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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Secret Herstory of Islam

Sacred coin of the goddess Allat

“O you who believe! when the call is made for prayer on Friday, then hasten to the remembrance of God and leave off business trading; that is best for you, if yee but knew.”

The Holy Qu'ran 62:9

Why is Jumu’ah, the Islamic holy prayer, held on a Friday? Why is the official color of Islam green and why is there a crescent moon at the top of most mosques and on the flags of so many Muslim countries? The answer to these well-bred questions have been locked behind bars of deceit by Islamic gatekeepers for centuries. The fact of the matter is that the ancient spiritual system that became the organized religion we know as Islam was originally centered around goddess worship, specifically the goddess of beauty, material wealth and the sexual libido.

In ancient Kemet this goddess was known as Het-Heru, but she is familiar to most as Hathor. A Het-Heru-Sexual man is one who devotes himself to the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional upliftment of his woman whom he recognizes as his personal goddess on earth. Meanwhile a Het-Heru-Sexual woman is one who proudly embraces her womanhood and has no desire to compete with her man for the role of head of Household (assuming the man has EARNED the right to be designated as such) because she realizes that he is her god on earth. The name Het-Heru in English literally translates to mean “House of the god Heru.” Therefore a Het-Heru-Sexual woman is happy to let her god enter her Ishtar Gate and radiate every fiber of her being because he never fails to set her precious soul on fire.

Het-Heru’s holy day of worship was on Friday and her official color was green. Among the Yoruba she is known as Oshun. In ancient Sumer she was known as Inanna (Ill Nana?), while in Rome she was known as the goddess Venus. In ancient Arabia, however, there were three moon goddesses who had the same attributes as Het-Heru, and they were all worshipped simultaneously. The Kaaba in Mecca was constructed around the shrine that once served as the house of worship for these goddesses in pre-Islamic times. The names of the three deities were Al-Manat, Al-Uzza (the Mighty One), and Allat, from whence you get the name “Allah.”

                              Ancient temple dedicated to Al-Uzza

Orthodox Muslims will usually tell you that Allah simply means “God,” in Arabic, but the general word for God in Arabic is “Ilah” not “Allah.” Allah is the name of a SPECIFIC deity and that deity was once known as the goddess Allat before her name was changed by misogynistic Arab men who rejected the doctrine of the divine feminine. For evidence of just how different the white Arab and the Black African male were with respect to how they saw their women I highly recommend you read Ibn Battuta in Black Africa by Noel King and Said Hamdun. You can also read the Arabian folktale One Thousand and One Nights which offers some insight into how women were generally regarded by white Arab men at the time that Islam was being molded into the religion it is today. Al-Uzza, who was associated with the zodiac sign of Libra, was both the goddess of beauty and war (an interesting paradox considering the fact that some of the world’s greatest military strategists were Librans) and her sacred color was green. Her day of worship was Friday.

The emblem associated with the three goddesses of pre-Islamic Arabia was the crescent moon which represents 33 and 1/3 of a full moon’s light. A 32nd degree mason is known as a Shriner, and the emblem used by the Shriners is very revealing to those who take the crescent moon symbolism into consideration. It depicts a scimitar (crescent moon shaped sword) above the head of a pharaoh. The emblem is meant to convey the fact that although a Shriner mason may be a master he has not attained his 33rd degree. Water, which most of the human body is composed of, freezes at 32 degrees celsius. When the temperature reaches 33 it begins the process of thawing out. The Shriner remains spiritually frozen, a slave to Egypt (his lower passions) and has not crossed the Red Sea via the tidal wave of Kundalini current to reach Mount Zion (the Mountain of the Sun) which is the pineal gland or “Third Eye” located in the Promised Land that you call your brain.

The Arabian goddesses were primarily worshipped by a Meccan tribe known as the Quraysh, which is ironically, the same tribe that the prophet Muhammad of 1,400 years ago belonged to. This is why in Surah 62:9 of the Qu'ran he tells the believers not to do business on Friday. It was the day devoted to the goddess of material wealth. It was known that honoring her would result in success in business and commerce. Our dollar bills are not green for aesthetic reasons. I'll go more into that at a later time.

                                   Ancient Sumerian clay tablet

In his book The Theology of Time the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (who was a Libran) told us about the triple stages of darkness that existed before the sun, moon, and stars came into being. What he was actually referring to was the Triple Black Goddesses (Allat, Al-Manat, Al-Uzza) which is the Ain-Soph-Aur of the Qabalah. The Ain-Soph-Aur is the eternal moment experienced just before the creation of our universe. We all re-experience this sacred moment at the time of sexual orgasm. However, a sexual orgasm even at its best is a failed attempt to recapture the Euphoria that the Triple Black Goddesses felt when they conceived the Grand Architect of our Physical Universe. According to J.E. Cirlot's Dictionary of Symbols the crescent moon symbolizes, among other things, the feminine principal and the aquatic realm. This is the watery abyss of Pisces which is ruled by the underworld god, Neptune (who represents your Dark Side, your subconscious mind which has no boundaries).

The moon, which is a prominent symbol in Islam, is a reflector, nurturer and incubator of light. With regards to Islamic teaching, that light is God (Surah 24: 35). In Arabia the female name Kamaria (Ka + Maria/Mary) means “like the moon.” Kamaria is “like the moon” in the respect that she can nurture and give birth to a god. Catholics speak of Mary as the Mother of God, and metaphysically speaking, they are correct.  Mary the Mother of God and the three moon goddesses of pre-Islamic Arabia are variations on the same theme. It is also worth noting that the Holy Trinity hand gesture practiced by many Rastafarian men resembles the female vagina in its shape. This is because the original Holy Trinity is the Triple Black Goddess. The rapper Jay-Z often calls himself “Hova,” which is the anglicized version of the Hebrew word “Havva” which means “Lady of Life.”  Whether he realizes it or not, the man who rhymes about “ black cards, black cars, all black everything” acknowledges the Triple Black Goddess every time he throws up the diamond leaf.  

According to the ancient Kemetic Shabaka Stone, which was transcribed from a much older papyrus which preceded the Pharaoh Shabaka by several thousand years, the god Ptah created our physical universe after he arose from the primordial waters of Nun. The god Nun was the living embodiment of plasma energy, spirit, which explains why he is often depicted as having the beard of a man and the breasts of a woman because pure spirit has both a masuline and feminine polarity. This polarity helps explain the origin of homosexuality. Nevertheless, the ancient Kemites used the god Nun in their creation story to explain the role of the Triple Black Goddess AFTER the Big Bang, as opposed to their role as the Ain-Soph Aur before.

“The Mother Plane” alluded to by Elijah Muhammad in his book The Fall of America, was not a spaceship, but a metaphorical reference to Atziluth the highest “plane,” the first plane, “the mother plane,” on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Elijah was sharing ideas that the majority of people of his time could not comprehend so he taught his students abstract spiritual truths in the form of what some might consider sci-fi allegories. The "Asiatic" Black Man, is the Black man who occupies the Qabalistic world of "Assiah," the world of solids, liquids, and gases. The Asiatic/Assiahatic Black man is a microcosmic, holographic projection of the orignal man, the Adam Kadmon of the archetypal world of Atziluth.

As we become reabsorbed back into the Divine Mother with the coming paradigm shift, the mother plane will be responsible for the destruction of the world as we know it, just as Muhammad said. We will become one with the All and commune with each other in love, peace and happiness. As Salaam Alaikum!!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Every Nigga's AStAR: The Authorized Biography of Osiris

After walking for several miles, we all started to wonder where the High Priestess, Sekhmet was leading us. Two hours into our journey through the Zep Tepi desert, we came upon a temple waiting in the distance. It was a magnanimous pyramid decked in shimmering gold surrounded by four golden obelisks positioned at each of the pyramid’s four corners. At the very top of each one was a crescent moon of silver that scraped the heavens blue. As Sekhmet lead us into the pyramid’s arched opening we were immediately enveloped by absolute darkness. “Sekhmet, where are you taking us!” yelled Osiris, whose voice quivered with fear.

