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Friday, December 21, 2018

World War 3.0 & The Modern Templar Knights of Techno Terror

The English language, and how a word can be used to shoot a single mode of thought that penetrates multiple chambers of modern culture, make it a subtle and therefore effective tool for social engineering. The internet was introduced to the world by the U.S. military which uses words, sounds, and images as the advancing mechanisms of its bloody creed. This creed is conflict for the sake of conflict for profit at all costs.

When a piece of media receives a critical amount of attention in the cyber world through shares we say that it has gone “VIRAL,” an adjective that denotes the properties of a VIRUS. A virus is a biologically transferable poison, so anything “viral” is poisonous to someone, somewhere, at some time, and therefore causes harm by its very nature.  If one person is harmed through psycho-spiritual violence, then we have all been violated. 

Poisons are weaponized chemical agents, and all forms of weaponry fall under the domain of a military. People are quicker to start fights and arguments on social media platforms that they wouldn’t normally initiate in real life because the internet and its social media platforms have spiritual roots in the military which is an institution of organized death and destruction through conflict.

World War 3.0 began in 1991 when the World Wide Web was first made available to the general public. All overt physical wars since 1991 mark World War 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and so on. Today millions of civilians across the globe are willing participants in cyber combat on countless socio-political fronts that create reverberating effects on the objective plane of day-to-day human interaction.

The Wi-fi signals of conflict and opposition promulgated by the internet trickle down from the ionosphere to mount human bodies like horses through the military-industrial complex’s global apparatus of techno-voodoo malware. Its viral programing has people acting out of character. What’s gotten into us? My question is literal, not figurative!

C++ is computer programing language  that figures the Christ in between two criminals on a cross to play out a bloody mythology of torment, hatred, and social injustice. Look carefully at America and its wide variety of racial, ethnic and economic classes. They ALL believe that they are victims of torment, hatred, and social injustice which feeds the Victim-Predator Matrix enforced by the C++ programming language I described above. 

The World  War 3.0 program becomes vulnerable with the creation of unbiased web-based media platforms where seemingly opposing voices on a subject are re-contextualized as complimentary voices advocating one common principle of collective prosperity.  In the near future I see men and women of diverse philosophical perspectives having mature dialogue free of fluff, rhetoric and emotional provocation for Jerry Springer entertainment value. This will be a catalyst behind progressive social reform.

The fundamental answers to human conflict lie in the commonly shared space of multiple overlapping circles of conviction. The year 2024 will be a critical year that will shape world culture and how the internet is used for decades to come. 

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Spirit Cooking with the Astrological Archons of Retrograde

Astrologers read the stars. Spiritual medicine men and women read them AND rearrange their placement in the heavens by actively working through the universal principle of “As Above, so Below.”

In observing the Western astrological symbol for the retrograde periods we see that they use the familiar “RX” symbol that is also utilized by the modern pharmaceutical industry which has undeniable roots in indigenous modalities of sorcery. We know this because the English word “Pharmacy” comes from the Greek word “Pharmakeia” which literally means “sorcery” or “witchcraft.” Don’t believe me. Look it up for yourself.  

It explains why you’d even have a drug store chain known as “Rite Aid.” A rite is an act of ritual, and this ritual is performed by the priestly pharmacologist who prepares the RX prescribed by your local pharmacist at the Western man's sterile botanica.

The pharmaceutical industry is entirely based on sorcery. Right  now engineers at MIT are working on producing antibiotic drugs out of wasp venom. That sounds very Harry Potterish to me. But what exactly is sorcery? It is the spiritual sciences of the world’s indigenous people—which is the science of botony, zoology, and the stellar bodies, which are all used to facilitate working relationships between man and himself, man and his community, and man and his natural environment. In Benin, West Africa, this science is called Vodun.

