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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Baphomet Project Trailer

The video above features yours truly alongside R.A. Waldron, who is the author of the critically acclaimed  God Genes Decoded series. Its just a  little taste of things to come in 2013. I would like to thank everyone who supported Mind Glow Media in 2012. You all were a major source of inspiration for me personally. I wish you all the best for the new year. Third Eye is on the Rise, so keep yours open to the Max. Peace!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Lucifer Experiment: Exodus from the Emerald City Pt.1 of 2

The circumstances that eventually lead to the widespread use of paper currency in the United States is not often explored. According to an article on the University of Notre Dame website entitled The First Printed Currency: Massachusetts Bay December 10, 1690, it all began when Sir William Phips, a colonial general from Boston, laid siege to Quebec, Canada with over 2,000 soldiers on 32 ships. Phips had promised his troops that he would divide the spoils of war amongst them after they defeated the French Count Frontenac in battle.

However, as history would have it, Phips’ mouth wrote a large check that he and his troops couldn’t cash, as they failed miserably in battle. Panic set in. So in an effort not to prevent mutiny on the part of the colonial soldiers, who expected to receive payment for their duties as promised, 7,000 British pounds worth of I.O.U notes were handed to them as credit. This set the precedent for what eventually lead to the use of Federal Reserve notes throughout the United States of America today.

When we consider how much occult power there is backing the U.S. dollar, it becomes clear that it was literally DESIGNED to conquer the global money markets. With that being said, the dollar’s decline could only be the culmination of some kind of conscious effort. Apparently, this effort is being carried out by an intelligence whose power supersedes that of the dollar’s framers.

In the year 2008, the U.S. economy began its freefall with the crumbling of the housing markets. On September 29th of that year, the Dow Jones plummeted 777 points on the New York Stock Exchange. Now, keep in mind that September 29th is within the sign of Libra which is astrologically ruled by Venus, the planet that has always been linked to Lucifer through mythology. The number “777” is extremely significant here, because according to the Judeo-Christian mythos, when Lucifer fell from heaven to Earth he went down in the flash of three lightening bolts that resembled the number 777.

According to the Christians, Lucifer fell from grace as a result of his vanity, false pride, and uncontrolled egotism. According to the mainstream news media, these are the same character flaws that were exhibited by Lehman Brothers C.E.O, Richard S. Fuld, and some of the other Titans of Wall Street that year.

7x7x7=343. 3+4+3=10, and if we break the number 10 down even further, then 1+0=1. One is the first path on the Kabalistic Tree of Life. For the ancient Kena’Anu, the universal intelligence that occupied this first sphere on their Tree of Life was Metatron, from whence you get the name for the Transformer, Megatron. The Decepticons are merely a stylized, cybernetic depiction of these ancient Moors, which explains why the Decepticon insignia is always purple. The ancient Greeks called the Kena’Anu who occupied modern day Lebanon “Phoenicians” because the name denotes the rich purple dye that these Moors used in their fabrics.

                                   The Decepticon Insignia                                
However, the so-called Phoenicians were actually known as the Kena’Anu, which reveals their ethnic ties to the Anu people of ancient Nubia whom the Sumerian Anunnaki came from. I make a very comprehensive, ethnographical connection between Nubia and the ancient Sumerian Anunnaki in my blog post, When the Sky Falls: The Real Story Behind the Anunnaki Pt. 1 of 2. From the name “Kena’Anu” you get the Hebrew name “Canaanites.” On May 14th, 2001 ocean engineer Paulina Zelitsky discovered underwater pyramid structures off the coast of Cuba engraved with what appears to be the script of the Kena’Anu.

The color purple remains a royal hue among Europe’s royal families because those families were all beneficiaries of Moorish high culture. Europe itself is named after the Kena’Anu princess, Europa. The Brooklyn street gang known as the Decepticons, which terrorized New York streets during the ’80s and ’90s, represents a subconscious attempt—albeit a misguided one—on the part of young Black men to reestablish the sense of brotherhood and fraternity that typified the grand Moorish legacy. I will discuss The Transformers in more detail in part two of this post.

                                                             Modern Moors           

                                   The Ancient Moor, Mansa Musa of Mali                                        

The Kena’Anu’s Metatron is just another cultural interpretation of the Lucifer archetype. According to the Gnostics and Kabbalistic mystics, Lucifer/Metatron fell because he resented the Matrix known as Malkuth/Sandalphon on the Tree of Life. Lucifer wanted no part of the Matrix because he saw himself as a being of light that should never be muddied with the muck and mildew of Malkuth. Moreover, Lucifer was afraid of loosing his luster as a result of his taking on a physical body by incarnating into, and thereby immersing himself in, the material world. What we fear the most, we often draw to ourselves. This is exactly what happened to Lucifer.

God banished the original Prodigal Son from heaven because it wanted to teach Lucifer a lesson. God wanted to cleanse Lucifer of his fears. It wanted its most brilliant angel to know, and not believe, that no matter how far it fell from heaven, it would ALWAYS be an angel of light, because when you get your light from God then that light can never be blotted out by any murky experiences or circumstances in life.