“As I told you earlier, my son, I am taking you all to meet the High Priest of Atlantis,” Sekhmet answered. “She’s a fuckin’ liar! The bitch is leading us into a trap,” growled Sahu, one of the other initiates, who savagely lunged at the Priestess. As the hulking coward wrapped his brolic, muscled  arms around Sekhmet’s tiny neck in a chokehold his body suddenly erupted into a bonfire of burning flesh. Sahu disintegrated into a fine mist, leaving nothing behind; not even the smell of his charred carcass. As we all stared at the petit priestess in horror she slowly spun around to face us with the purifying fires of Khenti Amenti  in her eyes.

“I want you gentlemen to listen, and listen very closely,” roared the old, wrinkled, dread-locked woman. “You have all worked for 33 years to reach this point in your initiation. That means that there can be no turning back. We must proceed forward until you reach your final destination. If you quit now, all of your names will be erased from the Lion’s book of life. Live or die; the choice is yours!” Shaking intensely, we all nodded our heads in compliance with the fierce Lioness. Sekhmet cracked a demonic smile then proceeded on her way as we hastily followed her lead. “Fear not gentlemen….we shall be coming upon the High Priest’s sacred chamber shortly,” she said with an almost sinister calm.

As we continued to walk through the temple, we grew extremely cold and increasingly frightful of what might await beyond the darkness. All that I could see was Sekhmet and my fellow initiates as they walked in single file before me. It was an extreme darkness that only magnified the sharpness of their images. Their skins were a radiant brown and their white garments glowed with vivid purity. A few moments later, what appeared to be a shooting star coming from the right wizzed passed us followed by three more on our left. “In the name of Ra, what is going on, Sekhmet. Where are we going?!” Osiris cried. “Have courage my dear,” Sekhmet reassured. “We shall be approaching very shortly.”

As I looked down towards the ground I was shocked to find there was none. “What could be holding us up?” I thought as severe panic began to set in. Before long, we were all greeted by pulsating stars numbering in the hundred’s of thousands. We then saw a bright red dot on our far left that was rapidly increasing in size before we realized that it was the planet Mars, which shot right by us. Actually, as it turned out, WE were the ones who sped by it. You see, much to our surprise my brethren and I discovered that the entrance to the golden pyramid was actually a gateway to the cosmos that we were swiftly marching through despite walking at normal speed. We flashed past Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto as we marched boldly through the boundless blackness of inner space.

Eventually, we came upon a space portal shaped like a woman’s vagina, flashing a luminous white light that extended several light years. As we stood at a good distance from the portal’s opening a figure emerged within the light. It was the figure of a kinetic king adorned with gold, radiance and glory. His skin was as black as an obsidian mirror with a well-polished sheen. He wore a green, suede robe studded with sparkling diamonds arranged in an intricate dragon motif. Around his neck was a gold rope chain with a huge disk bearing the all-seeing eye of Ra with a blazing emerald jewel as its pupil. Upon his head was a tightly fitted green skullcap with a diamond-studded design that depicted the sun, moon, and stars. His face was serene and youthful, characterized by prominent cheekbones that gave him an almost serpentine appearance. His eyes were as lamps of fire that burned to the core of our very souls. My fellow initiates and I kneeled in humble reverence before this mystic stranger of unfathomable radiance. He communicated with us telepathically, transmitting iron words forged in the cosmic fires of Amenti. His voice in our heads was majestic and thunderous.

“Greetings gentlemen. I, Ptah congratulate you on your monumental accomplishment. You have walked a path that most have feared to tread and have reached the summit in your uphill quest for universal truth and enlightenment. After 33 years of hard work and preparation you can finally count yourselves among the glorious Sons of Light. You have gained complete and total entry into the Intergalactic Brotherhood of the Nagas.”

Immediately Thoth, Osiris, Set, Anubis and I erupted into a mini-celebration before we were interrupted by another telepathic transmission from the black god with the starry crown.

“Silence gentlemen. There is more that I have to share with you. It hurts me deeply to tell you this, but in the next eight years your entire continent will sink to the bottom of the ocean as a result of an approaching Pole Shift. Most of your countrymen will perish, including your families. However you will not have time to mourn over your respective losses as I will entrust you with the responsibility of carrying out an extremely important task.

The accumulated wisdom of our race must be preserved if humanity is to continue with its spiritual evolution in the years that follow this horrific cataclysm. To ensure that this happens, I am appointing Osiris to lead you and a remnant of Atlanteans to the continent of Ethiopia. There, you will build new civilizations in the North East region based upon the teachings and precepts of your great and noble ancestors, and…

 “Why should we follow Osiris?” Set interrupted as Osiris bowed his head with shame. Despite reaching this stage in his initiation, Set had not purged himself of the beast within, while Osiris lacked the backbone that was necessary for true leadership. One had to wonder how and why the two men got this far in their initiation. “Lets face it, Ptah: Osiris is a pussy! The little bitch ass nigga couldn’t find his way out of the rain. I command you to reconsider. I feel that I….”

“Silence mortal, or I shall strip you of your rank!” thundered Ptah as Set cringed with fear. “You will play an important role in the scheme of things, but on this matter I will not elaborate. From the womb of this dark continent in the east will come the light of a brand new day and every kingdom of the earth shall be warmed by its natural splendor and divinity. Then, after many moons of uninterrupted prosperity, great trials and tribulations will befall you and our kind. A new man shall rise within the earth, the snow men from the north, and they will crush thee with an iron heel and place a yoke of iron around thy neck.

He will come from the other end of the earth in ships as swift as an eagle flieth and will take thee for bondmen and bondwomen. This New Man will be of fierce countenance and will not care for the young or the old, the sick or the able, the women or the children. He will take some of you as slaves to what remains of the great Atlantis, which will be nothing more than a group of islands in the surrounding waters. The rest of you will be shipped to The New Atlantis, where you will labor as beasts in the cotton fields from dusk to dawn. There you shall toil all day, but the sun will not have mercy on you. Strange fruit shall swing from mighty oaks in this land where thievery and bloodshed are the gospels of the wicked.”

To be continued……

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Qabalistic Poetry of OZ

The 70th Anniversary box set DVD for The Wizard of OZ came out yesterday, the same day as Ghostface's new album entitled Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City. I looked up the numbers in yesterday’s date (9/29=929) in David Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia and found that 929 is synonymous with the Palace of the Supernals on the Kabalisitc Tree of Life. The Supernals, or Divine Triad, are the highest spheres on the Tree of Life.

If you look at the back of Ghost’s CD, you’ll see a palace with three towers (3 supernals) behind a lake. This lake is the Daath, the hidden Sephirah in front of the 3 Supernals on the Tree of Life. Ghost’s album has 3 executive producers (Ghostface, Mike Caruso and LA Reid) and is released in the astrological house of Libra (9/29). The official color for Libra is green (Emerald City) and it’s the most prominent color on the covers of both the DVD box set and CD (naturally). Also, the astrological house of Libra is ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Ghost has nothing but love songs on this CD.

Then when you add 9+2+9 you get 20. 2+0=2. The 2nd sephirah on the Tree of Life is “Chokmah,” which means “Wizdom” in Hebrew. A Wizard is one who excercises wizdom in the practice of the spiritual sciences. Ghost is/was a God Body, (5 Percenter) one who believes that “God” is actually an acronym for “Gomar Oz Dubar” which they say means “Strength Wizdom & Beauty”. Ayo, this math is like ziti!!! Just dishing a little food for thought…..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Nexus of T.I.M.E.

