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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Meta-Herstory of Ma'atematics: 'Lunacy' or Falsehood? (Pt. 4 of 4)

In addition to being the first mathematicians, there is substantial evidence that women were the first scientists as well. They prepared the earliest cooked meals, which has to make them the first chemists. The very word “chemistry” comes from the Arabic word “Al-Chemy” which comes from the name “Kemet” which means “The Black land.” You can pretty much say that Kemet was the land of the Black Sciences which some might call “Black Magic”—which in this context—is simply the magic of Black people.

Go through the cupboards of any woman who truly knows how to cook and marvel at the wide array of herbs and spices that she has at her disposal. What is even more impressive about this woman is the fact that she instinctively knows when, and when not, to use them. Cooking is a high science that is severely overlooked by the “modern” woman who turns her nose up at the science once mastered by her ancient foremothers. As a man who enjoys a nice hot plate, I appreciate the science of cooking very much, which is why I’ve been practicing the craft since I was 13-years-old.

From a practical standpoint, cooking your own food is far more cost effective than patronizing a chef, and it’s often healthier, too. Preparing a good meal sharpens your integrative thinking skills and increases your creativity. I think that every man and woman should take the time to learn and practice the culinary sciences whenever they can.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that although science is grounded in logic, a vivid imagination is what distinguishes a great scientist from a simple technician who is well-versed in the scientific method. There are many great science professors across the globe who teach classes because they have profound knowledge pertaining to the field, but they lack the imagination of a Gabriel Oyibo or a Nikola Tesla to actually make the kinds of discoveries that they teach their students about. This is not a dis. It is a dispassionate observation.

Science and mathematics—which are firmly grounded in left-brained, logical thinking—were originally introduced by Black women. Nevertheless, it must be understood that the word “logical” is not a synonym for the word “intelligent.” This is a mistake that many Western thinking people make. Applied logic is one way of expressing intelligence, but it does not encompass the full scope of what intelligence is. Also, just because a person’s reasoning is logical, that doesn’t mean that it is grounded in Ma’at (truth).

An effective writer or story teller can tell you a story that sounds true, but it is entirely false. They are able to do this because they intuitively know the architecture of a truthful story; they know its inherent, underlying structure and can therefore reduplicate it at will with subtle adjustments in detail. These seemingly minor adjustments in detail can turn an inescapable truth into a meticulously deceptive lie. It is our job to find these flaws and fix them so that we can redeem the edifice of truth and bring back Ma’at.

The greatest artists and creative minds of all time were intelligent people—and they are usually men. This is not to say that there aren’t women who are incredibly creative. I’ve known more than a few. Still I have yet to see any demographic on the planet that can match the imagination and the creativity of the Black man. It’s unfortunate that he too often compromises his station in life by entertaining self-destructive thoughts that are rooted in a sense of lack and the absence of personal accountability.

I consistently meet goals that I set for myself, and as much as I inspire and energize other people around me, I wouldn’t deny that I’ve been guilty of engaging in this terminal way of thinking. It doesn’t take away from who I am, it just means that the volume of my potential affords me a lot of room for improvement.

Creative giants do not use what we would call linear thinking as their primary way of expressing their intelligence. When rocker Jimi Hendrix played the guitar he was not using logic and rationalism. He was allowing the natural intelligence in his soul to bleed through him. The same can be said about Nat King Cole with his seemingly effortless singing, or Michael Jackson with his spectacular dance performances. This display of right-brained intelligence cannot be fully understood by Western thinking people.

A British journalist once asked Jackson what he thinks about when he dances. Jackson replied, “I don’t think.” This may give you something to consider in regards to the extremely complex nature of divine intelligence. It also helps to explain why girls out perform boys in the public schools across the board. The Western educational system is entirely rooted in logical, left-brain thinking and offers children little or no opportunity to maximize and enhance their creative potential which is grounded in the right hemisphere of the brain.

When I was a child, I was a very talented artist. My classmates used to gather around and marvel at the pictures that I would draw. One of my teachers tried to convince my mom to put me in a special education school because I wasn’t interested in her lessons. My mom wouldn’t listen, even though my teacher’s case may have sounded logical to a lesser woman who could not see beyond logic.