                                                The Planetary Spirit

Even the worst person you’ve ever met has an inner light that may shine through from time to time. God is teaching Lucifer a divine lesson by allowing the Fallen Angel to assist in the spiritualization of matter. Lucifer achieves this by shining his light, which in turn redeems the Fallen Daughter that he formerly despised for not having the light that he possessed. In Hebrew the word “Geburah” means “Power.” It is my opinion that in its essential context this is a reference to the inherent power within our planet, as in Geb (Earth) Ur (Fire) Ra (the chi, the internal life force within all sentient life forms). Ancient Hebrew linguistics were highly influenced by the Kemau (Egyptian) and Chaldean languages that preceded it.

Like Lucifer, Terra Mater has become a light bearer as well, because she has been impregnated with the light that she got from the Fallen Black Angel. Through the Severity of her experience, the Earth Mother has accreted enough light to begin her own ascension up the Tree of Life where new and exciting realities await her in higher densities of experiential wonder. In the Ethiopian Book of Enoch Lucifer is called Shemyaza, which means “he who came from a name,” in Hebrew. Lucifer fell because he was afraid of the mere thought of loosing his “name,” his “reputation.” If you’ve read this far it should be clear to you that the entire Lucifer story is an allegory about the Black Man and Woman’s vibratory descent into matter and the polarization of consciousness that came along with that descent. You can read some more about this Fall from Grace in Rudolph Steiner’s book, Cosmic Memory

Hebrew, like Arabic, is considered to be a Semitic (Shem-itic) language with linguistic roots in Ethiopia. The historian, Drusilla Dunjee Houston explores the cultural impact that Ethiopia had on the Near East and India in her seminal work, Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire. Shemyaza—who lead a host of heavenly angels—taught women how to make and apply makeup, as well as adorn themselves with jewelry, so that men would be blinded by the light of their physical beauty. As a result, several men were no longer able to see the inner beauty of their women which often dulled beneath the radiant veil of superficial delight. As it was then, so is it today.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Use Your Eye-Magi-Nation

For centuries occultists have spoken of the power of Evil Eye Energy and its affects on our thoughts and biological well being. Dr. Colin A. Ross recently published a research paper entitled: The Electrophysiological Basis of Evil Eye Belief. Ross is the founder and president of The Institute of Psychological Trauma.

“The sense of being stared at is the basis of evil eye beliefs, which are regarded as superstitions because the emission of any form of energy from the human eye has been rejected by Western science,” reads the abstract of the study. “However, brainwaves in the 1–40 Hertz, 1–10 microvolt range emitted through the eye can be detected using a high-impedance electrode housed inside electromagnetically insulated goggles. This signal, which the author calls “human ocular extramission,” is physiologically active and has distinct electrophysiological properties from simultaneous brainwave recordings over the forehead. Western science's rejection of evil eye beliefs may be based on an erroneous rejection of a widespread component of human consciousness, the sense of being stared at, which may in turn be based on a real electrophysiological signal. The author proposes a series of future studies designed to determine whether human ocular extramission is the basis of evil eye beliefs”

What may be considered evil to one man may actually do some good for another. With that said, consider what a nation, or even a large group of people, can accomplish simply by directing one single thought at someone’s image at the same time. While Ross' findings may not be conclusive, I think that they are worth checking out. Below is a PDF download link containing the complete study for your review.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Who Told You That?: Setting the Record Straight with Haiti & Vodou

A monstrous burst of martial energy courses through me every time I imagine busting Pat Robertson’s skull with the god Ogun’s iron hammer. As hundreds of thousands of Haitians found themselves in a battle for their very lives after an earthquake rocked the capital of Port-au-Prince in January, the nutty Christian evangelist had this to say during another senseless sermon to his lobotomized 700 Club members:

“They were under the heel of the French, you know Napoleon the third and whatever. And they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said ‘We will serve you if you will get us free from the prince.’ True story! And so the devil said, ‘Ok it’s a deal.’ And they kicked the French out. The Haitians revolted and got themselves free. But ever since they have been cursed by one thing after another.”

Is Haiti a cursed island? The question has sparked a seemingly endless debate in barbershops across the country and internet chat rooms across the globe. While it is pointless to argue whether innocent people can be cursed before an intelligent reading public, it is interesting to note that even fewer people are willing to entertain the notion that if Haiti were cursed, the hex would be based on its insistence on practicing Christianity instead of Vodou (improperly called “voodoo”). The religion, which is a syncretism of West African spiritual sciences filtered through Roman Catholicism, played an instrumental role in the Haitian Revolution. On the other hand, Christianity was used on Haitian slave plantations to subvert the mind and spirit of the Haitian people and keep them enslaved to their French masters.

Despite these commonly-known facts, Vodou remains a despised religion in Western society, and more importantly, among some Haitians. Some will dismiss Vodou entirely as mere superstition while professing a piece of Wonder Bread and a glass of grape wine to be the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. Even one of the militaristic colonizers of Pandora made a snide remark about Vodou when he was informed about the deeply-held spiritual beliefs of the Navi people in the movie Avatar. The only way to make sense of the seemingly invincible ignorance that pervades most discussions about Vodou, or any African based religion, for that matter, is to pay close attention to who is shaping our perceptions about these religions.

