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Sunday, November 27, 2016

House of Rainbows: River Mumma, Moors, Masons & The Chromatic Integrity of Colors

The Moroccans of North Africa who have been identified by the Greeks as “Berbers,” did not call themselves such. The word “Berber” literally means “Barbarian” which originally meant “foreigner” a designation for one who spoke a language different from the general Greek population.  

These people called themselves “Amazighen” (plural). The singular term was “Amazigh” which sounds like the word “Amazing” which is phonetically related to an English reference to “A Mason.”

But what does the name Amazighen mean in North Africa? It means “The FREE People.” What are these people free to do? They are free to move around and travel between territories. A FREE mason calls himself a Traveling Man, but what was his initial cultural reference for being a traveler? Who gave the European mason permission to travel? 

The Amazighen are scattered all over North and West Africa, including Burkina Faso. The language spoken by the people of ancient Burkina Faso was “Moor.” Anyone who tells you that the name “Moor” ultimately comes out of a European language probably hasn’t done enough research on the Moors. You can’t learn everything on a free YouTube scholarship. You must read expensive books, talk to the right people, and listen to spirits.

                                  Almohade Dynasty

                                   Freemasonic Lodge

                          Senegalese Sufis (Mourides)

The Almohade Dynasty of Medieval Morocco used the black and white chessboard flag with a red background. The chessboard was also a prominent motif in Senegal prior to being used in the lodges of European masonry.

In pre-Islamic times the people of Morocco gave reverence to a feminine force who is now known as Aisha Kandisha, the sexy Mistress of the Waters. For devotees of Mami Wata throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, some colors in the Almohade Dynasty flag may inspire curiosity.

When you look at ocean water it looks blue because the ocean absorbs all color frequencies that have a lower energy vibration than blue.  Blue is the one color in the visible light spectrum that water does not absorb so you can see it. If you had eyes that saw the ocean in the way that it really is, then it would literally appear as a massive assortment of rainbow colors. A single ray of sunlight can be likened to a rainbow serpent hitting the waters of Earth.

Although I could be wrong, it is my opinion that the color blue in Freemasonry represents—among other things—vibrational sovereignty over natural waterways which are the essential means of trade, commerce, and general communication for an autonomous people. You can only have sovereignty over a thing if you can rise above it on a vibratory level. However, sovereignty over waterways would involve the expressed right to travel. Who granted the European Freemason the authority to travel the waters?

 The Blue Lodge of Freemasonry contains three degrees. But why are there three? The answer may be in the waters. Speculative Freemasonry is an extension of the Knights Templar, which was influenced by Sufi notions of chivalry that were imported into Europe by North Africans, who were themselves, descendants of seafaring people.  

In Jamaica, there is a long-standing folklore concerning River Mumma and her Golden Table which rises out of Jamaica’s rivers every day at noon (Noon= 12:00pm; 1+2=3).  River Mumma is a natural mystic. She is an exotically beautiful mermaid who lives deep under Jamaica’s riverbeds.

It is believed that her golden table was buried in the rivers by Spaniards who wanted to hide their treasure. However when you consider the fact that this one table appears at multiple rivers throughout Jamaica, it’s obvious that the golden table is not literally a single table. It’s the symbolic representation of a rich tradition, which is in itself, a treasure. 

The Spaniards who colonized Jamaica were Catholics, so their reverence for River Mumma would be antithetical to their European Christian values.  It seems conceivable, and more reasonable, in my view, to conclude that the so-called “Spaniards” who left the River Mumma tradition were Black transports from Spain who were already  in Jamaica or were transferred there as POWs by the Catholic Unholy Garduna following the 15th century Reconquista.

According to Jamaican folklore, everyone who tries to steal River Mumma’s Golden Table for selfish gain is swallowed up and drowned by her river. The overly ambitious are like the colors of the visible light spectrum that become absorbed by our oceans’ waters. The term True Blue has an ideological basis in spectrum physics. 

A table is the platform in which a chef shares the delicious fruit of his labor. Cooking is an act of service. It is the principle of self-sacrifice through Service that makes one a worthy beneficiary of a rich tradition, not Greed and Malice.  When man dedicates himself to service then River Mumma freely offers him the Golden Table for use.

Based on my research the principle of Service is what is primarily conveyed by the Fellow Craft degree of Blue Lodge Freemasonry. The original Blue Lodge is the ocean and its Grand Architect is a builder with fish scales. River Mumma says “Shibboleth.” May you find your path through her streams of transport.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Is Veganism African?

“I eat bread, I drink ale, I put on apparel, I fly like a hawk, I cackle like a goose, and I alight upon the path hard by the hill of the dead on the festival of the great Being. That which is abominable, have I not eaten; and that which is foul have I not swallowed. That which my ka doth abominate hath not entered into my body. I have lived according to the knowledge of the glorious gods.

The above quote is taken from a chapter in the ancient Kemetic Reu Em Pert M Heru En Kher (Book of Coming from Night By Day).  In its English translation it is called “The Chapter of Transforming into Ptah.” Whenever I read it, the sentence that stands out most in my mind is the one that says “that which my Ka doth abominate has not entered into my body.” This seems to suggest that that there are foods that we consume that can do great harm to our bodies. If there are foods that hurt our bodies, there must also be edibles that fortify it.