Instead my mom took me to receive psychological testing from a certified professional—an old white woman—who had determined that I actually had above average intelligence for a six year old child. That was the test result that my mom expected to hear. Given the verifiable evidence, the teacher was forced to stop her campaign against me, so I was never put in a special education school. From elementary school through college I’ve won local and statewide awards for my writing and other academic accomplishments. Often times I wonder what would have happened to me if my mom had followed my teacher’s logic instead of relying on divine intelligence. Often times I think about the thousands of Black boys today who are not as fortunate as I was.

As men and women, we appreciate each other immensely, but neither of us can ever really be understood by our significant others in the absolute sense. Many of our words, actions, and reactions can be predicted because we share a sense of familiarity that is firmly rooted in love. Nevertheless, we cannot truly be understood by each other—especially when we’re studying each other like lab rats. This is something that frustrates people who are primarily logical thinkers.

For example, a woman may genuinely love a man, but she is more interested in figuring him out than she is in just enjoying him while he’s sitting right in front of her. If you can consistently figure out a particular kind of math problem—whether it be calculus, algebra or trigonometry—then you will naturally feel that you have mastered that system of mathematics. This mastery imbues you with a sense of power, a sense of control, a sense of accomplishment. This is all great and wonderful.

However, when men and women apply this mathematical thought dynamic to interpersonal relationships, then there can only be a master-slave relationship. This is because you are trying to “figure your partner out,” not so that you can better support or assist them, but so that you can figure out their soul’s equation just for the sake of saying that you can do it. You are trying to solve a math problem, which only creates more problems between you and your partner as you approach the pinnacle of your arrogance. And I am not just talking to women, because there is no shortage of male mathematicians out here. Many women can testify to this fact.

You cannot “figure out” someone who is in a continuous state of becoming. There is no mathematical formula that can solve the mystery of man or the riddle of woman. Just when you think that you have found the correct equation, the answer suddenly and involuntarily changes. You cannot devise the correct equation if you have not first pinned down the correct answer. I say, fuck the answer. Fuck the equation. Just love now, because what you believe to be your future is merely a potentiality that will never be realized, an oasis in the dessert that you will never reach, if you do not first cross the bridge of Here & Now with your lover hand-in-hand.

Anyone who knows me well has learned that I am much, much, more than they initially thought I could be. And I’m still growing, even as I write this. To be completely honest with you, I still don’t really know the full extent of my greatness. I would have a better idea if I hadn’t spent so much time busting through fish tanks that fishers of men have tossed me in.

I’m not a goldfish. I’m a whale—come holler at Moby Dick. I’ve come to sink my Titanic beneath your ocean of dreams, tormented screams when my shots burst. Too bad, they should’ve popped first. I’m not talking about a gun, but my pen, another writer’s murked. They loose in this bitter game of fame as red ink rains from cratered chests. I’m no good, I’m the best. I leave no mess of unlettered pests. Faceless love is rendered to ash, as tainted blood is splashed like trash, I mop it. Math? I drop it. Cash? I cop it. Max my profit. Blast a rocket, and blow up a Challenger like it’s ’86 when my brain’s plugged into a socket. Got it? My supreme editorial dicks down amateurs like lesbians in heat with plastic meat. When the minions jock, I strap, you rock, as I rap, and map new terrain with Zulu babes on higher planes. My MIND roars. My pen soars as I GLOW, pulsate, and ascend, enlightening the minds of women and men, with MEDIA that blasts shells, and casts spells, to arouse and awaken them. From Brooklyn, New York to the Serengeti, from the shores of Java, to outer space. Call me the oracle and scribe Tehuti. Let me show thee my face.

I defy any and all categories, yet I fit into them all wonderfully. However, I am not unique in that regard. The same could be said about everyone who has read this far. As brother Kamene pointed out in his lecture, Black women gave humanity the psychological keys it has needed to navigate its way through the MATter of Terra MATer through MATh. It is to them, humanity owes its deepest gratitude. However, we must never forget that it is in the masculine, artistic, creative mind, that whirling inner world of brilliant chaos, that we will find our way home amongst the stars.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Meta-Herstory of Ma'atematics: 'Lunacy' or Falsehood? (Pt. 3 of 4)

The Greek historian Herodotus wrote about how the Olympian gods would return to Ethiopia from whence they came, at least once a year, for a great feast. However the Olympians did not feast WITH the Ethiopians as many of us have assumed. The Olympians were actually feasting ON the Ethiopians, who were their parents, also known as the fallen Titans. However, the open acknowledgment of the 13th sign known as Serpentarius signals the return of the serpentine lunar goddess Mawu to the hearts and minds of the fallen Titans who will transcend the electromagnetic impressions of their unruly Olympian children to attain mastery of the heavens, which is truly their birthright.

