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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Lucifer Experiment: Return to the Emerald City Pt.2 of 2

In Transformers: The Movie (1986), we see Megatron’s transfiguration into Galvatron, whose entire image is based on that of the ancient Moor, Nimrod. While Megatron transformed into a hand gun in the cartoon, Galvatron, transformed into a cannon. This is a significant detail, because unbeknownst to many, the cannon was actually invented by Islamic Moors from Spain in the 13th century C.E. These cannons were used for the sole purpose of blowing away the Pope’s hapless Christian knights during the bloody Crusades.



In the movie Galvatron is sent out into the cosmos by the ringed planet Unicron to destroy the Holy Grail known as the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. After Galvatron captures the matrix, he links it to a dookie-rope chain which he boastfully flaunts and wears around his neck. Now, if that isn’t Moorish, then I don’t know what is. Unicron is based on the god Saturn, who’s known to be as Hard As a Muthafucka on the apathetic and indolent.

The Black god Saturn was especially exalted in the last Age of Capricorn, which is when H.A.M (Herus Among Mortals) walked planet Earth. At the close of Transformers the Movie, you see Unicron’s decapitated head with its two horns floating around Cybertron, which is the home planet of The Transformers. This is an allusion to the Baphomet goat head, which is related to the Goat of Mendes and the Age of Capricorn. The zodiac sign of Capricorn is traditionally represented by the goat. Occultist, Bobby Hemmitt, has explored this topic at great length in his lectures. The book Genesis of the Grail Kings by Laurence Gardner has some pertinent information on Ham as he relates to the Goat of Mendes for those who are interested.



As it has often been said, Art imitates life, because on the Kabalistic Assiatic plane that you and I occupy, Satan—like Unicron—WANTS the material world, the Matrix, to be destroyed so that his bid in Malkuth will be up. That is why Satan, who is Lucifer’s shadow, encourages you to pursue all of your material appetites because he knows that the quicker your appetite for matter has been satiated, the quicker he will ascend to the throne of Kether where he will sit on the left hand side of his father.

In the book, Aghora: At the Left Hand Path, author Robert E. Svoboda discusses how the Tantric goddess, Kali-Ma, takes the same approach towards man. She ALLOWS him to fulfill all of his earthly desires, because in her ageless wisdom, the Mother Goddess knows that eventually his spirit will become bored with outer worldly pursuits and thereby turn inward towards the inner world of the spirit. For those of you who may be confused by my reference to Kali as a “Tantric” goddess, I must explain that Tantra was in fact the spiritual system practiced by the Blacks of ancient India. What we casually call “Hinduism” is nothing more than a racist political system created by the Indo European invaders of India who co-opted indigenous Indian spirituality and culture.

As long as you and I have an appetite for material comfort Satan will remain imprisoned in hell where he will whisper in our ears, beckoning us to turn him loose from his earthly cage made of flesh, blood, and bones. The devil is an adversary for man, but he was never an enemy of God. The devil works as a steward on the behalf of God to help bring forth God’s Divine Plan through a kind of “Hegelian Dialectic” for lack of a better term (Isaiah 45: 7). For those Blacks who are still saying that “the white man’s the devil” in 2011, this fact should give you a great deal to think about. Are you a god, or are you a man? Are you a goddess, or are you a woman? These are questions that we are all forced to answer on a day-to-day basis.

For years I’ve been telling people who are into metaphysics and ancient mythology that they should watch Transformers: The Movie. Not the ones that came out in 2007 and 2009. I’m talking about the one that was released to movie theaters in August of 1986. Most people figure that it’s just a cartoon for children, but if you watch it with your first eye open you will see that it is more, much more, than meets the eye.

The name “Lucifer” literally means “Light Bearer.” The Statue of Liberty who is holding the torch and painted green, is actually a statue of Lucifer, who was sometimes considered a woman given the Venus connection. Lucifer is called “The Morning Star” which remains a title for the planet Venus. The word “Liberty” in the name “Statue of Liberty” comes from the old Latin “Librare” which means “to free.” The Greek god Prometheus—who like Lucifer, is primarily based on the Ethiopian angel, Shemyaza—came to earth to free Mankind from ignorance by warming his icy soul with the gift of fire (vital knowledge).

