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Sunday, February 25, 2018

When the Doves Fly: The African Origin of the Ancient Greek Oracles

“Two black doves [came] flying from Thebes in Egypt, one to Libya and one to Dodona; the latter settled on an oak tree, and there uttered human speech, declaring that a place of divination from Zeus must be made there; the people of Dodona understood that the message was divine, and therefore established the oracular shrine. The dove which came to Libya told the Libyans (they say) to make an oracle of Ammon; this also is sacred to Zeus. Such was the story told by the Dodonaean priestesses, the eldest of whom was Promeneia and the next Timarete and the youngest Nicandra; and the rest of the servants of the temple at Dodona similarly held it true.”    

                             - Herotodus, the Greek Father of History

The Furies of ancient Greek mythology were based on far older secret societies comprised of African women who had the same social roles and functions as they did over in the Aegean.

The Furies of the Hellenistic world were somewhat of a moralistic  police force made of Black women utilizing nature spirits. They punished men who were immoral and transgressed internal laws by breaking external oaths and taboos.

According to the ancient Greeks, the Furies were women with coal-black skin and serpents for hair. Think about that while you look at the two women in the lead photo for this blog post. I will talk about the Medusa later.

When you think about how oppressive the Greeks and Romans were towards women as a whole, the whole concept of authoritative women in ancient Western society sounds like a total and complete fallacy. Imagine Harvey Weinstein advocating for fair treatment of women in Hollywood before being accused of serial sexual harassment in 2017. It just wouldn’t have happened.

In the Los Angeles Times there was an  article that ran in December, 2017 entitled “Tracing the Roots of Misogyny to Greece and Rome with Mary Beard” that illustrates the struggles of white women in the earliest European cultures.  I suggest you read it.

Any white woman who fancies herself a “witch” a “high priestess” or an “indigenous medicine woman” while helping to uphold the tyranny of white male patriarchy is liar and a fraud. The designation of “white” as a race didn’t even exist until the anti-miscegenation laws of 17th century colonial America. However in this blog post, we will use the term “white” to identify women of a particular hue and culture since the human color code is familiar to the common reader.

Before the spread of Christianity and Islam Black African women—in stark contrast to their white counterparts—owned land, conducted business, and directly addressed political matters within a social structure fashioned by Black Men. The Black men who systematically and institutionally oppress Black women in Africa today are either Christian or Muslim.  You will not prove me wrong on that.

Patriarchy  is not inherently  bad. It all depends on the men behind the system. Some men are powerful, dominant, and secure with themselves, while others are the complete opposite. Before the spread of Christianity and orthodox Islam, Black women were the only women on the planet with political, economic, and spiritual  power as a collective. This is only because secure Black men ran the world.

There is compelling evidence that in ancient Athens, white women were not even citizens. They could not vote in elections. They were more or less, private property if they were wives or concubines, and public property if they were prostitutes. Read Women in Greece by Sue Blundell. She’s a white woman and her book is  published  by Harvard  University Press.

What you call a matriarchy can only exist in a society run by dominant men of exceptional  integrity, emotional sensitivity and sexual prowess. When men are weak and insecure they become Haters who intentionally keep women out of positions of power and make sure that the women are in constant fear  through the looming threat of physical violence. They also try to destabilize other men who would take their women away if all men were competing on a leveled playing field.

Feminine women derive pleasure from serving powerful men of good character. Weak men are sexually inadequate and must rely on terror and intimidation to get women to do the simplest things for them, like cooking a simple meal.

To me it seems obvious that any social model that seemed to empower the women of ancient Greece—including its oracular institutions—had to come from outside of Greece. Another possibility is that the cultural expression is a holdover from ancient Greece’s archaic period when people of a different racial designation and culture occupied its localities.

The Minoan civilization, which preceded Greece in the Mediterranean, was not white. There were no white women in positions of spiritual, political, or economic authority under the watch of white men in the ancient Greco-Roman world. 

This conclusion is drawn from the records left behind in Greco-Roman literature spanning multiple genres including epics (The Iliad by Homer), tragedies (Oedipus Rex by Sophacles) and comedies (The Clouds by Aristophanes).