Time travel can be achieved by tapping into the Nexus of T.I.M.E. (The Inner Mind’s Eye). The Nexus is a psychic gateway through which an individual can access the past, present and future all at a moment’s notice. Each individual’s experience of the Nexus of Time is unique, because we all have our own set of incarnational experiences within what we call the past, present, and future. The Nexus, to varying degrees, enables us to absorb the emotional residue of these incredibly powerful experiences without revisiting them in their entirety . Depending on the nature of the experience, this fact will either leave you feeling resentful or relieved.

You could be alone in deep thought or have a mentally stimulating conversation with a friend, then suddenly, you are splashed with what seems to be an odd cocktail of emotions. You feel anger, fear, joy, ecstasy, and profound anticipation all at once. You may even have visions (I have not had such visions, but I imagine that some people might). This short, but jolting psychospiritual experience which is usually accompanied by chills, goosebumbs and a head-swelling sensation, makes you feel as if you are literally experiencing the collective consciousness of the entire world populace at once.

However, it is not the collective consciousness of humanity you are experiencing, but those of all your past incarnations which may number in the hundreds or thousands. Each incarnation is connected to your Oversoul, a living astral intellect that stores all of your incarnational experiences like a hot air balloon stores air…..All of your past, present, and future incarnations are actually occurring right now as you are reading this blog. This may sound strange and ridiculous to some readers, but we must consider the fact that the human mind falsely perceives reality through the frame of space-time. Since we can only perceive reality from moment to moment, we separate it into past, present, and future. In truth, they are all part of one unified whole. Everything that has, is, and will happen to you is happening right Now. Time is static and unmoving. It is human perception that moves through time.

Imagine you’re watching your favorite movie on VHS. As you watch the movie you witness the entire story unfold before your eyes on the television screen. While you are enjoying the movie you understand that it is not being written and directed as the tape rolls along in your VCR. The movie’s beginning, middle and ending was already determined before you popped the video into the machine. It’s already on the tape.

After watching the video, you reflect on the movie and think about all of the exciting scenes and characters you just saw. Most importantly, you remember the emotions that each scene and character aroused within you. Some were “positive” while others may have been “negative.” The Nexus of Time that I speak of is a psychic bridge that connects you to your Oversoul, which is like a Blockbuster Video store on the astral plane. Within your Oversoul there are hundreds or thousands of movies that you can rent and experience. The difference here, is that each video in the store tells a story about one of your many lives since incarnating in the physical.

Some are comedies, others are thrillers, many are dramas. Most are a combination of all three. Each movie has its own scenes and characters arousing a broad range of emotions within you. However one of the major differences between your Oversoul and the actual Blockbuster Video store down the block, is the fact that in your Oversoul, YOU have a starring role in each-and-every movie. In some movies you’re the leading actor or actress, while in others you’re the supporting actor or actress. In a few instances you might even be an extra whom nobody notices. The bottom line is that you are a part of the story and all of your fellow co-stars, whether minor or major, have some impact on your soul’s development within the film. Your current incarnation is one of several written, directed and produced by your Oversoul.

The Nexus, which grants you access to your Oversoul, does not exist beyond your fingertips. It’s inside a tiny structure between the two hemispheres of your brain called the pineal gland. It resembles a woman’s clitoris in its appearance and is sometimes called the “Third Eye” by occultists. The Nexus is often accessed through lucid dreaming or deep meditation which stimulates and arouses pineal gland function through the resurrection of Kundalini (also known as Jesus/Lucifer; Book of Revelations 22:16 ). Many of us have passed through the Nexus of Time in our dreams, and during waking consciousness, at one time or another. However, most of us don’t remember it when we wake up in the morning because we don’t get enough sleep. I’m still trying to get this right myself.

The less sleep you get, the less access you have to the deeper recesses of your mind. Therefore, the best way to ensure that you remember these dreams is to get lots of sleep, at least 10-12 hours a night. Yet given the time constraints that school, the job and the career place upon our lives, these long hours of slumber are not practical for most of us. For those who can’t sleep 10-12 hours a night on a long term basis, you should at least try it from November 24 to December 21. Mark it on your calendar.

The sun’s intensity is least felt during this 28-day cycle. This is a good thing because sunlight inhibits the production of serotonin, a neurochemical that helps you to access the Nexus of Time. People who are highly Melinated are already protected from the sun’s powerful rays. Those who have little or no meleanin are Third Eye Blind. Getting lots of sleep in the year’s later months, along with drinking large amounts of water, makes access that much easier for people of color. Meditation is also encouraged, but it can take years of practice before you can time travel. Personally, I have not developed the ability to Time Travel through meditation like the Yogis of India, so I cannot speak on the benefits of meditation in achieving this end. For those of you who doubt that astral projection—one purported means for time traveling—is real, all I can do is shake my head and say: YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I followed the directions in Gavin and Yvonne Frost’s book, Astral Travel in January of 2002, and have been a Knower on this matter ever since. Don’t take my word for it, though. Try it out for yourself.

Through the Nexus of T.I.M.E. you can access the day you were eaten to death by a crocodile fuckin’ around in the Yucatan, high off peyote and ayahuasca. That wasn’t a pretty Olmec girl on her back with her luscious legs spread motioning to you to “come get it.” That was a crocodile waiting for your dumb ass to come closer so he could make up for that tasty breakfast meal that got away earlier that morning. You should have been picking those bay leaves like your mom told you to instead of getting high in hostile territory.
Through the Nexus you can also access the day the Nagas (Niggas) descended from the heavens to oversee the construction of Cambodia’s Buddhist temple of Angkor Wat; the night you and your Ethiopian brethren danced around the Ark of the Covenant after chasing the Italians out of Adowa.

These experiences span the course of centuries and have different storylines. In some of them you were male in others who were female.All of our life experiences, whether “good” or “bad” are necessary for our souls to grow and achieve understanding. God and Satan represent the two polarities of your spirit that force your soul toward the center, which is balance. Satan is no more an enemy of man than God is. For those Christians who doubt this fact, I ask why did God make a deal with the Devil in the Book of Job (1:6-12). Also consider the Book of Isaiah 45:7. It’s just an inversion of the Good Cop-Bad Cop concept. Everything works toward the cultivation of your soul. You couldn’t get around it if you tried. Anything that resembles such is merely a detour on your road to glory.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Occult History of Contemporary Black Music (Pt.2 of 2)

The internet has made it so much easier for artist to get their music out to the public so you really have to be savvy and know what digital cracks and crevices to look in to find that authentic hip-hop music. In 2009 the Slaughterhouse, Raekwon and Ghostface have reminded us of the days when emcees rhymed with passion and took their art seriously. However all of those men are children of the 1970s. Younger artist must come forward to keep the tradition of Black music alive and define the sound of for this era.

In her book, The Psychic Vampire Codex, self-proclaimed vampire Michelle Belanger tells us what a real vampire is from a practicing vampire’s perspective. She says that most vampires do not drink blood (sanguine vampires) as you saw in the movie Blade Trinity starring Wesley Snipes. Instead, they absorb a person’s life force by feeding off of their emotions and attention (psychic vampires). Belanger explains that “psychic vampires have many different reasons for why they need to feed. Some believe that they feed as a result of a physical or spiritual ailment that has reduced their own vitality....Some psychic vampires believe that they have an imperfect connection to the universal sources of energy that fuel ordinary people” (pgs. 6,7). This aptly describes those vampires who get fat off of Black music and culture by using it as a mere commodity to be marketed and sold.

Like Belanger said, they are cut off from the universal sources of energy because they don’t have the carbon-based melanin necessary to process it. However, Black people do. Since vampires cannot tap into the universal mind, or even the ambient energies that emanate from it, they are unable to create original music that appeals to people of all races. They wait for Black people to do it so they can leech off of them and take all of the credit afterwards. However, the Priesthood of the Undead prefers not to feed off of authentic Black music because its energy vibration is far too intense.