From the Latin word “Librare” we also get the name for the zodiac sign “Libra” which is ruled by Venus, who is also known as Lucifer. To extrapolate on the Latin word “Librare” even further, we also discover that it gives us the word “Library.” How so? Well, libraries “free” the human mind from the shackles of ignorance and are both literally, and figuratively, houses of fire (vital knowledge). If a Library is a house of fire, then that would certainly make it a “Light Bearer,” which as I said before, is what the name “Lucifer” translates to mean. So every time you go to the library you are actually going to a Lucifereum. Yes, I just made up a new word.

Lucifer in his fallen state is the embodiment of vanity, arrogance, pride and unfettered ambition. On the rise, Lucifer embodies the godly virtues of altruism, self-sacrifice and self-realization. The cow jumping over the moon in the nursery rhyme is all about the intuitive, imaginative mind (the cow, Heru-Het, Hathor) overcoming the intellectual, rational mind (moon). The moon is symbolic of the intellect because it focuses and “reflects” the sun’s light just as the intellect focuses and “reflects” on the contents of an imaginative, intuitive mind. The dish running away with the spoon is about man (spoon) and woman (dish) escaping this Hell’s Kitchen called earth together by perpetually giving the hungry delectable food for thought. Few can serve a hot plate better than a Butler can.

                                                         The Tree of Life

Lucifer’s wings will not mend, and he will not rise, until the appetite for materialism that God planted in his mind ferments into a desire to return home to Mount Zion (Mountain of the Sun), the abode of the spirit, which is the pineal gland in your brain. This is the coming of the sun of man, or rather, the sun in man, whom the Kemau called Ra. When we gaze at Lucifer with our first eye, as opposed to our second and third eyes, then the Lucifer paradox, like all duality, ceases to exist.

The more you open your heart chakra, the more prepared you will be to become the next rags to riches story. However, the riches that I speak of in this case are entirely of the spirit. No matter what pantheon you’re dealing with, the goddess of love is ALWAYS the goddess of material wealth. Why is that? It is because all original people understood that in order for you to build lasting material wealth you would have to build it by doing something that you genuinely loved. A person who makes a living doing what they love is a person who is always at play and never ever at work.

However, when you do not have a soul, opening your heart chakra creates a vacuum that can only be filled through an endless accumulation of material goods. With that being said, it should be clear that opening your heart chakra and actually activating it are two totally different things. If a man parts, and thereby opens a woman’s legs, the woman will become more AWARE of her vagina, but her vagina will not be activated until it is STIMULATED by the man. Once the female vagina is stimulated, it is permanently programmed, just as the activation of the heart chakra programs the soul.

Etymologically speaking, the word “Tongue” can be traced back to the Latin word “Lingua” which comes from the Sanskrit word “Lingam” which literally means “Penis.” So technically speaking, everyone who can talk is walking around with a penis in their mouth. Me, I’m a quiet man who prefers to write and let others do the talking. Besides, a man’s tongue should be reserved for the finer things in life. Every Coochie Computer has its own unique binary code. It can be programmed by the first penis, the second, or both. For the sensually inclined woman, C++ is not a computer programming language, but a copper-topped cock that can shatter rock and pummel punanys.

About 10 percent of the United States population controls over 90 percent of the world’s material wealth. This could only be the desire of internally bankrupt men without souls who are desperately trying to fill a void. This truth might be as clear as day to you and I, but it seems to go over the heads of Babylon’s Banksters like Big Pun and Eva Longoria on a seesaw. When a person has a rich soul they do not have this inherent sense of lack that must be compensated for through the endless accumulation of material wealth. They know, although perhaps not consciously, that a person’s true wealth is not in their pockets, but in their heart. When your chakras are rich with the currency minted by your soul, then you are truly a light bearer. Yet another lesson learned from the Lucifer Experiment.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Lucifer Experiment: Exodus from the Emerald City Pt.1 of 2

The circumstances that eventually lead to the widespread use of paper currency in the United States is not often explored. According to an article on the University of Notre Dame website entitled The First Printed Currency: Massachusetts Bay December 10, 1690, it all began when Sir William Phips, a colonial general from Boston, laid siege to Quebec, Canada with over 2,000 soldiers on 32 ships. Phips had promised his troops that he would divide the spoils of war amongst them after they defeated the French Count Frontenac in battle.