Your future is told in the Greek myth known as “The 12 Labors of Hercules/HERUcles.” Once Hercules cultivates enough personal power to negate the influences of the 12 signs that make up the Zodiac he can manifest the Messianic force that exists within him. This messianic force is represented by the number 13. When we break down the number 13 we can clearly see that 1+3=4, which gives us the four corners of the Great Pyramid which points in the direction that we’re headed, which is straight to the top. We’ll be released from our astronomical prison on BAIL and regain our lofty status as BA’AL, Lord of the Heavens. This ascension is the call of the One, which many call The Most High. Mawu’s return will be a time of forgiveness, healing, and heightened sensuality.

In ancient Kemet this was foreseen as the Age of Hapi (Aquarius), when true happiness will return to the hearts and minds of men. If we harbor feelings of hatred and anger we will not ascend beyond 3rd density no matter how many spiritual books we’ve read or metaphysical lectures we’ve watched. This has nothing to do with forgetting about past injustices. However, it does have everything to do with forgiving the people who carried them out against you so that YOU can enjoy the benefit of continuing with YOUR own spiritual progression.

Earth is the only planet in our solar system that is not named after a Roman god, or any god, for that matter. The name “Earth” is German in origin and it translates to mean “the dwelling place.” To better understand the symbolic significance of these name designations for the planets in our solar system we should seriously consider the relationship that the ancient Roman empire had with the early Germanic people. The fact is that the Germans lived under the iron heel of Roman tyranny and hegemony from at least 256 B.C.E up until 455 C.E., which is when the Vandals destroyed Rome.

This historic event in European history is where the word “Vandalism” comes from. 256 B.C.E. also marks the year that Rome invaded Carthage, which was home to many of the classical Moors. If you add “256+455” you get “711” which is the same year that the quintessential Moors invaded Spain. Also “7+1+1=9,” and 9 represents birth. The year 711 signaled the birth of the last Moorish Empire. The ancient Moors of Carthage worshipped the moon goddess, Tanit, from whom you get the word “Tonight.” If you look up in the sky, you might see the goddess Tanit tonight.

Within the hellish hierarchy that masquerades as Western civilization, the Roman Vatican exercises its will over the British royal family, which is actually of German ancestry. The Windsors come out of the Sax-Coburg-Sa’alfeld bloodline which has Moorish roots (SA’ALfeld/BA’AL). Queen Charlotte Sophia was a mulatto woman and came out of the Sax-Coburg-Sa’alfeld line, which was later changed to Sax-Coburg-Gotha. The royal families of Europe are called “The Black Nobility” for a reason, and its’ not what you’ve been told. Planet Earth was a prison colony for the Milky Way empire of planetary intelligences, who until recently, ruled under the auspices of the treacherous Demiurge. According to Gnostic scripture, the demiurge is the son of Sophia, whom Queen Charlotte of Europe’s Black Nobility was named after. By stealing the knowledge of ancient people across the globe, the Vatican was afforded an opportunity to metaphysically position itself as the earthly microcosm of this macrocosmic celestial hierarchy.

                                                       Queen Charlotte Sophia

                                         Pope Benedict XVI's Coat of Arms

                                       Coat of Arms for Diocese of Freising

Everyone on Earth identifies the planets in our solar system by their Roman names and adhere to the calendar fashioned by the Roman Catholic church, yet they scratch their heads and wonder why all roads lead to Rome. The Vatican aligned itself with the Olympian energies that maintained the Glass Ceiling of your awareness. Rome has maintained its temporal power over humanity only because the world has granted it PERMISSION to do so. Change the calendar and change the names of the planets in our solar system and see what happens to Rome’s temporal power.

For my female readers who seek an even deeper understanding of how we came under the influence of these Olympian energies we must look to the antediluvian world for answers. This is the world that existed just before The Great Flood. However, I’m not talking about an oceanic flood that may be brought about by a Pole Shift. I’m talking about the Star Fire Flood brought about by the onset of the female menstrual cycle, which aided you in your descent into human consciousness.

