Search the Dark Waters of Nun

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Above Your Clouds: The A.B.M.Treaty has been Nullified

In judicious funeral parlors of justice 
You receive equal rites through amendments of death       
Stand and salute your president, peasants
Resident bonesmen of the synthetic
In self-evident cities of hell you dwell
With star-spangled hotties
With soft mangled bodies
I see cratered chests through Plexiglas breasts
Compressed in jest by killer clowns 
With Gatling gun cocks that pummel the flesh
Inhale my Green Garvey
As fresh as parsley
With fragrant rhymes that awaken the mind 
Like sunflower baskets brimming with thyme.
No time
I thrive outside of circles
Standing alone in my own zone
Father of Understanding in the center of the pentagram
Clenching microphone missile drones 
Blue beam war clones…
Hashtag dome hoes…
Meat cleavers
Phone receivers
E.T. has phoned home
I’m a Stellar Man with the munchies 
Feasting on light codes in star mode
Blasting through wormholes that burn slow
Withdrawing stardust from supernovas 
Splurged from Milkyway billfolds 
Cash cosmic
Can’t stop it
I blast rockets from Hamlett’s Mill!!!
Conducting distant melodies with pomp and reverie
I’ve slowed my flow down so you can savor
The Djedhi Knight with no light saber
Just life savers
With nice flavor
Toroidal verses
I don’t rehearse this
Finger popping portals that are worth a trill…ions are negative
Sometimes I’m repetitive
When broadcasting live from the stars of the Pleiades
Ejaculating constellations
From my Third Eye chakra
When I harness the stellar power of the seven luminous ladies
Yes girl, I’ll tumble for ya honey graham cracker Goya
But this ain’t Culture Club
Just an alphabet thug
Spitting vowel-tipped slugs
Raising continents with consonants
Blasting gingerbread bums to crumbs
Zesty Adobo flow!!!
Spice mics like rice with the passion of Christ
Crack open the bass like a safe
I think this rhyme is a heist
Or better yet its a tryst
I bone the beat, I go deep
My nuts are empty tonight
Behold my force, I come forth
Baboon Thoth with Ogun thoughts
I toppled Rome, through my dome, while adorned in Maroon cloth
A wroth underboss Cyclops
Who raised Lazarus from a pine box
Flooding the earth til it bursts with ink spills from gold quills
A Seshet cadet
I write for the chill of the thrill
Loose thoughts connect
My light burns from 93 mil
Cause Im endowed to move crowds with sounds that astound
Raising the stakes on flakes with new ideas that abound
The voice may be blurry, but the image is always loud
I'm a rising star above your clouds