However, as history would have it, Phips’ mouth wrote a large check that he and his troops couldn’t cash, as they failed miserably in battle. Panic set in. So in an effort not to prevent mutiny on the part of the colonial soldiers, who expected to receive payment for their duties as promised, 7,000 British pounds worth of I.O.U notes were handed to them as credit. This set the precedent for what eventually lead to the use of Federal Reserve notes throughout the United States of America today.

When we consider how much occult power there is backing the U.S. dollar, it becomes clear that it was literally DESIGNED to conquer the global money markets. With that being said, the dollar’s decline could only be the culmination of some kind of conscious effort. Apparently, this effort is being carried out by an intelligence whose power supersedes that of the dollar’s framers.

In the year 2008, the U.S. economy began its freefall with the crumbling of the housing markets. On September 29th of that year, the Dow Jones plummeted 777 points on the New York Stock Exchange. Now, keep in mind that September 29th is within the sign of Libra which is astrologically ruled by Venus, the planet that has always been linked to Lucifer through mythology. The number “777” is extremely significant here, because according to the Judeo-Christian mythos, when Lucifer fell from heaven to Earth he went down in the flash of three lightening bolts that resembled the number 777.

According to the Christians, Lucifer fell from grace as a result of his vanity, false pride, and uncontrolled egotism. According to the mainstream news media, these are the same character flaws that were exhibited by Lehman Brothers C.E.O, Richard S. Fuld, and some of the other Titans of Wall Street that year.

7x7x7=343. 3+4+3=10, and if we break the number 10 down even further, then 1+0=1. One is the first path on the Kabalistic Tree of Life. For the ancient Kena’Anu, the universal intelligence that occupied this first sphere on their Tree of Life was Metatron, from whence you get the name for the Transformer, Megatron. The Decepticons are merely a stylized, cybernetic depiction of these ancient Moors, which explains why the Decepticon insignia is always purple. The ancient Greeks called the Kena’Anu who occupied modern day Lebanon “Phoenicians” because the name denotes the rich purple dye that these Moors used in their fabrics.

                                   The Decepticon Insignia                                
However, the so-called Phoenicians were actually known as the Kena’Anu, which reveals their ethnic ties to the Anu people of ancient Nubia whom the Sumerian Anunnaki came from. I make a very comprehensive, ethnographical connection between Nubia and the ancient Sumerian Anunnaki in my blog post, When the Sky Falls: The Real Story Behind the Anunnaki Pt. 1 of 2. From the name “Kena’Anu” you get the Hebrew name “Canaanites.” On May 14th, 2001 ocean engineer Paulina Zelitsky discovered underwater pyramid structures off the coast of Cuba engraved with what appears to be the script of the Kena’Anu.

The color purple remains a royal hue among Europe’s royal families because those families were all beneficiaries of Moorish high culture. Europe itself is named after the Kena’Anu princess, Europa. The Brooklyn street gang known as the Decepticons, which terrorized New York streets during the ’80s and ’90s, represents a subconscious attempt—albeit a misguided one—on the part of young Black men to reestablish the sense of brotherhood and fraternity that typified the grand Moorish legacy. I will discuss The Transformers in more detail in part two of this post.

                                                             Modern Moors           

                                   The Ancient Moor, Mansa Musa of Mali                                        

The Kena’Anu’s Metatron is just another cultural interpretation of the Lucifer archetype. According to the Gnostics and Kabbalistic mystics, Lucifer/Metatron fell because he resented the Matrix known as Malkuth/Sandalphon on the Tree of Life. Lucifer wanted no part of the Matrix because he saw himself as a being of light that should never be muddied with the muck and mildew of Malkuth. Moreover, Lucifer was afraid of loosing his luster as a result of his taking on a physical body by incarnating into, and thereby immersing himself in, the material world. What we fear the most, we often draw to ourselves. This is exactly what happened to Lucifer.

