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Friday, March 15, 2019

Block Rock Athletics & The Triumph of the Timeless Mind

Four years ago, Bradford Skow, an M.I.T. philosophy professor published a book entitled Objective Becoming wherein he advances the “Block Theory” of time. According to Skow, human consciousness is a block of awareness spread out over the stationary fabric of spacetime. This isn’t a new idea, though.  

The same idea has been conveyed by ancient spiritual cultures and examined in the commentaries on them. One text that comes to mind is The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, a pseudepigraphical work attributed to the Atlantean god Thoth (Tehuti) after he flew to ancient Kemet to civilize the savage Africans there. This purported history is all made up New Age bullshit, but I mention it because it goes into the true nature of time and you can easily find it on the web. 

Together space and time comprise 4 different dimensions within the fabric of spacetime. Whenever time is present the 3 dimensions of space (height, width and depth) are also present. Time is the 4th dimension that verifies the existence of the prior three dimensions of space. Time does not exist when you close your eyes to meditate because you have no reference point for three-dimensional space when you’re in total darkness. 

Sometimes metaphysical authors and lecturers use the terms “density” and “dimension”  interchangeably. This is fundamentally incorrect. While the two terms may be synonymous with one another, they are not precisely the same. Density is the amount of mass within a set volume. 

If we use music as a reference point for this concept, low density music would be an atmospheric trap beat with minimal drums and high synthesizers. High density music would be “Bombs Over Baghdad,” by Outkast. There’s a lot going on in that song sonically, while the trap beat is airy and musically sparse.  

Whenever we address matters of time we are implicitly addressing matters of space. Time is static and does not move, but man's consciousness spreads out over it and moves across time.  

I would compare this phenomenon to your favorite basketball player palming a basketball with one hand. The baller's hand symbolizes his awareness, and the basketball would be spacetime. Some people have big strong hands that easily palm the basketball. Others have tiny hands with very short fingers that are too frail to do so. 

Sometimes we fail to slam dunk specific life lessons because our hands and fingers—which signify our perception-- are not big and strong enough to spread out and palm the sphere of time. We don’t process the moment of truth through the victorious eye of eternity, but from the compromising and fractured lens of our bashful past. We think “I failed in the past, and I’m in a similar situation so I will fail again now.”  

However the unwanted past does not have to be repeated in the present if you chose to adorn yourself with the crown of the Timeless Mind. The   beautiful thing about time perception is that we can condition ourselves to increase the size and strength of our hand to palm the block rock of time. 

When the temporal block of past, present and future occupy the same space in our minds we can push the rock to the hole and throw down like Clyde Drexler. I recently experienced my own awareness through the eye of eternity. Since then I’ve broken my experiential loop and am now on a totally new time block of experience leading to Parts Unknown. 

I was at a urinal one day taking a piss. A knowing voice beyond reason appeared in my head and said “This is what it feels like to pee in this world. Allow this subtle moment to seep into your senses. Let it penetrate your cell memory.” 

Like you, I’ve taken a piss countless times. Exactly why The Voice Beyond Reason was advising me to take note of something so common and basic was beyond my understanding at the time. I have countless thoughts over the course of a day, and I don’t give all of them a lot of energy. For whatever reason I ear marked this one. 

Weeks later I was in the middle of a lucid dream, and in that dream I walked up to the urinal and pulled out my tool to take a piss. Immediately, WHILE IN MY DREAMSTATE, I instantaneously identified with the Observer observing the writer whom you know as Adika taking a piss.  

I gained immediate recollection of the admonishment I receive weeks prior to remember what pissing in the waking world felt like. While dreaming a bright light bulb went off in my head and I literally jumped out of my dream and out of my bed onto my feet. My wife was like “what the fuck! Honey are you okay?” 

I assured her that I was and rushed to the bathroom to relieve myself of piss. If I were not able to consciously synthesize my waking consciousness with my dream consciousness IN THAT MOMENT to recognize the fundamental difference between the two, I promise you, that I would have peed my bed thinking that I was at a urinal when I was not. My wife would have had an unpleasant surprise. My dream was so vivid and it felt so real because  THE DREAM WORLD IS REAL.  

However it exists outside of the construct of time. The world of waking consciousness, however, is within the construct of time. Your dense physical body is made up of time cells, which are colloquially called t-cells. Your t-cells modulate your memories of sensory perception. 

The extent to which you invest your heart, mind and soul into the activities of your waking consciousness is the extent to which you can maximize your experience in your personal Field of Dreams when you go to sleep. In other words, your sensory intelligence is important to your spiritual development and is critical in your ability to simultaneously occupy the objective (temporal) and subjective (timeless) worlds of existence, walking in between two world’s.