The menstrual cycle played a critical role in helping women to retain the memory of their original pristine state as goddesses by eliminating biological, psychic, as well as emotional, toxins from their newfound bodies made of flesh, blood and bones. It is almost needless to say that purely spiritual beings do not carry any toxins, however spiritual beings trapped in human bodies do. Initially, all of the women who had just descended from the spiritual realm had synchronized menstrual cycles—meaning that they were all on their cycles at the same time.

These women viewed themselves—and more importantly, EACH OTHER—as divine emanations from the same universal mind. When women live in close proximity to each other, and share a deeply spiritual and emotional bond, they may find that they have their menstrual cycles around the same time. This is a holdover from that forgotten epoch that I’m striving to describe. This conveniently explains how the first Lunar calendar was charted. All of the women involved in that endeavor were menstrually in sync with the phase changes of the moon. The babies that these goddesses conceived with their gods were born around the same time. There was no acknowledgement of a zodiac because everyone was born at the same time (Ecclesiastes3:1).

Consequently, the original man and woman did not have any knowledge of all of these astrological influences—much less the astrological houses that we’ve attributed to them—until a spiritual rift came between the women. As these Wonder Women continued to descend into the flesh they started to forget about all of the things that made them all uniquely beautiful.

As a result, the women became envious, resentful and distrustful of one another. They became blind to the knowledge of their own divine gifts and began to secretly covet the gifts of other women. Back-biting and gossip ensued, and it has continued until this very day. Instead of having synchronized menstrual cycles, their cycles came at different times over the course of what we would now call a calendar year, which only signifies their disunity.

When babies were born they came out of their mother’s wombs crying because they realized what had happened to their parents. They have not undergone the mental development to verbally articulate to their parents that they were falling from God’s grace. All of the crying is the baby’s way of saying “Mommy and Daddy, what ya’ll doin’? Ya’ll fuckin’ up, yo!!!” When these babies grew into adulthood they could not relate to most of their peers because they were all under different astrological influences. They were all under the yoke of the zodiacal gods. This disunity lead to marked differences in perception, which lead to misunderstandings, which bread resentment, which erupted into warfare, disease, depravity and death.

All of this brought about the fall of the Black god and goddess who are the co-creators of our universe. Since we were so enamored with our creation, we eventually became a part of it. We became the humble subjects of the grand matriarch that we crowned together. Her name is Matter, which comes from the Latin word “Mater” which means “Mother.”

 With regard to the zodiac, it is worth noting that an ancient Sumerian  word used to refer to a passing cycle of time was “Sha’atam.” This word has a linguistic relationship to the Arabic word “Shaitan” which is known as “Satan” in Hebrew. In Rome the god  “Saturn was known as Father Time. In Greece he was called Chronos.  The malefic intelligence that we call the Devil, comes into human consciousness through the awareness of time. To perceive time is to perceive division within yourself, as well as between yourself and others. There was an epoch now shrouded in legend in which we did not measure time, because we were not aware of it.

In order to assist humanity in breaking the astronomical, astrological yoke that it is currently under, all women need to become more cognizant and appreciative of their own uniqueness and inner beauty so that they will come to a full understanding of just how wonderful they could be. While men can certainly assist in facilitating this new rise in awareness, this Great Work is something that must be initiated by women amongst themselves. Once they do this, they will be in a position to conceive babies with men who will restore Ma’at. Once Ma’at is restored we’ll be released from our spiritual prisons. Some may call this a fantasy. I call it justice.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Meta-Herstory of Ma'atematics: 'Lunacy' or Falsehood? (Pt. 2 of 4)

The zodiac sign of Libra did not always exist within the scope of our collective awareness because we were not always as sensitive to the energy emissions of the celestial bodies in outer space as we are now. The more that we fell on the vibratory scale of awareness, the more we came under the direct influence of the aforementioned astrological forces.

Libra was the last sign to be formally acknowledged by the creators of the original zodiac, and it is the only one not represented by a human or animal because it defines a universal principle as opposed to a personality trait, or animal instinct. That principle is Ma’at, balance, equilibrium. We’ve departed from these attributes, and have been struggling to get back to them ever since. According to some sources, Libra came out of the zodiacal sign of Scorpio. The symbol for Libra is the scales of the Kemetic goddess, Ma’at (pronounced “Mayat”).

