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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Uncanny X-Men: The History and The Mystery of the Nation of Gods & Earths

In 1963 Nation of Islam minister in training, Clarence 13X, fled Mosque Number Seven in Harlem shortly after Malcolm X did to promote his own school of Islamic thought: The Nation of Gods and Earths. According to some accounts, Clarence left the Nation because he was forced out by a hierarchy of jealous ministers. Others say that he had a dice-shooting habit that he just couldn’t brake.

Whether it was vice or jealously that spurred Clarence’s departure, we may never know. What we do know is that he introduced a radical theology that resonated with thousands of disenfranchised young Black men and women throughout the metropolitan area. They were all American outcasts, broadly misunderstood and undeservedly blamed for society’s problems. Several of hip-hop’s most respected lyricists including the Wu-Tang Clan, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, and Nas are among those influenced by Clarence’s arcane philosophical doctrine.

Known to his followers as Father Allah, Clarence taught that all Black men and women can find their place within a three-tier pyramid hierarchy. At the bottom of this pyramid is the 85 percent or “the masses.” These, according to Clarence, were the “deaf, dumb and blind” who only showed a veneer of humanity. They do not know their origin in the world and do not have a sincere interest in finding out. Directly above them was the 10 percent. These malicious men and women have knowledge of the true and living God but use it to confuse and manipulate the ignorant masses so they will remain weak and dependant on their directives. Many “black leaders” you see on the evening news fall into this category. If they did not, you probably would not see them on television every week because it would go against the best interests of those who want you to remain at the bottom of the food chain.

At the very top of the pyramid were the Five Percenters—the poor righteous teachers who civilized the 85 percent by teaching that there is no God in the sky controlling the fate of humanity. According to them, the Black man is Allah (the Arm Leg Leg Arm Head) and he alone is in control of his own destiny once he has “knowledge of self.” Black women were called “Earths” because like the planet upon which we live, they are the nurturers of humanity.

The idea that all black men and women have the potential to achieve self-realization as meta-human intelligences is a fundamental concept of African-based spirituality. Hundreds of thousands of years ago our African sages prophesized that when humanity seemed to be on the brink of destruction, the gods and goddesses would return to right all wrongs and usher in a golden age of truth, love and righteousness. We are the gods prophesized to return.

Although Clarence’s ideas became popular in New York’s Black communities during the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, they were actually a modified version of what Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad taught as early as 1930. Elijah was influenced by Noble Drew Ali’s Moorish Science Temple and Marcus Garvey’s Black Nationalist Movement. Like all great teachers, Elijah was able to fuse his influences to introduce a more proactive form of Islam that empowered thousands of Blacks across the country. One of whom, of course, was Clarence 13X.

Yet despite Clarence’s high-minded teachings, the U.S. federal government viewed his Nation of Gods and Earths as an organized crime syndicate promoting an esoteric philosophy to mask a truly criminal agenda. According to FBI file number 157-6-34 dated Aug. 6, 1966: “The Five Percenters are made up of neighborhood groups of young Negro teenagers who have no respect for law and order.”

Although this was true in some cases, what is often overlooked by most of the Nation’s detractors—both Black and white—is the fact that the Freemasons had the same reputation in Europe just a couple of centuries ago. However, this did not stop them from becoming the primary catalysts behind the establishment of what many consider the greatest country in the world: the United States of America. Most grade school teachers make the erroneous claim that this country was founded on Christian ideals. Apparently, they have never heard of Freemasonic political philosopher, John Locke (1632 - 1704). His essays, which promoted the liberty of the individual and equality among men (rich white men, that is), had a tremendous influence on fellow Masons and Founding Fathers George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. They borrowed many aspects of his core philosophy in the framing of the U.S. Constitution

Thomas Jefferson, who was the country’s third president, was not a Christian either. He was well versed in the Bible as were most intellectuals of his time, but his personal beliefs were grounded in Deism. Essentially, Deists believed that there is no God interfering with the affairs of mankind on Earth. They believed each man was a god in his own right, free to achieve his own will and fulfill his own destiny by using the mental faculties invested in him by his Creator. If you strip away its Black Nationalist sentiments and Islamic references, the Five Percenter ideology sounds a lot like Jefferson’s Deism. The only major difference is that this proactive approach to spiritually did not come from masturbating intellectuals who owned African slaves. The gods inherited the true light of the east from the womb of the African continent.

According to the ancient Egyptians’ own historical records, their civilization as we know it was ruled by a race of gods and goddesses from at least 25,000 to 17,500 B.C.E. This was LONG before the pyramids were built (as far as consensus history goes) and charismatic pharaohs assumed the temple throne. These deities conceived illuminated priests and priestesses, demigods, who established what many writers have called “The Illuminati” by at least 11,000 B.C.E. Its job was to preserve the knowledge of our origin and true potential for the day that we were ready to rediscover our divine natures. This covert group is not to be confused with the Bavarian Illuminati (Killuminazi), a German secret society established in 1776.