 If you are practicing yoga, going to the gym to exercise, playing pick up basketball or having a lot of sex with someone you love, then you’re on the right track. If you’re having sex with someone you respect who in turn respects you, I’m not mad at you.

An athlete is commonly defined as a person who is proficient in an intensive physical exercise. I believe that the simplest physical activities we conduct in our day-to-day lives can be highly intensive if our consciousness is rooted in the present moment while we are doing them. An athlete feeds their time cells with the memories of physical activities so they have a reference point for such experiences while they are disembodied in the spirit realm.

 I was momentarily able to palm the block rock of time to drive and finish at the toilet bowl with authority because of my acute sensitivity to sensory perception. That was a basketball metaphor, but all metaphors carry within their statements timeless principles of truth. The mind prone to myth is an extensive library of symbols. 

In my very last blog post on this Third Eye Max platform I wish you health, wealth, and happiness in your greatest hopes and aspirations. It was a great 10 year run. May your relentless Glow extend into infinity from the throne of your timeless Mind. You are reading Third Eye Max.

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

The God Down Below 2: An interview with Set

The Kemetic netcher Set was committed to helping Andrew Noble to find his inner darkness so that he could discover his inner light. Every man is a Light Bearer. However, he must seek the treasures of darkness if he wishes to unearth the precious gold, emeralds, and rubies that lie buried deep within his “chest.” 

After spending an hour getting better acquainted with the purported Nemesis of the Nile, the Pulitzer prize-winning editor knocked back ice-cold bottles of brass as the seconds on his digital tape recorder walked unmolested through the corridors of time.

Noble managed to capture most of his Q&A with the god Set. What follows is a brief dialogue concerning man, gods and civilization. 

Set, I guess the first question that I have for you is…why? Why did you do it? Why did you murder Ausar?

I killed Ausar because he dishonored my little sister Auset when he fucked that Tamahu bitch. He violated the sacred code of the gods which forbade sleeping with the spawn of the Neanderthals. I loved my brother Ausar dearly, so it hurt me to take his life. Even though he was much younger than I was, I grew to admire him. I looked up to Ausar; he was a great man in other respects. However, I am a warrior in the army of Ma’at, and must therefore play my position.

Set, I’m a little confused. Now I may be a little rusty with my Kemetic mythology, but as I remember it, you were an enemy of Ma’at, not an ally. Am I missing something, here?

(Set laughs). Kemetic mythology is not completely understood by modern man. It is widely considered the fanciful stories of primitive people. Ironically, in your U.S. law dictionary the word “Primitive” means “first in order; bearing its own authority, and not from an outside source.” My ancestors are VERY primitive. So is our mythology. 

It has often been said that “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.” However the same applies to mythology, which for the most part, is more truthful and accurate than the history carefully curated by your ruling elite and disseminated through their universities for the purpose of social engineering.

Enduring mythologies are the “product” of the world custodian’s attempt to explain mathematical equations and concepts through the use of stories. Boring numbers are substituted with colorful personalities with corresponding valences. These characters are used to convey universal truths while offering you personal insight into your own higher nature. The mythological characters are aspects of your own mind.

Your scholars have never given you the backstory behind the mythologies that have been handed down to you over centuries because they’re just intellectuals, not intuitive spiritualists. They’re not qualified to secrete the mysteries. The truth is that I have ALWAYS acted in accord with Ma’at. I adhere to universal laws because I am a living expression of a universal principle. 

I am the living embodiment of anarchy and chaos, and anarchy and chaos were present at the foundation of the manifested universe. In the beginning I was there. 

I also assisted in the Haitian Revolution when we served Napoleon divine justice with a hot plate of humble pie. Ausar cannot say that he has always acted in accord with Maat. He knew that he was wrong in what he did. That’s why he got in that coffin.

He didn’t get into the coffin knowingly, though. You and 72 other conspirators tricked him into getting in the coffin.

Ausar may have been a disloyal nigga who couldn’t turn down some Tamahu pussy even if the bitch had the word “Ebola” tattooed on her pubic bone. Still he was no fool. In fact, he was a very wise man in most aspects of his life. He saw the coffin at the banquet and he already knew what time it was. 

He broke the code of Ma’at, and for a man of his stature, and his position, the ultimate price for such a misdeed is death. The laws of Ma’at apply to everyone in the universe. No one is exempt. Not even Ausar.

