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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Baphomet Project Trailer

The video above features yours truly alongside R.A. Waldron, who is the author of the critically acclaimed  God Genes Decoded series. Its just a  little taste of things to come in 2013. I would like to thank everyone who supported Mind Glow Media in 2012. You all were a major source of inspiration for me personally. I wish you all the best for the new year. Third Eye is on the Rise, so keep yours open to the Max. Peace!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Return of the D'Jedhi: Literary Phenom Justin Thomas is Back with a Brand New Novel

When an author who is worth their weight in ink sits down in front of their computer to write they are performing an act of regeneration. They are participating in a monumental miracle of nature. The writer slits their wrists and lets their blood seep into the keyboard, which will in due season, bring forth the fruits of inspiration and perspiration that hungry readers will enjoy. Justin Thomas (A.K.A Teferu Azr), 35, has earned the right to count himself among the elite of the planter class. For most of his life he’s been making words work like William Wordsworth so you can appreciate a word’s worth.

The author of five books—including the groundbreaking epic poem, Ronin Poetz (2000) and the critically acclaimed novel, A Company of Moors (2010)—is on the path to reap the benefits of an exceptional literary harvest. Thomas took some time out of his busy schedule to chop it up with Mind Glow Media about his latest novel, The Ghost of Gabriel’s Horn.

The book tells the exciting tale of a remarkable jazz trumpeter by the name of Horatio Peters, who is the son of legendary trumpeter, Pete Peters. Driven by his ambition to do justice to his murdered father’s legacy—which thereby cements his very own—Horatio’s journey into the unknown takes him to Clarksdale, Mississippi where he meets with his dad’s music instructors Jackson and Gaston Fable. In this vividly written tale of drama, magic, and intrigue, young Horatio embarks on his mission to unravel the jazzy musical notations that hold the keys to a restless infinity.

So your new novel is entitled “The Ghost of Gabriel’s Horn.” How did the storyline and title evolve?

The Ghost of Gabriel’s Horn has been in development, as a story, since 2001. Before then, the title was in a notebook waiting to be used as a line of poetry. Sometime in 2001, January or February, I happened to turn to PBS and saw Lauryn Hill, Chuck D—and I believe Clive Davis—doing a speaking engagement. There was another brother there too. It was towards the end when I caught it. The brother, whose name I can’t recall, compared modern jazz players to Jedi Knights. Now if you compare anything to Star Wars, then you immediately have my attention. But he went on to say, as more people turn to computers to make music, here are these cats who walk into cities trained in the old arts of music. Their horns or instruments were like their lightsabers—archaic weapons of a civilized age. I heard that and a light bulb went off. Most of what you see as a story was created from that. It started as a screenplay. I wrote about 35 pages of it. Some of what was written remains, but most was changed. Then it was going to be a short novella. But, I sat on the idea until now.

Your novel is skillfully layered with occult themes and concepts. How were you initially exposed to the occult?

I’ve loved Star Wars since jump street. It’s been a huge influence. George Lucas always talked about reading mythology as inspiration. So, at a young age, I did. When I read about the inspirations to artists and writers I admired, mythology was always there, or some form of spiritualism. In 1995 I read Anthony Browder’s Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization. It was there I saw the Ausarian mythology presented in a way I’d never seen before.

This felt like the foundation of all stories told. I continued to study myths, their sciences, symbols and meanings. Also, because so many religions try to scare their audience, I wanted to know if there was anything to really be scared about. Turns out, no, there isn’t. It’s all from Black people. There was a meaning behind all of the stories and symbols we created, good and bad, but nothing to be fearful of. In the short story “Tales of the Djedhi” in my book 12 Stories High, there’s a character, an elder, that explains why sometimes occult imagery can be so vivid and horrifying. An elder character gives somewhat the same explanation in The Ghost of Gabriel’s Horn.

You know, an important part of writing convincing fiction is having foreknowledge of the subject matter in your story. Did writing a novel of this magnitude require you to do research on the history and culture of jazz, or were you able to pull entirely from what you already knew?

I’ve always been exposed to jazz. My mother and father are from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Every summer we’d drive down from New York and visit, ultimately going down to New Orleans. It’s all there. Jazz, blues, and the occult aspects of them. Voodoo. Voudon. Hoodoo. Plus, during Christmas, we had jazz, blues, and Motown blaring as we decorated the tree. I did research a good deal of music styles, though. The Moors and ancient Kemites (Egyptians) played improvisational music that can best be described as an ancient or medieval form of jazz. I read a couple of books on the mathematics of Egyptian and Moorish music, and the occult meanings of blues and jazz. That all helped with the mystical, musical elements that flow throughout The Ghost of Gabriel’s Horn. Other elements came as I was doing random research. I’d come across something and say, “That would work well with Gabriel’s Horn.” And I’d note it in some notebook.

Do you have a favorite jazz album? If so, what is that album and why is it your favorite?

No favorites. I love it all. The greats, and those not so well known. Odd, though. For all the jazz in The Ghost of Gabriel’s Horn, I was havin’ conversations with Jimi Hendrix to give the project a psychedelic blessing.

Well based on what I’ve been reading, it looks like you got it from him. Horatio, the novel’s main protagonist, is a musician who is obsessed with his father’s musical legacy—and understandably so. Is there any one author who personally inspired you at one time or another to push beyond your perceived limitations as a writer? If so, would you call your fascination with their work an obsession?