“Vodou is viable because it lives with, and in, the people and puts them in touch with spirituality as well as God whom they call Bon Dieu,” says Lynda Day, an associate professor of Africana Studies at Brooklyn College via e-mail. “There is a long tradition of Christianity being in competition with any and all non-institutional, non-Christian religions, and since the Middle Ages, anything that is not of the formal church has been labeled “Satanic/devil worship” whether its Islam, the Druids, Wiccanism, Buddhism, Shintoism, or traditional spiritist religions like Vodou.”

Unbeknownst to many, the Haitian Revolution was initially lead by Dutty Boukman (Yes, Dutty was his first name), a Jamaican-born practitioner of traditional African religion who lived on the island of Haiti. Below is the so-called verbal pact that the Haitian hero made with the big, bad, devil during a supposed Vodou ceremony on August 14, 1791. The translated quote comes from the book Written in Blood: The Story of the Haitian People by Heinl Nancy Gordon. In brackets I substituted the French word “blancs” with “whites” for better comprehension:

“Good Lord who hath made the sun that shines upon us, that riseth from the sea, who maketh the storm to roar; and governeth the thunders, The Lord is hidden in the heavens, and there He watcheth over us. The Lord seeth what the [whites] have done. Their god commandeth crimes, ours giveth blessings upon us. The Good Lord hath ordained vengeance. He will give strength to our arms and courage to our hearts. He shall sustain us. Cast down the image of the god of the [whites], because he maketh the tears to flow from our eyes. Hearken unto Liberty that speaketh now in all your hearts.”

As you can see, Boukman and his Haitian comrades were rejecting the white mythological Jesus in favor of the true and living God that resided in the hearts and minds of the Haitian people. Boukman also affirmed that God would give them strength as they broke from the shackles of their French oppressors. So the next time you hear someone say that Vodou is devil worship, kindly ask the uninformed soul. Who told you that?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's Day & The Fall of the Moors According to Peter Moon

“1492 was a big year for the Spanish crown. In January, they conquered the last Moorish stronghold in Granada. This effectively vanquished any power or overt cultural influence the Moors still possessed. On March 31st of the same year, a proclamation was issued formally expelling all Jews from Spain. The next day was April 1st, a day which was to be forever remembered in the traditions and lexicon of our culture. Up to this point, the Moors were conquered but had not been officially expelled or sanctioned.

According to long standing tradition, on April 1st, 1492, the Spanish executed a diabolical plot against the Moors. Any Moors who remained in Spain at the time had been told they could return to their home country of Morocco. Knowing the Moors were a suspicious lot, the Spaniards provided sailing vessels and docked them at port. When the Moors saw the vessels, they trusted that the Spaniards were not lying and proceeded to take their belongings and families to the ships. As the Moors left their homes behind them, the Spanish set fire to them. The ships either set sail or were burned as well thus leaving the Moors as the first victims of what became known as April Fool’s Day. It has been a celebrated tradition since that time.”

Peter Moon
Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal

Sunday, March 14, 2010

When The Sky Falls: The Real Story Behind the Anunnaki Pt.1 of 2


Father Charles Moore, a white Catholic Priest with strong ties to the Vatican, appeared on Art Bell’s nationally broadcasted Coast-to-Coast talk radio show on Friday, Oct. 13, 2000 and dropped a bomb on a nearly speechless Mike Siegel, who was that night’s host. Moore said that the ancient Kemites, Sumerians, East Indians and Hebrews were all Black people. However, he also said that the Anunnaki, the Sumerian pantheon of deities believed by some in the New Age movement to be the extra-terrestrial progenitors of early civilization, were white.

Now, anyone who has read and understood book one of Zecharia Sitchin’s Earth Chronicles could not come to that conclusion. Sitchin was arguably the first to propose the theory that the Anunnaki gods were aliens from the planet Nibiru, also referred to as “Planet X,” or “The 12th Planet.” The Israeli anthropologist reached this conclusion after translating the Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets in the 1970’s. Personally, I have reservations about some specific arguments made by Sitchin.

However, my own independent research on the matter causes me to conclude that the Anunnaki—whom the ancient Sumerians themselves said came from the heavens to bestow knowledge on mankind—did not originate on this earthly plane, (but then again, neither do we). Whether the Anunnaki were extraterrestrials flying through the cosmos in saucers as described by Zecharia Sitchin is a whole different story. The very name Anunnaki means “those who came from heaven to earth.” In the Jewish Torah they are called the Nephilim. Among the Akan people of Ghana they are known as the Adikanfo (The First Ones/The Ancient Ones).

In his own commentaries, Sitchin describes the Anunnaki as white extra-terrestrials, but his actual research says something totally different. In his book The 12th Planet, Sitchin says that Enki, one of the Anunnaki princes, came to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago establishing his headquarters in Africa’s interior. Enki’s symbols in ancient Sumer were the turtle and the serpent coiled around a tree. Both of course, are reptiles. In addition to being represented by a serpent in a tree, what Enki has in common with the Vodou god Damballah is the fact that they are both gods of creation and wisdom. This should cause one to think about who that serpent in the Tree of Knowledge is in the biblical Book of Genesis.

Also, Enki and Damballah are both referred to as the gods of the watery abyss, or underworld (the subconscious mind). Unlike Damballah, however, Enki and the rest of the Anunnaki were regarded as physical beings with human-like qualities. The Nagas gods of Cambodia were also gods of wisdom and they were depicted in artworks as anthropomorphic (having a human body) reptilians. This seems to suggest that the so-called “reptilian extraterrestrials” were stationed throughout the ancient world.

