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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Devil's Food Cake: The Cake That Hate Produced

Most of us have been subject to some form of abuse over the course of our lives whether it was emotional, psychological or physical. Many of us have abused someone else in some way as well. This fact raises many questions, but the one question that I will focus on in this MGM post is: who benefits from this abuse?

In one of my previous posts “The Estrogenda & The Media’s Power of Depiction”I made brief mention of spiritual intelligences that feed off of human pain, anger, and suffering. About six or seven years ago I obtained a 20-page booklet that occult lecturer, Bobby Hemmitt, was once circulating entitled Melanin People: How to Eat and Devour their Energy. White Luciferians Reveal their Secrets. In this booklet we read the following:

“Luciferism can be understood in part as a philosophical and spiritual extension of eating and consuming. When compassion, empathy and conscience are killed, then devouring can swell proportionately. When the impediments to personal power acquisition are removed, then devouring the life energies of other beings becomes easy: I become stronger as you become weaker, I absorb strength as yours flows into me. I become capable of this because I do not experience your pain, I don’t care about your loss, and I feel no regret about using, abusing, and devouring you.” (pg. 1)

After reading that quote you might be asking yourself what kind of sound rationale could there possibly be for this insane treatment of other human beings? Self-professed psychic vampire, Michelle Belanger, offers what she believes to be a valid one in her book The Psychic Vampire Codex which is essentially a guide book for people who choose to practice psychic vampirism. Herein she says:

“There are many people who naturally produce more energy than they require to sustain themselves. Many of these are called to be healers, and there is an aura about them that just seems to reach out to others and give and give. For every person who has a natural abundance of energy to give away, there is another person who has a natural need to take that energy in, and so the energy of the universe remains in a constant and vital flow.” (pg. 40 -41)Now first of all, you have to ask yourself where this woman gets the authority to determine whether or not a person produces more energy than they need? And if they do, what gives her the right to feed off of it? Thirdly, who told her that what she engages in is a natural practice that enables the universe to remain “in a constant and vital flow”? Bellanger is a delusional parasite. But there are many just like her and they come in every race, gender, religion and creed. Some of these people consciously subscribe to the philosophy reflected in the two quotes, while others practice this philosophy unconsciously.

About 11 years ago, when I was in college, I was in an English class and the class was engaged in a typical discussion about some novel it was assigned to read. The class was discussing one of the main characters in that novel and one woman remarked that she didn’t want a boyfriend who would be “too nice” to her. She said that she enjoys engaging her man in heated arguments from time to time just so she knows that he has some backbone and can hold his own with her. She also articulated—quite well I might add—that this kind of behavior helps to keep their relationship exciting. That young woman may have matured and evolved a great deal since then. After all, it was 11 years ago. Yet she was a good example of a psychic vampire, a parasite who creates and then feeds off of the negative emotions of others.

Have you ever known someone who continued to take from you without ever even expressing the slightest desire to give something back? These people want your time, attention, money, knowledge, and more importantly, your emotional capital—particularly those emotions that resonate on a low energy frequency—so that they can sadistically satiate themselves through your personal anguish,or in the very least, your annoyance.

However, these people aren't who we should ultimately be turning our attention to, for they are merely possessed by other supernatural entities that literally feed off of human anger, violence, misery and suffering. Most people are familiar with the whole Christian mythos and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. To digress a little bit, it’s funny how Jesus Christ is a Greek name which means “Anointed Savior” (but wasn’t he supposedly Hebrew?) and he coincidentally ended up being just that to the world. Mind you no Hebrew historian had ever heard of Jesus Christ until he was introduced to the world by the Greeks (despite the fact that there is no known record of Jesus actually going to Greece or any other part of Europe if he did exist) who gave us the four gospels in The New Testament.

You can learn a great deal from the Christ story, but if the basic facts I just presented don’t show you that the whole Jesus Christ story is historical fiction used to teach profound spiritual truths, as opposed to actual history, then I don’t know what to say to you. Actually, that’s a lie. I do know what to say to you. Read The Historical Jesus and The Mythical Christ by Gerald Massey. After that read Who is This King of Glory by Alvin Boyd Kuhn. I could give you other titles like The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You To Read edited by Tim C. Leedom, but I think that the ones that I’ve already given are enough to prove my point.

Not to get sidetracked, but crucifixion was a typical form of capital punishment in ancient Rome. When a horizontal and a vertical line intersect there are four points, but under certain, shall we say, harsh emotional conditions, its intersection point creates a portal to the lower fourth density, which is inhabited by all kinds of malevolent supernatural beings. To get an idea of what the lower 4th density is like, think about going inside of that huge ghost containment unit from the 1980s Ghostbusters cartoon. These entities feed off of human suffering and bloodshed and they manipulate those individuals who emotionally resonate on their low energy frequencies. Watch the Star Trek clip below for a clearer illustration of this somewhat abstract concept. It's taken from the episode entitled “The Day of the Dove.”

When you try to be a good, wholesome person these beings become restless and demand more bloodshed from their loyal servants, which at this time, is the white power structure. This is done to bring more uneeded stress into your life. More stress means more negative energy which translates into more food for the vampiric entities. However, these beings initially gained entry into this physical reality through the activities of powerful Black men and women in ancient times. Not whites. These demons only like murder, perversity and maladaptive behavior. They are the ones behind all of these news stories you’ve probably heard about men killing their girlfriends, wives and children over the last two or three years. The Christians are correct when they speak of “spiritual wickedness in high and low places.”

I’ve heard people say that The Cosby Show was wack because “it wasn’t real. The Huxtables were too good to be true.” But what’s “real” to these people? I’ve even heard a few people say that A Tribe Called Quest, one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time, was wack because they didn’t talk about “that real shit” in their rhymes, i.e. frivolous gun talk and sexually explicit tales of female conquest.

And why aren’t Black women encouraged by the larger society to wear their hair natural? I’ve never seen a Black woman in my life who wouldn’t look equally, if not more beautiful, with a natural than she would with a perm. But who feeds off of Black women’s insecurities (Disclaimer: If you are a Black woman reading this and you choose to wear a perm it doesn’t automatically mean that YOU personally are insecure about your Blackness, so don’t get oversensitive. I’m speaking in a broad context, so if you’re offended, then make like a box of Creme of Nature and relax)? Who feeds off of the self-hate exhibited by several Black men who automatically prefer light-skinned Latino women with long straight hair to dark-skinned Black women with dreadlocks or a perm? It’s these monsters from the lower fourth density and each and every one of us, on some level, falls for their manipulations.

Look at the picture of James Brown from his album, Hell (1974), above. See how angry those demons standing behind him are that he’s glowing with Black power and pride? One monster is saying “He’s too strong. We can’t stop him,” while the other replies “That’s because he’s the Godfather.” WE have the potential to be Godfathers and Godmothers too! High self-esteem bothers these beasts because they’re the original haters who want to see you walking the streets with your head down. They pray on your lack of confidence. Why is that when white men are cocky it’s okay, but when Black men are cocky or genuinely impressed with themselves, for whatever reason, the whole world resents them? To answer the question you have to ask yourself who benefits.

You even have some “conscious,” tough-talking Black women spewing all kinds of bullshit about Black male subservience to the “Black goddess.” These women seem to confuse the anicent Kemetic lioness Sekhmet with Gloria Steinem, the old C.I.A agent whom they TRULY worship. Yes, you ARE woman, and yes, I CAN hear you roar. But your roar was bitten from white liberal feminists who sought to undermine the Black community at the orders of their white male Masters.

The Black man represents the masculine aspect of God and the Black woman represents the feminine aspect of God. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO REVERE AND WORSHIP EACH OTHER. There is no woman underneath the man, or no man underneath the woman. We both stand tall together, side by side. Those misogynist Black men who speak of female subservience to the man are also caught in a trap. A true god recognizes his woman as his goddess, not some pathetic underling. If we can’t show and prove that we’re god body then we’ll end up a race of bodied gods, slain by our own false pride and delusions of grandeur.