                  A young god submerged beneath astrological frequencies

Libra is represented by the scales of Ma’at because the Magistrates of this Milky Way galaxy had determined many moons ago—possibly during one of the previous ages of Libra—that Lucifer, the Black Melanin angel, would be SENTENCED to imprisonment in hell so that he would gain greater insight into the inherent flaws, or dare I say, glitches, in God’s creation program.

We know that Lucifer was SENTENCED, because it is within the SENTENCES that comprise the written tale of his demise that his fate was ultimately sealed. So it was written, so it came to pass. Lucifer was known by different names, within different cultures, but the essence of his story remains the same no matter where you find him buried in the archaeological record. 

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, the “Morning Star.” Since Lucifer—who is pretty much the personification of the Black collective unconscious—has learned about these glitches through the Black man and woman’s numerous incarnations in Hell, he has accumulated enough wisdom to become a better programmer than he would have otherwise been before his fall from grace.

Mentally imbalanced people, who are dualistic fatalists in their manner of Thought/Thoth, see the world through lenses that reflect everything back to them in black and white. They would have you believe that Lucifer fell from grace and now he is doomed for all eternity just because he made a mistake. End of story. They look at the Lucifer allegory in this way because they secretly believe that THEY are doomed for all eternity.

These are the same kinds of people who compromise their own greatness because they’re afraid of making mistakes—which is the very same mistake that Lucifer made. This is why God kicked him out the house in the hope that he would make MANY mistakes. How else would Lucifer learn that he was badly mistaken in his fear of making mistakes, unless he was granted the opportunity to do just that, and see himself live through it?

The dualistic fatalists continue to beat themselves, as well as others, up, for mistakes that they’ve made in their personal lives. Imagine if God held grudges against himself and others like these people do?  God’s mercy and forgiveness stretch far beyond mortal man’s wildest imagination.

Let’s sit down and really think about this Lucifer story with a clear mind, now. Do you really believe that God would just flush one of its greatest creations down the toilet then turn around and go about its business? That doesn’t make any sense. Lucifer was kicked out of heaven and sentenced to hell because he is being primed and prepared for greater responsibility and a higher purpose that only God knows entirely.

We saw the very same theme played out in the movie Thor, when the god Odin kicked him out of Asgard, knowing full well that Thor was destined to inherit the kingdom. The Black man can rest assured in knowing that the stone that the builder refused will truly be the head cornerstone. He may be despised on earth, but he is favored in heaven. But before Lucifer can carry out his responsibilities efficiently his soul must undergo fermentation through the rigorous initiation that we call human life. He must be crucified on the cross of matter and then resurrect from the ashes as the Sun of God.

If you ascribe the corresponding numerical value to the letters in the name “LUCIFER” and do the same with the name “JESUS,” you will find that both names have a numerical value of “74” when you add the letters up. This is because the two Morning Stars are one and the same. And since 7+4=11, then Lucifer and Jesus reconciled gives us “22” which is a master number in numerology. Since 2+2=4, it's all about mastery of the cross of matter.

The very first school in the United States of America to graduate three African American Ph.Ds in Mathematics in the same year was the University of Maryland in 2000. The names of The Three Fates are Tasha Iniss, Sherry Scott, and Kimberly Weems, who are all Black women. Interestingly, “Maryland,” literally means the “Land of Mary,” specifically the Virgin Mary of the Christian mythos. It’s not by some crazy coincidence that the states of “VIRGINia and MARYland” were included in the original 13 colonies established by the U.S. corporation.

The 13 colonies represent the 13 months in the lunar menstrual calendar that inaugurated Black civilization. In addition, when we break down the number 13 we find that 1+3=4, which brings us to the four phases of the moon. The Christian Virgin Mary is a later-day adaptation of the Kemetic goddess, Auset (Isis) who was usually identified with the moon in ancient Kemetic cosmology.

So since we know that Mary is really a Judeo-Christian adaptation of the Kemetic goddess Auset, then we should understand that the “University of Maryland” is actually the “University of Auset.”

It’s only poetic justice that the millennium drew to a close with the three daughters of the moon goddess Auset getting their Ph.Ds in mathematics. The Akan moon goddess N’Game signifies three aspects of the venerated woman (the Virgin, the Mother, and the Oracle), and I would not doubt that these three female mathematicians are at the very least symbolic representations of the triune moon goddess on earth. The same can be said about Mary Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan and Katherine G. Johnson. They were mathematicians who worked for NASA and helped astronaught John Glen to orbit the planet in 1962, a 9 year that represents the birthing of agendas.

