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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Style Wars: The "Sirius-ly" Secret Psychology Behind Modern Vogue Sorcery

According to Target Market News, a consumer news website that tracks Black buying trends from year-to-year, Blacks in America spend an average of over $20 billion a year on clothes. What a group of people spend their money on says a lot about what they value, so we would not be stretching the truth if we said that Blacks are kind of interested in fashion.

However, the kinds of clothes that a person wears can tell you a lot about how they perceive themselves. It is a window that provides insight into what is going on within their heads. This is precisely why fashion is such a powerful means of self-expression. It should therefore come as no surprise that Black people—who have always reveled in colorful self-expression—gravitate towards fashion as much as our cash flow permits. More often than not, we are even the ones who officially determine what’s fashionable and what’s not for the rest of the world.

When many young Black men in the United States started wearing their jeans riding way below their boxers—walking like penguins to stop them from falling all the way down—many young people of all races and ethnicities across the globe followed in line. It’s a ridiculous fashion trend, you might say. However it’s viability as a fashion statement is not my central point of focus.  

The point I’m making is that the young Black male in America is the most imitated (ask Elvis Pressley and Justin Bieber), most despised (Emmitt Till, Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant), yet the most influential (Hannibal Barca, Martin Luther King Jr., Jimi Hendrix)  male on the planet. People follow him because they want to, and because he inspires them in a unique and powerful way. It’s not because the dominant culture makes people feel that they MUST follow him in order to have adequate food, clothing, and shelter.   

With that said, just, think about how much better off the world would be if young Black men who are in positions to shape popular youth culture made it cool to be intelligent, to genuinely care about people, to have strong principles, integrity, and present oneself to the world as someone worthy of international respect and dignity?  There are men and women in positions of power who asked themselves the same questions in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

They decided that an enlightened world populace would be bad for business. Idiocy is lucrative. Intelligence and integrity are the tools of economic terrorism in a terribly insane world. As a direct result, business partnerships were forged between the prison industrial complex and recording companies that sign hip hop acts. These companies promoted “gangsta rappers,” who bragged about selling coke and beating up women way above and beyond those who were rapping about self-awareness or even the typical experiences of normal Black men who were coming of age.

The logic used by the prisons and record companies working in tandem with one another was that if young Black people could be musically seduced into glorifying crime, then it would increase the likelihood of them going to jail. This would in turn translate into further financial investment in the privatized prisons that would house them. This is exactlywhat happened.

Many of us fail to understand what we are doing when we adorn ourselves with a particular piece of clothing or accessory. We are actually aligning ourselves with specific ideas, concepts, and principles. This is especially the case when those clothes have images and symbols on them that we are not intimately familiar with. If you’re wearing a piece of clothing and you don’t understand the symbols on it then you are in effect allowing the clothing designer or manufacturer, who definitely knows what they mean, to cast a spell on you.

Several multi-national corporations, which include automobile companies, fast food franchises, communications networks and even federal governments, have paid artists with knowledge of astrology and numerology a lot of money to design their logos. Contrary to popular opinion, these logos are not just designed to be aesthetically appealing to the public. They are designed to embody specific universal principles and ideas that fit neatly into the overall agenda of the companies that market products or services to the public.

The logo or design’s inherent power lies in its ability to effectively mask a company’s agenda while simultaneously cementing itself favorably in the collective consciousness of the public who are only concerned with its aesthetic appeal and not its actual symbolic meaning. What do I mean by this? I’m saying that if a design looks hot to you—and you don’t understand what the design or symbol represents—the more power the person who is using the design pulls from you through your personal consent.

Power and secrecy go together like hand and glove. If everyone is certain of your ultimate intentions then the fruit of your intentions will never ripen because your intention is a seed. Seeds require the fertile soil of secrecy to grow into strong trees bearing fruit for the healing of the nations. Seeds are planted under the ground, and not in the sky where you can see them for a reason. This is one of the reasons why a male sex magician is better off having sex with a woman than he is masturbating if he is specifically working on pulling a thought from the subjective plane of ideas into the objective plane of our waking reality.

When you masturbate you can see your intentions sticking to your webbed fingers but when you ejaculate into that deep, dark, space your intentions are being planted inside of a safe and secret place that no one can see. A man’s sperm is luminous when it is seen under a microscope. This light shines in the darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not (John 1:5). But maybe it’s not the vocation of darkness to “comprehend” the light. Maybe the power of darkness lies in its ability to process light without having any comprehension of how or why it is carrying out the process. Just a thought.

What I do know for certain is that Whitney Houston was absolutely right when she sang that “the children are our future” in her song “Greatest Love of All.” However there are human children born after nine months of gestation and there are mental children born into this world once the volume of a thought or idea reaches the point of critical mass in your mind.

If you’re a dedicated artist, then your art is your child. Show it all the beauty you possess inside. Give people a sense of pride by creatively reminding them of that which they knew they could be. For the aspiring artist, this is truly the greatest love of all. As we examine the latest Style War waged against the American public, we will take a look at a fashion trend that has taken urban America by storm this year.

This summer it has been very fashionable for men and women to wear tank-tops with the American flag incorporated into its design in some type of way. Some women are wearing leggings with the stars and stripes as well. A few of them have figures that would make the most loyal RBG soldier recite the U.S. pledge of allegiance too.  Accurately!!! I started to ask myself why there are so many Black men and women wearing this design in a year when the Supreme Court struck down key portions of the Voting Rights Bill of 1965 which helps to secure their right to vote.

 Captain America shown as a Black man in Marvel's "Truth" series

Spiritual events run concurrent with political events, which both leave an indelible mark on the popular culture in ways that the people who are directly affected may not even realize themselves. For those who are aware, social engineering is a powerful social reality. But who’s doing the engineering? Is it the Ancestors, or is it the Enemy? Maybe it’s both. 

