Search the Dark Waters of Nun

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Architect Music (Lyrics with References)

“I don't have to curse in my verse to put this beat in a hearse/ The magic of word, sound, and power causes illusions  to disperse/ A reverent descendant of  Black Nobility/ Return of the Djed/ Build for stability/ Decked in Ghanaian gold armor I bomb ya/ A dedicated farmer of Dharma/ Planting seeds of hope at the stroke of a pen/ that blasts shells and casts spells stirring the minds of mortal men/ I'm all alone on my throne of bones in the heart of a digital lion's den/ Spilling melodic ink blends/ for fine unfettered friends of truth/ My tower of power brings solar showers when raised in the  womb, or a  booth/ I'm so Eiffel/ Always delightful/ Inseminating minds with pregnant rhymes from the hallowed barrel of my phallic riffle/ Within the blink of a cherry's eye, you've missed 9  menstrual cycles/ I ain't no joke, but I'm a jester/ Bless a nester in the final trimester through the birth waters of understanding/ Ain't no Gap in my Band, my man/ I'm folding “Outstanding” dead faces/ in the comfort of offshore lands/ nestled in exotic spaces and places/ I'm demanding of me and myself/ Your mind’s your only true wealth/ I'm steady molding my vision/ with craft and precision/ staining eternity with the refractions of thoughts filtered through mental prisms...” – Adika Butler

Cleverly Distorted Sample?

Don't laugh at the contender below. It's all in how you chop up the beat while keeping its core essence intact