The ancient African Illuminati knew that a time would come in the far distant future when Black people would suffer a spiritual atrophy that would make them shadows of their former selves. This is where early Christian theologians got the idea of “The Fall of Man.” What caused this fall is actually part of a natural cosmic cycle which is the degeneration of the Egyptian god “Atum.” The atom is composed of a nucleus with a ring of electrons revolving around it. When these electrons revolve around an atomic nucleus at the speed of light, you have energy, which is actually matter in its most active phase. When the revolutions become slow, the energy becomes a solid, which is matter in its dormant phase. This is the meaning behind Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2: energy is matter moving at the speed of light.

In the days when the gods first walked the earth—over 4 billion years ago—the atoms that made up our planet had a much higher vibration due to their rapid electronic spin. As a result, the gods of Egypt were not made of flesh and blood. Their physical composition was more like plasma energy. The gods were spiritual beings while the planet and its wildlife were IDEAS projected from the collective mind of the gods through the application of Will. The gods’ inner longing for continued growth and self-improvement was externalized as towering trees and colorful birds soaring above a virtual landscape. The impetus to communicate divine will materialized into streams and rivers. The desire for sexual release became the volcano. In other words, the entire natural world is the CONDENSATION of the ambient thoughts that formed around the collective mind of the gods.

But as the planet’s atomic vibration fell from the Upper Yetzirah spoken of in the Hebrew Kabbalah—Earth, and everyone on it—became locked into the Kabbalistic world of Asiah (the Objective plane of solids, liquids and gases) where we currently reside today. "The Mother Plane" alluded to by Elijah Muhammad in his book The Fall of America, was not a spaceship, but a metaphorical reference to Kether the highest "plane," the first plane, the mother plane, on the Kabbbalistic Tree of Life. As we become reabsorbed back into the infinite with the coming paradigm shift, the mother plane will be responsible for the destruction of the world as we know it, just as Muhammad said. When explained in its proper context this destruction is a good thing. After the gods and goddesses shed their flesh, the priests and priestesses they left behind could still consult them through meditation or even invoke their presence by chanting the “Heka,” divine words of power, or playing specific drum patterns as is done in Vodou ceremonies. This is why African American slaves were put to death for making or playing drums following the Stono River rebellion of St. Paul’s Parish in 1739. The Roman Catholic Church was afraid that the drum would musically facilitate the return of the gods.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Killuminazi Scared Shitless; on the Verge of Self-Destruction

Checkout these audio interviews in the link below featuring journalist Benjamin Fulford. They're kind of old, but still relevant and very informative. Fulford is a lot closer to the truth than most of these conspiracy theorists telling us scary stories about the big bad Killuminazi. Enjoy

Friday, March 20, 2009

Planet X, 2012 and the Fear-Mongering Frequency Cock Blockers

As we draw closer to the year 2012, many people in the Conscious Community are looking at it as a time of profound worldly significance. As numerous references are made to the Olmec calendar, which ends on December 21st 2012, there is a lot of Doom & Gloom talk about what is actually going to happen on that day. The fact of the matter is that the next three years are going to be rewarding to those who have dedicated themselves to their own intellectual growth and spiritual advancement.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of predators in the so-called New Age community who are trying to keep us from receiving the gifts of the Heru Harmonic by characterizing 2012 as a year of “war,” “famine,” and “social upheaval.” These individuals are nothing more than Frequency Cock-Blockers trying to deprive us of the moist and tender clutch of the Cosmic Matriarch. They divert our attention from the rise of our god consciousness by showering us with stories about Planet X and all types of natural disasters fostered by a Pole Shift.

There is even a movie called "2012" slated to hit theaters this year. Based on the movie trailer, it appears that the movie was specifically designed to engender a sense of fear and dread among members of the general public whenever they think about the year 2012. Most people are not ready die. They want to live and enjoy the pleasures of life, so if the popular culture reinforces the idea that 2012 is something to fear, then when the year finally rolls around they’re more likely to be spooked out because of all of the negativity that has been associated with that year.

Fear weakens our spiritual vibration and opens us up to all kinds of manipulation from dark forces. This is the state the Killuminazi wants us in. They’re about to be on the receiving end of a cosmic ass-whipping, a real universal beat down. Their backs are against the wall. All of this fear-mongering that the Killuminazi and their New Age agents are engaging in is nothing but a desperate attempt to keep your mind off of what 2012 is REALLY about: your ascendancy to godhood and their fall from power.