Sitchin says that according to Akkadian texts, Enki and his comrades mined African gold in a region called “Arali” which was located in the continent’s southern region. Sitchin also says that the Akkadian pictograph for the name “Arali” resembled those that read “dark red soil of Kush” later translated to mean “Negro.” Hmmm….Sitchin then talks about how Enki and the Anunnaki made modern man by combining their genes with those of the Homo Erectus’ they found in Africa’s interior. Sitchin describes this as the first attempt at genetic engineering. This, he says, explains why man’s evolution from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens occurred in such a relatively short period of time. We acquired the genes of the gods.

According to Sitchin, this was achieved when the Anunnaki mixed their blood with the “dark red soil,” and infused it into the Homo Erectus’ skin so that they would forever have the image and likeness of the Anunnaki. This is the same dark red soil that Sitchin says later translated to mean Negro. It should follow then that Black Africans were made in the image and likeness of the Anunnaki. If Black Africans were made in the image of the Anunnaki, then Sitchin and Moore’s extra-terrestrials could not have been white. They must have been Black.

What further gives this away is the fact that Sitchin says near the end of his book that the Anunnaki, following a truce between Enlil and Enki after the Great Flood, appointed Earth’s very first king, who would function as an intermediary between the gods and the rest of humanity. This King whom the Anunnaki appointed was “Kish,” who was followed by Nimrod. However, on page 20 of the same book Sitchin uses the names “Kish” and “Kush” interchangeably. Kush was the name of Nimrod’s father according to the Bible. Kush is also a kingdom that arose in Northeast Africa, which all serious historians agree was inhabited by blue-black Africans.

It’s commonly accepted among scientists today that humanity traces its origins to Africa. The Bible confirms this as well. The very first nation mentioned in the Bible is Ethiopia, which once included the Sudan and Kenya—where the oldest fossils of modern man have been found. The Bible clearly states that after the “breath of life” was breathed into man he was planted eastward in Eden (Gen. 2:8) or E.din which was an actual place in ancient Sumer.

If man was brought to the east, then he must have been coming from the west. Africa, the birthplace of man, is west of E.din. It is also worth noting that ancient Kush was inhabited by the Anu people. Anu, was also the chief deity of the Sumerians, and he was known as the “Lord of the Heavens.” Among the Yoruba of Nigeria he is called Oludumare. The title “Anunnaki” is derived from the name “Anu” which is the root word in the title “Anunnaki”. The obvious linguistic relationship between the ANUbians, Anu, and the Anunnaki, is by no means a coincidence. The Anu people of Kush are actually the spiritual descendants of Anu, thereby making them the true Anunnaki—those who came from heaven to earth.

The Anu people of Kush fell from heaven to earth as a result of the atomic degeneration we have come to know as “The Fall of Man.” The Christian myth explaining the fall of Lucifer and his angels, the descent of the Orisha from Ikole Orun (Heaven), and countless other mythologies, all tell the same story from different angles.

For instance, of the 401 Orisha gods that decided to come to earth only 256 were allowed by Orunmila, the all-wise oracle of Ifa. The difference between 401 and 256 is 145. 1+4+5=10, which Kabalistically speaking, is the difference between Kether and Malkuth if you count Daath, the hidden sephirah. Ten is also the number of Oludumare’s emanations, which we know as the Orisha. The Orisha comprise the matrix of perception reflected to us in the Kabalistic Tree of Life. These 10 emanations are the 10 fetters of human perception that bind us to this holographic reality which we currently occupy.

The more you identify with your “humanity” the more you become a slave to the flesh, and consequently, a slave to matter. You become subject to the law of gravity until you’re laid to rest in the grave. There is a linguistic relationship between the words “gravity” and “grave.” Your so-called humanity is based upon social conditioning and is not a reflection of your true divine nature. When you say “I’m only human” you put limitations on yourself that may have no actual basis in reality. Think about that for a minute.

As a matter of fact, consider this as a revolutionary thought: what if we are all actually gods conditioned to believe that we’re “only human” by energy vampires that feed off of, and obtain spiritual nourishment from, our mediocrity? Everyday you open the newspapers and read about leaders in government, business, sports and entertainment across the globe falling from grace as they cloak themselves in human weakness. Where is our “humanity” leading us as a global civilization? It’s leading us nowhere. While it is to our benefit to embrace our humanity, it is to our detriment to identify with it.

Samuel Noah Kramer is widely regarded by academia to be the foremost authority on ancient Sumerian studies. In his book The Sumerians: Their History Culture and Character he makes a very interesting observation. He says “Although the gods were believed to be immortal, they nevertheless had to have their sustenance; they could become sick to the point of death; they fought, wounded, and killed, and presumably could themselves be wounded and killed.”

Kramer could not reconcile how the Anunnaki could be regarded as immortal, yet be subject to the same fate as mortal men. The answer is not as complex as he may have assumed. In fact, it’s very simple. The gods were not considered immortal because they were not subject to physical death, but because their deeds and actions over the course of their lives could not be washed away by the tides of time. They left behind a legacy that will stand as a towering monument before eternity. Great men live forever through their deeds and actions. When ancient man spoke of immortal gods and goddesses they were speaking of exceptional men and women who strove towards impeccability, and in the process, came to embody universal principles among their own people. Know that ye are gods.