Hmm…I see. There has been a resurgence in the interest in indigenous spiritual culture among Blacks in America and the Caribbean over the last 50 years. Many are leaving the Western religions in pursuit traditional modalities of spiritual healing and wellness. How do you feel about this?

I think it’s a wonderful thing. However it’s potential for real self-transformation is severely compromised by people participating in those social movements, while exhibiting poor character. I see a motley crew of liberal men and women with no common creed.

Mentally immature women with big ankh earrings complain about the absence of good men. But in their hearts they want to conquer kings with their vaginas and make them mindless slaves to their passions. This woman will objectify her own beauty on the internet for empty attention from strange men she doesn’t know, but she won’t volunteer to use her social capital—which is usually based entirely on her looks—to sell a service or product developed by a Black man, even if the service or product serves the collective and pushes the African diaspora forward.

She may support the man if she’s sexually interested in him and he’s available to her, but she’s indifferent to his cause if he’s loyal to his own woman. She doesn’t care about the great opportunities he can create for himself and others. She only cares about what she might get out of the interaction for herself. 

One of the reasons you have no functional community is because these kinds of hoes are selfish. Their days are numbered though because they serve no purpose to any cause but their own. This cause is usually very small and insignificant in the bigger scheme of things. Their main purpose is to find a king and support him but they’ve chosen to do otherwise.

Too many of the men in these spiritual movements are charismatic liars and narcissists. They create confusion and breed mistrust which corrodes what could have been a functional community. 

These men pretend as if they want to liberate Black people but they truly aspire to erect mega-churches to make money spouting regurgitated feel-good rhetoric that doesn’t actually empower you to do anything exceptional with your skills or god-given abilities. They're in the business of keeping you angry with the white man, but where has staring at the white man's penis gotten you?

These men talk a lot about glorious Black queens but they don’t live with any Black queens that they’re in loving relationships with. Also these so-called Black queens are always young and highly fuckable broads with incredible curves that don't know shit. They are great candidates for a harem, but they are not queens. They are not wise.

The elder women with lots of gray in their hair who’ve accumulated true wisdom and experience to share with your collective are never called queens. This is because their breasts are sagging and their asses are flat and the dudes don’t want to pound them permanently into a firm mattress anymore. 

The Neteru see the fuckery with all of the charlatans swindling poor people out of their hard-earned money with false narratives and media hype. That’s why we started to withdraw from the American Conscious Collective in 2016 and its been crumbling apart ever since.

Instead we’ve refocused and are putting our support behind a few individuals within this collective, and these men and women will be distinguishing themselves in the world over time. These men and women are supported by the Neteru because they’re sincere about putting the esoteric knowledge they’ve acquired to functional use for themselves and those wise enough to support them. The knowledge of the Neteru is for your artists, cultural visionaries and social reformers. 

It isn’t for the common man in the street with no ambition or care in the world. A lot of you ruin your lives with all this complex mystical information when it was really none of your business to begin with. You should focus on just being a decent human being. Enjoy your friends and family. Learn how to bake chunky chocolate chip cookies. Smile more. The Neteru don’t want you filling your brain with high mystical sciences because you’re going to end up in a mental institution simply because you don’t possess the skill set needed to put that extraordinary knowledge to tangible use. You will go crazy or become a drug or sex addict because you don't have an outlet for any other form of creative self-expression.

Your comments sound very elitist. I’ve always seen Kemet as more socialist, if I were to place it in a modern political paradigm.

Do you even read, nigga? Ancient Kemet was a civilization with an outrageously wealthy ruling class. It was inherently elitist. Most of the population was illiterate. The Blacks who are into ancient Kemetic literature now, were reading and writing it back then. The ones who are not interested in it now, were the same people who could not read it back then.

I’m anti-elitist.

Well then you are anti-civilization because all civilizations are coordinated by an elite class. If you’re anti-elitist, that’s fine, but understand what you’re saying. You eat at McDonalds, shop on Amazon, and attend Broadway plays with your wife. You are therefore a beneficiary of civilization.

Civilization thrives on innovation and creativity which are stimulated through competition which is the driving force behind a free market economy. Free markets adhere to the principle of anarchy and chaos which are my domains! Chaos is a higher form of order that vibrates at a frequency beyond human comprehension. I am the psychic inspiration behind the free market system which will ultimately collapse civilization as you know it. I am the unregulated derivative in the global stock exchange. In our mythology Heru defeats me to keep Kemetic civilization and Kemetic elitism in-tact. However elitism will inevitably precipitate the fall of that which it upholds, which is civilization. I will be present when this happens.

So you promote free market societies which uphold modern civilization in order to collapse modern civilization? What a paradox. My head is spinning from the mind fuck.