Many Blacks throughout the diaspora who champion African spirituality and African tradition have embraced veganism as an exemplary example of the above ancient Kemetic quote from the Book of Coming Forth from Night by Day. Veganism is rooted in the belief that the only foods that can facilitate optimum human health, physical conditioning, and ecological sustainability, are vegetables, fruits and grains.

If you’ve done any considerable research on human nutrition and human biology, it is unlikely that you will make any strong arguments against veganism. In my opinion, it’s a responsible, and therefore viable, approach to human dieting. It’s great. It’s wonderful. BUT VEGANISM IS NOT AFRICAN.

Those in the Afrocentric spiritual community who adamantly say that it is are relying on new age community speculations on how the men and women of ancient Kemet reached high levels of civilization. However they cannot produce any primary source evidence proving that the ancient Kemetyu intelligentsia consumed fruits, vegetables and grains exclusively. Kemet was the crystallization of ancient African thought, and in traditional African spirituality, animal products may be consumed as spirit medicine or used as fetishes.

Veganism strictly forbids wearing leather or other animal skins. So, how would the Leopard  secret societies throughout Africa—who wear leopard skins—reconcile their ancestral spiritual traditions with standard vegan protocol? They can’t. And truth be told, they never have, because veganism isn’t African. It’s an admirable, politically-motivated response to Western European mismanagement (GMO foods) and mass production (pumping animals with artificial hormones) of animal products over the course of the last 50 or so years. It’s not some lost and forgotten expression of an ancient African dietary wisdom.

I’ve never eaten a hamburger in my life, and other forms of red meat haven’t been a part of my diet for several years. My decision to exclude it has nothing to do with intellectualism or any nutritional philosophy. One day my eyes, my stomach, and taste buds all banded together and said “don’t  eat that shit ninja. The bovine ain’t for you.” so I don’t eat it. However I might clobber you for some chicken wings lovingly prepared with a zesty spice rub. 

My curry chicken tastes like sexy strippers with commercial curves and high-heel stilettos dancing to trap music on the tip of your tongue. I’ve got  testimonials I’ll share with you in due time. I also make fried  chicken, jerk chicken, baked chicken—you naaaaaaaame it!!! The chicken I prepare is grass-fed and antibiotic and hormone free. It’s expensive, but I don’t eat large pieces of it in one sitting, so it lasts. I also have a new fish dish I’m experimenting with called “Venus in Pisces.” It’s already exquisite.

Growing up in a Rastafarian family, I had nothing but hatred for pigs and the flesh that they produced. During my formative years, there were Chinese people living in my building, who would cook a lot of pork. To my family and I, it smelt like hot death. I would see pork in big buckets in Asian owned vegetable stands in Brooklyn, and as a little boy, I would stare at the pig flesh with unrestrained contempt. I voluntarily ate some in culinary school just for the experience as it related to my training.

                                    Not Feeling that Pork

Although it isnt for me, I understand why people like pork skin. Still that was my first and last time eating pig flesh. In my opinion, it has a very toxic and foul aftertaste that brought back painful memories of smelling pork cooking in my building. There are cookies, cakes and desserts with marshmallow in it that I won’t eat until this day just because I know that it was made with pork. I’ll readily admit to you that my aversion to these foods are not based on reason, but cultural programming from my youth.

Jewish and Islamic prohibitions against eating pork were influenced by a passage in the ancient Kemetic Coffin Texts, where it is identified as an abomination to Heru. The Coffin Texts, and perhaps other literary sources that come out of the Nile Valley, associate the abominable black pig with the netcher Set, who personifies the intelligence behind ANARCHY and revolt, not evil and perversion as Christian-minded students of Kemetic mythology would like to paint him.

If you recall, the head of a black pig also played a ritualistic role in helping to set off the Haitian revolution, which was an act of ANARCHY against the French initiated by Haitian Vodou priests and priestesses alongside the Jamaican Obeah man Dutty Boukman.

With that said, was the pig cast by Kemet’s dynastic priesthoods as an abomination to Heru—and by consequence the greater empire—for dietary health reasons as some of today’s vegans and vegetarians propose, or was it more rooted in the politics of spirit medicine? Maybe it was both! I don’t know.

For the record, Heru was the symbolic embodiment of the throne of leadership, and therefore personified established authority. Unless you are an established authority, or you personally benefit from it, Set the anarchistic rebel is actually your pal, your homeboy. Unfettered spirituality is the bane of civilization. Civilization places restrictions on the human mind, that otherwise, may not even exist. In order to break free from this condition you may have to overthrow the gods who only live in your mind.

Let me bring this monologue back full circle to the quote “that which my Ka doth abominate has not entered into my body.” One of the reasons why it is such a powerful quote is because it doesn’t say anything about food specifically. It is referring to abominable things that enter into our bodies. How often do we let abominable thoughts enter into our bodies? Maybe the thoughts and emotions that we entertain on a daily basis do more to destroy us than the food we put into our bodies. Maybe keeping a sound mind and a clean heart fortifies us more than vegetables do.