When I initially started asking myself these questions I said that the people were just brain dead. But as I continued to see this in growing numbers throughout the summer I started to think that there is much more to it than that. One day it hit me that maybe the people don’t look at themselves as patriots, per se, but are simply drawn to the combination of red, white and blue at THIS particular point in history. But WHY?

Well, it’s worth noting that these are in fact the colors emanating from the star that the ancient Greeks called “Sirius,” which means “the Scorcher.” The ancient Kemau (so-called Egyptians) called this star Sopdet and it was synonymous with the mother netcher, Auset.  The ancient Kemau celebrated the flood of the Hapi River (now called the Nile River) which coincided with the rise of Sopdet above the horizon every July.

The United States, Great Britain, and France got the colors for their flags by copying the Kemau, who were aware thousands of years ago that Sopdet flashes red, white, and blue light. This is one of the reasons why the Nesut Bity used the red (Lower Kemet), white (Upper Kemet) and blue (war) crowns of kingship throughout his rain. The Nesut of ancient times was seen by his people as the personification of Heru, which made him a son of Auset, who is the official representative of Sirius.

 President Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Even then, the 50 stars on the U.S. flag represent the 50 gates of light, which are the 50 gates of understanding referenced in the Zohar and other pieces of Kabbalistic literature. These gates guide one on the path to self-illumination, which is called the path of the Rasta in the Kemetic Book of Coming Forth From Night By Day which predates the Bible by at least 2,000 years. The prefix “Ras” was used in Kemet, Ethiopia, and Phoenicia, and pretty much carried the same meaning in all three civilizations. Ras means “head.”

The British, the United States, and France were all honoring Auset, especially the American colonists who coincidentally gained their independence in the same month that Auset, in the form of Sopdet, rises above the eastern horizon to usher in the flood of Hapi.  It is also worth noting that “Mary Land” and Virgin-ia were neighboring members of the original 13 U.S. colonies. Within their names you can clearly see the title “Virgin Mary.” Who is the Virgin Mary, though? Let’s take a closer look.

This past July Pope Francis visited Brazil to “pay his respects” to The Lady of Aparecida, who is known throughout Brazil as “The Black Virgin Mary.” No Christian sect reveres the Virgin Mary to the extent that the Catholic Church does. Its patrons affectionately refer to her as “The Mother of God.” Of course, people who study comparative mythology know that the Virgin Mary is based on the Auset archetype. Auset is a Black goddess.

                                       Lady of Aparecida

This is why the Pope visited The Lady of Aparecida’s shrine in July for his very first international visit as pope. He knows that the Lady is really Auset under a Christian veil, and the Pope is the Nesut Bity of the Western world.  According to a news report, the Pope personally chose July to make that visit. My guess is that he wanted his visit to coincide with the rise of Sopdet which gives off red, white, and blue light.

Red, white and blue are the stellar colors of ancient Kemetic nationhood, and there is a subconscious desire among Kemet’s children to break away from the system, unify, and build their own nation. People want to feel like they are a part of something that is greater than themselves. The priests of VaticAnus know this, which is why all of these clothes with the U.S. flag incorporated into the design have been made available to them specifically. I say that because these clothes are strategically placed in shopping venues that Blacks go to the most. Italy is the fashion mecca of the world, so all runways lead to Rome.

In my opinion, many Blacks who are wearing the design are subconsciously gravitating towards the red, white, and blue colors which signify the unification of upper and lower Kemet through spiritual warfare, not the stars and stripes of the U.S. flag. Upper and Lower Kemet are polarities, and in case you haven’t noticed, people are fighting to cross their opposing streams of mental energy to eliminate the polarity within themselves.

By getting so many Blacks in America to wear the stars and stripes motif—going back to the Winter sweaters earlier in the year—the priesthood gained the additional power and momentum it needed to successfully eliminate key provisions in the Voting Rights Act through Vatican Vogue Sorcery. By wearing the stars and stripes Black people in essence gave their power to the courts, an entity that has historically shown that it does not care for them. If more Blacks were consciously aware of what REALLY draws them to the red, white and blue, then it would have had the opposite effect. It would have empowered them.

When you blindly give your power, or ignorant allegiance, to someone who has shown you that they do not care about you then you are in effect giving them your personal consent to abuse and disrespect you. And they are not held accountable for that by any higher universal intelligence. They are only able to abuse and disrespect you through your personal consent. You allowed it.

Vatican Vogue Sorcery is a form of social engineering that uses popular fashion as a tool to shape and mold the consensus reality of specific groups of people within the general populace. In order for you to see where fashion is going, you have to be in tune with what is going on in the hearts and minds of the youth, because popular fashion is nothing less than a direct reflection of that.

Black youth in the U.S. feel a need and a desire that is growing within them to answer the call of the goddess of motherhood. She is calling on them to give birth to the pregnant possibilities that lie dormant within themselves. However if these desires are not focused, if Black people are not consciously aware of them, then those desires become ambient energy for other people who don’t have their best interests at heart to feed off of.

Still, fashion fades with time. Only style and grace are eternal. The best way to avoid vogue sorcery is to make sure that whatever you wear is a reflection of your personal sense of taste, down to the smallest details. To do that, you have to know who you are. When you know who you are, certain trends are not going to appeal to you. This is not because they’re inherently bad. They’re just not a reflection of you.

Be consciously aware of why an article of clothing appeals to you. And if it contains symbols of an occult nature, make sure you know what those symbols mean. Better yet, give it your own personal meaning that is specific to you. A fashionable trend might be current, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s made for YOU to wear.