No Tiger & Bone ginseng roots needed for stamina and endurance either! The Neterus plans for man are laid hundreds of thousands of years in advance. We exist beyond the ceiling of mans awareness, yet we guide the movements of humanity through the men and women we chose as vehicles for our agenda. Many of you are not worthy to claim descent from the architects of ancient Kem, much less sit among the assembly of gods because you have poor character. You regularly tell lies for no reason and you dont keep your word. Unlike many of you, Ausar had integrity in the end. That’s why he gave himself up as a willing sacrifice by getting inside of the coffin. He understood that the more noble aspects of his legacy would be restored through his son Heru, whom it was my job to initiate into the world of statecraft. Heru’s light holds the glow of his father’s resurrection.

Are you saying that the epic battle between you and Heru was nothing more than an initiation for him?

That’s exactly what I’m saying. And who better to initiate him than I? People have to remember that his mother Au-Set is my sister, which makes me Heru’s uncle. He is a part of my family. We share the same blood. I love that bird ass nigga as much as the Kardashians love the paparazzi. However the stability of Kemet is far more important to me than even my love for my own family.

Heru was destined to sit on the throne that unites Upper and Lower Kemet. But even though a man may have a date with destiny, he has to make his own reservations, so he can see his story unfold in the diner of the gods. Nothing can be handed to him by a waiter with no bill. He must labor through blood, sweat, and tears to build his own legacy. The struggle that comes out of that allows you to develop an understanding of human psychology that will enable you to thrive once you reach that destination within your life’s journey.

More important than that, the experience will help you to understand yourself a lot better than you did before you ever decided to embark upon that journey. You know your strengths, your weaknesses, and limitations. Everyone has limitations, even the gods, which is why we all work together as a divine corporation of cosmic intelligence. We are stronger as a group, than we are as individuals. 

Ausar had to come through me to sit on the throne. Even though he passed his initiation, there were still some important lessons that he hadn’t learned. That is why he had to reincarnate through Heru to work out those kinks in his armor.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Gospel of Michael Jackson & The CruciFiction in Neverland

They build you up only to tear you the fuck down. That’s my thought on all of the clamor and hype surrounding the HBO mockumentary, Leaving Neverland, which explores Michael Jackson’s alleged sexual abuse of two men while they were children at his Neverland ranch.

The allegations leveled against Jackson have been proven false, so that’s the angle I’m running with as it relates to the king of modern entertainment. Although Jackson is called “The King of Pop” he was a genre-bending R&B virtuoso who could make gritty rock (Dirty Diana) or smooth electro-funk (“Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough).

“Pop” is not an actual genre of music. There is no distinct song structure, combination of instruments, or arrangement of melody, that distinguishes a “pop” record from other genres of music on a fundamental level.

This false designation for “pop music” is part of a sustained effort by capitalist media companies to create an artificial musical hierarchy based on who, and what, is most lucrative to white-owned commercial institutions. A pop artist is a sacrificed offering on the blood-stained altar of the music industry. Before pop artists are offered to the money gods for ritual sacrifice their necks are popped, their blood is drained from their lifeless veins, and then they’re consumed by the hungry mob.

What we typically call pop music is a 3-4 minute commercial that doesn’t sell any products. Instead, it sells a consumer lifestyle or curious social agenda that has been fostered by social engineers. It’s a sexy and seductive form of propaganda that is playfully made to appear as if it is art for the sake of art, but it really isn’t. Everything about it is cloak and dagger.

In Hebrew Gematria the word “pop” has a numerical value of 166 which is also the value for “Kether” which means “Crown” in Hebrew. In the Judaic cultural tradition words that share the same numerical value are synonymous with one another no matter how far removed from each other they may appear to be at the surface. Gematria is a universal algorithm that shows us The Internet of Things.

The King of Pop is therefore the King of Crowns which makes him the King of Kings who is ultimately sacrificed for the eternal life of the capitalist economic power structure. Until Michael Jackson released his debut solo album the music industry was in the midst of fiscal trials and tribulations. Folks were hitting the clubs heavy, but they were not buying albums. Then Michael Jackson released Off the Wall

He fed the multitude with the spiritual fish that traveled through his infectious sound waves. That was in 1979. By 1993, when child molestation allegations first surfaced, he was being crucified by the high priests of media and their corporate sponsors. The new HBO mockumentary is intended to be the mythical Spear of Destiny that pierces the flesh of the crucified Christ.