There have been lines in books I’ve come across where I’ve been like, “I want to write as good as that one line.” Or some Hip Hop MC has a line that makes me go, “Wow. He just told a whole story in one or two lines.” But, I’ve been writing since an early age. And there have always been moments that have shifted the course of my creativity. Such turning points would be, Star Wars, a comic book named Sword Quest, which was attached to an Atari 2600 video game. Marvel and DC Comics. Mythology. In the fourth or fifth grade, when I learned Alexandre Dumas of Three Musketeers and other classic, historical adventure books was a Black man. That was profound. 

Also, Black, Southern Hoodoo folklore has always been there. The mythology is so simple and whimsical, and deep. Shakespeare’s Henriad (Richard II, Henry IV prt 1 & 2, and Henry V). But, most of all, it’s been a musician who has been my greatest inspiration: Prince. All the criticisms people have of him can’t take away the fact that he does it all. He composes, sings, plays many instruments, choreographs. He’s not an entertainer, he’s a musician. I’d like to believe I approach my gift in the same way he approaches his, minus the high heels.

Your writing is very surreal and cinematic. Do you have any aspirations to write movie scripts and bring your imagination to the big screen?

Absolutely. I do my best to see things as a movie trailer in my head before I start writing. I approach my writing like making a movie. Setting, like scouting locations. Characters, actors. Direction. Production. I set a page count like a budget. But, the reality is, Hollywood doesn’t really fund the type of ideas I have. Strong, Black ideas. [Quentin] Tarantino has Django Unchained coming out. 

The Ghost of Gabriel’s Horn deals with two, very violent slave rebellions that are essential to the overall story. I’ve heard Black filmmakers wanted to make similar films like Django Unchained, but Hollywood wouldn’t fund them. I’ve been hearing this since the ’90s. It’s probably safer for it to come from a white guy. It’s not as threatening. We might actually mean “Kill whitey” if we make a movie about it. But as intense as my stories can get, even with the commentary, I think they can serve as learning materials above all.

My book of short stories, 12 Stories High, is composed mostly of screenplays for short films turned into short stories. The Ghost of Gabriel’s Horn was initially conceived as a short film. But it’s a very grueling process to make a film. I’ve been there. And, if you want to make a great film, it takes a good deal of money. If someone has an extra $100 million dollars, I’m game.

Why did you name your publishing company TwinGriffin Books?

I was initially Ancient Art of Facts Publishing. Sounded quirky. A play on words. Sounded very ‘conscious’ wannabe amateur. It was time to grow up and sound professional. My last name, Thomas, means Twin. My mother’s maiden name is Griffin. It combines my mother and father’s family. It sounds far more professional. Done the paperwork. It’s mine, logo and all. My mother’s family was also a prominent Black family in Baton Rouge. They owned clubs from Baton Rouge, New Orleans, to the Bay Area of California. Hence the Griffin Company of my book A Company of Moors.

Would you recommend self-publishing to an author who is just getting their start in the business, or would you suggest that they cultivate a loyal following with a mainstream publisher first?

I say, whatever works. Do research, though. Remember, mainstream companies will only do so much with Black authors. So it does depend on what type of material you’re presenting. The material I’m presenting is not what mainstream companies want to push to Black readers. So, I’ve been forced to be independent. I’m cool with that. I’m slowly building my company. One client. Several editors. A printer and a world-wide distributor. The hardest part is the publicity. But you can score a good publicist who would work with you even if you’re independent, which you’d need anyway even if you’re with a mainstream publisher. 

Being mainstream doesn’t always equal success. First time authors might see an advance of $1,000 to $10,000 for a title. That’s not all that great, especially when your royalties can be less than 10 percent of book sales. If you have a five-year contract, then you’re screwed, because your royalties and next advance will be based on whether or not your book covered its costs. And if you don’t sell well because you weren’t promoted well, the publisher will sit on you, and you can’t go anywhere else if you have another idea because you’re under contract.

The biggest authors are paid advances of up to 6 million dollars. Sounds good, but that advance might still be based on what their last project sold. Your royalties aren’t all that great either. I’ve heard the biggest writers might see $2 per book sold. A book might sell 1-2 million copies. So, your 6 million advance, plus the 2 million when all royalties are in. That’s 8 million. But you won’t see that all at once. That sounds great to an average Joe working a 9 to 5, but it’s a hard hustle. And companies, with contracts, will do their best to make sure you don’t get that. To counter that, you’ll have to get a good publicist—who will also work for a percentage of your cut. You’ll need a lawyer. That’s more money.

It’s a struggle, and that’s for seasoned veteran writers. The big guns. Independent, you might see all the money from sales after print and store costs, but you’ll need a good deal of publicity. You’ll see far more than $2 per book. You could see $6 per book, or even half the cost of the book. Parlay that into 250,000 sales of a title. You’ve made just as much, or more, than the mainstream author in sales by selling less. Self-publishing costs less nowadays. So your overhead is small. That’s why advertising costs have gone up. It’s a tactic, and one that definitely hurts the independent Black author, especially the real creative ones. The average cost to advertise in a Black magazine will run you close to $60,000. So much for [Black] solidarity. There’s also some dirty tactics used to stop independent books from getting to store shelves.

You can hustle, but hustling is for peasants. Kings make money work for them. You can be out on the corner with your book, but that doesn’t do much. Most probably are holding down a 9 to 5, or a job with irregular hours. You’ll tire yourself out. I know we as Black people think we’re being a boss when it comes to hustlin’. We rub our hands and smile, thinkin’ we doin’ something, but we’re not. It’s like running on a treadmill. You’re exerting a lot, but you’re getting nowhere. Again, hustling is for peasants. Kings make their money work for them. It’s time to eliminate the street corner hustle. A mentor of mine said don’t just succeed, excel. Hell, Scrooge McDuck said, “Work smarter, not harder.”