The only way for us to kill the astral predators who have made devil’s food cake out of the human race is for us to starve them to death. We must transcend our humanity by embracing our godhood. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and the state of the world and stop focusing on the white Illuminati, which isn’t even the real Illuminati. The world hasn’t seen or heard from the Illuminati since the fall of Moorish Spain, and that was over 500 years ago. When the Moors fell in 1492, the year that Christopher Come-Bust-Us sailed the ocean blue, the Illuminati went underground. What you have had since then is the Illuminati's polar opposite and that's the Satanic Roman Catholic Church sowing the seeds of discord throughout the globe. Fortunately, it’s about to be a Reynold's wrap for those spoiled leftovers from the Age of Pisces.

You’re all screaming “I’m a Moor! I’m a Hebrew! Israelite! I’m a Rasta! I’m a Yoruba! I’m a 5 percenter! I’m a Kemetic goddess! I'm an orthodox Muslim! I'm a Baptist!” These labels divide us, but the one thing we all share in common is the fact that we’re all Devil’s Food Cake. Unless we want to remain an appetizing dessert for hungry devils, we must challenge ourselves to take a step beyond the threshold of humanity. Once we become fully integrated individuals, we can become a fully integrated collective capable of sacrificing superficial differences for the preservation of our higher divinity. The time is now and the choice is ours.

Domestic Violence: Another Context

I was at a Clean Rite laundromat one Sunday afternoon standing in front of the dryer, waiting for the last few seconds to tick away on the digital timer so that I could take my clothes out. Suddenly, out of nowhere I heard someone yell “Motherfucker, what did I tell you? Didn’t I tell you to sit down and keep quiet?” I turned around and saw a woman who was small in stature slowly inching towards a corner of the room, and then with no warning, POW! She hit her son dead in his face, snuffed him and told him to have a seat.

The boy was half her size and looked to be no more than 8-years-old. As he stepped out of the corner his mom had backed him into, his fists were tightly clenched and he looked broken and humiliated. Another woman told the boy’s mom that she shouldn’t have hit her son like that. The woman who spoke up was kindly told to mind her own “fuckin’ business” by the would-be Golden Glove contender. Somehow, I suspected that it wasn’t the first time that this little boy felt his mom’s awesome right hook. Who knows what goes on at home.

Domestic violence presents itself in many forms and they all serve to undermine the social, political and economic progress of our community. Whenever you violate the people you live with by physically attacking them, or dishonoring their spiritual integrity, you are truly guilty of domestic violence.

To better understand the violence that some parents inflict on their children as illustrated above, we must first understand the nature of the slave plantations of the Americas and the Caribbean. They were run under a system perfected to a science by dead white slave masters who remain, to this day, the social engineers of the Black community. The aim of these dead Crackers (This is not a racist comment on my part. “Crakcer” was a colloquial reference to the white men who “cracked” the whip on the slave plantations. Me calling a white slave master a “cracker” is no different from you calling a black cab driver a “cabbie”) was to shut down our thought process by instilling a fear of, and undeserved respect for, authority in us. The slave master’s ghost haunts us to this day and it rears it awful head in the subtlest aspects of parenting:

“Bobby don’t do that!”
“Why mom?”
“Because I said so”
“Okay mom”
As you can imagine, Bobby isn’t being given an opportunity to sharpen his reasoning skills through a loving mother’s careful explanation of WHY what he is doing is wrong. So when his teacher tells him that Hulk Hogan discovered America or that Blacks were happy slaves until Ronald Reagan signed the Emancipation Proclamation, young Bobby believes it with no questions asked. You might laugh or just shake your head at these extreme examples of scholastic ineptitude I’ve just given, but to those of you who are parents, consider the lies being passed off as truth to your children today in these schools. What lies will your children’s great grandchildren be taught if we’re not careful? It’s a sobering thought.

Nevertheless if we want to get to the root of the matter we have to understand that we’ve been living our everyday lives within a worldwide cultural paradigm that is totally based on violence and abuse. I will explore this topic further in my very next blog post entitled “Devil’s Food Cake: The Cake That Hate Produced.”

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Estrogenda & The Media's Power of Depiction

Well, what do we have here? A friend of Mind recently sent me the cover image for the November edition of the hip hop magazine, XXL. The new cover features G-Unit honcho 50 Cent alongside hip-hop’s teeny-bop sensation, Soulja Boy.

50 seems to have been somewhat of a big brother to Soulja ever since the young entertainer emerged onto the hip hop scene. When Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA criticized Soulja for contributing to the dumbing down of hip-hop music, it was 50 who came to Soula’s aid, clowning GZA and calling him musically irrelevant in subsequent interviews. GZA got the last laugh, however, when he crushed 50 with his 2008 dis track “Paper Plate.” I kind of find it interesting that G-Unit tried to sign the mediocre Mason Betha when it was at the height of its popularity in 2005. 50’s failure to complete that ritual ultimately compromised the G-Unit brand, but not because Ma$e was a great lyrical talent. We already know that he was not.

Metaphysically speaking, the signing of Mason Betha, would have been a symbolic victory that would have only consummated the occult ritual that was G-Unit’s spectacular rise to hip hop prominence. The original G-Unit is the brotherhood of free and accepted masons (for them the “G” stands for “Gnosis” and “Geometry” not “Gorilla’). 50 tried to buy his Mason, but P.Diddy would hear none of it. That’s why 50 started taunting and threatening Diddy back in 2006. He was frustrated with the fact that Diddy wouldn’t let Mason Betha out of his Bad Boy contract. 50’s boss Marshall Mathers, who is a distant relative of Golden Dawn occultist, MacGregor Mathers, was the one who orchestrated the ritual that was G-Unit’s ascent to superstardom.

More recently, 50 Cent has become Soulja Boy’s main advocate in the whole Kat Stacks debacle. For more background info on that whole situation, I suggest that you read any one of the leading hip hop news websites or blogs. What is of particular concern for me with this MGM blog entry is the use of hip hop music and culture as a tool for the demasculinization of Black male figures. XXL Magazine, which is published by Harris Publications, could have used any one of the many pictures it shot of 50 Cent and Soulja for their cover, but they chose to use this one because they are cosigning The Estrogenda, which is the agenda to get young Black males in their teens to personally identify with estrogen-filtered male images. This is evident in the Peewee Herman-like fashion sense exhibited by many of today’s teenage boys, and the entertainment media is fueling the fashion. The motivation behind the media-sponsored Estrogenda is quite simple.

As Frances Cress Welsing beautifully pointed out in her seminal work, The Isis Papers, the greatest threat to white genetic survival is the Black man’s penis. According to a 2006 report released by the Population Reference Bureau based in Washington D.C., Poland is on pace to experience a 17 percent drop in its population by 2050. Ukraine is on pace to loose nearly half of its population. More recently the Bureau conducted a study in the United States and found that non-whites accounted for 48 percent of all births over a 12-month period that ended in July 2008. The U.S. Census Bureau says that people of color will make up the majority of the United States’ population in more or less than 30 years. These are the flaming facts beneath the screaming kettle that brewed the Tea Party and the new anti-immigration, scratch that, anti-Mexican laws.

In an effort to maintain the power that they once had over the globe, some members of the white American power structure have decided that it is in their best interest to postpone the inevitable through the application covert genocide through media seduction. Yes, you read that correctly. You can kill people with media. Once you've destroyed their minds, then everything else falls into place. In fact, if you carefully study the history of the modern world you will discover that most revolutions and mass movements were initially instigated by writers. Until fairly recently, the media has been one of the white power structure’s most effective weapons in its genocidal campaign against original people.

Studies show that white women of child bearing age are giving birth to less children than they were in past years. Consequently, the Killuminazi's game plan is to turn as many Black men out as possible through media seduction while white men seek out the Black women who've been spurned by these pillow biting Black men. Through the children conceived through these unions, the astral entities that occupy the bodies of these men hope to make the Western mind the dominant influence on the planet within a few generations. Who are these astral entities I speak of? That's another topic for another day. What I will say is that the crucifix is an astral portal through which they may gain entry into YOUR mind, body and soul. If I were you, I would not wear one.