God banished the original Prodigal Son from heaven because it wanted to teach Lucifer a lesson. God wanted to cleanse Lucifer of his fears. It wanted its most brilliant angel to know, and not believe, that no matter how far it fell from heaven, it would ALWAYS be an angel of light, because when you get your light from God then that light can never be blotted out by any murky experiences or circumstances in life.

                                                The Planetary Spirit

Even the worst person you’ve ever met has an inner light that may shine through from time to time. God is teaching Lucifer a divine lesson by allowing the Fallen Angel to assist in the spiritualization of matter. Lucifer achieves this by shining his light, which in turn redeems the Fallen Daughter that he formerly despised for not having the light that he possessed. In Hebrew the word “Geburah” means “Power.” It is my opinion that in its essential context this is a reference to the inherent power within our planet, as in Geb (Earth) Ur (Fire) Ra (the chi, the internal life force within all sentient life forms). Ancient Hebrew linguistics were highly influenced by the Kemau (Egyptian) and Chaldean languages that preceded it.

Like Lucifer, Terra Mater has become a light bearer as well, because she has been impregnated with the light that she got from the Fallen Black Angel. Through the Severity of her experience, the Earth Mother has accreted enough light to begin her own ascension up the Tree of Life where new and exciting realities await her in higher densities of experiential wonder. In the Ethiopian Book of Enoch Lucifer is called Shemyaza, which means “he who came from a name,” in Hebrew. Lucifer fell because he was afraid of the mere thought of loosing his “name,” his “reputation.” If you’ve read this far it should be clear to you that the entire Lucifer story is an allegory about the Black Man and Woman’s vibratory descent into matter and the polarization of consciousness that came along with that descent. You can read some more about this Fall from Grace in Rudolph Steiner’s book, Cosmic Memory

Hebrew, like Arabic, is considered to be a Semitic (Shem-itic) language with linguistic roots in Ethiopia. The historian, Drusilla Dunjee Houston explores the cultural impact that Ethiopia had on the Near East and India in her seminal work, Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Cushite Empire. Shemyaza—who lead a host of heavenly angels—taught women how to make and apply makeup, as well as adorn themselves with jewelry, so that men would be blinded by the light of their physical beauty. As a result, several men were no longer able to see the inner beauty of their women which often dulled beneath the radiant veil of superficial delight. As it was then, so is it today.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Power of the Dollar: The Occult Science and Symbolism Behind Green Magic Pt. 3 of 3

If you look closely at all U.S. paper currency, you will notice that there is a spider’s web that spreads across every single bill. What is the symbolic relevance of the spider’s web? A few years ago I decided to find out by consulting J.E. Cirlot’s Dictionary of Symbols and looked up the word “cobweb.” I was amused by what I had found. It said that the cobweb with the spider in the middle represents the “consuming whirlwind” and conveys the oriental belief that evil lies at the center of the Wheel of Transformations, which the cobweb is a visual abstraction of.

In the Buddhist tradition, the Wheel of Transformation is called the “Wheel of Samsara,” which is a reference to the continuous cycles of reincarnation spurred by our appetite for worldly pursuits. In the United States people often say that money is the root of all evil, but it seems that at the center of all U.S. paper currency, there is literally a hidden evil that devours those who are ignorant of its proper use and application. The magic lies in the fact that the very DESIGN of the U.S. dollar perpetuates a lust for material goods.

Sure, there are greedy individuals in every country, but no where else in the world are people as possessed by their material possessions as they are here in America. This is primarily because there is no place else in the world where people suffer from a greater sense of lack. There are developing countries where people have far less than Americans do, yet nevertheless, they are more content than Americans are because they are rich in spirit. This richness in spirit is what has always inspired men and women to build high cultures together.