Yes. You should start off hustling to get your materials and plan ready, but as you build steam, there should come a point when you don’t have to scurry like a rat. There’s more to say, but that’s a two-hour lecture. In the end, I really am looking to put together a coalition of very, creative Black authors and artists.

Now that would really be something. Speaking of lectures though, a lot of readers may not know this, but you were on the lecture circuit speaking on the Moorish legacy long before it became popular to do so. We’re talking about 2004, 2005 when there was no one under 30 talking about the Moors—at least not on video. From your research, can you describe the impact that the Moors had on European literature?

Again, that’s another lecture. One I never got to do. But, I’ll say this very quickly. If the Moors didn’t write the original version of whatever literature is out there roaming around and being passed off as Classical European Literature, then the Moors were often the subject matter of the piece.

With December 21, 2012 about a week away, what does the date mean to you?

I don’t know, really. I used to talk about 2012 in my lectures. What some people never mention is that many ancient cultures also had that set date, or spoke on time periods that would coincide with that date. Egypt, Nubia, some Asiatic cultures. The Olmecs too. But it’s the Mayans that the credit is given to. From what I’ve researched, other cultures have said it’s the end of an age. Nothing more, nothing less. Perhaps it’s a return to the old ways. The East African prophecy says an East African King will walk hand-in-hand with the feminine Aquarius. I think it’s kinda funny that we have a man of East African descent in the White House. I don’t think Michelle Obama is an Aquarius, but I believe she’s born near the cusp. Ah, close enough. Right? [Editor’s Note: Michelle Obama is a Capricorn who was born on the cusp of Aquarius].

Doing a lot of research has led me to believe no one knows anything about 2012. It’s all speculation. If 2012 means we all get spiritual and listen to Jimi Hendrix, Miles and Coltrane, The Doors, Led Zepplin, Sun Ra, and deep ’70s funk music, then cool. People talk about an alignment of the sun, earth’s center and the galactic core, where there is a black hole. But the alignment happens every year on December 21st. That’s supposed to be a Dooms Day scenario, but if it happens every year, we’ve been killed multiple times by now.

The Mayans didn’t really say anything about Dec. 21st 2012. Their calendar just happens to end on that date. There’s no explanation as to why. Everything else is the speculation of “super conscious” gurus from communities all over the world. To be brutally honest, I didn’t become “conscious” as a Black person to substitute one religion for another, or to tear people apart because they use a certain spiritual system to get closer to what they call God, or even attack a person’s worldview of history or some aspect of contemporary society.

It was to remove the fear and spookism that many institutions—political, religious, academic, or economic—use to control people. As a whole, I do research to be more aware of the world around me, and I decided to incorporate all this into my writings, to help me educate people. And since the origins of most of the world’s knowledge comes from ancient Black cultures, I wanted to see what we meant by it when we first wrote it down.

We’ll see what the hoopla surrounding Dec. 21st, 2012 is soon. We have no choice. But people should just relax. Every day is a spiritual day, if you let it be. I read somewhere that, “if it’s a good day to live, it’s a good day to die. [Which ever you choose to do], do it with dignity. The fear of dying is only surpassed by the fear of living. Fear erases the quality of life.....needlessly.” To me, prophecies, understood or misunderstood, are like Santa Clause. They know if you’re naughty or nice, regardless of religious or spiritual affiliation. You’ll be separated in kind, and get what you deserve when the time comes. So, if the world ends in 2012, let’s party like it’s 1999.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Akua'Ba, Ancient Aliens & The Wise Wombs of Redemption

In West Africa, more specifically among the Ashanti people of Ghana, some women wear Akua’Ba dolls tucked into the belts of their skirts as fertility charms. The Akua’Ba is also believed to protect pregnant women’s wombs from unwanted external influences that may threaten healthy child births. It’s kind of ironic that many alleged alien abductees in the New Age community describe their supposed abductors as looking very much like these Akua’Ba dolls. Some have even said that these alien captors have tried to sterilize them.

I think that it is not only plausible, but probable, that these men and women—who are usually of European descent—are actually experiencing the effects of old DNA programming from centuries passed. When they go to sleep at night their preconscious minds process these genetic changes as “alien abduction” nightmares.  However, what is actually happening is they are feeling the effects of a biogenetic, species terminus alarm that was scheduled to go off in their DNA.

Since there is a subconscious awareness among some of these men and women that this alarm was preset by the descendants of extraterrestrial Scientists who  came out of—but are not from—West Africa, they are seeing their big-headed alien manipulators in dreams as Aku’Bas, who are “Holy Grail” guardians familiar to that part of Africa. The Akua’Bas only appear to be “Greys” because they are being seen through atrophied pineal glands.  

In Ghana, these fertility guardians are among the many artistic depictions of the Adikanfo, those Black men and women with almond-shaped eyes who came to Africa from beyond Earth’s atmosphere in the distant past.  Unless you trace your earliest family roots back to the Neanderthals, then you are NOT indigenous to any landmass on this planet. You are actually a direct descendant of The Visitors. Although I understand and respect the importance of certain legal classifications for commercial purposes, we must never loose sight of the bigger picture, lest we lose our TRUE identities and forget where we really come from.

The bigger picture is that there is no such thing as an “indigenous Moor.” That would be like saying “indigenous extraterrestrial,” because one cannot be both. EVERYONE who GENUINELY comes out of a Moorish bloodline has extraterrestrial ancestors. Real Moors are universalists who aspire to touch the stars. They do not have a spiritual connection to any one landmass on Earth because they know, even if only subconsciously, that they are not from this planet.