As we delve even deeper into the Lunar Mysteries we discover that the word “Math” comes from “Ma’at,” and like Auset, the goddess Ma’at is associated with the moon, as is her consort Tehuti, who is the scribe and oracle of the gods. Ma’at is the goddess of justice, the scales, and measurement. Math was initially employed by Black women for the measurement of time.

When Moses questions the identity of the burning bush in the Bible it replies “I Am That I Am” according to the various English translations. However the phrase “I Am That I Am” is actually an anagram for “Mathamatii " which is the phonetic pronunciation for the word “Mathematics.” In essence the God of Moses is saying “I am mathematics.” Mathematics is essentially applied logic. All dogmatic religions control and manipulate their followers through perverse logic that appeals to their human nature as opposed to their divine nature. The predynastic netert (goddess) known as Ta-Urt was central to the 26,000 year precession of the equinox that is graphically depicted at the Temple of Denderah.

Ta-Urt is quite arguably the oldest identifiable deity within the ancient Kemetic pantheon of gods and goddesses. In ancient Kemetic astronomy, Ta-Urt was identified as the star constellation that the Greeks renamed “Draco,” which is where we get the anglicized version of the word “Dragon.” The Ta-Urt constellation is circumpolar, meaning that it never rises above, or sets below, the horizon like Sopdet (Sirius), Sahu (Orion) and several others constellations do. Unlike Ausar (Orion) and Auset (Sirius), Ta-Urt is beyond the cycle of death and reincarnation so she does not rise above, or set below, the horizon of corporeal existence. The Great Pyramid at Giza, which was later named after Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops), was once aligned with Ta-Urt.  

Although Ta-Urt was usually depicted as a hippopotamus in ancient Kemet, she was known in ancient Sumer and Babylon as the dragon, Tiamat. The hippopotamus is an animal that is native to sub-Saharan Africa, which indicates that although Ta-Urt was worshipped in Kemet, her center of worship did not ORIGINATE there. But then again, very little that was of lasting cultural significance originated in ancient Kemet.

This is easily proven by the fact that every single time Kemet was invaded by outsiders, especially right before the advent of the Middle Kingdom, the native people always turned to their neighbors who lived deeper in Africa’s interior to reaffirm their sense of cultural identity. It is of no coincidence that the last cultural renaissance that Kemet had was during the 25th Dynasty when the Nubian Pharaohs took over.

Kemet was the designated area chosen for the preservation, and in some cases, the crystallization of classical African culture. For these reasons alone, it is the greatest civilization that WE have any written record of. Nevertheless, all of the higher spiritual sciences were known to the shamans, priests, and priestesses of Sub-Saharan Africa before dynastic Kemet was even a thought in an African colonizer’s mind. The Greeks knew Ta-Urt as Hekate, who was their take on the Cosmic Mother bearing the torch of illumination.

Among the ancient Greeks, Father Time was known as Chronus, the stoic god who ate his children. Chronus was a member of a pantheon of deities known as the Titans. H.P. Lovecraft called these Titans “The Great Old Ones” in his book The Necronomicon. The Akan people of Ghana called these lofty primordial beings the “Adikanfo,” who speak to us today through many channels, including Adika’s info.

In relating how the Olympians were literally consumed BY Father Time, the Kena’Anu (Phoenicians)—whom the Greeks got much of their mythology from—were artfully explaining how man was figuratively consumed WITH time on 3rd density, so much so that he began to measure time. Better yet, his woman began to measure time. She started to write equations around Father Time. She studied him intently. She was curious to know what made Father Time tick…toc…tic..toc. With her logical mind ripening, she inevitably began to question Father Time. She was no longer sure of him. As a result, he was no longer sure of himself.

For the first time in his eternal life, the Titan had become aware of the fact that he had a lower self. This brought him a great deal of shame and embarrassment. Chronus tried to hide his lower self (the Olympians) by eating it. But, by eating it, he only internalized it. Chronus fooled himself into beLIEving that no one would know that he had a lower self if they could not see it. However, that which you continue to consume will eventually consume you, even if you are a mighty Titan.