As stated in part one of this four-part series, Green Magic is an applied spiritual science that enables us to materially manifest the abundance of internal wealth that is inherent in us all. We must come out of the red and get into the Black, because only when we are in the Black can we practice the Doctrine of Reception. Even the bible tells us that at The End of Days “the meek shall inherit the Earth” (Matthew 5:5).

Yet was the bible talking about weak, submissive men and women somehow becoming the spiritual leaders of a renewed humanity, or was it talking about the super-symmetrically aligned, Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) that comprise the living corpus of Dark Matter and Dark Energy? You and I can throw valid speculations at each other back and forth until the sun bursts, but Father Time will be the ultimate judge.

In ancient Kemet Heru-Het was the goddess of love, fertility, material wealth. She also represented the inherent power in the sexual libido that the Black Trantrists of ancient India called Kundalini energy. In all books in which Heru Het is called by her Kemetic name, she is called “Het-Heru” instead of Hathor. However, I recently heard a Blogtalkradio interview on UG Railroad with a young artist by the name of Ram Omar who said that the Kemau never put the equivalent of the letter “T” in the middle of a name. I honestly do not remember how to speak the ancient Kemetic language, so I cannot dispel or qualify Omar’s statement by using Kemetic linguistics as my guide.

Nevertheless, as a student of the English language, Omar’s assertion really made me think. More importantly, it made a lot of sense to me. After all, Het-Heru translates to mean “House of Heru” a title that reflects what technicians of proper English syntax would call “The Passive Voice.” The Active Voice would be “Heru’s House.” If we are talking about a goddess who embodies qualities (which in this case would be love and sexual desire) that can only be expressed through ACTION then her name should be spoken in the ACTIVE voice. The name Heru Het, is a better reflection of that mode of speech.

It is my opinion that the name “Harriet” is the English version of the ancient Kemetic name “Heru-Het.” Harriet Tubman’s dangerous journey along the famous Underground Railroad with runaway prisoners of war represents the exteriorization of an internal process that occurs within every man and woman who walks the path of spiritual enlightenment.

The “Middle Passage” known as the sushumna is the spinal canal through which kundalini energy flows between the Ida and Pingala, which extends from the root chakra in the south, to the Crown Chakra in the north. However, the Heart Chakra is where we get our first taste of freedom from spiritual slavery. This is why New York City's Statue of Liberty, which is an adapted version of the goddess Heru Het, has broken chains and shackles at her feet.

The goddess, holding the torch of liberty, has broken free from the shackles of spiritual slavery by activating her Heart Chakra. That is why she is green. A person cannot know true spiritual freedom until they have activated their Heart Chakra. Anything beyond that is just extra icing on a cake that is already delicious, to me.

In order for the United States to compete with Great Britain—which was actually at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution before slavery was abolished in the United States during the late 1800s—it had to transfer its Kundalini current (i.e. its African slaves) from the south (Root Chakra) to the north (Heart Chakra).

The southern economy was rooted in the plantation system, while the northern economy was transitioning into an industrial one. Adopting the new industrial model was supposed to augment the intrinsic value of U.S. currency, and it did. Of course Ms. Tubman—who was the Heru Het of her time—played a significant role in that whole process.

Heru-Het’s sacred animal was the cow, which believe it or not, has four stomachs. These four stomachs are four chambers, which the human heart is also divided into. The goddess Heru Het, in the form of the cow, is the zoomorphic embodiment of your heart chakra. That’s why the goddess’ sacred color is green, which also happens to be the auric emanation of the Heart Chakra according to those who practice Tantra.

Also, your heart is on the left side of your body, which is regulated by the right hemisphere of your brain. The right hemisphere of your brain is where all of your creative visualization occurs. Heru Het and Ptah were muses for artists as they both embodied the mental faculty of creative visualization. VERY early in pre-dynastic Kemetic culture all of Heru Het’s attributes were attributed to Ptah.

When patriarchal culture became more prominent it became a lot more difficult for the Kemau to worship and respect a gentle, loving, male figure. Manhood, even in its most noble expressions, became synonymous with a deadly combination of indifference and aggression. Originally, Ptah did not fit into the new model. However, that all changed after many of his attributes were ascribed to the newly introduced female deity, Heru Het.