You have probably noticed that throughout this composition I have incorporated the ancient mythologies of diverse cultures to tell the story of the ancient Sumerian Anunnaki. I did this because I recognize the fact that these diverse cultures were telling the same story based upon their own respective oral traditions. When you piece these fragmented tales together you get a more coherent story which fits together like pieces to a grand cosmological puzzle.

For further information on The Fall of Man I strongly recommend Lana Cantrell’s book The Greatest Story Never Told: A Scientific Inquiry into the Evidence of the Fall of Man from Higher Civilization in Antiquity. You can purchase it directly from her over the web. Rudolph Steiner’s Cosmic Memory is also very good for anyone interested in that topic. The Anunnaki were not extraterrestrials as Zecharia Sitchin proposes, but rather Black men and women who trace their lineage back to higher spiritual beings.

Niburu, “the planet of the crossing” is the Daath, the Kabbalistic sephirah which separates the seven lower spheres on the Tree of Life from the three higher Supernals which play a pivotal role in shaping this holographic reality. The Anunnaki were only reptilians in the respect that they had full access to their Kundalini energy, which literally translates to mean “serpentine fire” (spiritual fire) in Sanskrit. They were not shape-shifting reptiles walking around sodomizing, and eating people as proposed by David Icke and a few other new agers and conspiracy theorists.

There are a lot of people on the internet proposing all kinds of wild, off-the-wall speculations about the Anunnaki. It’s time we took a more sober-minded approach and put the gods in their proper historical context. Part two is coming up........

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dirty Words: Do They Actually Exist?

Words never fail to excite and provoke people. They affect our emotions. Our emotions affect our thoughts and our thoughts determine the very experiences which ultimately shape our lives. The Bible tells us that “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God” (John 1:1). To the casual reader with a good understanding of proper English syntax, this verse looks like a complete contradiction. Its verbiage implies that the word was in God’s possession, and was therefore a separate entity distinct from God, yet may be used by God as a tool for specific purposes. However the verse closes by stating “the word was God,” which means that there is no distinction between God and the word.

The reason why the verse is written in this seemingly confusing manner is because the writer’s intention was to convey the fact that a transition is taking place between The Creator and its relationship with the word. You see, what we sometimes forget is that God is an artist, and like any other artist, God uses a tool as a means to express its artistry. For Charlie Parker that tool came in the form of a saxophone. For Michael Angelo it was the paintbrush. For God it is the word. All great artists take the tools that they use and make those tools a part of themselves. That is why no one can take a great artist’s tool and reduplicate that artist’s work. It might come out similar, but it won’t be quite the same. An artist of this caliber has given his soul to the tool. He is the tool and the tool is him. There is no separation between the two.

God, the Supreme Artist, uses the most powerful of all tools and that tool is the word. Much like any other tool, NO word is inherently good or bad. It’s all about the intent of the user and the circumstantial context in which that word is used. Let’s take a careful, but dispassionate look at two words that never fail to ruffle the feathers of reactionary people.

I remember having a telephone conversation with a former girlfriend a few years ago where I used the word “fuck” in a sentence (I don’t remember what the conversation was about so don’t ask me). I remember her being taken aback with my use of the word. She said that she didn’t see anything wrong with cursing, but was surprised as she had never heard me curse up until then. I explained to her that my skill with words and my ability to express what I feel makes it unnecessary for me to curse casually, but added that there are specific situations where curse words are not only preferred for honest self-expression, but necessary.

People always say that “fuck” is such a “bad” word. My question is: how is this so? According to the Oxford English Dictionary—the best and oldest English dictionary—fuck is “an act of sexual intercourse.” It also means “to damage or to ruin,” but the word can be used as “a strong expression of contempt, annoyance or impatience.” As you can see, all of these dictionary definitions reflect aspects of common human experience. There’s nothing inherently bad about the human experience, is there?

Fucking is an extremely passionate form of sexual intercourse. There’s a time to make love (a gentle show of affection) and there’s a time to fuck (an intense emotional release). If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, then I pray for the day when you are fortunate enough to know. For those of you who have a job that you don’t like, what do you say when the alarm goes off on Monday morning? You say “Aw, fuck!” If you said anything else, given your disdain for the job, you would be compromising your true feelings for that job. Repressed emotions are arguably the leading cause of all cancer cases. You’ve got to express your true emotions one way or another. If you don’t, your repressed emotions will literally kill you. And for all of you Holy Rollers out there who are too pristine and Godly to curse, be honest: don’t you look forward to the day when Jesus returns on his white steed with great power and glory to fuck Satan up and throw that bitch in the bottomless pit? Be honest now! The word “fuck” is no dirtier than the words “duck, truck, puck or buck” The only evil lies in how and when you use the word. There’s a time and place for everything.


Use this word around a Black person who came of age during the civil rights movement and they’re likely to get hot flashes (yes, the men too) and start foaming at the mouth. Given their unique experiences dating back to that era, this of course is understandable. The general consensus is that “nigger” is a hateful word coined by white people and it is used to define an ignorant Black person. However it is worth noting that in ancient Kemet (Egypt) the word for “god” was “Neter” or “Neger/Niger.” The linguistic equivalent of the letters “T” and “G” were completely interchangeable among the ancient Kemetian people. The same can be said of the letters “E” and “I.” For those of you who would like to explore this particular subject further I recommend that you read Nigger: A Divine Origin by Shaba Shabaka and Dr. Ernie A. Smith.