50 Cent or Soulja Boy’s sense of industriousness can be a great inspiration to young Black men and women if it is applied with integrity. Despite what some members of the “conscious community” might want to say about 50 and Soulja Boy, both are young Black men who have worked hard to obtain whatever material wealth that they have. As a young Black man who has worked hard for his modest comforts, I can respect them for that, if nothing else.

If more members of the so-called “conscious community” had 50’s work ethic then “The Struggle” would only be a topic for discussion in Black history classes, not lectures and panel discussions. If more members of the so-called “conscious community” knew how to use technology to market and promote its invaluable Human Resources like Souja Boy marketed and promoted his “Crank That” single at the tender age of 17, then more of our great Elder teachers would be living comfortably for the wonderful work that they’ve done for us.

Too often we turn up our noses at those individuals whom we perceive to be “unenlightened.” In the process we forget that none of us have deciphered all of the mysteries of the universe. We ALL have our personal strengths and weaknesses and can learn from one another whether we are “conscious” or fast asleep. Nevertheless, the IMAGE of 50 Cent and Soulja Boy that has been presented on this magazine cover undermines Black manhood on different levels.

50 Cent has his face covered like a ninja. Initially, ninjas were cowardly assassins and spies who practiced espionage on the behalf of their Japanese overlords. This is rather ironic, given that 50 has long been called a dry snitch—which is basically a spy—by some of his hip hop peers. The bloggers say that he was trying to channel Lawrence of Arabia. The main character from the Lawrence of Arabia movie was based on the exploits of T.E. Lawrence who was a spy for the British government when the British were colonizing the Middle East during the early 1900s.

In the picture 50 has his left arm draped across Soulja Boy’s shoulder, while Soulja Boy grabs his own crotch with his underwear in plain view. It’s not even a natural looking pose, because what kind of dude grabs his cock while another man has his arm across his shoulder? What makes the cover image even more peculiar is Soulja’s neutered, altar boy, facial expression. Bishop Eddie Long is probably licking his chops with a copy of XXL right now, wishing that he could “Super Man” the Atlanta rapper.

During a magazine photo shoot the photographer usually suggests to the artists how they should pose and then the magazine’s editorial team decides on what image they will use for the cover. Naturally, the editorial team wants an image that will garner the most public interest so that it can sell as many copies as possible, thereby increasing the likelihood of satisfying its loyal advertisers. However, if the editorial staff has integrity, it will in the very least be mindful of the potential impact that the image will have on the minds of its reading audience. Most of us recognize the amount of influence that the media wields over the minds of the general public, but few of us know the ancient origin of the sometimes dark, twisted relationship between the media and the general public.

In ancient times, Media—a kingdom that was located in what is now Northern Iran—was known for having some of the most skilled magicians and sorcerers on the planet. Whenever the nearby Persian kings sought to settle disputes with enemies, whether foreign or domestic, they sought the assistance of the infamous sorcerers of Media who would cast elaborate spells to subjugate the minds of the Kings’ adversaries. Today there isn’t much difference. Every writer in today’s media who is worth their salt is either a magician or a sorcerer. The magician works to educate, entertain, inspire and empower others, while the sorcerer looks to entertain, manipulate, program and enslave you for personal gain.
If you decide to embrace any media, do yourself a favor and make sure that it’s media that makes your mind glow, because that’s WhereItzAt.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hieroglyphs of Love: The Papyrus of Ani Revisited Pt. 2 of 2

When a woman truly loves the man that she has sex with she willingly surrenders some of her life-force to him. The man absorbs her life-force energy which in turn amplifies his own. He then channels it up the 33 vertebrae of his spine until it reaches the cerebral cortex of his brain. When his cortex is intensely stimulated, a stargate portal is opened within the deepest recesses of his mind. This portal separates the Objective Plane of existence, which can be perceived by the five senses, from the sensual bliss of the Subjective Plane (the so-called spirit world).

The man who has this experience will attain higher levels of inspiration and awareness and find a new passion for life. In the B.O.C.F Ani witnesses Ra rising in the eastern sky after he enters the Tuat/Twat. The reference to Ra here has nothing to do with the sun in outer space. The B.O.C.F is actually talking about Ani’s inner sun, his Kundalini, the Serpentine Fire that rises up your spine and hits your cerebral cortex, resulting in the blossoming of the one thousand petaled lotus, your pineal gland. The “eastern sky” is the upper-right hemisphere of your brain, not the open space between the clouds above your head.

Since the man knows that his woman made it possible for him to make contact with Ra he will love her—if he is a good man—with all of his heart, which will then imbue her with more energy than she previously had. She will find herself doing things that she thought that she could not do. The love that the couple feels for each other is a mirror reflection of the love that they feel, or should feel, for themselves. Man and Woman represent two different aspects, two different polarities, of One Soul. Conceptually speaking, this is the metaphysical meaning behind marriage. A marriage occurs when two souls who once perceived themselves as being separate entities recognize and acknowledge the fact that they have always been one.

The B.O.C.F is a metaphorical guide to achieve spiritual transformation through the process of sexual intercourse. That’s why Ani undergoes numerous transformations upon entering the Tuat.When a human being experiences a superior orgasm they are literally out of their mind, because for that split second in time, they exist on a higher plane that is separate from our physical world. It is a world of thought, a world of feeling, a world populated by our highest hopes and aspirations.

Quietly as kept, an orgasm is actually a precursor to what we feel when our bodies expire and our souls are released from the shackles of the flesh. If you think back to how you felt at that split-second before your very first orgasm, you probably felt like you were about to die. Understandably, that sounds like an awkward statement for me to make, but I say this because there is an overwhelming sense of finality in that brief moment.

Man’s natural inclination to pursue as many orgasmic experiences as possible reflects his subconscious knowledge that the experience of ritual death (sexual intercourse) on a repeated basis is really living, and what many consider to be a pure life in this world (abstinence, celibacy) is actually death in its purest form. Before we can truly appreciate what it means to live in purity in the spiritual world, we must go for periods of time living what many may consider a pure life in this world.

The human spirit is the greatest expression of life and vitality, but it can only be cultivated when it is repeatedly subjected to the complete opposite of its own nature. This is the pressure that makes the diamond. This polar opposite—which in this case would be the world of Maia, the world of the five senses that you and I occupy—functions as a mirror reflecting the spirit’s nature, gradually reminding the spirit of what it truly is: an emanation from God itself. The fact that life down here helps us to grow spiritually only proves that it embodies the complete antithesis of what is real and true to us. Therefore, whoever truly wishes to live must die. The labia minora of the vagina are the Gates of Death.

As a youth growing up in a Rastafarian household I used to hear my dad and his brethren reason in our living room about how the Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia. While this is true, we must understand that the name “Ethiopia” is the land of Ethiops. Ethiops is another name that the Greeks gave to their god, Zeus. So, if Ethiopia is literally the land of Zeus then what does this tell us about Zeus’ origin? It says that Zeus is the son of a Black woman and that he was a Black man. We know that Zeus was a Black man because the name “Ethiops” in Greek means “burnt face.” The movie No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan was on point in that respect.

Zeus’ brother Hades lived in the underworld, but the underworld the Greeks were talking about was not the Christian concept of Hell. They were talking about Africa which was south of Greece thereby making it the so-called “underworld”. Watch the Clash of the Titans movie that came out earlier this year with your third eye open. The Medusa was actually an African goddess with dreadlocks. The Greek explorers who went to Africa came from a patriarchal culture so they were not used to women looking them directly in the eye!

Greek women would look at the ground when Greek men spoke to them because they would be beaten severely if they did otherwise. When Greek explorers saw Black women in Africa with political power and wealth looking them directly in the eyes they felt powerless and made up stories about these Black women with writhing snakes for hair who could turn a Greek foreigner to stone with just one glance. To this day white men, and some Black men, have this fear of assertive Black women. They call them “difficult,” they call them “bitches” but often times these women are exactly who they are supposed to be.