WE ARE THE REAL ILLUMINATI. They are the pretenders. In the movie Wizard of Oz everyone bowed before the wizard with fear and awe only to discover that he was not "the great and powerful wizard of oz" just a weak, old chump pushing buttons behind a curtain. “The All-Powerful All Knowing White Man” that a lot of conscious people like to talk about so much is the Wizard of Oz. We need to stop giving him so much credit for everything significant that happens under the sun. He doesn’t have the kind of control over the planet that we think he does. At least not now. If he did, we’d all be dead already. We let him have the earth and everything on it for a while so that we can better appreciate how it feels to be on top by remembering what it feels like to be on the bottom. For more on that subject read my blog “The Godz Must Be cRAzy."

Have no fear for Planet X. If it comes anywhere near earth like all of these New Age sensationalists are saying, then it only works to our benefit anyway because the Annunaki are our distant ancestors if you follow that whole story corrrectly. The most recognized writer on the Annunaki and Planet X is Israeli archaeologist Zecharia Sitchin. His magnum opus was his first book The 12th Planet which tells the story of how the inhabitants of Planet X, the Annunaki extraterrestrials, set up shop here on planet Earth and established ancient Sumerian civilization.

Sitchin says that prince Enki, followed by an elite group of Annunaki scientists and worker drones, mined African gold in a region called “Arali” which was located in Africa’s southern region. (p.320). Sitchin also says that the Akkadian pictograph for the name “Arali” resembled those that read “dark red soil of Kush” later translated to mean “Negro” (p.321). Hmmm….Sitchin then talks about how Enki and the Annunaki made modern man by combining their own genes with those of the Homo Erectus’ they found in Africa’s interior. This, he says, explains why man’s evolution from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens occurred in such a relatively short period of time. We were, as he claims, genetically upgraded through the acquired genes of the gods. According to Sitchin, this was achieved when the Annunaki mixed their blood with the “dark red soil,” and infused it into the Homo Erectus’ skin so that they would forever have the image and likeness of the Annunaki (p.356). This is the same dark red soil that Sitchin says was later translated to mean Negro. It should then follow that if Black Africans were made in the image and likeness of the Annunuki, then the Annunaki must have been Black themselves.

What gives this away is the fact that Sitchin says near the end of his book that the Annunaki, following a truce between warring brothers Enlil (Demiurge/Jehovah/Yahweh) and Enki (Prometheus/Lucifer/Damballah Wedo)after the Great Flood, appointed Earth’s very first king who functioned as an intermediary between the gods and the rest of humanity. This King whom the Annunaki appointed was “Kish,” who was followed by Nimrod (p.416). However, on page 20 of the same book Sitchin uses the names “Kish” and “Kush” interchangeably. Kush was the name of Nimrod’s father according to the Bible. Kush is also a kingdom that arose in Nubia, which all serious historians agree was inhabited by blue-black Africans. It’s commonly accepted among scientists today that humanity traces its origins to Africa. The Bible confirms this as well. The Bible clearly states that after the “breath of life” was breathed into man he was planted eastward in Eden (Gen. 2:8) or E.din which was an actual city in ancient Sumer. If man was brought to the east, then he must have been coming from the west. Africa, the birthplace of man, is geographically west of E.din. Personally, I don’t take Sitichin’s writings as gospel. However, if YOU do, then I think that it is important for you to get a more accurate perspective than you’ve been getting with respect to Planet X and the Annunaki.

Stay focused on your own personal growth and development. Stop worrying about freemasons, the bilderbergers and jesuit priests. A lot of the stories about them are true, but if we are practicing the occult sciences of our ancestors then there isn’t much the Killuminazi can do to harm us. Would you like to know why? Because WE ARE THE ILLUMINATI and everyone knows that no one can defeat the Illuminati.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Story of Sarah Baartman

I consider myself a connoisseur of fine art and there are millions of men—young and old, crippled and able, free and bond—who have dedicated themselves to the rigorous study of fine arts, which in this case, is the Black woman’s body. Were it not a shining example of aesthetic excellence, then Black female sexuality would not be commodified to the extent that it has.

But although the highly gifted women in today’s world of adult entertainment chose their career paths under the principle of free will, we must remember that there was a time when physically gifted Black women with similar figures were forcefully brutalized, demoralized, and exploited for their sexual appeal. This was done for the express purpose of fulfilling the perverse sexual fantasies of highly privileged white men. While those so-called tabloid freaks and pornstars may be cashing-in on the despair of lonely hearts and lustful eyes, the women I am referring to were defenseless victims caught between the blood-stained teeth of a ravenous beast called white supremacy. One woman who falls into this category is the famous Venus Hottentot, better known as Sarah Baartman.