Aleister Crowley, the entertainer and double intelligence agent who is somehow revered in serious occult circles as some kind of sage, wrote about making contact with an Akua’Bic pre-human entity whom he called Lam. Although I question Crowley’s credibility as a true occultist in the grander scheme of things, I think that he had a genuine psychic breakthrough which terrestrials have from time to time. Crowley touted Lam as a herald of the coming Age of Heru (Horus).

Those who are familiar with ancient Kemetic mythology know that Heru is the child of the pregnant mother goddess, Auset (Isis) who is often seen holding an Ankh, which looks like an Akua’Ba doll. It is far from a coincidence that both the Akua'Ba and Ankh are fertility symbols. Many people who try to Christianize Kemetic mythology would have you believe that Heru is one man who will redeem the planet and its people and rid the world of evil and ignorance.

                             An Akua'Ba doll and two Ankhs

However, Heru is actually a metaphor for a group of men who will receive the Heru Hormone, which is vaginally secreted by select Black women once they engage in sexual intercourse with select Black men. This bodily secretion can increase a man’s penis size like a male enhancement drug, and improve his mental focus like lithium orotate once it is consumed through oral sex. 

The more that the man sincerely enjoys eating  pussy, the more potent this vaginal extract will be once it is secreted. The Heru Hormone can only be produced if the man and woman share a deep and abiding love for one another. This love must be mutual and it cannot be faked. It either exists, or it doesn’t. The Heru Hormone is a biochemical intelligence that cannot be fooled by deceivers. 

Lam was Crowley’s distorted perception of a Holy Grail guardian. We know this because the name “Lam” is actually a Tibetan word that means “Path.” This is where old-school newspaper journalists got the term when they say things like “the criminal suspect is on the lam.” The lam would be the alleged criminal’s path of escape from law enforcement. In this context, however, the path being referred to is the vaginal canal, which is the Holy Grail.

Crowley’s Lam, who was an early personification of the Heru Hormone, is also the basis for the Marvel comic book character The Watcher, from The Silver Surfer. Galactus, the devourer of planets that are rich in natural resources, is the personification of a Black woman’s vagina which devours black penises throbbing with life and vitality only to leave them limp and lifeless. Galactus is beyond the polarity of good and evil, but so is a hungry vagina. The Watcher, who represents the Heru Hormone, always appears when Galactus is about to consume a thriving planet because he is the product of vaginal stimulation. 

You are Stellar Men and Women. The stars that you see in the night sky are merely the afterglow of who you once were before coming to this planet years ago. So bright were you that time has yet to completely extinguish the light of your past greatness. And it never will, because even in your fallen state, you are the celestial fire from which that light originally emanated.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Eye On The Throne: A Brief Introduction to Solar Psychology (Pt. 2 of 2)

A person who masters the written word has the potential to become a sun, a life giving entity, in their own right. When you combine two words that rhyme you form a covalent bond. When a rapper recites a sequence of incredible rhymes we might say that they “spit fire,” but many of us are not consciously aware of what compels us to associate rhyming words that share the same consonants to the element of fire.

Although many people do not understand it from a rational standpoint, most of them are at the very least emotionally in tune with the fact that hearing a person who is adept at expressing lofty ideas in rhyming patterns over music that moves the soul can stimulate heat combustion within the cranium of the listener.

This is why hip hop music, which offers messages of hope and empowerment to the downtrodden, was co-opted by major corporations who promote rap music ahead of hip hop music. The only way the musical pendulum of death and depravity will swing in the opposite direction is if the consumers of music send a clear message to the corporations that they will not purchase or support music that promotes any participation in crime and stupidity.

The primary objective of a business is to turn a profit and appease shareholders. If a business turns a profit by promoting idiocy to the public, is the business to blame, or the public that patronizes it? I would say that both are, but the difference is that the business does not suffer from the negative images it projects to the public. As a matter of fact, it is only rewarded. Only a community surfers when it voluntarily embraces the images and ideologies that perpetuate its own destruction.

The earth’s waterways are nature’s emotive channels of communication. Rainwater is communicated intelligence which has been precipitated by your fiery desire to focus on the higher invisible thoughts that are floating through the air. To tap into these thoughts, some of the Sumerian Anunnaki—as well as many of the Akan chiefs of Ghana—wore the ram’s crown to tap into these subtle energy frequencies. The Sumerians and the Akan observed that Rams occupy mountains at high altitudes where mental conductivity is strongest. Some of my greatest thoughts have been conceived while I was on an airplane thousands of feet in the air. Unfortunately some people can only get “high” off of recreational drugs that artificially boosts their creative intelligence.

Our internal desire for higher intelligence can amplify the energy output of our sun, which heats up the Earth’s atmosphere, causing dry air to produce moisture. The elemental breakdown of water, of course, is H2O (two hydrogen atoms compounded with one oxygen atom). The hydrogen in water comes from the sun while its oxygen comes from Earth’s atmosphere. The moisture that the sun generates upon making contact with the oxygen in our atmosphere is absorbed by clouds. After our clouds incubate this moisture with help from the natural furnace that we call our sun, the moisture is magnified until it becomes rainwater. Crops absorb this falling rainwater and then grow in abundance to feed the hungry masses.