Notice that the Medusa in Clash of the Titans had a hard time turning the nomadic rock man (Berber) to stone. This is because he was an African like she was and was subject to similar cultural mores, although the Berbers were more patriarchal in comparison to most African nations which were matriarchal. This may explain why the rock man was eventually turned to stone. Not to get sidetracked, but with regards to the Ark of the Covenant, Ethiopia is just a code word for every Black woman. The Ark of the Covenant is her vagina, not some pretty gold chest holding the Ten Commandments in an Ethiopian monastery.

An ark, by definition, is a chest or a box. What’s the slang used for a vagina on the street nowadays? It’s called a box. Meanwhile a covenant is “an agreement held to be the basis of a relationship with God” (Oxford English Dictionary). Every time a Black man sticks his penis inside a Black vagina he is making a covenant with God to pro-create babies and/or his own reality. Every time a Black man and woman come together for sex they cannot help but accomplish one of the two or both. The more aware a man becomes the more careful he should be about where he sticks his penis. The more aware a woman becomes, the more discriminating she should be about what penis she allows inside of her womb. When we fail to do this, the situation can become a slippery slope, and I’m not talking about semen mingled with vaginal secretions.

The horrible demons and apparitions that confront Ani during his travel through the Tuat are simply colorful metaphors for the temptation that visits most men when having sex with a beautiful woman. It is the temptation to quickly rush to orgasm by violently fucking the shit out of her. It can be difficult for a man to avoid this inclination since a woman’s body gives a man so much pleasure. However, the wise sage triumphs over his demons by practicing the holdback method. When he reaches the point where one more thrust into the woman’s vagina will bring about ejaculation, he stops and takes a few deep breaths through the nose while contracting his prostate gland and pressing on the area between his anus and scrotum called the perineum.

In this area is a tube that transfers semen to his balls and then to the opening of his penis. Pressing on this area is the equivalent of stepping on a garden hose to create a backflow of water. With enough practice, and a healthy prostate, the man learns to holdback through the application of sheer will and does not have to utilize this technique with his hands. However, when it is practiced, it should be done while the man performs oral sex on the woman. This is because her vaginal juices will have a calming affect on his mind, kind of like chamomile tea. If pent up energy and frustration is the work of the devil, then performing oral sex on your woman might be the best scripture. The mere thought has me speaking in tongues.

Each time a man avoids busting his nut while engaging in sexual activities he heals his body and reenergizes his spirit. Eventually his body adapts and he learns to have multiple orgasms without loosing any of his seamen. Seminal fluid contains testosterone which is needed for higher concentration and brain function which leads to creative thought. This explains why most of your great artists and creative minds are men and why championship boxers are advised not to loose their seed before a big fight. Testosterone is the basis for aggression, which is good when it is sublimated for creative endeavors.

A food that is high in testosterone producing agents is steel-cut oats. I highly recommend Bob’s Red Mill brand. When it comes to ejaculation use your discretion. A wise man knows that too much head can lead to the loss of “brain” fluid which causes a loss in brain fluid which inhibits access to The Mind.

Hieroglyphs of Love: The Papyrus of Ani Revisited Pt. 1 of 2

The ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Papyrus of Ani is one of the oldest pieces of spiritual writing known to man. It predates the Bible by over 1,300 years. The book itself is over 3200 years old. Priestly scribes would write books that were specifically for their Pharaohs, Queens, noblemen and noblewomen before their deaths.

These papyri of poetry which contained spiritual affirmations that prepared these individuals for reentry into the spirit world were called The Book of Coming Forth from Night by Day (B.O.C.F). When the Arabs colonized Kemet in later centuries they foolishly renamed it The Egyptian Book of the Dead since they usually found it in the sarcophagi of dead mummies.

The Papyrus of Ani is perhaps the best preserved version of the Book of Coming Forth. Ani was a royal scribe who served under Pharaoh Ramses the Great circa 1200 B.C.E. When Ani died he was immortalized by his fellow scribes in the B.O.C.F. It is worth noting that in ancient Kemet the name “Ani’ meant “Beloved” and in modern day Ghana the name “Oni” means the same thing. In my two part series 2010: The Year We Make Contact I linguistically demonstrate that today’s Ghanaians are related to not only the ancients Kemites, but the Olmecs.

According to the B.O.C.F, Ani was escorted through the Tuat which was the Egyptian name for the underworld. After his death he is guided through his new surroundings by the jackal-headed god, Anpu (Anubis). In his travels through the Valley of Death Ani encounters all kinds of demonic entities that try to devour his soul before he even reaches the throne of the god-king Ausar (Osiris) for his Final Judgment.

Once Ani reaches the throne of Ausar his heart is weighed on the Scales of Justice by the goddess Ma’at, who embodies the principle of divine order and universal truth. If Ani’s heart outweighs the feather of the goddess, his soul will be devoured by Ammit, a terrible beast that sits at the bottom of Ausar’s throne. However if his heart is lighter than the feather, he is granted entrance into the abode of the righteous where he will dwell with the gods and enjoy everlasting life.

Ani turned out to be one of the more fortunate souls as he was allowed complete entry into Amenta, the ancient Egyptian name for heaven. Then again, this should be expected since the entire papyrus was a written affirmation to help insure Ani’s transition from the world of the undead to the realm of the true and living. Once we understand that the Egyptian word “Tuat” became the English word “twat,” the Papyrus of Ani takes on an entirely new meaning.

The Tuat spoken of in the Papyrus of Ani is in fact the vaginal cavity of the Original woman, which is both figuratively and literally, an underworld pathway to paradise. Ani represents the wise erotic sage who engages in sexual intercourse with a deep understanding of the metaphysics of sex.

The jackal-headed god Anubis embodies the mode of sensual expression that Ani has chosen to gain entry into paradise, which in this case, would be the “doggystyle” position. Also notice that Ani must obtain the favor of the goddess Ma’at before he can inherit the Kingdom. Naturally, if a man doesn’t have the consent of the woman he has sex with, then he has committed rape. Psychoanalytical profiles reveal that rapists are generally defined by feelings of repressed anger which makes them guilty of having a heavy heart, among other psychological problems.

When a man with a heavy heart engages in sexual intercourse he may suffer from premature ejaculation because the pain and anger he carries in his heart renders him incapable of expressing the natural vitality of his spirit. In such instances his woman goes sexually unfulfilled, which only magnifies the man’s overwhelming sense of misery and failure. For a man, prolonged impotence is the spiritual equivalent of having your soul devoured by Ammit, which in itself, is symbolic of man succumbing to his own lower nature.

To reverse his downward spiral the man must take responsibility for his own evolution to ensure that his heart is as light as Ma’at’s feather. Many of us have felt the anguish that comes with looking for love in all of the wrong places. However, looking for love in and of itself is a mistake. The real task at hand is to remove those internal blockages that inhibit us from receiving the love we desire in full. Once your inner world is transformed, the outside world will confirm it. We must learn to believe in the best part of ourselves no matter what our detractors and naysayers may say or think about us.

It’s been statistically proven by various independent research groups that Black men born and raised in North America—not South America, Africa, Asia or the Caribbean—suffer the most incidences of prostate cancer. This is due in large part to the fact that all of the overt and covert hatred that America directs towards Black men breeds feelings of anger and resentment, which, if not addressed over a long period time, become localized in the Black man’s reproductive organs. This often plays out as some form of cancer. Since it is the Black man’s manhood that is constantly under attack in America, this hate usually localizes in his genitals, more specifically, his prostate gland.

“The kingdom” that the erotic sage inherits with the blessing of the goddess is “The King’s Dome,” or rather, the consciousness of the god-king Ausar once he experiences a superior orgasm. Every Queen who believes that she has a King by her side should want to give her highness some good Dome, for this will assist him in his efforts to inherit the kingdom for them both. However, a distinction must be made between an Inferior Orgasm and a Superior Orgasm.

An Inferior Orgasm is what most men will experience at some point over the course of their lives. It is inferior because it is an orgasm fueled by the mechanical stimulation of the reproductive organs through sex or masturbation.

A Superior Orgasm, on the other hand, occurs when there is a true spiritual bond shared between the man and the woman who are having sex. They share their triumphs, tragedies, disappointments and victories in life together. Thus when they have sex they establish a spiritual connection that penetrates the soul and thereby enhances the orgasmic experience.