And who were the mysterious “black doves,” from Kemet who brought their oracle tradition to Dodona according to the Greek “Father of History” Herodotus

When you watch the movie 300, the women who had the power to tell the future went into an ecstatic trance that looks very much like what a Haitian Vodun mambo who has been mounted by a loa may experience.

I think that this is because the Greek women were taught by  Black women with long roped hair who originated south of Greece. According to Greek mythology, the powerful medusa who turned men to stone with a stare, also lived south of Greece, specifically in Libya, which is a country in North Africa. Connect the dots.

The Amazigh goddess Libya (the ancient Greeks called the Amazigh “Berbers’) was also known as Sibyl. The ancient priestesses of what is now Naples, Italy were called Sibyls and were known for their seership, which is historically synonymous with oracle traditions. The fact that they were linguistically linked to a Libyan goddess is considerable proof of their African roots.

 In some parts of Africa, the ability to access visions of the past, present, and future come through Mami Wata. Among the ancient Khemer people who built the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, this Mami Wata archetype was known as “Suphanna Matcha,” which means the “Golden Sea Maiden.” In Thailand this natelligence would be recognized by the slightly modified name  “Suvannamaccha,” which carries the same meaning.


This awe-inspiring coordinator of water spirits is depicted as a beautiful ocean mermaid throughout Africa and Asia. By the way, the modern English word “Mermaid” was preceded by the Old English word “Merewif” which means “Water Witch.” What exactly is a “wife”?  Those who read the chapter beginning on page 117 of my book, The Treasures of Darkness, have uncommon insight on this topic.

The matriarch of the sea is associated with monetary prosperity in business among other things. The next time you go to a popular Thai restaurant, check to see if the restaurant owners have any streamers, pictures, or statues of  Suvannamaccha in their establishment.

River water pursues the path that nature has laid out for it until it connects with its estuary at the mouth of an abundant ocean. Abundance denotes  wealth and prosperity. Lock in and pay attention now.

Ocean water consists of salt and water  which make up the majority of the content in your blood plasma. Your rich lineage is your true wealth and abundance. Those who  spiritually connect with the abundant ocean through the magnetic albumin protein in their own blood  can harness the POWER and abundance in their blood through that ocean.

Those who do this find their Flow State and are able to intuit their true path in life through the intelligences in their blood informing them of their mission. The albumin protein is also in human breast milk. The breast milk from the left nipple is sweeter because its closest to the heart which is the seat of intelligence. There is much more that can be said, but I think you get the general idea.

 In Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich you find several stories about stubborn men who are considered crazy by the blind masses for pursuing their entrepreneurial paths in life.  However all of these men inevitably found  wealth and abundance on their respective journeys. Such men are wise. Those other guys, are otherwise. Although he is not in Napoleon Hill’s book, please watch this short documentary on 80s business titan Reginald F. Lewis.

The wildly successful are those who make big bank by following their distinct flows along the riverbanks of life while the blind warn them of impenetrable dams up ahead. Whenever we feel decisive about our business moves we must trust that we are properly aimed no matter what the nonbelievers around us say.

This is what it looks like when we reach for boundless skies. This is what it looks like when Dodonic doves fly.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Just Like Us: A Perspective on The Black Panther Movie (Spoiler Alert)


I finally saw it. The Black Panther film was very good. I liked it. The Dora Milaje—based on the Dahomean warrior amazons and the Kandake of ancient Nubia—were as beautiful as they were strong.

I balk at attempts to make Black women seem hardened and ultra-masculine in film. It’s a personal turn off for me, but I  didn’t see that in The Black Panther. I saw a familiar strength of character conveyed through femininity.

What I didn’t like was the myopic views expressed about the movie by pompous individuals who think they know shit, but in reality, are not even that bright. If you stripped them of their naïve confidence and bravado they would have nothing of intrinsic value to share with us.