Baartman was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1789. At the time her country was a colony of Dutch settlers known as ‘Afrikaans’ or ‘Boers’. One day while Baartman was working as a slave on a farm on the Western Cape she was approached by an English surgeon by the name of Alexander Dunlop. Dunlop, who was visiting South Africa on business, took special interest in the South African woman. So much so, that he wanted her to accompany him on his trip back to London.

After Governor Earl of Caledon granted Dunlop permission to take Baartman, 21, she left with him for London in 1810. Baartman probably thought that she had escaped the endless torment of enslavement. Instead, she came to know a more sinister form of exploitation. When Baartman reached London Dunlop threw her into the Piccadilly Circus where she was paraded through England as a sexual freak of nature.

Dunlop renamed Baartman “Venus Hottentot.” Venus was the ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty. Hottentot was a derogatory name that European colonialists gave to members of the Khoisan nation which Baartman originally came from. In a severe case of irony, “Venus” received no love from the English, who marveled at her prominent posterior and large genitals. Described as a “wild animal,” Baartman was routinely thrown in a circus cage half-naked as amused onlookers paid admission fees to partake in her spiritual dismemberment. Dunlop, who cashed-in on these cruel exhibitions, laughed all the way to the bank. The English public saw Baartman as another prime example of Black inferiority.

Baartman was later shipped to Paris, France, where she caught the attention of scientist Georges Cuvier. According to Cuvier, Baartman’s “moves had something that reminded one of the monkey, and her external genitalia recalled those of the orangutan.” After the Parisians got tired of seeing Baartman—who had no way of returning to her South African home thousands of miles away— she was forced to a life of prostitution. Forced to adjust to a hostile culture and an unfavorable new environment, Baartman’s life was a virtual nightmare. Ravaged by the venereal rewards of her trade, Baartman died of syphilis in 1815. She was just 25-years-old.

Within hours of Baartman’s death, French authorities granted Cuvier permission to dissect her body. He removed her buttocks, breasts, and brain, which were placed in bottles and put on display at the Musee de L’Homme in Paris. By the demand of former South African presidents Thabu Mbeki and Nelson Mandela, who is himself a member of the Khoisan, Baartman’s remains were finally returned home in January, 2002.

In a grand ceremony that was highly publicized by the international media, Baartman was buried in her homeland in August of that year. While reflecting on the vile treatment that Baartman was subjected to in 19th century Europe, President Mbeki said in a BBC News article: “It was not the lonely African woman in Europe, alienated from her identity and her motherland who was the barbarian, but those who treated her with barbaric brutality.”

Although white men treated Baartman like the “wild animal” that God never intended for her to be, white females have long envied the dynamic physical proportions of the Black woman. As a matter of fact, the high-heel shoe (especially the stiletto) and the bustle (Victorian Era) were created to give the illusion that they had bumpers that were plumper than they actually were. Even today, several white women are finding ways to defy nature’s will. Some are running to the operating table, while others are buying designer jeans with a “special” cut that play optical illusions on the eyes of unsuspecting men. However, most prefer to practice special exercises to get that nice, full look.

In the July 2003 edition of Self, a health and fitness magazine geared towards white women, there is an article titled “Get the butt you want.” On the left-hand side of the two-page spread that introduces the article is a photo of a dark chocolate honey with a ripe Nubian onion that would bring tears to the eyes of the most hardened thug. The picture is focused almost exclusively on her rump, which is about as tight as a million bucks stuffed into a tiny rubber-band. When you flip to the next page, there is another two-page spread featuring yet another black woman teaching special exercise techniques. These exercises are supposed to bless white women with Angel Luv-like backsides. “Use the moves and the companion best-choices cardio guide for four to six weeks, and we guarantee you’ll be flaunting your bodacious booty or at least loving it a little bit more,” reads the article.

Although the natural allure of Black women continues to be bottled and sold through hip-hop and adult entertainment, today’s Black woman has something that the Sarah Baartman’s of the world never had. She has the power to mold her self-image and control how she is presented to the world. No man, whether he is Black, white, yellow or brown, can portray a Black Woman as a sexual freak of nature unless she willingly grants him permission to do so. This is something that every Black Woman should remember. Not for Sarah Baartman’s sake, but for her own.

The Vodou Fiyah Serpent and the Chakra Tree of Polarity

Each year during the spring equinox the ancient Maya would await the arrival of their god Kukulkan. Arriving as a shadow generated by the sun's position in relation to the earth, he would slither down the steps of the pyramid at Chichen Itza, Mexico. Kukulkan is symbolic of the human spirit and his pyramid represents our descent into gender polarity.