However the rainwater could not be produced were it not for YOUR fiery desire for higher intelligence which amplifies the power of our sun’s light. In lands where people lose their desire to acquire higher intelligence, drought and famine will be their only food and drink. Ethiopia experienced mass starvation in the late ’70s and early ’80s after it overthrew its Solomonic (Solar) Emperor, Haile Selassie I. Again, the sun is a source of intelligence. Lands populated by people who are not mentally inspired will inevitably depend entirely on the use of genetically modified and laboratory produced Frankenfoods which assist in further driving down the intelligence of the populace. 

If a man’s desire for intelligence is strong enough then he will create, by default, the ecological mechanism that will facilitate the expansion of that intelligence. The minerals in his soil will replenish itself and he will see adequate rainfall. All of the valuable vitamins and minerals inherent in organic food are condensed forms of light. If you can consume light in its fullness then you can magnify your own light body and eventually will not have any need for organic food, or any kind of food, for that matter.

We will not feast entirely on light until we adopt a coherent solar psychology. Merely having melanin is not going to cut it. One of the most notable expressions of a solar psychology is the practice of philanthropy. The sun gives us its best for free, and asks us for nothing in return to sustain its existence. In doing so the sun creates the natural mechanism in which its preservation is assured. This is what happens when you become an asset of universal intelligence. You don’t have to be monetarily wealthy to practice philanthropy. All that you need is a desire to give something of intrinsic value and quality away to people for free because they need it. To do this we must become like the sun and abandon the psychology of self-lack.  

When you genuinely desire intelligence so that you can apply it for the benefit of yourself and others then you have made the transformation from a mere peasant to a king. You have earned your coronation which is also a nation of coronas, because when you shine your personal light, you inspire millions of others to do the same. A man cannot make himself a leader. He is appointed as such by others who respect and acknowledge what he represents.

This is why people who have a genuine desire to serve are often thrust into leadership positions, whereas those who selfishly covet leadership solely for the perks are either overlooked or flagrantly ignored by others in spite of their undeniable talents. The best leaders are usually those men and women who don’t aspire to be leaders. The throne awaits the individual who has adorned themselves with the royal vestments of altruism and dedicated service.

I shared some of these thoughts with a friend before I even published this post and they said “This shit sounds deep!” However, I personally beg to differ.  I say this because SOUNDING “deep” requires that one arm oneself with sharp and sturdy words that empower them to dig beneath the dense exterior of shallow surface perceptions. This is probably hard work, because the digging may require a strenuous effort. However, to simply acknowledge one’s endless depth within a given moment does not require any digging, nor does it require any effort. The Journey ends with the inevitable realization that you were at your diamond-studded destination in gold’s garden all along.
If home is where the heart is, then my heart beats for forgotten tomorrows. I swam through oceans of self-doubt, but never got wet, to mount my throne inside the sun, where I’ve yet to break a sweat. Brighter days are on the horizon. A new light is burning its way through time and space to illuminate the precious miracle that you are destined to inherit. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Eye On The Throne: A Brief Introduction to Solar Psychology (Pt. 1 of 2)

Your brain is like a cumulus cloud that accumulates water from natural waterways, which are in-and-of-themselves, emotional channels for higher intelligence. These stormy thoughts rain upon the dry pavements of human perception once you reach the critical point of Relative Humidity. My personal forecast for today is decisively cloudy with guaranteed showers. Leave your umbrellas at home, because somehow I have a feeling that you just might learn something.

In densely populated cities, the clouds in the sky appear to be much farther away from you than they do in quiet, rural areas. This is because the thought and chemical pollution in the cities keep you divorced from your own thoughts which are housed in the cumulus cloud that you call your brain. Heaven begins in your mind. Hell is a clouded brain saddled with muffled thoughts. On the other hand, a brain saddled with light is a satellite, a seat upon which higher intelligence may enthrone itself as king, reigning on the behalf of terrestrial matter, which is a mirror reflection of the feminine principal.

The matrilineal succession of kingship among ancient people is primarily rooted in their efforts to accurately emulate nature. I say this because every time a male child is born, he is LITERALLY crowned by the vaginal orifice of his mother because he comes out of her womb head first. Every male child is born a king. He only makes himself a pauper through his destructive deeds and actions after birth. The ritualistic crowning of a king that we see in movies and documentaries is essentially the dramatization of man’s rebirth as the natural caretaker of his people. He emerges from the cultural womb of the society in which he was born and raised to become the custodian of its most treasured traditions.

                                Ashanti Crown

The ritual that formerly acknowledges this rebirth is known as a coronation. However, the word “CORONAtion” comes from the word “CORONA,” which before becoming a bottle of beer, was more widely known as the outer layer of our sun, from which solar rays emanate bearing blessings and curses. Many crowns, with their pointed spokes, are designed to replicate the image of our sun’s corona. Some may see a king as the intermediary between God and his “chosen people.” However, there is no such thing as “God’s chosen people.” There are only men and women who choose God. They do this by opening their hearts and minds to become thrones for God’s presence.

A King’s crown is often made of gold. However gold is actually sunlight that has impregnated the earth before enduring millions of years of gestation through geographic pressure to become a prized and precious metal. A metallurgist may tell you that gold is a transition metal, but what has the gold made the transition from? It has made the transition from pure sunlight into a metal. When the Ashanti people of Ghana say that the Golden Stool, which is the first Asantehene’s (Ashanti King’s) throne, descended from heaven they are scientifically correct.