When African American artists were recording some of their most inspired music between the 1920s and 70s the vampires could afford to let them slide because they were already having a smorgasbord with World Wars I and II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. The fear, death, and destruction generated by these dreadful events were more than enough to satiate the psychic vampires who started them in the first place by applying the Hegelian Dialectic. Nevertheless, they were always looking for their next feeding source. One of their favorites is Black culture.

The blues, jazz, and rock gave African Americans the spiritual food they needed to overcome specific challenges of the 20th century. When they got the nutrients they needed from these foods, they pushed the excrement of their artistry into America’s toilet bowl so the culture flies could feast on it as they had no other reason to exist. Since African Americans have taken longer than expected to have a hip-hop bowel movement, the mainstream media and record companies are forcing them to “drop it like it’s hot” and the smell is nothing nice.

Most of the sonic sludge passing for hip-hop nowadays is pathetic. The vampire priesthood prefers trash that sells because when they feed off of your emotions they have to make sure that it is within their own carrying capacity. Thoughts and emotions that lend life and vitality to us would cause them to explode like Unicron in Transformers: The Movie. These sadistic creatures are like coke heads who experience a brain-numbing high from metaphysically snorting your pain, suffering and stupidity. 

These patron saints of niggerdom seek to absolve millions of Black youth of their morals and integrity by promoting good old American values such as sex without respect (Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings), violence (the Trail of Tears), drugs (crack, cocaine, heroin, LSD, Ecstasy) and a lust for money (Enron, Savings & Loans, 2008 housing crisis). All of those things cause your spirit to vibrate on a low energy frequency which makes you food for the gods of the zodiac who maintain the Glass Ceiling of your awareness. The same can even be said about much of the “conscious rap” because the issues that it revolves around are usually tired and predictable.

The solution to the dilemma in Black music today is simple, but very hard to achieve. Hip-hop, soca, calypso, kompa, R&B, and reggae artists must fuse their respective powers to activate the crown charka of the Black world collective. They must stop selling trash to their community, because in doing so they only feed the vampires who live off of their creativity as pointed out before. To ensure that the bleeding comes to an end, Black recording artists—spanning a broad range of musical genres—must form a union designed to put full creative control in their own hands. Progress will not be made if Africans are separate forever. Black recording artists of the world unite!

The Occult History of Contemporary Black Music (Pt.1 of 2)

Unless you’ve spent the last decade of your life in a hermitage, it’s quite clear that hip-hop has become the new face of American pop culture. From Flatbush Avenue, to Madison Avenue, its power is felt and acknowledged by all.

Naïve and highly impressionable young Blacks will interpret its cultural dominance as some indication that they have finally been embraced by the loving arms of white America. In all actuality, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Hip-hop isn’t taking over white America. It has been co-opted by its most trusted corporate entities. The implications are dire for the music that hip-hop culture created, because whenever a genre of Black music fully assimilates into the American mainstream it usually means that it is about to die.

Jazz, the Blues, and Rock & Roll—which were all created by African Americans during the 20th century—may still have a strong following around the globe, but none of them carry the same cultural relevance that they did in years past. The primary reason for this, as we will discover, is the spiritual evolution of African Americans living under hostile and oppressive conditions. African Americans created each genre to fulfill a specific need, and when that need was met they moved on to create something totally new. Hip-hop music, in stark contrast, is breaking this century-old pattern as it is being forced into an early grave by Psychic Vampires.

What is particularly alarming about this trend, is the fact that no nationality within the African Diaspora has created a new genre of music within the last 25 years—an astonishing fact for anyone who knows the history of Black music in the Western Hemisphere. It almost seems as if Black people have suddenly lost their creative impulse. Perhaps, they may have become a bit too complacent….No matter how you look at it, it is safe to say that Black recording artists will not be a major cultural force in the global age unless they can fuse their ideas, sounds, and cultures to create a thriving new African centered soundscape.

Men and women of African descent are unrivaled in their contributions to the wonderful world of music. To highlight all of those contributions here would be impractical, as it would take us far beyond the scope of this particular blog. Therefore, we will use African American music as a microcosm of Black world music given its global reach, popularity, and variety of sound. Together we will examine the catalysts behind its metamorphosis, the impact it had on Blacks here in America, their enemies, and how it is being used to undermine the progress of Black people around the globe today.

Black artists like Robert Johnson, Miles Davis, Bo Diddly, Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix weren’t just great musicians. They were, and remain, cultural icons who shaped the way we thought, the way we felt, and the way we lived. When you listen to Hendrix play the electric guitar you’re not just listening to a musical instrument. You’re listening to a man’s soul put to musical scale. Hendrix’ mind traveled so far out into the cosmos that when he came back to Earth on his Band of Gypsies album the Afronaut gave us a totally new genre of music: funk. Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones made some great contributions to rock, no doubt, but even they have identified Hendrix and other Black pioneers of rock and blues as their favorite feeding sources, I mean, artistic inspirations.

By the time the 1960s rolled around, Blacks in America were beginning to distance themselves from jazz because as a thinking man’s muse it did not provide them with the emotional outlet they needed to express their feelings during one of the nation’s most turbulent periods. The blues did, but its lyrical themes usually reflected a fatalistic interpretation of life. It gave African Americans a chance to vicariously express their pain and suffering through blues artists, but it never gave them a sense of hope or feeling that their quality of life would improve. Sam Cooke (“Change Gonna Come”) and Marvin Gaye (“Love Party”) did. In addition, the blues music industry was one of the must corrupt in the nation’s history. Even the best artists of the day were cheated out of their rightful earnings, which only discouraged the young talent that could have powered the music forward.

Hendrix was probably the last of the legendary Black musicians to play rock after it reached its peak popularity within the African American community. The factors that contributed to its loss in popularity were primarily metaphysical. For one, rock & roll music is purely based on sexual expression. The guitar itself is a phallic symbol and those who play it from the soul are simulating masturbation. This assessment would sound ridiculous to those who do not view history through a metaphysical lens of perception. However, one must understand that Black men were burned, lynched, and castrated across the United States in record numbers during the 1950s (Emmitt Till). Coming on the heels of this phenomenon was a new wave of Black recording artists who rolled up from behind and rocked white America from the rear.

In an effort to fight against the terrorist acts perpetrated against them, Black men found an artistic means of flaunting the very thing they were enviously being murdered for: their sexual dominance. Throughout its history, rock has always been the music of rebellion in its many forms. This is because it was born out of rebellion; the Black man’s sexual rebellion. Whenever you see a rock star holding a guitar, know that they are actually holding the dismembered penis of the Black god Osiris.

According to Eastern philosophy, all sexual energy comes from the root chakra, or vortex of light, located at the base of your spine. The R&B coming out of Motown on the other hand was based on love, and love—not sexual expression—was what African Americans needed most to whether the social, political, and economic storm that they faced in the decade that followed. Love emanates from the heart chakra, which is synonymous with a higher level of spiritual development. The R&B songs of the 1960s continue to touch millions of people decades after they were made because they speak directly to the human heart. The class and race struggles of the ’60s forced African Americans to alchemically raise their spirits from the root to the heart chakra and this transition was reflected in the dominant musical preferences at the time: R&B.

As a result, when Hendrix died on Sept. 18, 1970 there were no other Blacks available to take rock to even higher creative heights. That’s why you ended up with shitty bands like Kiss, Poison, and White Snake in the decade that followed. As weak as they were, they made tons of money off the Black man’s creation. So did the major record labels. But when the gods who made rock what it was suddenly abandoned it, you still knew that the music as an art form was running on borrowed time. With rock having one foot in the grave, greedy old white men in corporate boardrooms needed a reason to live. That reason turned out to be hip-hop music. When you listen to songs like “Paid in Full” by Rakim or “C.R.E.A.M” by the Wu-Tang Clan, you’re listening to young Black men with nothing giving you all that they have: their hunger, wit, style and passion. Sure the lyrical content wasn’t always “positive” but it gave you an opportunity to hear what was really on a young Black man’s mind.