For the European, the god is merely a product of primitive man’s imagination. Yet to his loyal worshippers who are long since deceased, he was the great serpent who bestowed wisdom upon all mankind. The millions of Vodou practitioners across the globe may recognize him as their god, Damballah Wedo. This mutual understanding of religious symbolism shared between indigenous people—who seemingly had nothing to do with one another—brings us to the subject of this blog entry. We will discover how seemingly unrelated religions among people of color are actually reinterpretations of Vodou (pronounced “Vo-Dew”), the African-based spiritual system.

Among Vodou adherents, Damballah is the source of occult wisdom. He is widely believed to be an ancient ancestor who is so old that he cannot even speak. Instead he communicates telepathically through the Fa Frequency. The Fa Frequency is a subsonic transmission of higher consciousness that zig-zags across the all-encompassing black sea of our cosmos. Damballah’s synonymity with the Fa Frequency can be easily proven in the etymological breakdown of his name: “Dam” (Gift), Allah (God), hence “Gift of God”. The letter “B” in “Damballah” is an artificial (B)arrier keeping the masses from the realization of God’s oneness.

In artwork Damballah is usually depicted as a serpent in a tree. According to Vodou cosmology, he and his wife Aida Wedo joined as a double helix of serpents to give birth to humanity. This image of intertwining serpents may be familiar to those who have seen the logo used by the American Medical Association. Western man says that Vodou is nothing more than the crazed superstitions of dumb Africans, yet he uses Vodou iconography to represent one of his most respected institutions of science. Why is that? The double helix formed by Damballah and Aida symbolizes the DNA that links all Black people throughout the globe to a common ancestor. Our ancient African mystics knew the structure of DNA long before James D. Watson and Francis Crick arrived on the scene.

In a video-documentary entitled Voodoo and the Church in Haiti, a Hougan (Vodou priest) goes on record saying that the religion can trace its origin back as far as recorded history goes. Interestingly, there are strong similarities between Damballah and the ancient Sumerian god Enki, who was part of a pantheon of deities known as the Annunaki. Sumer, which was located in what is now Iraq, is one of the world’s oldest civilizations, dating back some 6,000 years. Like Damballah, Enki was the creator of mankind, and the source of profound wisdom. The Sumerian deity was also depicted as a serpent in a tree, just as Damballah is today. This is not by coincidence since the Sumerians were distant descendants of the Yoruba of West Africa from whom the science of Vodou originates on planet Earth. Its interstellar origin is Ifa, the Magic City of the Sun which is itslef the local broadcasting station for the Fa Frequency. The Babylonian Tablet of Destiny and the Chinese I-Ching are all based on the Ifa oracle system’s binary code which was introduced by the Yoruba, who are the planetary diplomats of Ifa. The world’s first king, who was ordained as such by the Annunaki, was also a distant descendant of these West Africans.

The image of the serpent is certainly familiar to readers of the Bible. What Bible readers must understand, however, is that the ancient Hebrews—who are the forbearers of the Bible legacy through the Torah—borrowed much of their cosmology from the ancient Babylonians, who in turn borrowed from the Sumerians who came from West Africa. No honest rabbi or Christian minister would object to the Babylonian influence on the Torah and Talmud. To this day, the most venerated version of the Talmud among Jews is the Babylonian Talmud. The month of Tammuz in the Jewish calendar was named after an ancient Babylonian deity. Don't take my word for it though, look into it for yourself.

Unless a person has studied the Sumerian clay tablets along with Vodou cosmology, it would be rather difficult to get a full understanding of what the serpent in the Book of Genesis represents. You see, wisdom is obtained from understanding the knowledge you’ve acquired. The most assured way to obtain knowledge is through life experience. If Adam never bit the apple, he would not have had the experiences necessary to appreciate what is good over what is evil. To have this appreciation, you must have knowledge of good AND evil. The longer you live your life, the better you will understand the root of evil, it’s very make up. It is no coincidence that the word “Devil” is actually the word “liveD” spelled backwards. In one respect, a "devil" is merely someone who has "lived" their life. A god is one who has become Wise from the lessons learned as a result of living that life. You will discover that the serpent told Eve the absolute truth concerning the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil while the rank-and-file Annunaki-Elohim lied for their own reasons (Genesis, 3: 1-22). Eve was not responsible for the fall of Adam. She was the one behind his liberation. Through her inquisitiveness Eve freed Adam from the ignorance that is inherent to perfection. In other words, if you know everything then you don't Know anything, because you need a frame of perception to be conscious of that which you are percieving. Without that frame around your awareness there is no perception and therefore no knowledge. This is why we departed from Kether--for the chance to obtain perception which leads to knowledge. God learns from man how to become a better Generator Operator and Destroyer, just as a mother learns how to become a better woman from her child.