Ptah was originally revered as an androgynous Ugandan animist spirit. His female consort was, literally speaking, the very land of Uganda. The whole story of Ptah rising from the Primordial Mound to construct the physical universe was inspired by The Mountains of the Moon, which is the source of the river Hapi (The Nile River) in Uganda. There is an etymological link between the words “moon” and “money.” Ptah appeared to his devotees as a man wearing a green skull cap, as opposed to the royal blue one seen in ancient Kemetic depictions today.

Of course green is also the color of U.S. paper currency which is made out of hemp, which is a cannabis plant, which is where your sticky green Kush comes from. Both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew kush on their slave plantations which were populated by the sons and daughters of Kush. I don’t smoke, but if you do, and you appreciate what you’re reading, I strongly suggest that you light up a Franklin right now.

It is no coincidence that there are four chambers to the human heart and four quarters in a fiscal year. As human beings in the awaken state, we normally take in 18 breaths per minute (6+6+6=18, which is reflective of The Beast energy within you). Carbon, a black element which has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons, is a natural conductor of energy which is found in the skin pigment of melinated people. An American Express Black Card, is a physical representation of the spiritual credit that an enlightened Black man or woman has
accumulated  on the metaphysical plane.

At the moment that you die and leave the earth, numerous souls will be incarnating and coming to the planet in the midst of your departure. The energy that your soul has accumulated  can be quantified by the higher intelligence that we are all a part of. Many people call this intelligence God. If the energy that you have accumulated surpases your soul's deductible, which is the the collective energy possessed  by the incarnating spirits at your time of  death, then you are indeed a Light Bearer who will be reimbursed accordingly for the light that you have given to the world. How much light have you given the world today?

 The entire U.S. financial system is rooted in Green Magic. I will briefly explore how and why Green Magic was introduced to this world in my next post, The Lucifer Experiment.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Power of the Dollar: The Occult Science and Symbolism Behind Green Magic Pt. 2 of 3

What is worth noting when we examine the artistic design of U.S. currency is the fact that there is an owl in the upper right hand corner of the dollar bill. This owl is more visible with the use of a magnifying glass. Why is the owl there? Well, although the owl was often symbolic of the Phoenician god, Moloch, it was also representative of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, (she was called Inanna in ancient Sumer) who is often depicted as being half woman and half owl. Shout out to my boy William Cox who made that Ishtar connection for me after I told him about the owl on the dollar bill. I had not considered her influence on the dollar’s design until he brought it to my attention.

In Babylon, the goddess Ishtar was known as “The Lady of the Night.” The owl—as a symbol of wisdom—is known for its impeccable nighttime vision. Ishtar priestesses served as sacred prostitutes in the temples of Babylon. Ishtar was worshipped as the goddess of love, fertility, and material wealth. Her sacred color was green, hence the green color of U.S. currency. Babylon inherited Sumerian culture, which was fundamentally imported from Kush/Cush. With each transition, Cushite culture became more corrupted as it got further away from its African roots. The Babylonians were a racial hybrid of the Black Sumerians who lived in what is today, Iraq and the invading cavemen from Europe.


From the name “Cush” you get the word “Cash” which further validates my assertion in part one of this four-part series that the pyramid on your dollar bill is Cushite and not Kemetic. This pyramid is on the one dollar bill, which is highly significant. One is the very foundation of our numerical system, just like the sons and daughters of Kush are the very foundation for what became the United States of America.

In Babylon, Ishtar was always equated with the planet Venus. Today, there are volcanoes on the planet Venus that have officially been named after Ishtar and her ancient Indian equivalent, Lakshmi. Although Mercury is the closest planet to our sun, Venus—which is the second planet from the sun—has a hotter surface temperature. Then again what would you expect from a planet that has always been synonymous with the fiery goddess of erotic passion? You could say that Venus’ 855 degree surface temperature can be attributed to its Greenhouse (Heart Chakra) Effect.

