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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Qabalistic Poetry of OZ

The 70th Anniversary box set DVD for The Wizard of OZ came out yesterday, the same day as Ghostface's new album entitled Ghostdini: The Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City. I looked up the numbers in yesterday’s date (9/29=929) in David Godwin's Cabalistic Encyclopedia and found that 929 is synonymous with the Palace of the Supernals on the Kabalisitc Tree of Life. The Supernals, or Divine Triad, are the highest spheres on the Tree of Life.

If you look at the back of Ghost’s CD, you’ll see a palace with three towers (3 supernals) behind a lake. This lake is the Daath, the hidden Sephirah in front of the 3 Supernals on the Tree of Life. Ghost’s album has 3 executive producers (Ghostface, Mike Caruso and LA Reid) and is released in the astrological house of Libra (9/29). The official color for Libra is green (Emerald City) and it’s the most prominent color on the covers of both the DVD box set and CD (naturally). Also, the astrological house of Libra is ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Ghost has nothing but love songs on this CD.

Then when you add 9+2+9 you get 20. 2+0=2. The 2nd sephirah on the Tree of Life is “Chokmah,” which means “Wizdom” in Hebrew. A Wizard is one who excercises wizdom in the practice of the spiritual sciences. Ghost is/was a God Body, (5 Percenter) one who believes that “God” is actually an acronym for “Gomar Oz Dubar” which they say means “Strength Wizdom & Beauty”. Ayo, this math is like ziti!!! Just dishing a little food for thought…..