Well actually, that isn’t exactly true. Projecting self-confidence even when you’re a fucking fool is a skill that ignorant people can learn from clowns. As long as the ignorant person sounds really confident, other people who don’t know shit are blind to the fact that their idols don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. This is because the audience wasn’t taught how to think.

Some people  may have a little bit more knowledge than the average Black person when it comes to Black history that occurred before the Trans Atlantic Trade in Treasures of Darkness. But that’s like bragging about having a bigger disposable income than someone who calls a public bench in a dirty train station their bed. It means absolutely nothing. The treasures of darkness who crash landed on earth eons ago are now in your bloodstream. They are greater than any Vibranium Marvel Comics can imagine.

Even some Blacks who are progressive in their thinking, for the most part, are still locked into Iranian Dualism. The inhabitants of ancient Persia practiced Zoroastrianism. It is a form of theological neurosis introduced by the Indo-European invaders of the region who saw the universe as a battlefield between the forces of light, personified by Ahura Mazda and the forces of darkness, personified by Angra Mainyu.

This dualistic worldview was adopted by Christianity through the God vs Satan dynamic. Despite their beautiful geles, daishikis and ankh necklaces, a lot of conscious folks still think like European Christians with the Iranian Dualism program running in the back of their minds.

On social media I watch them try to force Black Panther film characters T’Challa and Erik Killmonger into the traditional Jesus vs. Satan dynamic. The problem is, none of these guys fit into those archetypes. These characters are neither “good” or “bad.”

T’Challa: This brother is very dignified and regal. He is very patient, but fierce and diligent. He welcomes input from those who possess ability. These are the marks of a true king. A lot of people I interact with regularly see me  inthis way. T’Challa is also a fucking asshole though. He was insistent and very proactive about saving the life of the C.I.A. agent, but he passively offered to revive his dying cousin, Killmonger. True, Killmonger preferred to die for his own reasons after the fact, but my point is that T’Challa wasn’t as eager to save him as he was eager to cape for the C.I.A. agent. T’Challa expressed anger towards his father in the ancestral realm for neglecting his own nephew. That was a critical point in the film. I loved that part. It was noble because it showed a willingness to break from the facade of traditional piety to do what is right based on universal principle which transcends national custom. T’Challa is not a good guy, or a bad guy. He’s just like us.

Erik Killmonger: A lot of Black Nationalists love Killmonger from what I can see. They see their own aspirations through him. I was glad when he threw T’Challa over the waterfall. He didn't do it quick enough for me.  Truth of the matter is that Killmonger isn’t a Black globalist dedicated to the Black man’s return to greatness. He only cares about himself, not because he is inherently “bad” but because everything he has ever gotten in life he had to take. Nothing was given to him. He inherited nothing.

I can personally relate to his relentless will and self-determination. That’s the part of me that few people see. Killmonger only talks about global Black power to forward his own agenda (sounds like those  crooks on YouTube), which is to punish the cold world that wounded his heart. He never developed emotionally beyond his childhood stage and you saw this when he entered the ancestral realm.

Let’s say Killmonger did conquer the globe and he had a son with a luscious Wakandan queen. When he got old and died, how would his son have effectively succeeded him as a Black Panther given that he had burned the heart-shaped herb? How would the mighty Black Empire have continnued into a new generation? Killmonger didn’t care and wasn't thinking about legacy or tradition because a king who had the power to improve his life as a vulnerable little boy was preoccupied with tradition—the tradition of keeping Wakanda ethnically homogenous—to uphold a fake legacy of greatness. Killmonger highlights the selfishness of the technologically advanced, yet ideologically stagnant Wakandan Empire. That is noble. Killmonger is not a “good guy” or a “bad guy.” He is just like us.

I have a lot of other observations about the film, but I won’t get into them here. I will explore some of those points of interest with people who’ve read my book, The Treasures of Darkness: Living Jewels for Spiritual Resurrection. It has some curious elements that are directly related to the film. I’m not the guy who loves to hear himself talk.

I LOVE to learn from others, but you can’t teach me if you don’t know me. I am only known by those who read my work, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This upholds the quality of my interactions. I’m not a “good guy” or a “bad guy.” I’m just like you. 