Capitalism didn’t begin with the African Slave trade. That holocaust was an effect of a cause. Like many other culturally influential things, Capitalism began with a book. It wasn’t Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, either. It was the New Testament of the Bible, which teaches you that your salvation must come at the horrific demise of another being.

After centuries that moral ethic gave us capitalist plantation owners who terrorized African slaves. It also gave us wealthy C.E.O.s who run nonunionized employees into the ground for a minimum wage that doesn’t even allow workers to pay their rent. The number of people who are working , but are still homeless, is growing across every major city in the U.S.  The worker is exploited (crucified), so that wealthy men without a conscience may have everlasting life.

In the Bible the King of Kings feeds the multitude with two fishes. As reflected in Gerald Massey’s book The Historical Jesus and The Mythical Christ, this meal symbolizes the spiritual food inherent to the astrological Age of Pisces, not literal food on a dinner plate. The zoomorphic imagery associated with Pisces are two fishes facing opposite directions.

The mythological Christ who tells us that we must become like children to get into Neverland (Matthew 18:3) is the designated prophet of the Piscean Age. The Neverland of J.M. Barries’ fictional Peter Pan-centered literature is a metaphor for the Judeo-Christian heaven that believers still look forward to after they die.

The Leaving Neverland documentary initially aired on March 3 in the astrological season of Pisces. This is not by coincidence. Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is an ode to the home of the fictional Peter Pan who lives there. Furthermore, Neverland Ranch is in Santa Barbara, California which is named after the Catholic Saint Barbara, who like Christ, is regarded as a martyr for the church.


                                  Peter Pan

The name “Peter” in “Peter Pan” comes from the name “Ptah,” the Kemetic deity who is often shown cloaked in fish scales, which further connects us to Piscean imagery. The oldest statues of Ptah depict him as a dwarf, so he initially had a child-like frame like the fictional Peter Pan character. Also the astrological sign of Pisces governs the feet, which are critical to the Moonwalk, that made Jackson a world-wide legend in the realm of dance.

When Jackson was born his moon was in Pisces. This speaks to his ability to tap into the deep emotional reservoir of humanity with his music because he ran the gamut of these very same emotions in his daily life on earth.

The name for “fish” in Hebrew is “Nun.” In the Phoenician alphabet that preceded old Hebrew, Nun is also a letter that resembles a lightning bolt, a photonic flash of energy that descends from the heavens. Dogon cosmology informs us that the fish-like entities, the Nommo, descended from the heavens because they were banished. According to Christian mythology Lucifer fell from heaven in the instant flash of a lightning bolt that resembled the number 777.

Michael Jackson was a Virgo, and in the domain of Christian astro-theology, Virgo represents the angel Lucifer at the height of his favor with God before the great fall. This is what you’re seeing when you look at MJ wearing light-bearing rhinestones in his “Rock With You” music video. With the green light of Venus shining behind him, he’s a man at the height of grace, considering challenging for the throne. Libra signifies Lucifer after his Fall from Grace, which is why Libra inaugurates the Fall season. Virgo and Libra are ruled by Venus, “The Morning Star” of the celestial sphere.

In the old Hebrew alphabet Nun is also a letter, and it has a numerological value of 50. Michael Jackson was 50-years-old when he transitioned on June 25, 2009. Instead of a lightning bolt in the Phoenician alphabet the letter nun resembles a serpent. It is widely believed that the serpent in the Garden of Eden that spoke to Eve is none other than the Fallen Angel Lucifer.

The mythological Christ and Lucifer are one and the same. They share the same numerical equivalent in simple gematria and they are both known as “The Morning Star.”  In Europe’s Holy Grail mythology the grail is believed to be the cup used by Christ during the Last Super, but it is also believed to contain the jewel from the crown of the Fallen Angel Lucifer, “Lapis Exilis.” Which rendering is true? Perhaps both. I’ll explain later.

Throughout his adult life Jackson—who wore the number 777 on one of his jackets—was the mourning star who mourned the loss of his childhood. As a little boy his dad forced him to focus on his career instead of just being a normal child.

The name “Lucifer” literally means “light bearer.” I broke the name “Lucifer” down in detail in my book, The Treasures of Darkness: Living Jewels for Spiritual Resurrection. Lucifer is a highly melinated empathic being. In another sense, Michael was figuratively the “light bearer” of our time because he was an international icon who carried a disease over the better part of his adult life called vitiligo that made his skin light.

Some readers may be asking themselves why I am filtering Jackson’s professional legacy through the lens of Jewish mysticism. My answer is that every soul has its own song. We simply dance to the beat of its infectious drum. Michael’s beat (his personal mythology) is Judeo-Christian. The Bible is the HTML (Hebraic Textual Magic Language) source code that undergirds the collective cultural program for people, places, and things in Western civilization.