                        The Golden Stool of Ghana

All matter, including gold, has hydrogen as its elemental base. Our sun in the heavens is a huge ball of hydrogen.Gold is pressurized sunlight, therefore we have no choice but to look to the heavens if we would like to find the true source of gold. Conceptually speaking, the world’s first kings who wore crowns made of gold were seen as gods on earth. However, before they could even assume their thrones, their hearts and minds had to become thrones for God. This is where we derive the concept known as the “Divine Right of Kings,” which has some of its earliest scriptural references in the ancient Kemetic Book of Coming Forth From Night By Day. The secret relationship between gold, God, and kingship is very significant when we consider that scriptures across the globe often tell us that God is light. 

If we follow this line of thought to its inevitable end, then we can conclude that “Go(L)d” is God’s (L)ower vibration because when you put the letter “L” in “God” then God turns to “Gold.” This is a complete inversion of the alchemical process. Electromagnetic thoughts of divinity flow through the neurons in my head. The images generated are lighter than a feather, yet they’re heavier than lead.

   Akan goldweights from the 19th Century (1800s)

The more that matter condenses, the lower it falls in its atomic vibration, hence celestial lights turn to metals. Moonlight turns to silver. Sunlight becomes gold. The Stellar Man becomes a nigger when he refuses to erect a throne of his own. Like the aforementioned metals—which are well noted for their high levels of electric conductivity—the nigger, even his fallen state, possesses a powerful energy current.

This is clearly evidenced by the fact that he is often used as a battery by the multi-billion dollar Prison Industrial Complex. The “Penal” system is actually a “Penile” system in which masculine energy is accessed, amplified and harnessed through the unbearable subhuman conditions that perpetuates the system’s existence. All commercial prisons in the United States are human power plants that run on a powerful nigger current.  

Some anthropologists say that African kings wear massive gold chains as brash physical displays of their material wealth and power. While this may be true, their original intent was to offset the weak vibration emanating from the iron in their blood by covering their bodies in gold which has a higher level of electric conductivity than iron does. The gold jewelry enabled the kings to raise the vibration of their inner light bodies so that they could rule effectively and hold on to their crowns for as long as they had the potential to do so.

             Akan Chief with traditional headdress

Gold and silver rope chains are ancient African WiFi receivers. The man who wears them can become a walking “hot spot” IF he is already locked into divine intelligence. The circumference of a king’s crown is emblematic of the vaginal portal through which he entered the physical world. The spikes emanating from his crown can also be seen as a majestic depiction of his mother’s pubic hairs. A Magic City stripper might fit an entire bottle of Corona in her vagina without realizing that its outer portion has the same properties as the sun in the sky. What do I mean by this? Well according to some spiritual traditions, our sun is a doorway to alternative realities.

 The West African god Alegba is the guardian of the crossroads, which is where the subjective and objective worlds intersect. He is also a solar deity. One of his zoomorphic images is the lion. According to The Voudon Gnostic Workbook by Michael Bertiaux, the celestial city of Ife is inside of our sun, where there is a beautiful white temple guarded by two lion statues at its entrance. 

The lion is a symbol of strength and kingship, but it also represents the intergalactic portal that serves as a light vector for higher intelligence. This is one of the reasons why Barack Obama, who is a Leo (Lion), will serve a second term as president. He is a walking, talking portal through which new political agendas can be implemented on behalf of the international bankers. Even his last name begins with the letter “O” which, conceptually speaking, is a gateway like our sun.

Letters aren’t just written characters that provide us with a convenient means of communication. They are psychological markers, mental valences that carry within their inherent structures enormous power that cannot even be fully released through the spoken languages that make use of them. Tonal languages like old Hebrew or Twi—which both consist of 22 letters—make extraordinary use of consonants in their alphabets because consonants have a higher valency than vowels and therefore harness more hydrogen in the brains of the people who consume them through the written words that they eat, I mean read, on a page.

All holy scriptures that have a propensity to enLIGHTen and inspire are the linguistic equivalent of healthy and nutritious meals that have been cooked by the sun. It is no coincidence that many Hebrew letters resemble flickering flames, because wherever there is fire there is light and light was the archetypal man’s first food. Today, men and women can obtain the same nutrition and sustenance from delectably written words of wisdom that plants get from the sun.

This is why in Tantric thought man is referred to as “Saptaparna” which means “Man Plant.” The ancient people of the Indus Valley recognized that they had the ability to consume sun light just as green plants do through photosynthesis. Again, hydrogen is what our sun is made of, and all tonal languages are products of a solar psychology.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Above Your Clouds: The A.B.M.Treaty has been Nullified