I salute Ryan Coogler and Joe Robert Cole for writing an action movie script with no protagonist or antagonist (at least not in the traditional sense). They opened a portal and broke free from the chains of Iranian Dualism that are so prevalent in Hollywood blockbusters, presenting us with something that was more true and more real in the process.

Killmonger and T'Challa both played the roles of Heru avenging the deaths of their fathers but they weren't nice guys. Embrace complex perspectives. You will learn to see more. Third Eye Max.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Does the Fictional Black Panther have any Basis in Historical Fact?

The Black Panther movie, produced by Marvel Studios, is an impressive work of fiction directed by Ryan Coogler. Although there is no nation in Africa known as “Wakanda,” it should be noted that the best fiction is grafted from real people, places, and things that have an actual basis in history.

Going back to ancient Kemet and Nubia, extending deep into Central and West Africa, and going further into modern day Cuba, you have had the existence of leopard societies with secrets. These leopard societies possess carefully guarded knowledge of a deeply spiritual nature.

                           17th century Kongolese King

In my book, The Treasures of Darkness, I talk about the cat and dragon clans from Africa who established monarchies across medieval Europe, not only in Spain, but in places like England and Germany. These feline clans also existed in the ancient Americas in the form of the jaguar societies.

If you do any zoological research on feline mammals you will find that all species of panthers, lions (Panthera Leo), tigers (Panthera Tigris), jaguars (Panthera Onca) and leopards (Panthera Pardus) belong to the panthera genus which is the basis for the word Panther.

Leopards and jaguars are really recessive panthers with lower concentrations of melanin in their fur. Perhaps the leopard folk are Black Panthers that had once fallen from nature's grace but are on an upward trajectory to find their way back to greatness.

The closest that the African American man will get to becoming a real life Black Panther like TChalla in the Black Panther movie is through the PRACTICE of  ancestral spiritual SCIENCES from the continent that we now call Africa.

And Im talking about sciences that are fostered by LIVING traditions that are fully-intact  in places like Ghana, Benin, Togo, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and the Kongo, not guesswork trying to piece ancient Kemetic traditions back together through metu neter engravings or the English translations of such works. No disrespect intended, but thats not going to take you to the Next Level.

You already know this in your heart. Im just reminding you. Grab your guitar. Play your souls song. The power is in your hands.
The Abakuá is a Cuban leopard society founded in the early 19th century by African prisoners of war during the Trans-Atlantic trade in gods and goddesses. They came from the Ekpe, an all male leopard society from Nigeria and Cameroon, whose members allegedly filed their teeth for combat. Pretty fierce, huh?

      Nigerian Leopard Society members

However these men also excelled in the arts, particularly, music. The Abakuá of Cuba were influential in the development of Afro-Cuban jazz, which had early collaborators among African American jazz artists like Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker.

I mentioned the dragon and feline clans of old Europe earlier. Those clans are a critical part of the narrative Im outlining in this post. Cats and reptiles share some of the same characteristics, but unlike the reptile, the cat has a limbic system which is the basis for feeling and emotion.

Music, in its original intent, was all about using instruments made of organic materials extracted from plants and animals in your natural environment to convey the power of the life force through audible emotions. 

Music sounds different in different parts of the world because the plants and animals in these regions are different. The flipside to that is they also share similar tonal qualities. How so? Well although the plants and animals are different, they share the same underlying properties of function. Plants and animals are highly intelligent. They know their purpose in life, so they are never off beat. They don't deviate from their natural rhythms unless they're taking it to the bridge in an exhibition of melodic contrast.

I find it interesting that early blues and jazz musicians (who were usually men)  referred to each other as cats as a term of endearment. The term is still a part of hip-hop culture which has always been dominated by men.

I highly recommend that you read the novel by the brilliant Nigerian author Nnedi Okorafor entitled Akata Witch, in which she introduces us to a fictional secret society of leopard people. I’d LOVE to see this book  hit the big screen with big money behind it. Her imagination is incredible.