To the eyes of probing space satelites, Venusian skies are blanketed by dense yellow clouds, and its desert landscape is littered with rumbling volcanoes that overflow with hot molten lava. According to astronomers, Venus’ atmospheric pressure is 90 times stronger than Earth’s, and would thereby crush any common man to death in an instant. This kind of pressure is reminiscent of the moist and tender clutch exhibited by an obsidian Queen, who truly adores her onyx stone King, when the two engage one another in an explosive display of love and affection.

In order for a common man to become a King he must be able to control his Dome so that his Queen can properly inherit the starry Kingdom that waits within it. This transformation of the soul, which begins with the opening of the Heart Chakra, involves withstanding the intense pressure of the womb, and in a greater sense, the pressures of human life.

Our human existence is comprised of a series of heated battles interspersed with intervals of peace and tranquility. In order for us to emerge from this war called life victorious, we have got to have Heart. This explains why the ancient Arabian warrior goddess Al-Uzza was paradoxically one of love and fertility. Her sacred color was green as well. For more on Al-Uzza and her two sisters I advise you to read my blog The Secret Herstory of Islam.

Some U.S. readers may have noticed that owl pendants and necklaces have become a popular fashion accessory for women over the last few months. This is all part of a subconscious effort to metaphysically restore what the United States has tangibly lost, and that is its material wealth, which is the only form of wealth that the United States has ever been able to cultivate.

 The overwhelming consensus in the halls of academia is that the United States Federal Reserve abandoned the gold standard in 1933—which is the same year that the nation’s judges formerly became executive officers coordinating the flow of currency along the banks of the U.S. financial system. However, if we look at the United States from a spiritual standpoint, it was never on the gold standard. In fact, it has always been morally and ethically bankrupt.

This is especially true when we consider the seemingly lofty standards for human conduct and cultural excellence that our noble ancestors had set for the entire world to follow. Thousands of years after their departure from human existence we still celebrate their monumental accomplishments. I want to be just like them when I grow up, don't you?

Through their fashion accessories, many women in the United States are aligning themselves with the Ishtar current. What exactly are the implications? Perhaps that will be another discussion for another day...perhaps.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Power of the Dollar: The Occult Science and Symbolism Behind Green Magic Pt. 1 of 3

Jake Moore

What’s your number?

Bretton Woods

Excuse me?

Jake Moore
The amount of money you would need to be able to walk away from it all and just live happily ever after…Everybody has one. It’s an exact number. What’s Yours?

Bretton Woods

(Bretton pauses and then smirks at Jake) More

The dialogue above was part of a conversation between the protagonist (Jake Moore) and one of the antagonists (Bretton Woods) in the Oliver Stone film, Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. The scene poignantly reminds us—as though we had ever forgotten—that those who are driven by pride and ambition will inevitably become entangled in a web of greed that a lust for money will ultimately weave.

This truism explains why about 10 percent of the U.S. population owns over 90 percent of its material wealth. These neurotic oligarchs are prayed upon by the green widow spider because they have not activated the matrix for the soul affectionately known as the “Heart Chakra” in Trantric circles.

In the first three MGM blogs for 2011 we will begin to explore how the occult science and symbolism incorporated into the design of U.S. currency helps to reinforce the behavior exhibited by those covetous individuals who’ve succumbed to the potentially hazardous effects of Green Magic. In the fourth and fifth blogs of this five-part series, we will briefly explore the Lucifer Experiment which laid the early foundation for the practice of Green Magic.

But what exactly is Green Magic? It is an applied spiritual science that enables us to materially manifest the abundance of internal wealth that is inherent to us all. Unfortunately, the power to bless is also the power to curse, which partially explains why green magic has degenerated into the militaristic sorcery that is all too familiar to many of us today.

Capitalism is the militaristic application of economic principles. When you are doing business in America you are actually engaging in warfare. That’s why if you read the legal language in some business contracts, the “Binding” agreement between the two parties may be referred to as a “Treaty.” A treaty is the document that you sign after you’ve called a truce in battle. Also, the word “bind” originally meant “to cast a spell.” The entire history of capitalism has proven that it cannot thrive without exploiting people in some kind of way. And no, I’m not a socialist. I’m just a man with a conscience who sees the world clearly.