In one of his books—and I apologize for not remembering which one it was—the pimp turned author, Iceberg Slim, said that often times a John (a man who pays prostitutes for sex) might have the biggest penis, but he still can’t bring the prostitute he is having sex with to an orgasmic climax.

Iceberg said that the reason isn’t because the John is not skilled at various sexual techniques, because in some cases he might be. Slim said that it is because the prostitute does not have any emotional connection to the John so no matter how big the John’s penis is, no matter how fast and how long he thrusts rhythmically into her womb, she won’t dance to his music. She just will not cum. The prostitute is too numb and the John is too dumb for trying to invoke feelings in her that she could never genuinely have for him.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Path to Ptah

After a warm chat that I had with my mother and father quite recently, I kept thinking about how the lessons that they taught me as a child growing up laid the foundation for me being the man that I am today. My mom, who was naturally my first teacher, destroyed much of the mental conditioning that I was subjected to while walking through that pediatric Valley of Death known as the public school system.

Although I grew up in a Rastafarian household, I was exposed to the many schools of thought that comprised the living corpus of Black liberation theology. More importantly, I was consistently reminded that I had a history that extended far beyond the African slave trade. It’s comical to me how so many whites say that African Americans need to get on with their lives and forget about slavery. They conveniently ignore the fact that the only thing that African Americans learn about themselves in school is that their ancestors were once slaves who were legally discriminated against upon being released from the cotton fields. Financially speaking, I came from a very modest family but we were rich with history and culture.

My mom took my sisters and I to museums, libraries and numerous cultural events that reinforced our true identities which the public school system sought to erase. They willfully tried to destroy our minds with the hope that we would become faithful parishioners in their Beasthood. Even as a child I was drawn to ancient Kemetic culture. Although some people may not believe it, I specifically remember trying to build Heru Em Akhet (the Great Sphinx) in the sandbox as a student in Kindergarten. I did not know what this great structure was called, or its symbolic significance, but what I did know was that it had captured my imagination in a way that my words could yet describe.

Like my dad—who was born in the sign of Libra as I was—I took a special liking to the arts. It didn’t hurt that I was good at it. My dad was a great bass guitarist who also liked to paint, while I loved to draw and play the drums. My mom recognized my interest in ancient Kemetic culture as a child and would tell me stories about this mysterious book that predated the Bible called the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Through the independent research that I did much later in life, I learned that it was actually called The Book of Coming Forth From Night By Day. Nevertheless, if the lioness had never given me my initial point of reference, I probably wouldn’t have researched a thing, so I am grateful to her for that.

When I was 12-years-old my mom gave me one of her favorite books which I still own to this day. It was a 1972 copy of Black Man of the Nile by the great Master Teacher Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan. One afternoon around that time we were both listening to WLIB on the radio and they aired an excerpt of a lecture by Dr. Ben who talked about Ausar (Osiris) and his dismemberment at the hands of his brother Set. Not many 12-year-olds knew who Osiris and Isis were, but needless to say, I did. Those were my pre-teenage years so my study of Kemet did not go far beyond that.

Back then I was more concerned with getting a pair of designer jeans in my failed attempt to impress the girls that I liked (Guess jeans, Columbia jackets, ACG sneakers...I turned styles, but still never made it into their subways) playing basketball, and listening to EPMD’s new Business As Usual album. Reading about Imhotep or the invading Tamahu weren’t exactly on my To-Do list, so to speak. Still, I never lost my interest in ancient Kemetic history and culture. The rap group X-Clan enabled me to explore that love in a way that was more palatable to my young mind which was deeply rooted in art and entertainment. Their song Earth Bound” remains one of my all-time favorite hip hop songs.

When, I got into my late teens my dad’s influence on me became stronger although he always lived in the household. Although I did not realize it at the time, he was the one who introduced me to the world of metaphysics. Ironically, my dad wasn’t one to read many books. Still I remember that many of our conversations were of a metaphysical nature. My dad’s a Libran (Air Sign) so I guess he’s a natural mentor in that area just as Elijah Muhammad, another Libran, was to the intellectual giant Malcolm Little. My Father would say things pertaining to the purpose of life and the nature of the universe that I had often considered in my private moments. However, if my dad did not place a frame of perception around my deepest, most abstract thoughts—thereby confirming them as a tangible reality worthy of acknowledgement—I would have ignored them altogether and risked missing out on an important part of my evolution from a boy to a man.

It’s funny to me now, because he told me that when we talk about metaphysics these days, he doesn’t know what the fuck I’m talking about half the time. He joked that he just shakes his head in agreement because it sounds good (I’m laughing while I write this). My mom agreed with him. My mom was more hands on in helping me to cultivate my intellect and character, while my dad, in his unique way, helped me to understand my personal connection to The Infinite. He put me on the path that would eventually lead to Ptah.

In ancient Kemet Ptah was worshipped as a patron of aspiring artists and the Grand Architect of the physical universe. Etymologically speaking, the word "atrophy" means to "break down and decay." The opposite of "atrophy" is "trophy" which must have originally been a reference to the process of building. The earliest trophies ever made were cast in the image of this great builder god. Ptah is the Master Draftsman of the cosmic blueprint and Father of the Gods. Through his divine words, Ptah uttered the cosmos into being (John 1:1). Ptah gives order and structure to all things. Ptah’s wife, the lioness “Sekhemet,” was the “Shekhem of Kemet”. The Shekhem is the most fundamental projection of spirit as the animating force in all sentient life forms. The shekhem also enables man to positively influence his environment through his mere presence. In calling Sekhemet the wife of Ptah, the Kemites were artfully conveying the idea that Ptah was completely devoted to that which invigorated and sustained his beloved Black land.

Since man is a microcosm of a macrocosmic God, the Kemites recognized that Ptah also represented a mental faculty that we all have, albeit some are more in tune with this faculty than others. A man or woman with strong Ptah attributes generally isn’t very talkative. They’re reserved in their speech, dependable and hard working. They are good long term planners and organizers who know how to manage their time wisely. You will notice that Ptah is usually depicted wearing a blue skull cap. This is the blue war crown that was prominently worn in Nubia, which suggests that Ptah’s origins can be traced further into the Nile Valley's interior.

One might ask why a deity known for being a patron of artists would be depicted wearing a war crown. The answer is that one who aspired to master the Art of War had to study in the priesthood of Ptah. According to Kemetic cosmology, Ptah arose from the primordial black waters of Nun to construct the universe, hence today, you have the private military company Blackwater Worldwide. But before one could become highly proficient in the art of war they had to master the Art of Facts (from which you get the word artifacts). Men Nefer (Memphis), Ptah’s city of worship, was home to ancient Kemet’s greatest fact finders, record keepers, and scholars including the great master builder, Imhotep. Also there were two other crowns that were prominent in ancient Kemet: the red crown (Lower Kemet) and the white crown (Upper Kemet).

The red, white and blue motif you see in the British, North American and French flags was taken from ancient Kemet, but then what didn’t they take from our Nile Valley ancestors? The royal families of Britain and France were all blood relatives. Their kings were literally distant cousins. Meanwhile, more than a few U.S. presidents trace their lineage to the British crown. Historically, Britain, France and the United States (Jubilo, Jubila, Jubilum) have been physically (red) and spiritually (white) united in their war (blue) against the descendants of Kemet who were struck in the head and then laid to rest in the west as Tehuti had forseen in the Corpus Hermeticum (Body of Tehuti).

In the Kemetic Paut Neteru (Tree of the Gods), which Hasidic Jews call the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Ptah occupies the third sphere. The Jews call this sphere Binah (it’s pronounced “bean-ah” and means “understanding”) which represents the 32nd path of wisdom on the Tree of Life. The fact that Ptah’s sphere occupies the Kabbalistic Pillar of Severity further confirms my assertion that he is THE tactical god of war. Ptah’s sacred stone is onyx and his color is black. This is why you often see Orthodox Jewish men wearing black slacks, black blazers, all black everything. Their Yarmulkes are a variation on the theme of Ptah’s skull cap which is black in some stelaes. Muslim men wear Kufis which is clearly a holdover from the Ptah priesthood. The Tefillin, that mysterious black box that the Jewish Rabbis tie to their foreheads, is symbolic of the dark matter cube of space constructed by Ptah, who is a manifestation of Ra as dark kinetic energy.