For those of you who choose to hold on to a more conventional definition, we’ll just say that a Nigger is a Black person whose total sense of self is a product of Willie Lynch-ism and the sustained efforts of white institutionalized racism.

Before our African ancestors came to the shores of America and the Caribbean they were called Ghanians, Nigerians and Angolans. After they embraced their white master’s names, started eating the white master’s food and embraced his Christian religion they became a new people, a product of a sadistic European’s twisted imagination. You may recognize these former Africans today as Niggers.

When a man or woman makes something—whether it be a pot of spaghetti or a Nigger—they have the right to name that thing whatever they choose. My mother carried me in her stomach and nurtured me for nine months. This required great effort and dedication on her part. When I was born after many hours of labor she said “I’m going to name my son Adika.” In one of the West African languages my name means “Prince.” However I later learned through independent research that in Indonesia it means “Grand” or “Supreme.” Some people might say that Adika is a silly name, but my mother’s decision to name me Adika was within her natural right as she issued the sustained effort of which I am today a product.

Do you insist on giving your children slave master names like Robert, Clifford or Jennifer which have no real meaning? Do you eat the slave master’s food and embrace his religions (institutionalized Christianity, Islam, Judaism)? Would you rather be materially wealthy as an employee of the slave master or do you prefer living comfortably as the boss of your own small business? Are YOU the final product of a white supremacist’s sustained effort towards your Niggerization? Truth of the matter is that we’re ALL niggers to some degree if we go with the latter definition of the word. It’s just that some of us are more Niggerish than others.

Does it hurt you to read these words? Good medicine is often bitter to the tongue but it’s sweet to the soul. The truth hurts, but it doesn’t have to. The only shame in being a nigger is choosing to remain one. Before you can become a Negus (that’s the Ethiopian word for “king”) you must first admit that you are a Nigger. Remember, out of darkness came light, so if you are someone who seeks to shine their light for the world to see, then you must find your own direction through introspection. This means coming face-to-face with your dark side and learning to master it, instead of letting it be master over you.

The United States of America was founded by masons, but the black stone that those white builders refused is destined to become the head corner stone. It is the Nigger, and the Nigger alone, who has the potential to rise to the status of royal Negus before making the alchemical transformation into a divine Naga of old (The Nagas were the gods of wisdom in ancient Cambodia). The choice is yours. Everything begins with the word. It is the foundation upon which your reality is built.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New York City Psychos: iTune, You tune, We All Tune Out

“Pennies? Nickels? Dimes? Change? Pennies-nickels-dimes-pennies-nickels-dimes-change!” yelled the musty panhandler, hitting subway commuters up for cash on the Manhattan-bound 4 train. It’s 8:07 AM. Another cold winter morning. The iron slave ship click-clacks through the subway tunnel, making stops near several plantations in the city that never sleeps. Another day, another dollar. Sometimes the pathetic routine makes Andrew Noble wanna holler.

As the mush-mouthed beggar approaches Noble, the rank rustler extends his soiled Florida Marlins baseball cap with the hope that Mr. Noble will spare him some change. “Please sir, spare me some change. It’s so cold outside. All I want is a cup of coffee,” he sobs with arched eyebrows and empty eyes while leaning heavily on his crutch. Noble merely shuts his eyes and turns up the volume on his iPhone, thereby phasing the beggar out of his existence.

Noble would rather hear Michael Jackson sing “Heal the World.” He thinks that it’s such a beautiful song. It reminds us all that it’s never too late to have a nurturing influence on the life of our fellow man. It teaches us that step-by-step, and day-by-day, we can build a better world; a better tomorrow. Just you and me. It’s ingeniously sincere in its lyrical simplicity. Gosh…What a song!

Noble opens his eyes again. The mangy, flea-ridden mut is still staring at him even after he’s made it clear that the Bank of America is closed. “Why doesn’t the bastard just get a job or overdose on some aspirin?,” Noble reflects to himself “Doesn’t this dude realize that I’m trying to enjoy this fucking song?”

Noble’s nose got raped by the foul stench of the panhandler who decided to move on to another passenger. Over 50 percent of the passengers had their eyes closed just like Noble and they were phasing him out with their iPods and MP3 players. You see this technological phenomenon morning, noon and night on the buses, the trains, the streets, the schools and even the job. This is starkly different from 10 years ago, when far less people were plugging in and tuning out. It’s a very revealing trend.

It seems that New Yorkers want to tune out the ugliness of the world around them more than ever before. We would rather ignore the signs of the times, but because we’ve become apathetic and taken the path of least resistance, the beast we are trying to avoid is becoming more brazen in its attempts to undermine us. Soon it’s going pull those iPod plugs out of our ears and strangle us all to death.

The culture of escapism is alive and well in New York. But since drugs are not a practical alternative for most, the iPod and the MP3 player have become the next best fix. Peter can’t afford to loose his job being strung out on dope, but he can bring his iPod to work and escape from the harsh reality of his immediate environment. The drug addict has always been stigmatized and looked down upon by members of our society.