However, when the Vodou practitioners of ancient Sumer referred to the serpent Enki as the progenitor of mankind, they never believed that they were literally created by an actual snake squirming around in a tree. The Sumerians were smarter than that. For them, the serpent was representative of what the Vedic scriptures of ancient India call “Kundalini.” It is the feminine/sexual energy that animates the physical body of every human being. It’s the same energy that compels a pubescent teenage boy to masturbate constantly—not because he wants to, but because he HAS to if he wishes to retain some semblance of sanity. This sexual energy has its greatest potential for expression in the body of the adult black male. By applying the use of metaphor and symbolism, the Sumerians were actually saying that we are all born of the spirit in their use of serpentine iconography.

Eve and the biblical serpent are one and the same. That’s why she is the only one who actually sees, and speaks with the serpent in the Garden of Eden. The name “Eve” is an Anglicized version of the Hebrew name “Havva” which means “The Living One.” Kundalini—the living feminine energy that is the life force of every human being—means “serpentine fire” in Sanskrit. Eve the serpent is symbolic of the spiritual energy within man that compels him to depart from the ignorance of paradise (Crown Chakra) to pursue the path of wisdom which only comes from experience. The apple eaten by Adam—who is actually another aspect of Eve, the spirit, in its degenerative physical form—represents the Root Chakra, the seat of man’s primal energy which is identifiable with the color red. It is Eve who eats the red “apple.” But since Adam, Eve and the serpent are all one, the act is attributed to Adam because he embodies the degenerated, post-Hermaphroditic, Kabbalistic Adam Kadmon projected onto Assiah, which is the gender-polarized plane of physical existence which we all occupy at this moment. The Tree of Life bears fruit, and those fruit are the seven chakras. The sweetest among them is the apple and it is the fruit of polarity which is the casue of duality.

Israeli anthropologist, Zecharia Sitchin, who has studied the Sumerian Cuneiform writings for over 30 years has gone even further to establish a link between Sumerian and classical African religion, although it probably was not his intenton. In addition to being one of the main deities of Sumer, Sitchin says that Enki was the lord of Africa, which he claims the Sumerians called AB.ZU. For many of us, there couldn’t possibly have been a connection between Sumer and Black Africa. However, you have to first understand that the term “Middle East” is a play on words, because geographically speaking, Africa IS in the middle east! This is a political ploy purposefully implemented to create an artificial cultural barrier between Africa and the ancient civilizations it birthed in Iraq and Iran.

When the Bible refers to Kush we know it is talking about the Nubian empire and not some other place at the border of Afghanistan because Kush, as it is referred to in the Jewish Torah (Bereshit, 2:13) is called Ethiopia in the King James Bible (Genesis, 2:13). As most African historians know, “Ethiopia” was the generic name that the ancient Greeks gave to Nubia. The Bible was written in Greek before it was translated into Latin, German, and eventually English. That’s why the Bible makes reference to “Ethiopia,” while the Torah makes reference to “Kush” in their corresponding verses. Whenever you see a reference to Ethiopia in the Bible you are actually reading about Nubia—which included modern day Ethiopia, and the Sudan. Thus Nimrod was a Black Kushite colonizer of Sumer (Sumer is called Shinar in the Book of Genesis).

As you now know, Vodou is an African Tree of Life whose branches spread far and wide—from the eastern lands of Central Asia, to the shores of South America. As the environment in which Black people live changes, so do the names and symbols of the loa (gods). Nevertheless, the Black essence is still there if you have the eyes to see.

The Godz Must Be cRAzy

Ever since 1492, when the Pope and his henchmen ran the Moors out of Spain and established a New World Order fueled by bloodshed and misery, Blacks across the globe have lived a horrific nightmare that far surpasses anything that could have been conjured in the mind of Wes Craven.

We’ve experienced the African Slave Trade; the brutal colonization of our Motherland; the wrath of the Klu Klux Clan and the fierce battles of the Civil Rights Movement. From there we witnessed numerous drug epidemics and the decimating impact they had on our communities. And just when we thought the noose around our necks couldn’t get any tighter we saw the eradication of preventive social programs, the crystallization of public education and the rise of the Prison Industrial Complex. Couple all of this with welfare benefit cards; unemployment; the IMF, persistent global genocide and you have a blinding stream of imagery that can leave even the most optimistic of us depressed.

Many of us cringe at the mere mention of these subjects. We’ve become so wary from battle fatigue that we would like to forget about The Struggle. “Don’t come to me talking that Black shit. All of that shit happened a long time ago. That don’t got nothing to do with me. I’m moving on with my future and living for today,” is often the response whenever this subject of our oppression is raised.