When the world’s sacred sciences were observed by Europeans—who did not have home grown cultures of their own that dealt with the CHEMISTRY behind spiritual phenomena—they called it magic. Magic consists of extraordinary space-time occurrences with no root in the pitch-black soil of reason and explanation. The truth, however, is that there is ALWAYS an explanation, albeit it may not be known to you.

When I cook for my friends and family they’re always  impressed by the flavors in the dishes. To many of them, my cooking is magical. For me, however, it’s very scientific. A lot of it is chemistry. There are multiple steps in my head that I follow to create a desired culinary experience for the people eating my food. Other cooks who haven’t become one with The Flame may rely exclusively on the written magical formulas in the grimoire that I call a Recipe Book.

You can’t practice “magic” without first understanding magical psychology. You want to practice alchemy? Learn how to cook and you will learn a lot about it. What if I told you that Vodun veves and sigils are stylized visual depictions of combined roots, herbs and animal byproducts that cause a chemical reaction upon activation? What if the beautiful aroma of a heavenly home cooked meal is literally an intelligent spirit that you’re touching with your nostrils after it has been summoned by a chemical reaction precipitated by a glowing eye on a stove?

If this kind of subject matter interests you and you don’t own my book, then you’re playing games at this point. As a single body of work it is as powerful as any single metaphysical lecture, book, or podcast that has come out between 2009-2019. Yeah, I know 2019 hasn’t come yet, but I always write to you from the future. No presentation in the last decade stands above The Treasures of Darkness: LivingJewels for Spiritual Resurrection. Few people can take your mind to the places that I can with elegance, humor, style, imagination and thoughtful simplicity.

A scientist is someone with the mind of a technician and the soul of an artist. The true scientist fuses linear, sequential reasoning with creativity and imagination to achieve a desired effect in the eye of the observer. Multi-million dollar business deals are closed over well-prepared meals in restaurants because the science of cooking, and what people call magic, go hand-in-hand. Many people say that your food is your best medicine. What exactly are we being fed, for the most part, by the western pharmaceutical industry?

When a person purchases “RX” from their local pharmacy, they are literally buying combinations of planetary retrogrades to address the celestial configuration of internal conditions that caused their sickness to begin with. The word “Retrograde” doesn’t mean to move in reverse. It means to APPEAR to move in reverse.  RX in the form of drugs don’t cure diseases. They only APPEAR to cure them by reversing the SYMPTOMS of the disease. The actual disease is spiritual. Drugs put the disease in a retrograde progression, but it doesn’t heal the root cause of the disease. It alters our perception of the disease.

I remember a person who was battling cancer many years ago. They were taking Western medicine with minimal results. They got creative and decided to go see an obeah man in Jamaica for treatment and their health dramatically improved, but only temporarily. The cancer went into remission. This means it went retrograde through the obeah man’s medical intervention with planetary and stellar resonance. Remember I said that astrologers can read the stars and planets. Spiritual medicine men can rearrange their  placement in the heavens. As above, so below.

The cancer came back because the driving catalyst behind it was never directly uprooted although it’s outward expressions, its symptoms, APPEARED to have been reversed. Retrogrades (RX) are only helpful when you’re actively decoding your own life to understand your internal condition in retrospect through deep introspection. Otherwise, they wreak havoc.

These are just my abbreviated thoughts on matters of collective importance. It’s easy for us to be bewitched by planets and stars when we don’t stand in the truth of our own vibratory resonance. We bow to external influences and get all spooked out during astrological retrogrades. We do not have to be slaves to the stars and planets. They may propel us to respond to situations in a certain way, but they don’t compel us to do so.

When we work towards cultivating good character in our daily lives, the individual atoms that make up our dense physical bodies develop the same Quantum Spin orientation that point in the same direction during rotation. This quantum spin orientation is the basis for what Ifa devotees call “ashe.” All living things have it. The intensity of our ashe is reflected back to us in our personal magnetic fields. A weak magnetic field will be vulnerable to the attacks of planets and stars because we haven’t defined our own internal characters within the cosmic alphabet of communal experience. As a result we are sentenced to death.