Several conspiratorial books on the Western Freemasonic connection to the so-called Illuminati have talked about the occult significance of what is believed to be an ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) pyramid on the U.S. one dollar bill. However, for any discerning student who has studied ancient architecture, and is familiar with the aesthetic preferences of various ancient cultures, it is quite clear that the pyramid on the United States dollar bill is not a Kemetic pyramid at all, but a Nubian pyramid from the ancient Kushite city of Meroé.

The Kemetic pyramids are wider at their base, while Nubian pyramids are much narrower in shape. The pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill could only be a Nubian pyramid. Also, if you think about it, it would make more sense for the designers of the dollar to use a Nubian pyramid when we understand that all symbols are used to embody a specific idea, which can only be understood within the unique context in which that idea has been presented.

                                          The Great Seal

                                     Nubian Pyramid at Meroe

For instance, the name Nubia means “The Land of Gold.” For centuries gold has been a coveted metal that confers great power and wealth upon a man to the degree to which he can obtain it. While Kemet may have been the place where African theology was crystallized, Nubia was the seat of its material wealth. Therefore it would be in the best interests of any new nation, such as the United States of America, to continue in the Nubian legacy of wealth and prominence by embracing the images and symbols of ancient Nubia. This young nation might even go so far as to steal Nubia’s human resources and force them to work as slaves in a bustling plantation economy. The pages of history confirm that this is exactly what happened.

Wall Street in New York City got its name from the fact that there was a long wall along that area in which African slaves were bought and sold to the highest bidders after being carried off the slave ships that had docked near Wall Street. Most of the land between Manhattan’s South Ferry and Wall Street today is actually land fill. Originally, New York City’s Hudson River extended further inland towards Wall Street where African slaves were sold to build the new plantation economy. Don’t take my word for it though. Hit the books and look it up for yourself.

Now, I know that some of you are reading this and you’re saying to yourselves “The African slaves who were brought to the Caribbean and the Americas were taken from West Africa. The Nubians were from East Africa, so there’s absolutely no connection between Nubia and the African slave trade.” However what many of these critics are unaware of is the fact that many of those West Africans who were taken as slaves were actually the descendents of the ancient Nubians, Kemau (Egyptians) and Sumerians. They were chased out from their homelands and into West Africa by Indo Europeans, Assyrians, Greeks and Romans over the span of hundreds of years.

Ausar/Ausere/Asari (Osiris) was a prominent deity in ancient Kemet. The surname “Ausere/Asari” is as prevalent in Ghana as the surnames “Williams” or “Smith” are in England and the United States. This is not by some crazy coincidence. It is because they are the same people who once lived in the Nile Valley and the Fertile Crescent. If you look at the art of Benin for example, you will see a striking resemblance to ancient Sumerian depictions. The picture right below is not from Sumer, it's from Benin. However, if I did not tell you, would you know?

During the 1st Dynasty of Uruk (from whence you get the name Iraq) there was a king who ruled over ancient Sumer named “Ku Baba. ” Baba is a common title in Nigeria and it means “Father”or “Teacher .” The kings of Sumer were also priests, which meant that they taught the people whom they administered to. This is extremely significant because there is a rum in Haiti called “Barbancourt” which has been used to raise spirits during Vodou ceremonies, a priestly duty. The Haitian pronunciation for this rum is “Baba Ku” which is the name “Ku Baba” rearranged. But this should not be surprising since the spiritual system known as Vodou has deep roots in Benin. There is definitely a cultural tie between ancient Sumer and Benin.

The Great Seal was placed on the dollar bill by Freemasonic president, Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935. According to the Judeo Christian tradition, which Western Freemasonry is firmly entrenched, the first Master Mason was the Black king, Nimrod. According to the Bible, this Kushite/Nubian king was the founder of Shinar (Sumer). More importantly, he was also the man who oversaw the construction of the infamous Tower of Babel. That’s another reason why a Nubian pyramid is on the U.S. one dollar bill. It is a formal acknowledgement of the true Master Masons who came from the land of Kush.