In judicious funeral parlors of justice 
You receive equal rites through amendments of death       
Stand and salute your president, peasants
Resident bonesmen of the synthetic
In self-evident cities of hell you dwell
With star-spangled hotties
With soft mangled bodies
I see cratered chests through Plexiglas breasts
Compressed in jest by killer clowns 
With Gatling gun cocks that pummel the flesh
Inhale my Green Garvey
As fresh as parsley
With fragrant rhymes that awaken the mind 
Like sunflower baskets brimming with thyme.
No time
I thrive outside of circles
Standing alone in my own zone
Father of Understanding in the center of the pentagram
Clenching microphone missile drones 
Blue beam war clones…
Hashtag dome hoes…
Meat cleavers
Phone receivers
E.T. has phoned home
I’m a Stellar Man with the munchies 
Feasting on light codes in star mode
Blasting through wormholes that burn slow
Withdrawing stardust from supernovas 
Splurged from Milkyway billfolds 
Cash cosmic
Can’t stop it
I blast rockets from Hamlett’s Mill!!!
Conducting distant melodies with pomp and reverie
I’ve slowed my flow down so you can savor
The Djedhi Knight with no light saber
Just life savers
With nice flavor
Toroidal verses
I don’t rehearse this
Finger popping portals that are worth a trill…ions are negative
Sometimes I’m repetitive
When broadcasting live from the stars of the Pleiades
Ejaculating constellations
From my Third Eye chakra
When I harness the stellar power of the seven luminous ladies
Yes girl, I’ll tumble for ya honey graham cracker Goya
But this ain’t Culture Club
Just an alphabet thug
Spitting vowel-tipped slugs
Raising continents with consonants
Blasting gingerbread bums to crumbs
Zesty Adobo flow!!!
Spice mics like rice with the passion of Christ
Crack open the bass like a safe
I think this rhyme is a heist
Or better yet its a tryst
I bone the beat, I go deep
My nuts are empty tonight
Behold my force, I come forth
Baboon Thoth with Ogun thoughts
I toppled Rome, through my dome, while adorned in Maroon cloth
A wroth underboss Cyclops
Who raised Lazarus from a pine box
Flooding the earth til it bursts with ink spills from gold quills
A Seshet cadet
I write for the chill of the thrill
Loose thoughts connect
My light burns from 93 mil
Cause Im endowed to move crowds with sounds that astound
Raising the stakes on flakes with new ideas that abound
The voice may be blurry, but the image is always loud
I'm a rising star above your clouds 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Orunmila's Machine:The Mechanics & Reduplication of the Ancient African Internet

“According to Foundations of African Thought  [by Chukunyere Kamalu], ‘The ancient Africans… believed the world to be founded upon contradictions…and this belief was expressed in the form of the Principle or Doctrine of Opposites.’ This principle—probably the most visible, most employed, and most widely known of the seven—continues as the basis of many African societies, including the Dogon of Mali, the Fon of Dahomey, the Bambara of eastern Guinea, and the ancient Ife of West Africa. The Ife employ this law today in the form of an oracle known as Ifa. They profess the genesis of the Ifa system of divination to be 20,000 B.C.E. and speak to its pervasive influence in the dissemination  of the concept of polarity in various cultures and lands outside of Africa…But Ifa, again in line with the I-Ching, profess to go beyond the physical and connects the race with ‘a road of energy’ and ‘power’ that is available to those who know and practice the oracle…the older features which comprise the Ifa oracle can be arguably said to have comprised the basis of thought now identified in the I-Ching.”
                                                -Wayne B. Chandler 
                                                       Ancient Future

After reading the above quote, one shouldn’t be surprised to learn that one of the architects of the information superhighway is a Nigerian mastermind.

Philip Emeagwali is an internationally renowned engineer and computer scientist who won the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’(IEEE) prestigious Gordon Bell Prize in 1989 for his high-speed computer processor. Although the processor that he introduced may not measure up to current standards of computer technology, it was a highly significant contribution to the development of the internet as we know it today.

The Ifa divination system mentioned in the quote above comes primarily out of Nigeria, which is Emeagwali’s homeland.  The Ancient African Internet known as Ifa is actually a precursor to the primitive internet technology that people use to log on to their favorite porn sites today. I call our iPads, Tablets, laptops, smart phones, and desktop computers primitive because none of them can perform a function that the Stellar Man does not have the potential to execute naturally—and with greater efficiency.

The ancient African internet is part of an interstellar network of intergalactic intelligences that share and utilize highly classified information for the primary purpose of personal evolution. This information has been carefully guarded and disseminated by shamanic orders, priesthoods, and secret societies to the general populace for thousands of years. Emeagwali was able to expedite the development of modern internet technology by virtue of the fact that he comes out of the genetic line of those men and women who first introduced the original internet to planet Earth long ago.

                                 Philip Emeagwali

When you log on to any website you will notice that the web address is preceded by “WWW.”  In Hebrew gematria the letters “V” and “W” have a numerical value of “6,” hence “WWW” can be translated as “666.” The element known as carbon, which is black, has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. The melanin in Black people’s skin is carbon based. What does all of this mean with regard to internet navigation? It means that in order for you to traverse the information superhighway you must literally cloak yourself in Blackness.

Black holes and Black people naturally absorb light. Through the magic of the artificial internet, this benefit has now been afforded to the rest of humanity. Anyone who logs onto the internet is absorbing its fortifying contents in the form of light waves and particles that emanate from glowing computers, laptops, and an assortment of cellphone monitors. Many  computers run on Windows. The eyes are windows to the soul. An Oba wears a beaded headdress to cover his own, which are too luminous to behold.

                           The Notorious O.B.A

The I-Tablet, which grants one convenient access to the cyber universe, is conceptually modeled after the ancient Sumerian Tablet of Destinies, which the Sumerian scribes said granted one power over the physical universe. When the iPad hit the market in 2010 it imbued its users with a sense of power and dominion over the entire cyber universe. The Tablet of Destinies is in the  possession of the Sumerian god Enki. One of his symbols is the serpent in a tree.

This icon is the basis for the state flag of South Carolina, which was home to many African slaves who formally acknowledged the West African-derived deity, Dan, as an ancestor. Like Enki, Dan has been depicted as a serpent in a tree. Like Enki, he is also a god of wisdom. These concordances can be easily attributed to the fact that Dan and Enki are merely cultural reinterpretations of the same cosmic potency.