Besides the fact that the music and film industries that Jackson was a part of are by and large coordinated by Jewish executives, it is important to understand that the entertainment industry is also dominated by the Judaic Messianic narrative which is at the heart and soul of Jewish Theater Sorcery.  It manipulates the unified mediums of music, writing and moving images to influence human perception on a global scale.

Let’s put something in perspective. Leaving Neverland aired right after a week of international news stories involving an 
internet character named Momo ran. Momo has been terrorizing young children across the globe while they are watching children’s videos on YouTube.

Based on the platform’s algorithm, the video of Momo appears in between innocent children’s videos persuading them to commit suicide. Momo also tells them that if they reveal his identity to adults he will come into their rooms while they are sleeping and kill them. Momo is  actually a caricaturized depiction of Michael Jackson in his later years as an abuser of children. A caricature, not to be confused with a character, is an extreme exaggeration of a persons actual appearance. Compare the photos below for yourself and draw your own conclusion.

The whole Momo fiasco is designed to make young children subliminally afraid of Michael Jackson and shy away from his musical legacy. In Hebrew gematria the name Momo has a numerical value of “92” which corresponds to the Hebrew word “Pachad” which means “Projected Fear.” Momo’s whole purpose is to spread fear among innocent young children to tarnish Jackson’s legacy. Momo is a deviant Nommo, teaching the ways of Death instead of life. Also the true Nommo of Dogon lore are androgynous beings and Michael Jackson was as androgynous as they come. When we decrypt an encrypted evil intelligence we strip it of its power.

In ancient Kemet’s distant past, the netcher Set was a hero. There is a story about him boldly defending Ra from the serpent Apep. However he is most recognized today as the first villain in a religious text. Like I said earlier, folks will build you up, only to tear you the fuck down at a later time. Media Sorcery can make disciples once believed to be loyal turn their back on the Christ, declaring “I never knew him.”

The Jewish Messiah is arguably the world’s first celebrity. The very concept of celebrity is rooted in the narcissistic notion that only one man or woman adds unreciprocated value to a multitude of other men and women of lesser drive, skill, initiative, and intelligence.  

The celebrity as a divine archetype is what is fundamentally at the core of the Messianic motif in Judeo-Christian mythology as we have culturally observed it through media. Its underpinning value is that only one man can shine at a time until they are sacrificed for the greater good, and another nice guy takes his place on the cross, which is a revolving door of human sacrifice.

        Prelude to the crucifixion via Theater Sorcery   

The HBO cable network airing Leaving Neverland is owned by AT&T, which owns multiple media platforms including streaming services. Michael Jackson’s music publishing is owned by Sony/ATV, which is the world’s leading music publishing company. I wouldn’t be surprised if AT&T acquires Sony/ATV in the near future. In attacking Jackson’s legacy, which is a prized asset of Sony/ATV, it compromises the net worth of the entire company, which makes it more vulnerable to being purchased than it was before the smear campaign.

Hebrew gematria allows us to accurately identify the role and function of each person or corporate entity within the mythos of the persecuted Messiah, which is a decidedly Judeo-Christian archetype. The biblical story of the crucified Messiah was constructed from ancient Greek tragedy literature filtered through the dramatization of celestial phenomena like the rising and setting of the sun. As a literary genre, the Greek tragedies of Hellenic literature are forerunners to modern horror movie franchises like Friday the 13 and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Jackson’s greatest selling album is “Thriller”. A thriller is a sub-genre of the horror movie. If you listen to Jackson’s album title track “Thriller” with your heart you will discover that the song is really about the resurrection of a people that the world thought was left for dead.

At the 1:24 mark of the song Jackson says “You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination. But all the while, you hear a creature creeping up from behind; you’re out of time, ’cause this is THRILLER.” Thriller the song is about YOU and your rise from ignorance and mental death. Vincent Price’s vivid monologue at the end of the song could easily be a colorful description of a Nat Turner slave rebellion.

The entire Thriller album musically articulates the Christ myth. “Billy Jean,” is about the Virgin Mary’s birthing of the Christ from Joseph’s perspective: “She’s just a girl claiming I am the one, but the kid is not my son.” Well, of course. The Christ is called “The Son of God” not the son of Joseph. The kid is not Joseph’s son. The song “Beat It” is about the frauds and con artists that Christ drives out of the temple.