It is for this reason rap music—in its purest form—signifies the activation of the brow charka, where man comes face to face with his own divinity. The men who made classic hip-hop music did what all great artists do: they upgraded their art form by raising the bar for creative excellence. You can’t say the same about most of today’s high profile acts.

Another reason why you don’t see another Big Daddy Kane (a lyrical beast with style, natural charisma, street credibility and Knowledge of Self) springing up in the business is because of the internet revolution. Rap music came as a result of young Black men in the Bronx, New York having few outlets for creative self expression since the instruments were taken out of the schools. Yet with the various forms of media available today on the net (blogs, Youtube, blogtalkradio etc.) most young Black men have viable outlets to get their thoughts and ideas out to a large audience, so the angst you had among young Black men in the mid 1970s, 80s and 90s is not as prevalent today.

Also most children in high school today have parents who came of age at the tail end of the civil rights movement. Unless they have culturally responsible parents, these kids don’t relate personally to the struggles of the Civil Rights movement. It’s ancient history to them. Actually, they don’t relate to struggle at all so there’s no tension, no fermentation of the soul. These Kali Yuga Kids are spoiled and complacent. However they are far more intelligent and have a lot more potential. That’s just my opinion, though.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Occult Meaning Behind the Game of Baseball

Monotony is the mother of revelation. That was my thought as I attended a horribly boring Mets baseball game this past August. The more you immerse yourself in the study of metaphysics, mythology, and cosmology, the more these concepts filter through your observations about things that most people would consider trivial.

Occult themes and concepts have become the very foundation for much of what we call popular culture. They're in the movies, they're in advertising, and can also be found in America's favorite pastime: baseball.

The diamond on the baseball field is in fact the square and the compass of Freemasonry. Freemasons often refer to God as the “Grand Architect of the Universe,” who would naturally correspond to the Kemetic god, Ptah, the original Inspector General. The Pitcher on the mound is Ptah. We know this because according to ancient Kemetic cosmology, as it is recorded on the Shabaka Stone, our physical universe came into being when the god Ptah arose upon the primordial mound from the celestial waters of Nun carrying the god Atum (from whence you get the word “atom") on his shoulders.

Ptah gave birth to nine gods, often referred to as the Ennead. This is why there are nine innings to a baseball game. The nine innings in the unfolding of a baseball game are symbolic of the nine gods, who in turn represent the nine stages involved in the birth of our physical universe.

There are 33 degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry and 3x3=9. Symbolically speaking, an Inspector General is supposed to represent one who has attained mastery over himself, and consequently, his environment. A Master of the Royal Secret, on the other hand, has only 32 degrees which is the freezing point of water. When we marry Freemasonic thought to scientific fact, we can conclude that a Mason is still frozen in a catatonic state of ignorance unless he gets his 33rd degree, because his soul has not been thawed by the light emanating from the mind of the Grand Architect. And even then, he's not even hot. In order for him to reach his spiritual boiling point he would need “Moor” fire.

Those of you who read my blog entitled “The Collapsing House of Mirrors” may remember that Ptah, is also the Demiurge spoken of in the early Gnostic scriptures. For more on the Demiurge you might want to check out the complete Nag Hamadi Library (It’s a collection of various Gnostic scriptures, not an actual library). For those of us on the path of spiritual liberation the Demiurge is the "Bad Guy" but this is actually a matter of our human perception which is firmly entrenched in the polaristic pleasure-pain, fight or flight dynamic.

The Demiurge uses our animal appetites against us (so it appears) for the purpose of keeping our souls locked in the Dead Zone. This is the true meaning behind the fictional crucifixion. It represents the tragedy of pure spirit being trapped in the dregs of matter. Nothing more, nothing less. A cross contains four 90 degree angles, which represents the four elements (fire, air, water and earth) of matter. When we submit to the whims of our lower selves our spirits are crucified on the elemental cross of matter.

Given that a cross consists of four 90-degree angles, we know that there are 360 degrees in a cross. There are also 360 degress in a baseball diamond since a diamond is made of two triangles which are 180 degrees each. Have you noticed that if you add the digits in each of the four numerical references in this paragraph, they all add up to nine (e.g. 9+0=9, 3+6+0=9)? Multiply these nines by four and you get 36, which brings you back to 9 again (3+6=9).

There are no other numbers past nine. Every other numerical value that comes after the number 9 is just a reconfiguration of the first ten numbers (zero being the first) in our numerical system. This is because numbers are the markers for places and things in the physical universe which has inherent limitations. The universe may be expanding as many scientists propose, but there are definite constraints on this expansion which we will all realize eventually. Does the so-called “Big Bang” mark the birth of our universe, or the death of an older one? It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It could be both.

Like the cross, the baseball diamond is emblematic of the the realm of matter, Malkuth, which is under the dominion of Ptah. However, there is an interesting paradox as it relates to Ptah's role in the progression of our spiritual careers. By challenging us, Ptah the pitcher, is actually helping us to build the muscle and develop the hand-eye coordination that will enable us to escape the world of Maia, and return to the stars from whence we came. This is the true “Home Run.”

Ptah pitches obstacles and challenges at us over the course of our lives and it’s our job to bat them out of the ballpark (the ballpark being the Kabbalistic world of Assiah, the plane of solids, liquids and gases which we currently occupy). The bat that you use to accomplish this is your pineal gland, which is a tiny pine cone shaped organ resembling the female clitoris in the center of your brain that becomes stimulated once you become enlightened.

This is the true "light that taketh away the sins of the world." The pineal gland is also known as the “Third Eye,” which gives you “sight beyond sight” as Lion-O(siris), Lord of the Thundercats would say. The white ball blasted out of the park once it connects with your bat is symbolic of you leaving this density as a white orb of light following your final incarnation.

When you fail to cultivate your mind, the love in your heart, and build courage, then you strike out in the game of life and must return to the dugout (the ancestral realm) until your number is called again. I'm going, going, gone. Actually, I'm Already Home and so are you.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Soul Storage Company?

"Is your life weighing you down? Lighten up! If your soul is keeping you from finding the happiness you deserve, there is an easy, painless and safe solution. Remove it, store it, and walk away a happier person. The Soul Storage Company's patented De-Souling™ technique actually allows its clients to have their souls removed, whether permanently or just for a little "mental vacation." After a simple and painless outpatient procedure, you will walk out of our doors unburdened, leaving your soul behind in our secure, state-of-the-art storage facilities. Later, if you decide you're ready to get your soul back, the procedure is easily reversible… but don't be surprised if you learn to love living soul-free! We are very proud to announce that our soul-extracting technology is the basis for a new major motion picture called Cold Souls, starring one of our actual clients, Paul Giamatti!"

The quote above comes from the website below. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to. It's obviously a satirical website, but its worth checking out, even if only as a reminder of how we live in a time when what was once unlikely and improbable can be entertained as a tangible reality.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Occult World of Hip Hop (Jan 2007)

I was talking to a friend about Jay-Z's new Death of Autotune single recently and they brought up an article I wrote a couple of years ago where I took a look at his influence on the hip hop community. As evidenced by the responses I recieved at the time, the piece was well-recieved. I figured I'd republish it in light of what we have observed in the industry since its initial publishing. Feel free to share your thoughts. Enjoy!**********************************************************************************

Several books and magazine articles concerning the “power and influence of hip-hop culture” have been written by hip-hop enthusiasts and curious college professors. As informative as the material may be, how many of the writers besides Black Dot (The Matrix of Hip Hop Decoded) truly understand the mystical forces behind hip-hop’s power and influence? Who are the individuals behind its emergence? Are they merely who they appear to be, or is there something deeper beneath the surface? All of these questions and more will be answered in our ongoing series on the Occult World of Hip Hop. In part one we will briefly examine the impact of one of hip-hop’s brightest stars. His name is Shawn Carter, but to his millions of fans he’s better known as Jay-Z.