Checkout the embedded  audio stream below for the new LoveNOuterSpace EP entitled Share and Type Amen. For you jazz aficionados out there, Love in Outer Space is a song composed by the incomparable Sun Ra Arkestra.  However this is that pure hip hop, an art form of ancestor veneration that always draws inspiration from the greats of the past. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mask Off: Don't be Afraid to Eat the Magic you Marvel

The ancient Kemetic goddess Ta-Urt is the primordial whirling dervish that many Sufi mystics are unknowingly alluding to in their cyclical movement towards ecstatic revelation.

It is widely believed among the compilers of Arabic dictionaries that the name “al-Lat” derives from a root verb that means to “mix” or “stir” which suggests the preparation of something to be “consumed” or “swallowed” upon reception. 

The momentous whirlpool of energy that the Sufi produces upon rotation generates a psychic portal that magnetizes “Ras Tafari” (the divine head that inspires awe according to Ethiopian Coptic thought). The RAS is the divine source behind inspired writings that seem to come out of nowhere. To be ecstatically inspired is to be in psychic resonance with Ras Tafari. 
The Hebrew word for “Book’” is “Sefer,” which holds within one of the branches of its phonetic tree, the word  “Sephirah.”  It is said that the Hebrew word “Kabbalah” means to “to receive” hence it has been called “the doctrine of reception.” I am of the opinion that “Kabbalah” also means “to eat.” One of the most direct ways to learn about something first hand is to eat it. Of course, this isn’t always practical. Please use your discretion. 

A sephirah is a Kabbalistic power vector through which geometrized photonic intelligence is transmitted and then received by an individual as a frequency overlay upon their soul.  

Why do I have to use big words? You have a bright mind. Why do you entertain people who cause it to go dim? Is it the fear of being alone? You won't be alone. You're amazing. Words are tools that allow us to convey novel ideas and concepts through scribbled characters inspired by objects and lifeforms found in nature. The letter “S” is a serpent.  “Secrets” are held by those who pass through corridors of power but don’t talk.  

World renowned artist Pablo Picasso (October 25, 1881 – April 8, 1973) saw African masks at the Ethnographic Museum of the Trocadéro in Paris, France in June of 1907 and had an immediate revelation:  

The masks were not simply sculptures like any other. Not at all. They were magical objects… It is not an aesthetic process; it’s a form of magic that interposes itself between us and the hostile universe, a means of seizing power by imposing a form on our terrors as well as on our desires. ”

A word is also a mask, and masks are weapons that kill people who aren’t supposed to eat the five pointed star at the center of the apple thats sprouts from the Tree of Life. Hold your words firmly. Pull the fucking trigger. The power is in your hands. If you step up your vocabulary with new words, which are masks in their own right, then you just might become empowered enough to build yourself a rocket ship that takes you where you’ve always wanted to go.

Inspiring written words are the fruits of a special tree that feed and nourish the mind's Eye. When we read, we eat with our eyes. Whatever your Eye enthusiastically embraces is a mirror reflection of who you actually are. Long before the ancient Hebrew mind could even conceptualize the sephirah's on the Tree of Life, these sephirahs were masks carved by master craftsmen in the bush. We’ll get back to the masks shortly. 

A well-known “Sefer” (Book) is the “Torah” which spiraled out of “Ta-Urt's” circular motion of effortless effort. Her momentum activates the rotating black hole that serves as an entry port for the concentrated light beam that activates ecstatic vision through trance. 

Our world’s diverse mystical teachings are relative cultural interpretations of a singular universal voice, whether it be Rastafarianism, Sufism or Jewish Kabbalah. Confusion is redeemed through minds that synthesize the unifying intent of The One by solidifying the unearthly phantoms of ancient  African dreams.  

The wide variety of ceremonial masks crafted by indigenous people from across the globe incorporate distinct geometries that mirror the projected spectral configurations of far away planets and stellar bodies.  

When you look at the face of an indigenous mask you are looking at a state of the art technology that can stimulate a sense of awe within YOU, the viewer. If your soul is in a state of deep arousal when you look at it, the mask's geometry instantaneously becomes a star map pointing the way back home where your crown awaits you. 