When we adhere to the precepts of Ptah we are casting our ballots to Elect Ra’s City so that his monstrous energy can course through every filament of our being, filling us with gigawatts of divine light. This is why Orthodox Jewish men wear white dress shirts under their black blazers. The white shirt is symbolic of the copious inner light that can only be housed by a black body. The wide-brimmed black hat is their spin on the Haitian vodou god, Baron Samedi. Even the Jewish sabbath is on a Saturday, which is the Baron's day of worship. That's no coincidence.

In ancient Rome the Baron was called Saturn and in Kemet he was known as Ptah. If more Black people embraced their magic as much as other ethnic groups do they would live more progressive lives. Blacks cannot be upset with members of other ethnic groups who practice the magic that they have discarded in favor of religion which is little more than a tool for mind control. In many respects, Ptah is the Jewish god Jehovah/Yahweh, the infamous Demiurge. As the archetype of the 3rd sephiroth, Ptah is the god of 3rd Density. This aspect of the holographic universe that we occupy is called 3rd Density becasue it is the realm of earth, air and fire. Water is not a pure element. It is actually a combination of air and fire.

In one conversation I had with my Father when I was about eighteen he told me that God presents us with challenges to test our characters and see how we will react to different life circumstances. He specifically said that we are playing a chess game with God and what we call the devil might actually be God testing our metal. My Father did not get that from a book. The only book I ever saw him read was the Bible. He got that from the personal insight that only a Father can pass on to his son. What he said to me in our small apartment hallway is the most insightful thing that I have heard from a metaphysical standpoint to this day. I often refer back to what my Father said to me when I am encumbered by the feelings of self-doubt that life’s challenges often bring. As a result, I consistently find myself doing what I am told I cannot.

When I was 22-years-old I came across a book that elaborated on what my Father told me. The book is called Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil by Liz Greene. It said:

“In traditional astrology Saturn is known as a malefic planet. Even his virtues are rather dreary—self control, tact, thrift, caution—and his vices are particularly unpleasant because they operate through the emotion we call fear. He has none of the glamour associated with the outer planets and none of the humanness of the personal planets. In popular conception he is devoid of any sense of humor. He is usually considered to be the bringer of limitation, frustration, hard work, and self-denial, and even his bright side is usually associated with wisdom and self-discipline of the man who keeps his nose to the grindstone and does not commit the atrocity of laughing at life. By his sign and house position Saturn denotes those areas of life in which the individual is likely to be frustrated or met with difficulties. In many instances Saturn seems to correspond with any weakness or flaw on the part of the person himself but which merely “happen,” thereby earning the planet the title “Lord of Karma.”

The Bible says that the man who strays from the path of understanding (Binah) comes to rest in the company of the dead. I am eternally grateful to both of my parents for putting me on my path to Ptah. I will not stray from it

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jesus Walked Now Heru Talks: The Kabbalistic Wrath of the Math

I didn’t watch the BET Music Awards last weekend, but the day after it aired, one of my boys who watched it told me that Kanye West wore a huge custom-made gold chain with the ancient Kemetic god Heru on it. I figured that this was worth checking out, so that's exactly what I did. According to reports, Kanye’s truck jewels designed by Jacob the Jeweler—which also includes a four-finger pyramid ring made of 24 karat gold—cost $300,000.

Kanye, who visited the King Tut exhibit in New York City's Times Square in June, opened the awards show by performing “Power” the first single off of his fifth studio album, Good Ass Job. This new album is supposed to mark Kanye's return to his precocious rhyme spitting, which is unlike the candy bars he spat on 808s and Heartbreak. There are a few interesting points of note that I’d like to briefly go over here.

For starters, the fifth sephirah on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is Geburah, which literally means “strength” or “power” in Hebrew. Again, “Power” is the first single off of Kanye’s fifth studio album. Before you can effectively exercise power over yourself or your environment you must first develop a strong sense of will, which is associated with the sixth sephirah on the Tree of Life, Tiphareth.

If we substitute the Hebrew names for the sephirahs on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with Kemetic deities, then the sphere Tiphareth would correspond to the god, Heru. During his performance Kanye wore a red suit. The color red is sacred to the god Heru. In the opening to the song “Power” Kanye says “I guess every super hero needs his own theme music.” The Kemetic god Heru is actually the world’s first super hero. As a matter of fact, the English word “Hero” comes from the ancient Kemetic name “Heru”. On his song Kanye raps from the perspective of those who are jealous of the fame and power that he has accumulated over the course of his career. He says:

“No one man should have all that power
The clock’s tickin’, I just count the hours
Stop trippin’, I’m trippin’ off the power
‘Til then, fuck that, the world’s ours”

The unidentified haters that Kanye is referring to apparently realize that their time to rule over planet Earth is short, but until their Ragnarok comes, they’re going to ball until they fall because they have no other alternative. It’s interesting that Kanye makes reference to the clock which has 12 numbers on it. These 12 numbers represent the 12 houses of the zodiac that the Heru man or woman passes through in the unfoldment of god/goddess consciousness. As I’m writing this it suddenly occurred to me that the word “Hour” comes from the name “Horus,” which was the Greek name for the Kemetic god Heru. There are 60 minutes in an hour and the 6th sephirah (6 being a factor of 60) on the Kemetic Paut Neteru (Tree of the Gods/Tree of Life) is Heru.

Kanye reportedly spent $300,000 on his Kemetic jewel pieces. According to Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia the number “300” represents the 24th path (2+4=6) on the Tree of Life, which represents the transition from Netzach to Tiphareth, the sixth sphere.

If hip-hop is as dead as the god Ausar, is Kanye West facilitating his redemption by musically ushering in the age of his son, Heru? We can only wait and watch.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shudder Island: Fear rises as Jamaican authorities hunt Shower Posse Don

The article below was written by yours truly along with contributing writer, Falana Fray. The article will be featured in the June/July issue of my publication, WhereItzAt Magazine.


Somehow you get the feeling that today isn’t the best day to plan a family trip to Jamaica.

“I heard rapid-fire gunshots in the background while I was talking to my dad over the phone,” murmurs Jennifer Hertford, a 27-year-old legal assistant residing in Queens, New York. Hertford did not expect that she would begin her Monday talking to the Editor-In-Chief of WhereItzAt, but tense circumstances like these often call for attentive ears. The Jamaican-born lawyer-to-be was supposed to be brushing up on her studies for a final exam. Yet, because of the outbreak of violence on her beloved island, Hertford is too worried about her dad to bury her head in a book.

It’s raining bullet-shells and razor blades in the Tivoli Gardens section of West Kingston, Jamaica, and Hertford isn’t quite sure how her dad will weather the bloody storm. “There’s going to be a lot of violence,” says Hertford, just a day after Jamaica declared a state of emergency after its security forces set out to capture the man known to friends and foes alike as Dudus. “I feel like the island is about to explode and there’s nothing that I can do about it.”

If Jamaica is on the brink of an explosion, it would be a grizzly blast that’s been nine months in the making. On August 28, 2009 Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the southern district of New York, charged Michael Christopher “Dudus” Coke, 41, with conspiracy to distribute his surname, along with marijuana and firearms throughout New York’s metropolitan area. Coke’s criminal enterprise is alleged to include other U.S. cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, and Anchorage, Alaska of all places. With a distribution network believed to extend into Canada, and across the Atlantic to Great Britain, Coke has become the latest Jamaican Don that the Western establishment is thumbing its nose at.

The U.S. justice department has tagged Coke—the purported leader of the infamous Jamaican Shower Posse—as one of the most dangerous drug kingpins on the planet today. The department turned up the heat on Jamaican authorities last summer by threatening them to arrest Coke so that he could be extradited to New York where he would be strung up on criminal charges.