Thriller is essentially a gospel album about resurrection, and the resurrection of the Christ is a metaphor for the long-awaited rise of a people. Jackson’s musical catalog is a celebration of the human spirit and the soundtrack to our greatest human experiences. The imagination is the lucid vision emanating from the heart.  Jackson inspired us to follow the gleam of our own light spectrum. For that, I am very grateful. Michael Jackson has risen and the moon is dancing.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Wonder Wheels of Infinity within the Dimensional Shift

Back in the summer of 2017 I was on a long line to get on the Wonder Wheel ride at Coney Island’s Luna Park with my wife and daughter and noticed that there was a sign indicating that the wheel can hold up to 144 people. 

When I saw this, I thought about chapter 14:1 of The Book of Revelations that spoke of the 144,000 elect of God destined to stand with the returning Christ on Mount Zion, which is the mountain of  man’s inner sun, also known as the “Third Eye” or pineal gland. The pineal gland is located between the two hemispheres of the human brain and it visually resembles a woman’s stimulated clitoris.

Upon a recent inspection of Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia I found that the number “144” corresponds to the Hebrew word “Qedem,” which is essentially the DAWN of your scorching inner life force when it rises above the horizon of your conscious awareness to occupy its highest station of power within you.

A sea of men and women who have completed this internal resurrection of life within themselves witness the opening of their Third Eye and they stand as the elect in orgasmic Christ consciousness.

We’re not going to get into whether Jesus Christ actually existed as a historical figure, or whether he is Black or white. Those are elementary study conversations. Mind Glow Media deals with under graduate and graduate studies so we deal primarily with the principles behind a thing, not in its literal historicity. Achieving Christ Consciousness in your heart and mind is precisely what The Book of Revelations is talking about in chapter 14:1. There is no flesh and blood man whom you’ve never met coming to save you from unpleasant experiences.

When Coney Island, Brooklyn became the building site for one of North America’s oldest amusement parks in the early 20th century, the neighborhood was home to several Jews who had emigrated to the U.S. from Europe.  For me, the famous Wonder Wheel ride evokes thoughts of Ezekiel’s Wheel in the biblical Old Testament. The wheel in Ezekiel’s vision is believed to be a reference to the Ophanim, a lofty order of celestial beings who manifest as interlocking scorching wheels or rings. In India, the term for “wheel” is “chakra.”

A chakra is an internal rotating wheel that opens the gateway to inner dimensions and inner worlds of self-exploration. The inherent diversity of these internal dimensions are signified by various colors within the visible light spectrum. Each of the seven colors have at least seven gradients (7x7=49). Go back to the chapter beginning on page 117 of my book TheTreasures of Darkness and see what I said about the number 49.

Initially, the hue of green emanating from one person with an activated heart chakra is never exactly the same as the green emanating from their lover, even if the love that they share between each other is real and mutual.

Two people can love each other intensely and sincerely and still have arguments or disagreements with each other. This is because their internal dimensions are not in total alignment so they may look at the same thing and have two different perspectives on it. Couples are never in total alignment in the beginning of their relationship. They realize this once they get past the initial stage when their lover can do no wrong. Her green is different from his green, but they are both still green.

However these differences should not be frowned upon, but mutually understood and embraced. You’re not supposed to be in COMPLETE dimensional alignment with your lover in the initial stages. Subconsciously, this dimensional dissonance is what initially attracted the two of you to each other in the first place, but it isn’t what keeps you together through challenges.

A true and loving long-term relationship between two people involves establishing an authentic and mutual appreciation for the two different expressions (different gradients) of the same internal dimension (color) that you share. As this happens over time the spectral signature emanating from each lover’s heart starts to align naturally.  You are internalizing more aspect of your lover, while they are internalizing more of you. Inevitably you meet in the center of your internal dimensional rings.

This is the symbolic meaning of the marriage ceremony which often involves an EXCHANGE of engagement RINGS which are WHEELS. The exchanged rings are a symbolic reference to your internal chakras or Ophanim (dimensions).  

For those readers who think that me cross-referencing Hindu culture with Judaic tradition is a big stretch, you should know that ancient India, historically, had a significant Jewish population. The Star of David was the star of the Indian god Vishnu.

The Jewish Patriarch “Abraham” was originally known as “Abram,” which phonetically sounds like “Brahma” which is another name for Vishnu. These are not coincidences. The book Qabalah: The Mystical Heritage of the Children of Abraham by Daniel Hale Feldman offers some insight concerning the relationship between Indian Tantra and Judaism that may add to your perspective on this cross-cultural connection.