 Astrology is great, but don’t use it to build a prison for your mind. Lets start cooking, so we can free ourselves with the roar of the flame.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Simulacra of Bio-Mysticism & The Orgasmic N!gga Time Bomb 2

I went to junior high school in East New York, Brooklyn in the early 1990s. This is the same part of town that rapper Jeru the Damaja references in his song “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” I can’t tell you how many times the Columbia jacket in the photo above was nearly stolen from me.

I wasn’t as lucky with my white Lakers game hat, though. When I was 13-years-old a grown man with grey hairs on his face robbed me at gunpoint with a .22 pistol in front of my school. I saw him ahead of time, but my guard was down because in my mind, at that time, “adult” equated to being “just, righteous, and responsible” in most cases (especially if I didn't suspect them for being a crackhead) so I thought I was safe. I was dead wrong.

Every day I came out of that school building looking over my shoulders with this Columbia jacket on. Much later I learned that Columbia was the name of the feminine spirit behind the doctrine of “Manifest Destiny” in the colonial era of thievery through “discovery” of occupied lands.

Clearly, I was willing to suffer for fashion. As students, we had school uniforms, but I stopped wearing mine in the 7th grade because I wanted to distinguish myself from others through my appearance. Even then, I hated wearing any piece of clothing that I saw everyone wearing, even if it were “in style.” Although Columbia was a popular brand name at the time, the colors on my jacket were uncommon compared to the ones other people wore.

Unlike today, mediums for personal self-expression were scarce commodities for young Black men of my generation. We wanted to convey our uniqueness by any means we perceived necessary. We all came from different households that shaped and molded our FAMILY cultures. However when we left our families to be amongst each other in the classroom, or in the streets , there was no unifying cultural identity that spoke to our common experience in a way that fostered collective character development.

Hip Hop culture was inspiring to many of us. Still at that time, it was essentially a Latchkey Kid culture without the benefit of responsible adult mentorship. It was centered around visually impaired young men giving instruction to blind young men feeling their way around in the dark corridors of life. 

Our overlapping communal culture didn’t reinforce our respective family cultures which often—despite that turbulent era in New York City—gave us solid principles to live by. But as impressionable youth we were confused by the absence of CULTURAL CONTINUITY between the micro world of home life, and the macro world outside of it. This ultimately contributed to the organized confusion, in our communities and in our minds.

Some brothers were able to monetize their grossly exaggerated ghetto war stories which had a high market value among the amalgamated corporate entities we call the United States of America. Very few of its angel investors have been interested in purchasing stock and shareholding in the naked humanity of young Black men. Instead whole industries were shifted and driven by the simulacra, the outer shells, of daily ghetto life. The mean-mugging screwface became a lucrative manufactured product of the U.S. corporation in the quest to manifest destiny.

The Black savage with bloodshot red eyes, mustard suede Timbs willing to do anything for a dollar is one of many archetypes in the ghetto universe. Yet he was made to appear as the standard bearer for Black masculinity, as opposed to the abhorrent departure from it that he actually was. By the way, the word “hustler” was originally a term used for a male prostitute who serviced other men. A business man makes money from quality products and services that he takes personal pride in. A hustler will do anything for a buck because he only thinks short term.

The celebrated savage constantly tells one of the biggest lies that we’ve all heard from several rappers who are promoted by liberal hipster media outlets: “I’m just talking about the ONLY life I know as a nigga from the ghetto.” Bullshit. You’re talking about the caricatures you can sell to people who only want to put money behind a sensationalized version of Black manhood. I’m not going to totally shit on a poor Black man’s opportunistic come up, but let’s call it what it is.

Within this perverse inversion of reality lies the vital essence of what I call Race Porn Economics. Stocks shoot up like hard cock with no sock under a fox—a beautifully bruising bonecrusher with chewy nipples and tight twat.