Paul Laurence Dunbar’s timeless poem “We Wear the Mask” is beautiful in its effortless eloquence, but the truth that it conveys is culturally relative and must be read within its proper context.

If you can identify the mask that speaks most to your soul, then you can map your way back home amongst the stars. So called ancient “tribal masks” are the technological tools of personal revelation. The composers of masks are your mystic revealers. The Treasures of Darkness is that book about life, culture, and spirituality that you've been waiting for.

The lead image for this post is a made by Manzel Bowman. His art is amazing.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Ancient Egyptians were White!!! Get over it Negro!!!

Yesterday a white woman resembling actress Sarah Jessica Parker high off of Peter Tosh and Erykah Badu albums was revealed to be the ancient Egyptian matriarch, Queen Nefertiti.
The historic event took place on  the Today morning show, a TV program viewed daily by white soccer moms and middle aged white dudes who think that Megyn Kelly is fucking hawt!!!

                                 Megyn Kelly is totally fucking rad!!!

Black Twitter didn’t respond well to the Green Eyed reject from Wakanda passing herself off as Akhenaton’s baby momma. Black Twitter took affirmative action. They did what any righteous, red blooded, Americans with creative drive and initiative would do. They grabbed their smart phones and complained on social media.
You would think that Popeye’s Chicken employees were going on strike, given the unbriddled exhibitions of Black Rage. “Queen Nefertiti ain’t look like Barbara Streisand,” said one sista. “This is a conspiracy to combat the global revolution against white supremacy being initiated by our brothas and sistas at Marvel Studios,” said Dr. Iwaku Madagungu the Great.
Mind Glow News decided to get to the bottom of the matter by interviewing white America's leading Egyptologist Dr. Walter Pygmeister whom we caught in front of John Birch Society headquarters. “The negro needs to stop with all of this Afrocentric mumbo jumbo,” said Pygmeister.

     Ancient Egypt's first Pharaoh based on highly scientific carbon dating

“The entire world knows that the ancient Egyptians were as white as Ronald McDonald based on the climate alone. Some were dark skinned caucasions like Hulk Hogan. They migrated from Hypoborea to Egypt about 30,000 years before the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Like our noble Aryan ancestor, Yogi Bear,  they rode a heavenly ark  in search of The Perfect Place, where the  skies are blue, and the trees are green, with the richest land they’d ever seen.

The great white masters of Egypt were the mothers and fathers of civilization. They gave the world sun screen lotion, Starbucks coffee, the copyright office, and several kinds of cheeses for crackers. You Negros can have Marcy Projects. But ancient Egypt belongs to us. Queen Nefertiti was white. Get over it!!!”

Very convincing words from white Academia’s master of D’ Nile. Pygmeister called on all conscientious Americans to boycott The Black Panther film for spreading what he calls “Pickaninny Propoganda.” Clearly Mr. Pygmeister loves drama like gay Black men love UGG boots.

Louisiana rapper Lil Vein, fresh off the Barter 9, responded with a few bars that were aimed at the dome of the Storm Front University professor. “You  boycottin' niggas?/ We got that cotton, boi/ I’m Truck Fit, when my glock spit/I slay vultures/Smooth out your creases, with hot irons/I drive the culture.”

Here at Mind Glow News Agency, the tireless search for truth never ends. What’s your opinion on the the Queen Nefertiti bombshell? We’d like to know!!!

Buy The Treasures of Darkness at It is a classic piece of literary work about LIFE that has been filtered through a comprehension of the spiritual arts and sciences. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Power Outside of Her Super Bowl

The women in the photo above are powerful spiritual medicine women from Côte d’Ivoire. They are known as “Comains” which means “those who have been mounted by genius.” They are highly revered in their Agni community for their extraordinary knowledge concerning affairs of the heart and matters of the spirit.

Women like them are the conceptual basis for the Furies of ancient Greece, the fictional Bene Gessirit of Dune novels, and the Iyami Ajé of Yoruba culture. These women are Human Resources of a high order. Their value and worth is far reaching.