Amusement parks are replications of the Astral Plane on the Objective Plane of form that we occupy in day-to-day life. Two books that helped me to conceptualize what the astral plane is like are Far Journeys and Ultimate Journeys by Robert Monroe. The book Astral Travel by Gavin and Yvone Frost exposed me to the actual practice of astral projection and travel.

Amusement parks appeal to children as well as the child within every adult, because a child’s mind is naturally acclimated to the exotic realm of endless visual possibility. Only children can get into heaven because the higher intelligence that we call God is a child. If God were an old man with a big white beard, then you and I wouldn’t be down here fishing for new experiences because old men are not hungry for new experiences. They’re contemplative about the rich reservoir of past experiences they already have. Old men look back. Children look forward. Think about what I just said carefully before you disagree if you want to disagree.

People in New York can bear witness to the fact that when you see Coney Island in the distance from a train suspended in the air in the night time, the amusement park looks like something conceived from a child’s vivid imagination. It looks like a place where all things are possible. The rides in amusement parks are visual representations of timeless cosmic principles filtered through light, sound, and exotic geometric structures.

The tallest structure at Coney Island’s Luna Park is the Parachute Jump, a tower that symbolizes the descent of The Fallen Ones from the celestial realm to the dense physical plane of earthly existence. At night, this tower lights up as a DESCENDING rotating spiral of vibrant colors, which alludes to the mythological descent of Dan, Benin’s rainbow serpent, as well as the rainbow chord of Tibetan Buddhism through which Tibetan kings are believed to have descended to Earth. One of the most popular rides at Coney Island back in the day was the Super Himalaya. The Himalayan mountains are located in Tibet.

The second tallest structure at Coney Island is the Wonder Wheel which symbolizes the internal dimensions or channels within man locked in time. The ride contains wheels within wheels, which reminds me of Ezekiel’s Wonder Wheel vision in the Bible. The Wonder Wheel ride at Coney Island holds 144 passengers, which signifies the elect of God who break through the perceptual cocoon that we call time as colorful butterflies of the spirit.

The scientific community is reporting that the rings on the planet Saturn are dissolving from intense heat that is permeating our solar system. This heat does not come from the sun, though. What’s happening is our solar system is in a hotter sector of the galaxy hence the dramatic change in Saturn’s appearance. The planet is named after the Roman god, which is itself based on the Greek god, Kronos. The word “Chronology” which is the sequence of events within TIME comes from the name of the Greek god Kronus that had power over the domain of time. The Chronoswiss watch is named after the god Kronos. The wonder wheels of Saturn are dissolving because the circle of time is dissolving. The hands of time are moving counterclockwise.  

                               Saturns Rings

More than ever, the news media is giving you reasons to be angry to get your mind off the fact that the circles of time are dissolving from our awareness as we direct our focus of attention inward toward preferred future visions. The circles of tribulation,  restriction and stress disappear as we internally align with the cosmic principles encapsulated within the Congolese Cosmogram. This Central African ideogram contains circles within circles.

There is an interesting article that ran in the New York Times back in 2016 entitled Ezekiel’s Wheel Ties African Spiritual Traditions to Christianity. The article should have been titled “Ezekiel’s Wheel Ties Christianity to African Spiritual Traditions.” Anthropologists found African religious artifacts in Maryland that resemble Ezekiel’s biblical vision of the Wonder Wheel.

African prisoners of war who were brought to America were brutally murdered and physically tortured for practicing traditional African spirituality. Many of them got around this infringement upon their natural rights by brilliantly cloaking African cultural principles with Judeo-Christian symbolism. It is believed that the artifacts in Maryland are depictions of the Congolese Cosmogram that signify the spiral path of the universe and man’s cyclical journey through it. The words “SPIRIT” and “SPIRAL” are both related.

The African prisoners of war practiced “The Ring Shout,” a circular counter clockwise dance that affirmed their divinity and strengthened their collective vision of mutual freedom from temporal bondage. Remember I said earlier that the hands of time are moving backward therefore the rings of Saturn are dissolving.  The Ring Shout dance involves a group of people who form a circle and dance in a counter clockwise formation. They’re moving forward through their wonder wheel of infinity within the dimensional shift  

The media bombardment of your consciousness with news designed to rile you up and keep you constantly angry and stressed is designed to pull you away from doing The Ring Shout with your loved ones so that you can therapeutically dissolve the outer rings of time constriction to strengthen your inner rings of multi-dimensional alignment.

Observe current events, but don’t get too emotionally involved with matters that you are told you should be excited about, but in reality, don’t concern you or your family. Focus on your own Wonder Wheels, and maybe you will soon count yourself among The Elect of Mount Zion. This is Third Eye Max.