“The charges brought against Christopher Michael Coke starkly illustrate the dangerous connection between the international trade in narcotics and illicit firearms,” said Bharara in a press release issued by his office last August. “The charges are another important step in our bringing to justice the world’s most dangerous criminals, wherever they may be found.”

Coke is the son of Lester Lloyd Coke, who is better known in Jamaica as Shower Posse founder, Jim Brown. The Jamaican Shower Posse was reportedly responsible for over 1400 murders in the United States between the 1980s and ’90s. Brown was mysteriously burned to death inside of his prison cell at Kingston, Jamaica’s General Penitentiary in 1992. Brown was being held there while awaiting extradition to the U.S. for drug and firearm trafficking charges.

The Shower Posse is assumed to have gotten its storied name from the steady shower of gunfire which has left several of its enemies outlined in chalk. However a more obscure claim is that the name was culled from a 1980 campaign speech made by former Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) leader, Edward Seaga, who promised Jamaicans “showers of blessings” if they were gracious enough to make him their Prime Minister—which they did, that year.

Either one of these explanations are a safe bet, as they both represent two separate avenues of opinion that ultimately lead to the same place. If we trace the etymological origin of the word “blessed” we will find that it literally means to be covered in blood.

Ironically, the very government hankering to cut Mr. Coke’s head up on a mirror has been the invisible hand guiding more than a few of those blessings. “The CIA was using the [Jamaica Labor Party] JLP as its instrument in the campaign against the Michael Manley government,” says Philip Agee, a former C.I.A. officer in the documentary Rebel Music: The Story of Bob Marley. “I’d say most of the violence was coming from the JLP, and behind them was the CIA in terms of getting weapons in and getting money in.”

After Manley and his People’s National Party (PNP) won the election in 1972, he sympathized with Cuba and was committed to democratic socialism in Jamaica. This alarmed the United States as it could not afford to have another communist sympathizer in its back yard. America was already fighting a Cold War with the former Soviet Union and Cuba.

In the late 1970s, the U.S went on the offensive, actively seeking to destabilize the left-leaning PNP government. The CIA, headed by George H.W. Bush at the time, supplied arms and ammunition to JLP supporters, lead by Edward Seaga. This was during the 1976 election which fueled a vicious power struggle, causing widespread pandemonium and violence.

Historically speaking, Tivoli Gardens—the birthplace of the Jamaican Shower Posse—has been a stronghold for JLP support. However it is a known fact that Jamaican gang leaders have had political ties to both the JLP and PNP since the late 1960s at the very least. The Waterhouse and Spanglers posses have been linked with the PNP.

After Coke’s indictment last August, a standoff ensued as Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding initially refused to comply with U.S. authorities in their efforts to nab Coke, who apparently has political ties to Golding’s Jamaica Labor Party (JLP). Last month Prime Minister Golding disclosed that he had hired a team of U.S. lobbyists to persuade the U.S. government to drop its extradition charges against Coke on the grounds that Coke was subject to illegal wire-tapping. Since then, party opposition has been calling for Golding’s swift resignation.

Coke, who stands no more than five-feet four inches tall, has been characterized by the mainstream media as a little monster that needs to be locked in a cage like a baboon at the Bronx Zoo. But to the Tivoli Gardens residents who have risked their lives to protect him, Coke is mediator of local disputes. He’s also a father to the fatherless, paying for books and school uniforms so that children can go to school. Coke is also an employer who provides actual jobs for people in the Tivoli Gardens community. His construction company, Incomparable Enterprise, has reportedly received millions of dollars in government contracts.

“Some people will watch the evening news and shake their heads with disbelief and ask themselves ‘why are so many Jamaicans fighting to protect this man,’” says a middle-aged Flatbush, Brooklyn male resident who spoke to WhereItzAt under the condition of anonymity. “What they don’t realize is that in any country where hope and opportunity is scarce the gangs become the de facto government of the people. These people in Tivoli Gardens are not fighting on the behalf of a gang, They’re fighting on the behalf of their government.” According to the most recent available reports, over 500 Coke supporters from Tivoli Gardens have been arrested by Jamaican police.

Now, over a month removed from the day in which the manhunt for Coke began, Ms. Hertford says that her daddy is relatively safe. “He said that there is still violence going on down there, but things are beginning to return to normal, which is less of a burden for me.” No doubt.
And for those of us who are eager to be unburdened by a tropical summer vacation, it's about time we got those tickets and passports ready to scale the friendly skies. Sweet Jamaica, here we come!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

When You Pay Attention...

After Andrew Noble rolled out of bed, he wiped the cold out of his eyes, then proceeded to stumble through the fog that was his morning routine. Noble jumped in the roaring shower, brushed with Aquafresh and got dressed, then headed downstairs to the kitchen to fetch a hot cup of coffee. Upon descending the last flight of stairs that lead to his sprawling living room, Noble saw his son’s Chock-Full O’Nuts exposed to plain and open view.

Pornstar Cherokee D’Ass was rain dancing on top of a muscular beast, wearing nothing but mustard suede Timbs, a red Yankee cap, and  gold Jesus piece. After a few moments, the zealous thug and his burly band of squeegee men ran Cherokee’s big black jeep through a peculiar carwash filled with flood lights, makeup artists and expensive video cameras. Within seconds, the exhausted Maybelline Dream was covered in a sticky amalgam of DNA proteins and soaking wet in molten body butters. Enveloped by the pastel glow of the 60-inch television screen, Junior’s crystal fist was tightly clenched. Still, it wasn’t hard to see through the transparency of his lustful intentions.

Nestled in the sweet and distinct comfort of a brand-new living room sofa, Junior pounded his puny pud until it cried pearly tears of pubescent joy. The erotic visual montage of fishnet stockings, delectable chocolate thighs, six-inch stilettos—and moist and tender vaginas creaming to be beaten by blazing bamboo cocks—left Junior’s visual cortex thoroughly drenched in an endless tsunami of punany. Junior was so wrapped up in the moment that he never bothered to notice that his dad was watching him from the stairway as he made passionate love to his palm.

The 42-years-old, Noble remembered what it felt like to be a 15-year-old boy with raging hormones. Nevertheless, he still resented the fact that his son had obtained a porno DVD and was watching it in his living room, in his house, under his roof. The nerve of that young punk! However, in the bat of an eye, Noble’s resentment turned into sheer guilt once he took another look at the restless television screen. Junior didn’t bring any pornography into the house. Mr. Noble left his porno disc in the DVD player last night and forgot to remove it after he had finished jerking off.

Noble’s wife Margaret is eight month’s pregnant with their third child. So rather than risk poking their unborn child’s eyes out in a cruel game of Peek-A-Boo, Noble decided to have a late night rendezvous with Pinky, Cherokee D’Ass, Ms. Cleo, and Mz. Booty in front of the family’s HDTV. Needless to say, that was a big mistake on Noble’s part because after he busted his nut he simply forgot about everything—all of his problems, all of his worries, the car notes, mortgage payments and the porno flick in the DVD player.

Scientific research has proven that testosterone—the very hormone necessary for higher brain function—is released with a man’s seamen whenever he ejaculates during a sexual orgasm.According to France’s National Center of Scientific Research, there is a strong correlation between the decrease of testosterone production in older men and their bouts with memory loss and dementia. The Society for Neuroscience in Washington D.C. has also reported that testosterone isn’t just the catalyst fueling the sexual libidos of both men and women. Apparently, it protects us from Alzheimer’s disease and renews our brain cells. Noble’s brain cells were all shot after last night, which explains why his son was jerking off to one of his favorite porno DVDs when he should have been tucked away in his little room with a cum-stained copy of Smooth Magazine.

Noble fled back upstairs and left his juiced-up son sprawled out on the family couch flying his little kite with his newfound lady friends. As Noble crept back up the steps, he thought about how he could have avoided all of the embarrassment by getting a wet and sloppy blowjob from his perpetually hungry wife. Like Amber Rose on horse tranquilizer, she would’ve gladly accepted Noble’s “gag order”. After all, one thing that Noble had learned from Margaret’s two prior pregnancies is that she’ll consume just about anything that is offered to her. It could be flame broiled piranhas at Benihana, or hot cock bursts of gaga. “Why the fuck did I leave that fuckin’ disc in the DVD player?” Noble thought to himself. “I really should have been paying attention. Now my son thinks that I watch porn. Fuck, I do watch porn, but that’s not the motherfucking point. Shit, what am I gonna do now?”