By trying to hide his own shortcomings, Chronus only made them more visible to the other gods. His feelings of self-doubt and sense of lack began to spread amongst the other Titans who saw him as a provider, a sustainer, the Don of all Dons. If we are what we eat, then what happens when a Titan consumes Olympians, which are lesser gods? The Titan himself becomes a lesser god. And that’s exactly what happened to the Black man and woman.

We know that Chronus’ children, who make up the pantheon of 12 Olympian gods, were consumed by Time because we see them every time we look at the 12 numbers inside of the glass stomach of a Chrono-Swiss watch. These Olympians also make up the first 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 zodiacal ages reflected to us in the Precession of the Equinox. When you are obsessed WITH time, then you become devoured BY time, just as the lesser gods were devoured by Chronus, who is also known as Father Time. The Olympians embody that which the Titans refused to see in themselves.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Meta-Herstory of Ma'atematics: 'Lunacy' or Falsehood? (Pt. 1 of 4)

It’s been pointed out in various neurology books and journals that the human brain is divided into two hemispheres, with each having its own distinct function. According to some scientists, the left hemisphere is masculine, and is geared towards mathematical, linear reasoning, while the right is characterized as the artistically creative, intuitive feminine counterpart.

I’ve disagreed with this attribution for a long time—and not so much because I think that it’s an overgeneralization of male and female thought processes—which it is in some ways, but because it completely contradicts what I’ve observed from my personal interactions with men and women over the years. After I saw a lecture featuring educator Kaba Hiawatha Kamene (a.k.a Booker T. Coleman) on public access television 11 years ago, I realized that I wasn’t alone in my gender classification of the hemispheres.

In a lecture entitled: The Evolutionary Process of How Human Life Came into Being, Kamene, who is an acclaimed teacher of African history and culture, poses the argument that the disciplines of science and mathematics were created by Black women. Kamene argues that necessity truly is the mother of invention. He says that men, who were fundamentally the hunter-gatherers of antiquity, had no fundamental reason to learn how to count. “It was women who invented science and mathematics in the first place, men did not create math and science,” Kamene asserts.

He says that it was necessary for women to develop a system of numbers in order to chart their menstrual cycles, which mirror the lunar cycle. Kamene explains that African women developed the lunar calendar after making this careful observation thousands of years ago. “For thousands of years sistas passed [the science of numbers] down from mother to daughter,” says Kamene in the lecture. This partially explains why the moon was usually symbolic of the Black goddess, namely Auset, in ancient Kemet (Egypt).

Kamene’s premise that Black women were the first mathematicians is further legitimized by the fact that the world’s first calendars were lunar, having 13 months, each about 28 or 29 days long. From a common sense standpoint, the idea that the original calendars were lunar in nature makes perfect sense, because it is easier to chart the four phase changes of the moon than it is to chart the rising and setting of the sun.

In the night time, you can stare at the moon for several hours on end, whereas you have a relatively smaller window of opportunity to accurately chart the times that the sun rises and sets over the course of a solar calendar year. To do that requires an intense, unwavering focus that can only be achieved through the cultivation of Ra’s force within man. At one time or another you may have thought to yourself how strange it is that the 12 months in our current solar calendar vary in length. Some months have 31 days, while others have 30 or 29.

However, if you only count the first 28 days for each month in our current calendar year, and add up the remainders, there will be enough extra days to form a 13th month that is exactly 29 days long. When we think about how this impacts on the discipline of astrology—which is an occult science that initially took root while the lunar calendar was still in use—it must be understood that there have always been 13 zodiac signs. However, the 13th was not openly acknowledged by the larger society until recently. There is a reason for this, and it is tied to the Fall of Man.

The more that archetypal humanity’s appetite for the physical world intensified, the more that we degenerated into physical beings and polarized into gender forms. The Dogon of Mali tell a very interesting version of this story. You can read about it and much more in Conversations with Ogotommeli: An Introduction to Dogon Religious Ideas by Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen. These European men also wrote The Pale Fox, which was a follow up to that excellent book. As a result of the Fall, the King and Queen of heaven became subjects of, and subjected to, external stellar influences. What are these stellar influences, you ask? Well, they are the distinct energy frequencies emanating from the aggregate of celestial bodies that we call the sun, moon, stars, and planets in our solar system.