In this artful Simulation of the old Wall Street slave auction scene, the Black buck gets fucked for luxury whips, fast bitches, designer clothes, and stacked bucks. For more insight into cultural simulations I recommend that you read Simulacra and Simulations by Jean Baudrillard. I’m quite certain that he’s the man who has influenced Kanye West’s disjointed commentaries on the ever-restrictive simulation. There are some profound perspectives expressed in that classic work of postmodern philosophy, which may not be an easy read for some.

                             The Wall Street Bull of Apis

Wall Street in New York City got its name from the fact that there was a long wall along that area in which African prisoners of war were bought and sold to the highest bidders after being carried off of war ships that had docked in the vicinity. Most of the land between Manhattan’s South Ferry and Wall Street today is actually land fill. 

In colonial times, New York City’s Hudson River extended further inland towards Wall Street where African POWs were sold to build the new plantation economy. This economy is still intact because it is the product of a self-replicating simulation that spans numerous centuries.

The famous bull statue in the Wall Street area on Broadway brings to mind the Bull of Apis, which was a totem for the god, Ausar (Osiris), who is Lord of the Underworld and guardian of the dead. The Black god is overseeing the souls of numerous Black POWs buried under the financial institutions of Lower Manhattan right now.  On any given day, you will find tourists from all over the world lining up to take pictures holding the bull’s massive testicles. Based on the looks on their faces, they all love the bull market. It makes their Kundalini rise.

In like manner, the fossilized predator spirits of Krampus and Zwarte Pete are reinvigorated by criminal codeine soundbeds that arouse the shallow imaginations of European consumers who want to hear a dead god spit bars that support his spiritual dismemberment for a few dollars more.

Don’t mistake what I’m saying here for Left Wing vs Right Wing political propaganda. Both constructs are two sides of one body controlled by the same head. The Bizarro World A.L.L.A.H. consists of a deformed  Arm, Leg Leg, Arm Head. I highly recommend that you read The Occult Technology of Power: The Initiation of the Son of a Finance Capitalist into the Arcane Secrets of Economic and Political Power. It will give you a better understanding of this social dialectic.

This is an ongoing conversation. I invite you to add your two cents in.



Friday, September 28, 2018

More Than Meets the Eye: Kavanaugh, Unicron & The Autobot Vagina of Jewish Theater

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity of seeing Transformers: The Movie (1986) on the big screen. The one-day screening was a Fathom Events promotion.

When the film originally blessed theaters on August 8th, 1986 my cousin told me how great it was when we were both kids. I didn’t see it until 1988 when it aired on Sunday morning television right before the cartoon was pulled from public television in favor of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Fuck the Ninja Turtles. Transformers is the greatest cartoon of all time.

I’ll never forget when Megatron went ratchet and transformed into a hand-held ratchet so Starscream could blast Ratchet, Iron Hide, Brawn and Prowl to death as their eyes ignited and the black smoke of death billowed out of their mouths. When I saw this wild shit as a kid, I was totally speechless.

As an adult, I was able to make some observations that I wasn’t able to make 30 years ago in 1988. However 30 is approximately the number of years it takes the planet Saturn to make one revolution around the sun (actually it’s 29.4 years, but I did qualify my statement by saying “approximately”).  Both the Roman god and planet Saturn figure prominently in this film.

First of all, it returned to theaters on September 27, 2018 which is the height of the Jewish holiday known as Sukkot, which literally translates to “Feast  of Tabernacles” in Hebrew. We know who runs the American film industry based in Hollywood, so I won’t waste your time getting in to all of the details. The book An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood may be a good place to start if you don’t already know. The book came out 30 years ago.

During Sukkot—which is celebrated for 8 days—Jews DEVOUR their dinner outdoors inside of a black cube enclosure (although colors may vary). A cube has 8 points. The holiday lasts 8 days and the planet Saturn is synonymous with the number 8 in Western numerology. It’s also associated with blackness. Jews obey the Sabbath on Saturday which is literally “Saturn’s day.”