On “The Takeover” the rapper from Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects introduces himself as “J-Hova” the “god emcee.” The moniker is clearly a play on “Jehovah” the name of the Judeo-Christian god. However students of the Gnostic tradition recognize Jehovah, or “Yahweh” as he is known in the Hebrew scriptures, as Yaldaboath, a deific intelligence that created man as a slave to the material world. This belief was not only held by the Gnostics but practitioners of the Hebrew Kabbalah/Cabala.

In the Hebrew alphabet each letter has a numerical value. When these letters are combined to form words there is a numerical value assigned to those words by way of simple arithmetic. If two different words have the same numerical value they are still considered to be one and the same in meaning even if they appear to be opposites based on our traditional understanding of language. The study of this high science is called Gematria. According to David Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia the name Jehovah has a numerical value of “26.” However 26 is also the number of the man who is married to impurity. Anything that is impure opposes that which is spiritual. Thus, Jehovah is the god of gross materialism, the complete opposite of spirituality.

While there are many dimensions to J-Hov’ as a hip-hop artist, he is clearly in his element when rapping about his material success. This truth is particularly evident on “30 Something” a Dr. Dre-produced song on his latest album, Kingdom Come. The title of this album reveals a lot when examined through a Kabalistic lens of perception. The Hebrew word for kingdom is “Malkuth.” On the Tree of Life diagram, Malkuth occupies the lowest sphere, as it represents the material world, the world of the five senses which deceives us. Most of the standout cuts on Kingdom Come are either about the celebration of fame and material success (“Show Me What You Got,” “Kingdom Come” “30 Something”) or the challenges that come along with it (“Hollywood”).

Still, even when Jay addresses the challenges of his material success it still ends up sounding like a celebration given its pop-oriented musical presentation. Jay has said in a couple of his songs, namely “The Bounce” and “Moment of Clarity” that he intentionally dumbs down his lyrics so that he can sell more records to an intellectually impotent populace incapable of gauging the deeper intricacies of his mind. Instead, he keeps their minds focused on the world of Malkuth (Kingdom). He uses their attention for metaphysical food to nourish his inflated ego and inflate his brolic bank account. Kingdom Come, Jay’s 10th album (Kingdom occupies the 10th sphere in the Kabalistic Tree of Life), was the highest selling album of 2006, selling over 680,000 copies in its first week of release. It marked the 9th time a Jay-Z album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. This ties Jay with The Rolling Stones at third place for the most number one debuts of all time. Only Elvis Presley (10) and The Beatles (19) have more. It may be worth noting that they all demonstrated an interest in the occult.

The title track “Kingdom Come” samples the Rick James hit “Super Freak.” This is the same song that MC Hammer used 17 years ago for his chart-buster “Can’t Touch This.” Hammer’s song helped to cement rap music in the general public’s awareness at a time when most of white America considered it to be nothing more than a passing fad. Quite arguably, there is no recording artist in music history who reveled in the joys of material success like Rick James did. By sampling James on his title track, Jay-Z is paying homage to a powerful ancestor, and in doing so revives the memory of that ancestor who in turn bestows upon him the metaphysical power he needs to forward his business agenda. Jay wanted to have the biggest selling CD of 2006 and he accomplished that with Rick James’ help. For the song’s hook Jay asks “Are you ready when kingdom come?” Just as he says the word “come” you can hear Rick James in the background say “with me.” By combing Jay’s question with the James sample the listener receives a command, which is: “come with me.” Jay is telling his listeners to follow him down the path on the Kabalistic Tree of Life which leads to Malkuth, the world of Maia (illusion).

Rap music revolves around sampling the hit records of other artists. Often times these artists are legends who have already passed on to the realm of the ancestors. When Kanye West sampled Marvin Gaye’s “Distant Lover” on “Spaceship,” a standout track from his freshman LP, The College Dropout, he wasn’t just making a name for himself. He was keeping the memory of an older legend alive so that younger generations would appreciate what that musical giant gave to the world. Some would call this “ancestor worship” but it’s actually a show of veneration. The rapper revives an ancestor who in turn rewards them with artistic critical acclaim, commercial success or both.

Voodoo priests and priestesses are the facilitators of this exercise and that’s exactly what your favorite rappers are, even if they aren’t aware of it. Whenever a 15-year-old listens to Kanye’s “Spaceship” they are also listening to Gaye’s “Distant Lover.” Even if the child has never heard of Marvin they are indirectly keeping his memory alive through their admiration of Kanye’s song. This is why there is no genre of music quite like hip-hop. It was created to bridge the gap between the young and the old; the living and the dead. It’s Voodoo with a Snoop Dogg mask on. Finally, that mask has been discarded, revealing an old face from a distant past. Papa Legba waits at The Crossroads, beckoning us to elevate this hip-hop art form through the higher spheres of the Tree of Life.

Just for your personal edification, there is also much occult significance to the title of Jay’s 2001 classic, The Blueprint, released when Lyor Cohen was at the helm of Def Jam. It was released on September 11, 2001 the day the Twin Towers came tumbling to the ground. From a conceptual standpoint, the Twin Towers represent the Freemasonic pillars called “Boaz” and “Joachim” which the Bible says was in Solomon’s Temple, Jehovah’s sacred house of worship (Kings 7:13-22).

Keep in mind that the man who owned the Towers was Larry Silverstein. In order for a Mason to make sure that what he is building comes to fruition he must use a guide. This guide is commonly known as…… a Blueprint. While Silverstein’s building came crumbling to the ground like modern day Towers of Babel, Jay’s Kingdom was just being built. Avid observers of hip-hop music know that The Blueprint marked a turning point in Jay-Z’s professional career. Although he lost his emcee battle with Nas, his power as both an artist and businessman had reached an all-time high between 2001 and 2002. It is important to understand that this does not necessarily make Jay-Z a conspirator in some diabolic plot against the very people responsible for his rise to prominence. Then again, it doesn’t mean that he is not. Only time will reveal this.

Now Jay-Z is the President and C.E.O. of Def Jam Records and has "the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain." The remix to “Déjà vu,” a song he recorded with his sweetheart, Beyoncé, is called “The Freemason’s Mix.” The cover for the record single has the image of a bee on it. This bee may stand for “Bee”-yoncé, but it is worth noting that in Freemasonry, the bee is a symbol of industriousness. Of course it’s no secret that Jay and Beyoncé are two of the most industrious entertainers in the world today. This interpretation would not be a stretch, since it is called the Freemasons Mix.

One of J-Hova’s biggest commodities on Def Jam is his former rival, Nas. The QB prophet often refers to himself as “God’s Son.” Given his label deal with J-Hova, the appellation couldn’t be more fitting. On the Busta Rhymes song “Don’t Get Carried Away” which is featured on The Big Bang, Nas refers to himself as “a pyramid architect.” According to Freemasonic teaching, the pyramid architects were the world’s first Masons. On “The N” a song not featured on his latest album, Hip Hop is Dead, Nas drops another hint concerning his personal affiliation with the secret society. He says that he’s “an apprentice, but not Trump’s.” Ironically, in Scottish Rite Freemasonry, “The Entered Apprentice” marks the beginner’s stage in the initiation process. Jay’s other hot commodity on Def Jam Records is rapper/super producer Kanye West. True, Jesus walks, but he takes his marching orders from Hova. Not Jehovah but J-Hova. Listen to the College Dropout album and pay attention to who introduces themselves after the song “Jesus Walks.”