Last night I saw an older woman begging on a street corner whom I remember as a crack addict in the late 1980s. I literally remember her running out into live traffic on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn butt-ass naked and wildly dancing in between cars. I don’t know how she avoided getting hit or causing a car pileup upon collision. She spiritually manipulated her environment on that day; there’s no doubt about it. Considering the lapse of time between then and now, she had aged pretty well, even by a healthy woman’s standards.

She asked me for 50 cents and I gave it to her in exchange for giving me 50 Gates of Understanding in that moment. She literally passed through my mind earlier in the day when this blog post you’re reading was just a thought in my head, and then I ran into her. I immediately recognized spirit at work and gave her the change with no judgment.

Remembering her back in the day, I couldn’t help but think to myself that after all of those years of  abusing the alkaloid po seed, she’s still alive and energetic. And then I thought about what her secret was. Was it those crack rocks? Probably not. I think that it was because she does what the fuck she wants to do and lives her life care free.

Every time we stop ourselves from doing things in life that we really want to do because we’re worried about what people will think or say we’re allowing things that our Ka finds abominable to enter into our bodies, which more than negates any spiritual gains we’ll make by eating an organic kale salad with quinoa. 

What does it profit a man to gain all of the beta-carotene and zinc that his body requires if he is still a fuckboy with ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) thoughts? I’m sure that there are Vegan Nazis out there in poor health who do not look too good for this precise reason. There’s a difference between eating to live, and eating not to die. I say mindfully eat what you enjoy. We all have our own bio-chemical equations.

To my traditional African spiritualists: whatever you decide to eat this week, make sure that you’re chewing it with a clean mind and a heart that is as light as a feather. That’s Ma’at. That’s African.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Paschal Beverly Randolph: Will the real DOCTOR STRANGE please Stand Up?

Yesterday, I saw the new Dr. Strange movie in 3D. It was a very good film! If you read and enjoyed Reginald Crosley's book “The Vodou Quantum Leap,” I strongly recommend that you see it. That book explores the Shadow Matter Realm inhabited by what one might call intelligent expressions of dark energy. The Dr. Strange film explores this theme through Dormammu, Lord of the Realm of Darkness.  

In one particular scene, the film also highlighted the power of looped samples in hip hop music. Huh? What? It was done in a very clever and subtle way that didn’t focus on ANY music—although the power of music is a reoccurring theme throughout the film!

To see what I’m talking about you would have to pay attention to the principles being conveyed to you through the scenes and not get too caught up in the violence and special effects. A crafty hip hop producer can hold eternity hostage through the skillful looping of samples. I really like Apollo Brown's work over the last few years. But what does it even mean to hold eternity hostage within the context of this movie scene? 

The only way that you can experience eternity is to experience the full power of the present moment. When you experience a sexual orgasm, you are experiencing eternity, eternal life within the blink of an eye. When you repeatedly loop the past (through an old music sample, for instance) you dismantle eternity and collapse the present by creating a stream, a constant flow of consciousness that occupies the past, the present and the future all at once. A man who  can freestyle over any beat given to him is only able to do so because he has submitted to the stream instead of trying to impose his will on it.

When a rapper has an activated heart chakra—which we can hear in how they passionately express their love for the art of rapping—they possess the stamina and flexibility needed to ride the waves of the beat, and work with the looped sample. As The Ancient One told Dr. Strange in the movie, you cannot beat a river into submission. You must become one with it, and let it take you where it takes you. When you do this you are leading with your heart, as opposed to your intellect. 

The Ancient One in the film is a Celtic woman who bears a striking resemblance to singer Sinead OConnor. The Celts, who share cultural elements with the Brahmins of India, revered The Green Man who is a personification of the world soul. Within the Indus Valley’s spiritual tradition, the heart chakra is also associated with the color green. Additionally, the color green is synonymous with the Morning Star, Venus, which rules over Libra. The films villain, Kaecilius, is grafted from The King of the Fall, Iblis (Lucifer) of the Quran, but I wont get into that.

One of my favorite Librans is Rosicrucian author Paschal Beverly Randolph. Randolph was an African American occultist who pretty much laid the general foundation for what has become Western Occultism. Although I haven't researched it, theres no doubt in my mind that the Dr. Strange character is a white-washed version of the original Classic Man. 

When I mentioned this on my Facebook page one of my peers, Shaka Guru Dyn, reminded me that Randolph was a medical doctor, just like Dr Strange is. Randolph was born in New York City, which is exactly where Stranges Sanctum Sanctorum is located in the comic books. Are these all coincidences? Look at the pictures of Dr. Strange and Paschal Beverly Randolph and you be the judge.

           The Sorceror Supreme Paschal Beverly Randolph

                                                    Dr. Strange

Also, Strange weaves in and out of dimensions by using  Randolph’s “Volantia” technique, which involves training the will. You can learn more about Volantia for yourself by reading Randolph’s own words right HERE. There’s a lot more that I can say, but I’ll let you fill in more blanks. If you are a student of the spiritual sciences who enjoys a good movie, then I think you’ll enjoy, Dr. Stange in 3D.