Maybe if Noble had looked to Junior’s Old Earth for sexual healing instead of offshore drilling with Pinky, he wouldn’t have made such a mess of his domestic environment. However, Noble DID pay attention. He paid attention to what he so desperately wanted while he was deep frying in the heat of last night’s mouthwatering moments. Noble pulled the crotch area of his imagination’s sex-stained thong to the side and inserted his throbbing DVD into her warm and creamy slot. Noble received instant gratification in the form of a brain-busting, toe-curling orgasm. The lightning bolts under heaven’s waters flashed with razor-blazed grenades like juicy raisins in dandelion baskets served by gorgeous sun maids.

Whether or not Noble should have been watching pornography in the first place is not for any of us to say. The moral validity of Noble’s personal choices are underscored by the fact that our minds are our wallets and that our attention, is without a doubt, our most valuable currency. When you pay attention, the universe always gives you what you paid for—nothing more, nothing less. Meta-physicist Phil Valentine has said more than once that “when you pay attention you pay the ultimate price,” so whatever we choose to pay for, we must make sure that it’s worth our while.

Whatever is of little importance in our lives must be pushed to the side so that we can martial all of our mental energy to focus on what is truly important. A lot of people are complaining that they’re having a hard time keeping up. No matter how much work they finish in a day their heads are hitting the pillow with so much more left undone. A twenty four hour day feels more like fourteen hours, now. However this is only because the energy fueling our collective awareness has been ramped up to a higher octave, which gives us the perception that time is moving faster than it ever was before. We do not move through time. Time moves through our minds. Both Left and Right Brain thought processes are melding together to facilitate the emancipation of God consciousness from the dank dungeons of duality.

The perceived acceleration of time is forcing us to pay attention to those things that are of immediate importance, and nothing more. Those of us who do not prioritize their lives properly are likely to be the very same ones with poor time management skills. This will be to our disadvantage if we do not make serious changes in our everyday lives. If we cannot manage our time, then time will swallow us whole like a veteran porn star swallows a penis. Once that happens we will feel compelled to come to our senses or perish. Although it may sound hard to believe, being consumed by time is hardly as sexy as it sounds.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010: The Year We Make Contact (Pt. 2 of 2)

It is important to keep in mind that when the movie 2010 was released in 1984, the Soviet Union and the United States were the two most powerful nations on the planet. Within the framework of the Hegelian Dialectic, they represented (outwardly) the opposing philosophical polarities that powered Western Civilization during that era (Capitalism vs. Socialism, Democracy vs. Communism). The two Super Powers were often divided along political and economic lines which served as the basis for the manufactured Cold War following World War 2. Nevertheless, here they are joining forces for the common good of Mankind in the movie.

Eventually, the fate of the crew members, as well as the fate of Western Civilization, is dependent on a restored computer intelligence (an artificial intelligence) known as H.A.L 9000. In the movie 2001, this computer was onboard Discovery which was dispatched into outer space to study Jupiter, King of the Gods. However, upon approaching Europa—a Jupiter moon named after an ancient Phoenician (ancient Moorish) princess—H. A.L is shut down by the black monolith orbiting Jupiter.

Throughout the film The Black Monolith is depicted as a mysterious Dark Matter intelligence presiding over the spiritual evolution of Mankind. This is Freemasonic Theater Sorcery. The only people who possess the melanin needed to unlock the vault containing the secret treasures of Dark Energy is Hue-Manity (Isaiah 45:3). Albeit, the evolution of the soul is certainly possible for select members of Mankind, most of them do not have the umbilical tie to Dark Matter which would make such a quantum leap, for them, highly improbable. The overwhelming majority can only silver surf through waves of delusion, pontificating on the inheritance of an imminent golden age from which they are alchemically barred. In the film, the computer H.A.L is restored by its original creator, a computer scientist onboard the Leo-nov named Chandler, who happens to be a professor at The University of Chicago.

While it is true that art imitates life, sometimes life imitates art. How ironic is it that in the real world of 2010, the future of Western Civilization rests in the hands of another man who was also a professor at The University of Chicago: President Barack Hu-ssein Obama. Western civilization—and by that I mean civilization in its truest sense—began with a Black man, an Olmec man. So who else but a Black man can keep Western Civilization alive? In his book, Obama: The Postmodern Coup, author Webster Griffin Tarpley paints a rather interesting picture of President Obama and explains why the president was much more favored on Wall Street than his 2008 election rival, senator John McCain. Tarpley says:

“The most immediate issue for the City of London and for Wall Street is to maintain Anglo American world domination in the face of numerous challenges…..With Bush-Cheney or McCain they have only a very limited chance of achieving this. An Obama presidency, by contrast, would give Anglo American imperialism a breathing spell, a second wind, a facelift, and a new lease on life. If Obama were not available the elitist bankers would have had to invent him……When an imperialist system faces an array of crises like the one which is presently enveloping the Anglo-American world system, even the short-term survival of that imperfection will tend to require forms of totalitarian mobilization which are exceedingly difficult to implement by means of a top-down coercion alone, and which are much more efficient if they can be based on the voluntary assent and willing or even enthusiastic mobilization of the masses.”

Much like the ancient Kemetic god Hu, President Barack Hu-ssein Obama has demonstrated a power over the spoken word which would be needed if he chooses to mobilize the masses towards the Killuminazi agenda. Tarpley is right in saying that if Obama was not introduced to carry out the agenda of the white ruling elite, they would have to prop up someone just else like him. The fact that they had to choose a Black man to ritualistically initiate their insidious agenda for the world only illustrates the lucid fact that the Killuminazi is running on fumes. This is not their time because they no longer have the twelve archons of Olympus behind them. They need the original man to bring the magic that they need to the table. Their playing a dangerous Game that they are only destined to lose. Their story is written in the stars and they are too powerless to erase it. Mankind's mockery of Western Civilization has left numerous scars on Hue-manity’s soul since the coming of Christopher Come-Bust-Us, to the shores of Ta-Meri Ka. Liquid swords couldn’t quench his insatiable thirst for theft and violence. Now that legacy which he errected is toppling upon his children as they face an endless tidal wave of cosmic retribution.

In the movie 2010, the Black Monolith turns Jupiter into a second sun and our solar system becomes a binary star system which ushers in an age of peace and prosperity on planet Earth. The Hopi Native Americans prophesized that when there are two suns in the sky (the second one is called The Blue Star Kachina) Humanity and the planet Earth will make the transition from 3rd density to the 5th (the 4th is merely a transition point between the 3rd and 5th) where time as we know it will no longer exist. As you think of something it will appear before you. This transition will signal the end of the Great Purification of planet Earth which we are witnessing with all of the madness going on across the globe.

From a purely Kemetic standpoint, the transformation of Jupiter into a second sun corresponds to Tehuti (Jupiter) restoring the left eye of Heru after it was wounded by Set in the legendary battle for the rulership of Kemet. Your left eye is controlled by the right hemisphere of your brain which is what Tehuti will actually restore. The restoration of Heru’s left eye is merely an EFFECT of his right-brain activity. Through Judaism, Islam and Christianity, the god Set, Lord of Chaos, wounded the Heru that lives in you by making you believe that magic was evil and that you could only achieve spiritual salvation by bowing down to Yahweh, Jesus and Allah. The right hemisphere of your brain gives you access to your imagination. Your imagination is that aspect of your mind which deals with creative visualization. Creative visualization is most necessary for the practice of effective ceremonial magic, which must, and will be, the new frontier as we inherent the sparkling treasures of eternity.

The year is 2010 and Humanity is beginning to make contact with the Lost Realm from whence it came. The period between May 1 and October 31, marks the Jupiter Transit of 2010. This will be a critical period for us all. Call it the impending resurrection of the Jaguar People. We’re on our way back home. My God…It’s full of stars!!! My God…It’s full of stars!!! My God…It’s Full of Stars!!!