Many readers will discount this exploration of hip-hop’s secret relationship with the occult as nothing more than a dubious cataloging of unrelated “coincidences.” Nevertheless, I hope that a few of you will at least entertain the notion that there is more to hip-hop culture than rhythm and rhyme. There is a secret world, a hidden reality that lies just below the surface of your awareness. It’s called the occult world of hip-hop. By the way: Vanglorious! This is protected by the “H” to the “I” to the “P.” With a Hop. It don’t stop. Sissieeeeees!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Addressing the Skeptics

It’s no big secret that more than a few brothers who come into the kind of information shared on this blog page love to persuade other people to see the world through their own “enlightened” eyes. Should they have a conversation with anyone who is skeptical about their personal views on ancient history, metaphysics, or the occult, their immediate reaction is to try to persuade the person that they’re talking to to see things their way. “Oh, yeah? You don’t believe me? Well I’ll show you. I'll prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus Christ never existed as an actual historical figure,” is the approach that many of you take. THIS IS A MISTAKE.

Often times when you speak confidently on a particular subject (especially if you're a young Black man), the other person you are talking to will automatically say things to discredit your knowledge like: “Aw, how do you know that? That’s just something that you read in a book. You’re just repeating something that you heard some place else. You didn’t grow up in the church so what makes you qualified to speak about the likelihood of Jesus’ existence as an historical figure? You think you know EVERYTHING nigga because you read a book or two?”

Obviously, no one knows everything. That's why we're all here as human beings, to learn and gain experiences. However, if you’ve spent years doing research on a subject and you know that your views are well founded, then save yourself the time and aggravation of trying to pursuade someone who has not done the prerequisite RESEARCH, or lacks your personal EXPERIENCES, to see the world through YOUR eyes. Even if you managed to convince them, you would be subverting their minds.I say this because they couldn’t possibly know what you know because they have not taken the steps for themselves, as you did, to acquire the knowledge you have. These skeptics seem to think that simply by asking you a few questions they have the privilege of knowing--in just a few minutes--what it has literally taken you several years to learn.

If someone is skeptical about the validity of your personal views, then let them be a skeptic no matter how much you may love them. LEARN TO LET GO OF YOUR DESIRE TO GAIN CONVERTS. That's for the Christians and the Muslims. Not for us. If you try to persuade and win them over through argument then your motives are EGO driven and is not coming from a pure place. Nothing gainful will come from your conversations with them on the subject matter anyway. They have already made up their minds that your views are silly our completely unfounded at best.

When it comes to metaphysics and the spiritual sciences, build with like-minded individuals or those who approach you with an open mind (meaning people who do not agree or disagree, but will at least consider what you have shared with them). You have the best opportunity to learn more from these individuals on these subjects, which is what you really want anyway. Any good teacher is an even better student.

Don’t try to win over people who want to shoot down whatever you have to say, but lack the desire and the passion to research the material for themselves and see if what you’re saying holds any real weight. If someone shares information with me on a subject that I’m genuinely interested in, and I don’t know much about it, I keep my mouth shut when they're talking. I listen to what they have to say then I do my OWN research. If what I find conflicts with what they told me THEN I’ll ask them about it and actually listen to what they have to say. Maybe I made an error somewhere in my attempt at fact finding and they can show me where I went wrong. Nevertheless, my approach, I think, shows a genuine desire to know.

But then again, I’m interested in learning, not debating for the sake of debating. If you go back and forth with someone who does, you might be sorry that you did. Trust me, I've learned this from personal experience.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ivan Van Sertima Lives

Last night I was informed of a radio announcement stating that Ivan Van Sertima had died at the age of 74 on May 25th, Memorial Day. When I became engrossed in African studies in 1998, my good friend Damion Reid told me about this brilliant Guyanese scholar who wrote and edited some of the finest books that I would ever read on classical African civilizations. Damion leant me a copy of Egypt: Child of Africa and my personal sense of who I was, and what I could accomplish as a man in this world, rose to greater and greater heights.

However, Van Sertima's scholarship also helped me realize--perhaps more than anyone else's--that the Black man's history and culture was not limited to the United States, the Caribbean or even Africa. He showed me that we are in fact a people of GLOBAL import, as we have nurtured and left an indelible mark on every culture we have encountered.
For evidence go out and purchase other great works which Van Sertima either wrote/co-wrote or edited such as The African Presence in Early Asia, Golden Age of the Moor, The African Presence in Early Europe, Black Women in Antiquity, Egypt Revisited, Ancient Future and his magnum opus They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America.

In the profession that I am in, I have had an opportunity to meet more than a few entertainers and celebrities but the only time I was ever Star Struck was when I met the Rutgers University professor. The year was 2002 and Medger Evers College in Brooklyn had honored him for his academic contributions to the cause of Black self-realization. I was writing a story for a newspaper I worked for at Brooklyn College. With no photographer, I had to take my own pictures with one of our newspaper's cameras.

I remember introducing myself to Van Sertima and stuttering how much I appreciated his work before I asked him to pose with his wife while I took a few pictures. It was obvious that he was tired, having just given a two-hour lecture, but that didn't stop me from bothering the man for a few poses. My editor-in-chief never asked me to get pictures, much less write an article, nevertheless I felt compelled by a sense of history. Some of it personal, some of it was not. I knew that I may not have that moment again. As it turns out, I was right.

Van sertima was a good soldier. He posed for this annoying amateur photographer/reporter. One picture came out great and my article was even better. A lot of Black students and faculty members on campus enjoyed it. I hope that future generations will come to appreciate the wonderful gifts that Van Sertima has left behind and that they enrich their lives just as much as they have enriched mine.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya: Melodic Weapons for Musical Wars

Mind Control. For most of us the term generally conjures images from Hollywood thrillers such as The Manchurian Candidate. However, the existence of such a sinister method of manipulation may not be as far fetched as one might suspect. In fact, if you go to the United States Patent website and conduct a search for patent number 3,951,134 you will discover something rather interesting.

On Aug. 5, 1974 scientist Robert G. Malech requested a patent for a device that was supposed to monitor electrical activities within the human brain. However, if you checkout the patent summary under the sub-head which reads “OBJECTS OF THE INVENTION,” another purpose is revealed. In addition to monitoring electrical activities in the human brain it provides “a method and apparatus for affecting brain wave activity by transmitting electromagnetic signals thereto.”

That’s just a technical way of describing the process of mind control, as thoughts are known to travel through the brain in the form of electrical stimulus. These electromagnetic signals can be encoded with subsonic tones that produce harmful chemical compounds in the brain of the receiver. The brain is extremely sensitive to external phenomena so even a minor change in its electronic frequency levels can alter thought patterns. Consequently, if an individual or group even slightly alters your brain wave patterns they will have varying degrees of control over your mind. The Music of Time by Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon, although it's kind of old, explores this concept. The patent for this mind control weapon was granted to Malech on April 20, 1976.

Thirteen years later, Dr. Oliver Lowery of Georgia got a patent for his “Silent Subliminal Presentation System” (SSPS) (U.S. Patent # 5, 159, 703). According to the description found under the “ABSTRACT” heading on the patent website, the device was clearly created for the purpose of mind control. The SSPS is:

“a silent communications system in which nonaural carriers, in the very low or very high audio frequency range or in the adjacent ultrasonic frequency spectrum, are amplified or frequency modulated with the desired intelligence and propagated acoustically or vibrationally, for inducement into the brain, typically through the use of loudspeakers, earphones or piezoelectric transducers. The modulated carriers may be transmitted directly in real-time or may be conveniently recorded and stored on mechanical, magnetic or optical media for delayed or repeated transmission to the listener.” The high-tech sorcery described above has been called psychotronics in some circles. Its development was anticipated by high ranking government officials for several decades. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former National Security Advisor who helped to groom Barack Obama for the U.S. presidency, said in his 1970 book, Between Two Ages:

“It may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic-political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and human behavior. Gordon J.F. MacDonald, a geophysicist specializing in problems of warfare, has written that accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes ‘could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth…. In this way, one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period…No matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades” (p. 86).