For those of you who want to move on with the future I say “wonderful, good for you!” There is no power to be gained by bitterly holding on to the pain and suffering of the past. We can no longer afford to walk the beaten path of empty hate speech cloaked in quasi nationalist rhetoric. It is only emotive masturbation for the bruised and battered ego. Most so-called Black leaders keep our minds focused on the effects of our condition, yet they refuse to—or are simply incapable of—showing us the real cause of our current predicament. Only with the key of metaphysical perception can we unlock the door of history which has lead us to our present day, to this very moment.

The more you learn about your past, the more you will be personally empowered. White men were more empowered than any other group on the planet and they reinforced their power by making sure that their history and culture was the most studied, the respected, and most celebrated. Navigating your way through life without knowing your history is like trying to figure out the plot to a movie with an intricate story line after you’ve arrived at the theater an hour too late. In such a scenario nothing on the big screen is quite what it appears to be. The script coming to life before your eyes has so many layers, but you fail to see them because you don’t have enough background information pertaining to the story to actually process what you’re seeing. The more you know about your past, the better you understand the present, and the future becomes your personal DVD to study over and over again.

When speaking of the pathologies exhibited by African Americans as well as Blacks from the Caribbean, Dr. Joy Leary makes reference to a mental illness which she calls “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.” Leary argues that many of our self-destructive tendencies and cultural values as a people today are a direct result of institutionalized enslavement. However, after observing my own pathologies, as well as those of other Blacks across the globe for the past 26,000 years, I have come up with a more accurate diagnosis for the form of psychosis that plagues us today. It is my opinion that Black men suffer from “Post God Trauma Syndrome” while Black women suffer from “Post Goddess Trauma Syndrome.” The reason I say this is because our sickness does not begin with slavery as Leary suggests. Our enslavement and perpetual oppression is merely a byproduct of our traumatic fall from godhood. It’s a process that occurred gradually over the course of several thousand years. In other words, Black people are not sick in the head because of enslavement and colonialism. Those conditions are merely symptoms of our decline, not the cause.

Most people believe that I am delusional for proclaiming our divinity in light of our present day condition. But to say that the Black man is a human and not a god is like saying that a whale is a big fish. A whale is not a fish. It is a mammal that may appear to be a fish to those who make judgments based on surface perceptions. Likewise, the Black man is not a human, but a god with a severe case of amnesia. This amnesia has literally been caused by the atrophy of his brain which allows him access to his mind. For those brothers out there in denial who doubt that something is wrong with the Black man’s brain, just ask any sane Black woman and she will gladly tell you otherwise.

The Black race fell from grace because our ancestors, who were gods, got bored with their own perfection. Perfection is a form of self-containment and anything that is self-contained cannot grow beyond the boundaries set around it. When being a god and a goddess comes so easy then there is nothing to strive for and ambition becomes an alien concept. Since our ancestors had already reached the threshold for god potential, they became lazy, complacent, sloppy and decadent. Our ancient priests and shamans let this happen, because they knew that the entire race had to undergo a mass initiation before our souls could accumulate the escape velocity necessary to leave the Demiurge’s playpen behind. Some of this is discussed in the Bible (Deuteronomy 28:15-68) and the Corpus Hermeticum (Body of Hermes/Thoth/Tehuti), an ancient Egyptian book translated by the Greeks during the Ptolemaic dynasty.

We had to regress to our lowest level before reclaiming our divinity all over again. This is where the ancient Egyptian myth of the Bennu bird comes from. It is our story told through allegory. “If what you’re saying is true, then the gods must be crazy for allowing themselves to descend to this level,” a friend of mine said during a discussion about what’s going on in the Darfur region of the Sudan. His sentiments reflect how I also feel when I think about some of the bullshit we have to go through, both on an individual level, and as a race. However I realize, even if only intellectually, that this attitude reveals how far we have fallen from godhood. We no longer want to challenge ourselves for the sake of a challenge. Corporeal life is just a game and our ancestors were the best players.

When Michael Jordan returned to the NBA in March of 1995, he hadn’t played basketball on a professional level in almost two years. To say that he was rusty would be an understatement. However, he was inspired to return to the hardwood because he wanted to find out if he really was the “God in basketball shoes,” that Larry Bird and the rest of the world said he was. The best way for him to prove this to HIMSELF was to fall into mediocrity, overcome it, and regain his spot as the most dominant player in the game for the second time around. Jordan struggled miserably upon his return. He seemed to be a shadow of his former self; a mere mortal. Yet Jordan continued to believe in himself and ultimately regained his godly form as the most dominate player in the NBA. I’m sure the ordeal wasn’t easy for Jordan. It took tremendous focus and dedication on his part to meet the challenge. However he eagerly embraced it because although he had already accomplished so much in his career, he needed a test that would confirm that his past greatness was not a fluke. He needed to know beyond a shadow of doubt, that he was indeed the god of the hardwood. It’s the same theme playing itself out when you look at the history of the Black race over the last 26,000 years.