How many of us as men, born and raised in Western countries, would refer to women like these as goddesses, feminine expressions of a divine potency with the power to shape and mold our world? Not many. However we’ll call Bria Myles, Juju, or Amara La Negra goddesses. Why? It’s because they’re sexually appealing. While I don’t oppose such sentiments expressed towards visually stunning women, I do want to place my microscopic lens over the cultural criteria that determines how people with Western minds (which we all have to varying degrees) value women.

I’ve never heard an enlightened man, or a woman for that matter, call a woman a goddess solely on the basis of her exceptional ability. However I’ve seen men deified even though their physical appearances were unappealing by a general consensus in opinion.

A lot of men and women share an unspoken, yet deeply rooted notion, that a woman’s only power is in the erotic appeal of her visible body . It’s believed that she has no power in the world once her body is no longer an object of desire in the bedroom for a critical mass of men. This belief causes a lot of women to fear physical aging and the inherent loss of social leverage that comes along with their diminished sex appeal.  

Our criteria for value dismisses the skills and insights that some women may have actually acquired over the course of a lifetime. We’ve all seen attractive 50-year-old women posting ass pics on social media, while alluding to the “feminine power” that they possess. They may not have even considered the fact that their very definition of power is determined by men who only value women they want to smash. What happens when men aren’t as excited by the thought of fucking the 52-year-old woman like they would have been when she was a 25-year-old? Does her so-called power disintegrate into thin air? It has to if it is based on something that is fleeting.

I remember seeing a woman who worked in the central library near me between 2004-2005. She looked sexy, and you could tell that she knew it. Her mannerisms betrayed the thought patterns of one who took pleasure in being seen by others. She would walk by in elegant strides, and if men made eye contact with one another after she passed them, they would give each other that look as if to say “that sista bad, right?”

I saw the same woman working in the library earlier this week. It’s 2018, and times have clearly changed. She now has a lot of gray in her hair and her magnetic figure is totally gone as she put on a lot more weight. She didn’t look like someone who derives pleasure from being seen. She looked more like she’d rather fade into the background of life. She knows pain. Despite any skills or knowledge that she may in fact possess, the dominant culture doesn’t celebrate women who add value to the world unless they are sexy.

If I determine the circumference of your power, then I am more powerful than you. I’ve got my spiritual spatula, so now I’m going to stir your super bowl.

All external gods are magical fetish tools and these tools are the mechanisms by which man is able to bridge the gap between himself and his desired experiences in the world of waking consciousness. It is impossible to believe in an omnipotent God in outer space and resist the desire to reduce women to magical fetish tools to be used and then thrown in some corner when they no longer fulfill a specific need.

People shocked by the emergence of life-like sex dolls and sex robots are very naïve and are not paying attention to the subtle undercurrents that guide the actions of humanity over time. The first sex dolls were Yahweh, Jesus Christ and Allah. What do I even mean by this? Well, people gravitate to external gods because they want to take something from them to add to their own pleasure. They don’t pray to gods because they want to GIVE something to these gods. Men AND women have this selfish attitude where they’re excited about taking from each other without even considering what they have to give that is of any value. They’re motivated by NEEDS and DESIRES that they want fulfilled not a passion for sharing.

Many human beings only remember “God” when they need something.  After God comes through in the clutch they wash the cum off their blow up doll in the sink, dry it, throw it in the closet, and then pull it back out when they want to feel good about themselves again. The emergence of the sex doll and the sex robot is nothing more than the crystallization of the ongoing relationship that man has had with that happy sex slave—ever eager to serve—that he has created for himself in his mind. This sex slave is called God!

The fictional King Solomon of the bible had an interesting relationship with eagles. They followed his orders. He was even known to travel on a peculiar eagle of his own. What if King Solomon is a fictional reference to a particular kind of man who has existed throughout time? What if King Solomon’s wealth, wisdom, and prestige can be attributed to a far more expansive appreciation for a feminine archetype that is in possession of a power that extends far beyond visual beauty?

Illuminating answers to these questions and more await those with the courage to obtain The Treasures of Darkness. Get your copy by going to my website at