happen naturally instead of forcing the issue we save ourselves pain and aggravation. Proceed with caution past the Door of Enlightenment. Only fools rush in.

Figuratively speaking, when the pineal gland is fully stimulated, your entire head will ignite like a stick of kitchen matches. You can then scale the inner sanctum of your mind like a flaming phoenix to perceive reality from higher levels of perception and awareness. This is because your brain has become fully functional. You are finally Awake.

However, if you’re not mentally or emotionally prepared to control the flow of kundalini you may experience violent fits of rage, high blood pressure, and in more extreme cases, a nervous breakdown. This is because you have not reached the level of self control that is required to withstand the secretion of the super chemicals inside of your body.

If you would like to avoid these health problems it would be wise to practice meditation in the coming years. Drink lots of water and consume sugar in moderation. With single parenthood, work, school, surging rent prices, and all of the other stressful conditions that plague Black women in our communities, it is especially important that they practice meditation so they can alleviate the stress that the heightened energy will surely present.