What if this audio technology were being used by hip-hop music industry overlords for the purpose of mind control? With online filesharing, hip-hop has become the most accessible form of music among young people in the United States today. If someone wanted to control the population they could do it successfully through hip-hop music. It’s interesting to note how Earth Wind & Fire’s “Fantasy” or Marvin Gaye’s “Love Party” can make a person feel upbeat and optimistic about life, while much of the popular rap music today encourages short-temperedness, self-pity, careless spending and senseless violence.This kind of rap is the most popular because major record labels prefer to market and promote music that appeals to man’s lower animal nature. But understand that it’s not just the lyrics of a song that determines your emotional and psychological response to it, but the tonal frequencies of the music itself.

In February 2005 I published an essay entitled, “Bridging the Gaps: Black music’s future depends on a fusion of culture, sound and ides.” In that essay I pointed out that each of the chakras (energy vortexes that make up the human spirit) that Trantrists speak of correspond to a particular genre, or expression, of black music. In my efforts to stay focused on the subject at hand, I did not share that each chakra also has its corresponding tonal frequency on the musical scale. There are seven chakras to the human spirit and seven notes in the musical scale. When you say "doe-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-doe," you're actually saying "doe," twice.

If a producer knows the specific tonal frequency that corresponds to the heart chakra—which deals with the expression of love—and the root chakra, which is synonymous with lust and violence, they can blend the two tones into an infectious harmony that evokes a love for violence in the listener. This is why we can listen to a rapper say the most vile things on a record, yet we still love it because the lyrics are accompanied by savvy production that blends the tones representative of both the heart and root chakra. If the rapper has charisma and slick wordplay, his music will further amplify these negative feelings within you and you will find a way to rationalize your appreciation for his poison.

When you hear the tone of a given musical note, that tone triggers an encoded electrical stimulus—which has its own geometric signature, its own hieroglyph—through the neurons of your brain. This electrical stimulus then tells your brain which neurochemicals to produce and in what quantity to produce them. Your brain synthesizes these chemicals and secretes an entirely new chemical compound that dictates how you will respond emotionally and psychologically to what you’re listening to.

If this were not true you would feel a different emotion each time you heard your favorite song. The reason why you do not is because the song produces the same drug in your brain each time you hear it. What causes you to eventually get tired of listening to that song is the fact that each time you hear it, your brain has to produce more and more of the chemical compound in order to re-experience that initial high. When your brain has to work harder than it can afford to to produce this wonder drug, you end up putting that CD on the shelf where it begins to collect dust.

However, the brain will never stop producing a compound that assists in its preservation, entirely. Songs that help to preserve the brain are known as classics in the music world for that reason alone. If you look at any song considered to be a bona fide classic, you will usually find that it celebrates the best in human nature and is reflective of man’s highest aspirations in some way, shape, or form. You may stop listening to these songs for a while, but you always come back to them because your brain knows what’s best for it even if you do not.

Most of these up-tempo hip-hop songs you hear produce chemical derivatives of angel dust and cocaine in your brains. Many people who spend a great deal of time listening to them exhibit the same animalistic tendencies as coke and dust heads. These individuals could definitely use a detox, but the way the music industry is looking, they aren’t likely to get one. In the movie Scarface, Tony Montana goes on a mad shooting spree against the feds in his mansion after snorting a ton of blow. After that coke went up his nose Montana felt invincible, as if he could take on the entire world. Aggressive rap makes people who are otherwise reserved, or timid, feel the same way until the music stops.

Is it any coincidence that the hip-hop community was inundated with Scarface t-shirts, jackets, and cubic zirconia encrusted dog tags in 2005? They were all over the place. Whoever was behind this dubious fashion trend was trying to lead the hip-hop community down a dark path. Fortunately, if you are consciously aware of the effect that the music has on your mood and temperament, then the chances that it will significantly influence your behavior is drastically diminished. It all depends on whether or not you’re doing the alchemy. Are you taking the base emotions that the music conjures within you and transmuting it into sonic gold?

Instead of imagining yourself doing something wild and reckless when listening to this kind of music, use it as emotional fuel that can be used to accomplish a noble goal. A man who consistently transcends his circumstances to accomplish his goals is a man with a strong will.

A man who has a strong will has reached a plateau in his spiritual evolution wherein he is able to focus the spectacular energies coursing through his mind, body and soul. A vast amount of energy and personal power is a prerequisite for the exhibition of a strong will. A person may genuinely have the will to stop using drugs but they lack the personal power necessary to exhibit the desire to do so. Only when they begin to build on their personal power through affirmations, or other simple, yet highly effective activities, will they obtain the personal power they need to give up their addiction and improve the quality of their lives.

A conscious use of the music you listen to, no matter how abrasive it may sound to others, can help you increase your personal power. Instrumental CDs are extremely effective for this purpose. They allow you the freedom of deciding how you will process and interpret the music entering your ears because there is no rapper directing your attention towards their choice of subject matter. Instead you interpret the mood and meaning of the music FOR YOURSELF. The power is in your hands. The only limitations rest in your imagination, which metaphysicist Phil Valentine has pointed is the nation of the inner magis that reside in our minds.

When I listen to the instrumental for the DipSet song "I'm Ready," its about me being ready for MY own spiritual transformation, and not any of the stuff they're talking about on the actual song. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend the instrumental CD for Diplomatic Immunty Vol 1 (2003). Start your day with the DipSet Anthem instrumental. You might find that lyrics that better reflect who you are start to take form in your head. I also like "Triumph" by the Wu-Tang Clan although the actual song is just fine the way it is.

If a record producer understands the science of music, he can instill the most destructive thoughts and behavior patterns in his audience through his selection of the rappers he uses to rhyme over his beats. So, the next time you’re shopping for the illest hip-hop CD or downloading a couple of hot bangers onto your iPod, ask yourself one question: is my favorite producer trying to make a helpless addict out of me?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Esquire Magazine Article Addresses Killuminati Conspiracy Theories

"Like niggas is telling me about this Illuminati shit while I'm in jail right? That's another way to keep your self-esteem down. That's another way to keep you un-confident. And that's why I'm putting the 'k' to it, cause I'm killin' that Illuminati shit. "

Tupac Shakur

I just read this article on Esquire Magazine's website that trashes conspiracy theorists and their views (see the link below). It's worth checking out. The writer makes some good points, but he ignores the fact that much of Western history IS a study in conspiracies. The French, American and Communist revolutions were all conspiracies. So was the suppression of the Civil Rights movement through Cointel-Pro and other government sponsored programs.

Personally, I don't believe in conspiracies as they're presented by David Icke and some of his peers. There's no all-powerful shape-shifting reptilians from the Draco star constellation fucking the world over. Just a few wealthy whites and their lackeys of color utilizing the sorcery that OUR ancestors mastered.

Unless you have your head up your ass, it's very clear what's happening in the world today. There’s no real secrecy. The Beast isn't hiding anything from us. Everything is being done right in front of our faces, it's just that most people are in denial. Admitting that something is terribly wrong means that you have to do something about it, and most people don't want to do anything so they ignore you when you talk about the Global Elite fucking over the world populace.

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY TRYING TO CONVINCE THEM TO SEE THE WORLD THROUGH YOUR EYES. If they're receptive to your observations and insights as they relate to current events, share some more with them. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and keep it moving. Some of you need to check your egos at the door and stop trying to show off everything you know to any and everyone who will listen. Share your uniquness with those like-minded individuals who will appreciate it. THOSE are the people whom YOU will learn from as well. Reciprocity is a beautiful thing.

At the end of the day, there are a couple of questions we all have to ask ourselves once we learn about the Aristocracy of Evil's plans for us: 1) What am I doing to better MYSELF? 2) How am I working toward creating the reality of MY own choosing? 3) Am I practicing my Magic to succesfully counteract their efforts? My rant is over. Just wanted to share some thoughts with likeminded individuals. Big Up to Ill Will Cox for putting me on to the Tupac quote. You showed me something new, bro. That's what it's all about.