What is ironic about this fact, however, is that just about everyone in the U.S. is addicted to one thing or another. Your opiate may be pornography while someone else’s may be crack-cocaine. No matter how we try to rationalize it, an addict is still an addict. The Devil is a liar. He’s also a crack fiend, but we’re the white rocks being smoked in his glass pipe. Can you smell the flesh burning?

Drugs release chemicals into your bloodstream that create the illusion of joy and bliss once the contaminated blood enters your brain. Good music activates many of the same chemicals in your brain that illegal drugs do. The only difference is that with music you actually feel good about yourself. The active ingredient in LSD and MDMA (Ecstasy), for example, is classified as a tryptamine. However, tryptamine is produced by the brain naturally in the form of serotonin. Many people who suffer from schizophrenia are treated with anti-depressants that do nothing but diminish the production of serotonin in the brain.

Black people produce the most serotonin, which is one of the reasons why our music is the one most loved by every ethnic group and every class. Its rhythms and melodies capture that sense of euphoria that every human being wants to experience. The reason why it is able to stir powerful emotions in people of all walks of life is because it is made by a race of sonic shamans who have access to the Other Side. When you go see Elephant Man or Vybz Kartel perform at a show and everyone is carrying on, acting rowdy and having a good time, that is how the gods and the ancestors are carrying on in the spirit realm. The only difference is that they’re having a much better time. Everything we do here is a spirited attempt to recapture what’s going on on the Other Side. Our favorite recording artists act as intermediaries between the mundane and the spectacular, man and God.

Nevertheless, the music that people are listening to on their iPods isn’t the problem I’m addressing here. The problem is that Illuminazi scientists are using our longing for happiness and self-fulfillment against us by giving us too much of a good thing through the development of technology for technology’s sake. A tiny iPod can store hundreds of songs, which is enough to keep the average teenager in escapist mode by putting a small record store in the palm of her hands. Theoretically speaking, technology is supposed to serve the public, but more and more it seems that we are becoming slaves to technology.

People who live in America are notorious for being spoiled to the core, and if we continue to allow technological gismos to feed our escapist tendencies, we’re going to be greeted by a horrifying surprise when the music stops and we open their eyes. It won’t be a panhandler begging for change. It will be the ruins of an apathetic society that allowed the abuse of technology to run it into the ground.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Every Nigga's AStAR: The Authorized Biography of Osiris

After walking for several miles, we all started to wonder where the High Priestess, Sekhmet was leading us. Two hours into our journey through the Zep Tepi desert, we came upon a temple waiting in the distance. It was a magnanimous pyramid decked in shimmering gold surrounded by four golden obelisks positioned at each of the pyramid’s four corners. At the very top of each one was a crescent moon of silver that scraped the heavens blue. As Sekhmet lead us into the pyramid’s arched opening we were immediately enveloped by absolute darkness. “Sekhmet, where are you taking us!” yelled Osiris, whose voice quivered with fear.

“As I told you earlier, my son, I am taking you all to meet the High Priest of Atlantis,” Sekhmet answered. “She’s a fuckin’ liar! The bitch is leading us into a trap,” growled Sahu, one of the other initiates, who savagely lunged at the Priestess. As the hulking coward wrapped his brolic, muscled  arms around Sekhmet’s tiny neck in a chokehold his body suddenly erupted into a bonfire of burning flesh. Sahu disintegrated into a fine mist, leaving nothing behind; not even the smell of his charred carcass. As we all stared at the petit priestess in horror she slowly spun around to face us with the purifying fires of Khenti Amenti  in her eyes.

“I want you gentlemen to listen, and listen very closely,” roared the old, wrinkled, dread-locked woman. “You have all worked for 33 years to reach this point in your initiation. That means that there can be no turning back. We must proceed forward until you reach your final destination. If you quit now, all of your names will be erased from the Lion’s book of life. Live or die; the choice is yours!” Shaking intensely, we all nodded our heads in compliance with the fierce Lioness. Sekhmet cracked a demonic smile then proceeded on her way as we hastily followed her lead. “Fear not gentlemen….we shall be coming upon the High Priest’s sacred chamber shortly,” she said with an almost sinister calm.

As we continued to walk through the temple, we grew extremely cold and increasingly frightful of what might await beyond the darkness. All that I could see was Sekhmet and my fellow initiates as they walked in single file before me. It was an extreme darkness that only magnified the sharpness of their images. Their skins were a radiant brown and their white garments glowed with vivid purity. A few moments later, what appeared to be a shooting star coming from the right wizzed passed us followed by three more on our left. “In the name of Ra, what is going on, Sekhmet. Where are we going?!” Osiris cried. “Have courage my dear,” Sekhmet reassured. “We shall be approaching very shortly.”

As I looked down towards the ground I was shocked to find there was none. “What could be holding us up?” I thought as severe panic began to set in. Before long, we were all greeted by pulsating stars numbering in the hundred’s of thousands. We then saw a bright red dot on our far left that was rapidly increasing in size before we realized that it was the planet Mars, which shot right by us. Actually, as it turned out, WE were the ones who sped by it. You see, much to our surprise my brethren and I discovered that the entrance to the golden pyramid was actually a gateway to the cosmos that we were swiftly marching through despite walking at normal speed. We flashed past Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto as we marched boldly through the boundless blackness of inner space.