We are the mothers and fathers of religion, art, math and science. We had already built dozens of pyramids made of brick and mortar. The time had finally come for us to build pyramids of the soul. Now, after 26,000 years the time has finally come for our genetic ascension toward godhood. We’re gradually tapping into the akashic records in our DNA to remember that we are not humans, but gods. Your DNA is the genetic blueprint that determines your physical appearance as well as your capabilities for both mental and spiritually expressesion. If you’ve studied biology then you know that 90 percent of human DNA has been called “junk DNA” by biologists. The reason it is called junk DNA is because it is dormant and these scientists are clueless as to what purpose it serves. This “junk DNA” is actually your “god DNA” and it’s about to be reactivated. When this happens you won’t even be recognizable to the other races of Earth.

When our ancestors were gods they didn’t even have dark brown skin as most of us do today. Originally we were jet black, like an obsidian stone, with an indigo tint when the sun shone on our faces. This was right after we descended into physical bodies.Then at a critical point before The Fall our skin was green and we obtained all of our nourishment through photosynthesis. According to Hebrew mythology the angel Lucifer wore a green gem stone in his crown called “lapis exilis.” The archangel Michael (or Mica-El, “Mica” is a mineral that reflects light, thus possessing the direct opposite trait of Lucifer who absorbs light) was metaphorically speaking, a military general for the Demiurge. Michael struck the jewel from Lucifer’s crown with his flaming sword during the Great War in Heaven which served as the exclamation point in his fall from grace. The loss of Lucifer’s gem stone symbolizes the loss of our green pigment. As we fell from grace we became vegans and started smoking marijuana and other natural botanicals to try to compensate for what we had lost in innate consciousness. As we fell lower and lower on the scale of SOUL-AR intelligence we began consuming meat. When we started to eat meat and salt we lost our ability to fly and astral project to any region of the cosmos at will. We developed spoken languages because we forgot how to communicate telepathically.

For the most part, the only people who communicate telepathically on any level, with any consistency, today, are those couples who are truly in love. This implies that the love and sense of connectedness we now enjoy with our mates, we once had for everyone and everything in our immediate environment. We have become so callous and hardened by life and its disappointments that most of us couldn’t fathom a love of this magnitude.

According to the ancient Mayans, who inherited their calendar from their Black Olmec predecessors, the history of Mankind will end after December 21, 2012. New Age sensationalists who are out to sell books say that on this date the world is going to end, which is really just New Age propaganda. What’s actually going to happen is that those of us walking the path of enlightenment are going to begin a process of transformation that will return us to our original godlike state. If you are not able to raise your spiritual vibration over the next few years you will not even be able to live on this planet. The Earth Mother is accelerating her vibration so that she can ascend to a higher plane of existence. The intense heat we will experience in the coming summers won’t just be coming from the sun. It’s freezing cold in outer space, so why will it be so hot? Most of that heat will be coming from the Earth. Mother Earth is angry about all of the war, violence and corruption going on in the world today. Those of us who do not wish to romp around in the Demiurges’ playpen will eventually be making the transition with her.

If you are not spiritually prepared for this paradigm shift, you will have to live out the remainder of your life on a planet that resonates with your own weak vibration. Most who fit this description will inhabit one of the planets surrounding Mintaka, which is a star in Orion’s belt. The ancient Egyptians called this star system “Sahu.” The Mayans prophesized that the last 520 years of human history will be a Dark Age of untold horror. Quite interestingly, this Dark Age began in 1492—the same year that the Moors lost control of Spain and Christopher Come-Bust-Us reached the Americas using the maps he stole from them. Much of our trouble intensified after the defeat of the Moors in Europe (the slave trade etc.). Still, the phoenix will spread its mended wings and rise from the ashes glowing with power and glory. Our immediate future is literally written in the stars.

On, an astronomy news website, it was reported in an article entitled “Cosmic DNA: Double Helix Spotted in Space” that magnetic forces at the center of our galaxy had twisted a cluster of stars into a double helix, which resembles the structure of your DNA. Astronomers say that the best source for this kind of magnetism comes from the Black Hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. This phenomenon provides us with a major clue as to how we can quicken the reactivation of our god DNA going into 2012. The Black man’s urethra is his “milky way” since it is the pathway his semen passes when he has sex with his Black woman. When intense penile friction is applied to her “black hole” this will augment her bio-magnetism which will then facilitate the conception of a child with the “god DNA” intact . If you’re part of a loving Black couple with means who wants to bring the old gods back, make a Black baby tonight. When it’s born, give it a name fit for a god or goddess.