                                           The Akan goddess, N'Game

In Akan cosmology we learn about the triple black moon goddess N’Game (pronounced “Ingamay”). She is not to be confused with the supreme Akan God N’YaMeh/YaWeh. According to Akan myth, N’Game animated human beings by shooting arrows into their hearts with her bow. From N’Game’s bow we get the crescent moon of Islam, which is pretty much shaped like a bow. However, this ancient Akan creation story is just a metaphor used to describe the piercing influence that the moon’s emitted magnetic force has on man’s psyche. When you have a full moon, the water in the ocean becomes restless and the tide is higher than usual.

Etymologically speaking, the word “Time” is of Germanic origin, and it comes from the word “Tide.” The moon, which was used to measure “time,” also controls the ocean’s “tide.” Since 72 percent of the human body is made out of water, we know that the magnetic energy that the moon emits in the form of N’Game’s arrow has a marked influence on our thought processes, and consequently, our actions.

Numerous statistics across the globe have proven that the number of murders go up when there is a full moon. These acts of violence are committed by “lunatics” who have not evolved enough spiritually to withstand the rising tide of “lunar” power that is present at the peak of the lunar month. We should strive to drink water that has a high PH factor because it can assist us in maintaining our mental equilibrium. Life’s a game, and the world is a chessboard in the eyes of N’Game. Her prized chess pieces make up the faceless sea of humanity. We are drawing closer to End Game.

Interestingly, the flag that the Moroccan Moors used when they were still at the height of their power during the 12th and 13th centuries was a chessboard in front of a red background. Unbeknownst to many, the Moors introduced the game of chess to Europe during that period. These Moors did not use the red flag with the green pentagram that we see at the United Nations today.

                                Flag of Morocco circa 1147 - 1269  C.E.


Check out the album cover for Marvin Gaye’s last Motown album which was entitled, In Our Lifetime (1981), and look very carefully at the artwork. You will see the chessboard in the center framed by a red background. Motown released In Our Lifetime on Martin Luther King’s birthday while Gaye was preparing to embark on a tour of Southern Europe, which was once part of the Moorish empire known as Al-Andalus. Like the Moorish noble Othello, from the Shakespearean play of the same name, Gaye had become obsessed with a white girl, and her name was Cocaine.

The esoteric meaning behind Morocco’s current flag with the green pentagram and red background is extremely ancient. It visually recounts the story behind The Lucifer Experiment which I’ve discussed before. The red background represents the sun, and the pentagram equates to Lucifer, in the form of Venus, trying in vain to match the brilliance of the sun. Astronomically speaking, the sun is THE Morning Star because it’s the only star that we can see in the morning. The only other celestial body that is consistently visible in the morning time besides the sun is the planet Venus.

Venus aspires to be as bright as the sun, just as Lucifer aspired to attain God’s greatness without having to make the mistakes that foster the wisdom that inevitably makes one great. This explains why Netzach (Venus) occupies the 7th sphere on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, while Tiphareth (Sun) occupies the 6th sphere right above it. When someone is in a Netzach state of mind they aspire to capture the Beauty of Tiphareth, which of course, is no minor Victory.

Still, none of this changes the fact that the current Moroccan flag is NOT the flag that the Moors of Al-Andulas used when they culturally dominated Europe for nearly 800 years. It became the national flag of Morocco LONG after the Moroccan Moors suffered the same fate that Lucifer did in 1492 (1+4+9+2=16; 1+6=7=Netzach=Venus=Lucifer). 1492 was a Lucifer year for the once mighty Moorish empire. The Moors’ fall from grace was mythologized by Shakespeare in his play, Othello.

The 64 black and white squares on the real Moorish flag signifies the 64 codons in your DNA, while the red background represents the solar nourishment that it absorbs, and processes, to help foster your transformation into a true light bearer. The word “Kabbala” means to “receive” and what a Kabbalist receives is light code transmissions from The Most High. Plants are master Kabbalists, which is precisely why we should eat them more often. The only way that you can attract God’s light is by having a genuine desire to grow—not so that you can show off and act like you’re better than other people who don’t know what you know—but out of a genuine desire to reclaim your godhood, which in essence, is the salvation of your soul.

An image is worth a thousand words, and this particular Moorish flag is quite literally a graphic explanation of applied Kabbalistic science. It is no wonder that the Kabbala as we know it was first introduced to Europe, along with the game of chess, during the 13th century when the chessboard flag was the national flag of Morocco.