Eventually, we came upon a space portal shaped like a woman’s vagina, flashing a luminous white light that extended several light years. As we stood at a good distance from the portal’s opening a figure emerged within the light. It was the figure of a kinetic king adorned with gold, radiance and glory. His skin was as black as an obsidian mirror with a well-polished sheen. He wore a green, suede robe studded with sparkling diamonds arranged in an intricate dragon motif. Around his neck was a gold rope chain with a huge disk bearing the all-seeing eye of Ra with a blazing emerald jewel as its pupil. Upon his head was a tightly fitted green skullcap with a diamond-studded design that depicted the sun, moon, and stars. His face was serene and youthful, characterized by prominent cheekbones that gave him an almost serpentine appearance. His eyes were as lamps of fire that burned to the core of our very souls. My fellow initiates and I kneeled in humble reverence before this mystic stranger of unfathomable radiance. He communicated with us telepathically, transmitting iron words forged in the cosmic fires of Amenti. His voice in our heads was majestic and thunderous.

“Greetings gentlemen. I, Ptah congratulate you on your monumental accomplishment. You have walked a path that most have feared to tread and have reached the summit in your uphill quest for universal truth and enlightenment. After 33 years of hard work and preparation you can finally count yourselves among the glorious Sons of Light. You have gained complete and total entry into the Intergalactic Brotherhood of the Nagas.”

Immediately Thoth, Osiris, Set, Anubis and I erupted into a mini-celebration before we were interrupted by another telepathic transmission from the black god with the starry crown.

“Silence gentlemen. There is more that I have to share with you. It hurts me deeply to tell you this, but in the next eight years your entire continent will sink to the bottom of the ocean as a result of an approaching Pole Shift. Most of your countrymen will perish, including your families. However you will not have time to mourn over your respective losses as I will entrust you with the responsibility of carrying out an extremely important task.

The accumulated wisdom of our race must be preserved if humanity is to continue with its spiritual evolution in the years that follow this horrific cataclysm. To ensure that this happens, I am appointing Osiris to lead you and a remnant of Atlanteans to the continent of Ethiopia. There, you will build new civilizations in the North East region based upon the teachings and precepts of your great and noble ancestors, and…

 “Why should we follow Osiris?” Set interrupted as Osiris bowed his head with shame. Despite reaching this stage in his initiation, Set had not purged himself of the beast within, while Osiris lacked the backbone that was necessary for true leadership. One had to wonder how and why the two men got this far in their initiation. “Lets face it, Ptah: Osiris is a pussy! The little bitch ass nigga couldn’t find his way out of the rain. I command you to reconsider. I feel that I….”

“Silence mortal, or I shall strip you of your rank!” thundered Ptah as Set cringed with fear. “You will play an important role in the scheme of things, but on this matter I will not elaborate. From the womb of this dark continent in the east will come the light of a brand new day and every kingdom of the earth shall be warmed by its natural splendor and divinity. Then, after many moons of uninterrupted prosperity, great trials and tribulations will befall you and our kind. A new man shall rise within the earth, the snow men from the north, and they will crush thee with an iron heel and place a yoke of iron around thy neck.

He will come from the other end of the earth in ships as swift as an eagle flieth and will take thee for bondmen and bondwomen. This New Man will be of fierce countenance and will not care for the young or the old, the sick or the able, the women or the children. He will take some of you as slaves to what remains of the great Atlantis, which will be nothing more than a group of islands in the surrounding waters. The rest of you will be shipped to The New Atlantis, where you will labor as beasts in the cotton fields from dusk to dawn. There you shall toil all day, but the sun will not have mercy on you. Strange fruit shall swing from mighty oaks in this land where thievery and bloodshed are the gospels of the wicked.”

To be continued……

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Qabalistic Poetry of OZ

The 70th Anniversary box set DVD for The Wizard of OZ came out yesterday, the same day as Ghostface's new album entitled Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City. I looked up the numbers in yesterday’s date (9/29=929) in David Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia and found that 929 is synonymous with the Palace of the Supernals on the Kabalisitc Tree of Life. The Supernals, or Divine Triad, are the highest spheres on the Tree of Life.

If you look at the back of Ghost’s CD, you’ll see a palace with three towers (3 supernals) behind a lake. This lake is the Daath, the hidden Sephirah in front of the 3 Supernals on the Tree of Life. Ghost’s album has 3 executive producers (Ghostface, Mike Caruso and LA Reid) and is released in the astrological house of Libra (9/29). The official color for Libra is green (Emerald City) and it’s the most prominent color on the covers of both the DVD box set and CD (naturally). Also, the astrological house of Libra is ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Ghost has nothing but love songs on this CD.

Then when you add 9+2+9 you get 20. 2+0=2. The 2nd sephirah on the Tree of Life is “Chokmah,” which means “Wizdom” in Hebrew. A Wizard is one who excercises wizdom in the practice of the spiritual sciences. Ghost is/was a God Body, (5 Percenter) one who believes that “God” is actually an acronym for “Gomar Oz Dubar” which they say means “Strength Wizdom & Beauty”. Ayo, this math is like ziti!!! Just dishing a little food for thought…..