                                  State flag of South Carolina

Ironically, the first I-Tablet that revolutionized the already existing tablet technology was the Apple iPad. Since its inception in 1976, Apple Inc. has used the image of a bitten apple as its official icon. But who bit into this apple? The answer is simple. It was bitten by Adam, who was tempted by Eve according to Judeo-Christian mythology. The shrewd serpent in the Biblical narrative captured Eve’s imagination with the fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

Apple computers give us access to the internet which can lead us to knowledge that some people would call “good,” and knowledge that others would call “evil.” Through its internet based computer products, Apple Inc. has LITERALLY given millions of people access to The Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Biblical serpent who offered Mankind knowledge of good and evil was nothing more than the ancient Hebrew reinterpretation of the Sumerian god, Enki, who is known to West Africans today as Dan (Haitian practitioners of Voudun call Dan DambALLAH).

The Igbos of Nigeria, from whom Emeagwali traces his lineage, have long claimed descent from the ancient Hebrews of Israel who adapted Sumerian mythology to their own cultural ends. The biblical serpent with the “Apple” seems to be a smooth talker who is particularly persuasive and convincing to women. He has game. I guess that you can say that this wise serpent is a true “Mac.”

The Stellar Man and Woman, who have long been mocked as primitive by the Earth M
an, have always been receiving The Light bio-organically as the true Light Bearers of the galaxy. The Stellar Man and Woman are the most advanced technologies in the known universe. Their abilities will never be eclipsed by any devices created by Mankind.  To get a clearer picture that carefully illustrates this fact, we must first have a basic understanding of how the artificial internet works.

For many internet users, wireless internet service is the standard mode used to access the information superhighway. WiFi, which isn’t completely wireless, feeds off of a wired router that uses a binary code to translate the internet signal that it receives from a central server into radio waves. Your computer picks up these radio waves and retranslates them into a binary code that your computer can understand.

Within seconds, at the push of single button, you go from a Google video search engine page to streaming video footage of pornstar Skyy Black laying down the law while Johnny COCKran “beats her case.” An information technology specialist may give you a more detailed and less colorful explanation of how the internet works, but in a nutshell, this is how it’s going down.

A Nigerian Babalawo, who is an Ifa “Father of Secrets,” along with his female counterpart, the Lyalawo (Mother of Secrets),  are living, breathing WIFI receivers in the sense that they use a binary code to access higher information through the use of 16 palm nuts which are called “Ikin” (pronounced E-Kin).  The Babalawo or Lyalawo read the palm nuts and translate the information that they have derived from them in a simple manner that can be easily understood by the individual who consults them concerning their present or future needs.

The clarity and accuracy of the information that the Babalawo and Lyalawo obtain from the palm nuts, however, is dependent on their personal relationship with God, whom they call Oludumare. Oludumare is the central computer, the central server, for the coveted information that they obtain.  Consequently, it should be self-evident that a formal initiation does not guarantee an aspiring priest or priestess that they will be effective WIFI receivers of Ifa, while the complete absence of a formal initiation does not guarantee that a man or woman will NOT be. 

The Ifa system is very similar to the so-called Chinese I-Ching (pronounced E-King) which also uses a binary code for divination purposes. This is because the Chinese I-Ching is actually a re-codified form of the West African divination system that is the focus of this post.  19th Century French linguist Albert Etienne Jean Baptiste Terrien de Lacouperie had postulated that China’s very first dynasty was founded by a clan of Elamites known as the “Hu Nak Kunte.”

The Elamites, for those who are not familiar with them, were the Middle Eastern forerunners of ancient Sumerian civilization.  In his book Ancient Future, Wayne B. Chandler—who is both a scholar and practitioner of the Eastern spiritual sciences—points out that “Kunte,” is a common clan name in West Africa. In part one of my Green Magic series I made a very imaginative, yet credible, correlation between ancient Sumer and the West African nation known as Benin.

I would like to add to Lacouperie and Chandler’s literary mix by pointing out that the word for “spirit” among the Ibo/Igbo people of Nigeria is “Chi.” The word “Chi” was also used in ancient China and it had the EXACT same meaning. Also note that the “Ikin” used by the Ife of Nigeria is pronounced almost identically to the I-Ching (pronounced E-King) used in China. 

A friend of mine who visited China eight years ago told me that he was shocked to see so many Black people living there. These people are not shown to us on television. Guess where most of these Black people he encountered said that they were originally from? They said that they were from Nigeria!

When I was in college I conducted a short presentation for my media communications class concerning the Gyenyame symbol out of Ghana, which isn’t very far from Nigeria. At the end of my short presentation I gave a Q&A session in which a Chinese student remarked to me that the Gyenyame symbol looked like the yin/yang symbol out of China. I smiled and kindly corrected him by pointing out that the yin/yang icon looks like Gyenyame. He smiled back and shook his head in a respectful concession.

Gyenyame means “none but God,” meaning that anything that your mind can conceive, whether “good” or “bad,” exists within God. All perceived opposites are united within God. God is the only reality. There is no reality that exists outside of God. Iranian Dualism, which is where you get the idea of a kind and loving God on one side of the fence and the big bad Devil on the other, is the product of the spiritually immature Western mind.


                                   Yin and Yang

Gyenyame is one of the many seals that the Akan people of Ghana have used to convey complex universal principles and concepts in a very simple, yet effective, manner. These symbols were given to Akan blacksmiths by their earliest ancestors known as the Adikanfo. The Adikanfo were a race of highly evolved men and women whose precise coordinates lay beyond the stars.

Some readers will disregard the cultural connections that I have laid out here as nothing more than sheer coincidence. But to do that would be to go out of one’s way to ignore the obvious, which is that although the United States is financially indebted to China, both China and the U.S. are culturally indebted to Africa. Yet then again, who isn’t?

Below I have provided you with a montage of interviews conducted with Nigerian futurist Philip Emeagwali. Herein, he talks about his upbringing, his passion for science, and the future of the internet. Enjoy!