In both eastern and western astrology the planet Saturn brings trials, tribulation, and hardship to people, especially if they are not hardworking and vigilant in their day-to-day lives. Saturn is a JUDGE, which is why judges wear black, which is the color of lead, the alchemical element tied to Saturn.

In Roman mythology, Saturn—who was known as Kronos in ancient Greece—is the DEVOURER of his children. In Transformers: The Movie,  the planet Unicron takes on the adversarial role of Saturn. 

His very image is based on the cover of Liz Greene’s astrology book entitled Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil. Unicorn also DEVOURS his children in the movie as he consumed the Decepticon leader Galvatron, whom he created,  after Galvatron brings him the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.


There is a Holy Grail aspect to the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, so we can easily say that it represents the womb. I won’t drive that point home though. There is already an excellent article by Bridgewater State University professor Jessica Lévai on that subject entitled Evidenceof the Female Divine in Transformers: The Movie that does the job.  

In the movie, Unicron, who is essentially a robotic version of the god Saturn, tells Megatron that the matrix, the womb, is “the one thing; the only thing” that stands in the way of his quest for power and total domination of the cosmos.

 As Transformers the Movie returned to theaters for just one day on September 27, 2018, the world was watching the accusations of Christine Blasey Ford on Capital Hill. During the Senate Judiciary Committee  hearing, she said that U.S. Supreme Court JUDGE nominee Brett Kavanaugh raped her as a teen.

The surname “Ford” brings to mind the automobile titan, Ford Motors which manufacture cars. Autobots usually take the form of cars. The name “Christine” is the feminine version of the title “Christ.” In Transformers: The Movie the car automobile cast in the Christ role is Hot Rod, who undergoes the transfiguration into Rodimus Prime who then owns the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Christine Blasey Ford may just be “The One” who “lights our darkest hour” on America’s political theater stage.

Kavanaugh’s allegedly dark and predatory relationship with a womb, which is a matrix that belongs to Ms. Ford, may be “the one thing; the only thing” that stands in the way of his political rise to power as a Supreme Court JUDGE. There are other women who have accused Donald Trump's nominee of rape, which is something to consider. Interestingly enough, Trump has been accused of ravaging some box himself. Grab 'em by the Tefillin

It’s also worth noting that in the realm of astrology Saturn plays the role of JUDGE. Through Ptah-Sokaric Synchronicity Kavanaugh has been cast in the role of Unicron, who is based on Saturn during the Jews’ Saturnian holiday of Sukkot.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Biters will be Eaten: A Message for Hungry Plagiarists

Shout-out to all of the plagiarists out there getting high on the cheap thrill of identity theft. This morning I was reading a post on the metaphysical principles of Rastafarianism on a digital media group totally dedicated to the subject. I appreciated the first post that I read since I have written on similar subject matter, but I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know. Despite this, a voice in my head told me to read more because I would learn something. I most certainly did.

While reading the second post from 2016, I saw that the vocabulary, distinct angle, and unconventional connections that the voiceless narrator was making were eerily similar to material I had already written for my blog in 2011. As I kept reading, I soon came across multiple paragraphs where the individual had copied my published thoughts, verbatim, word-for-word, with no attribution to me at all. 

As I kept reading, I learned that MOST of the post were in fact my words, which came directly out of my head after synthesizing my research and my own life experiences. The Impostor promotes Ital (vegetarian) food, so I didn't understand why they were needlessly looking for beef. This is nothing new to me. I’ve been plagiarized for years, but my written words carry a gift and a curse. The reader’s intentions, character, and aptitude determines how they experience my words. Biters will be eaten. Lovers will be embraced by the globe. My jeweled crown was earned through laborious effort. You can’t take it off my head and wear it just because it matches with your outfit. I got a big head, so my crown probably won’t fit you anyway.

To top it off, I found MORE posts that were blatantly plagiarized with no attribution given to me. People were complimenting the impostor on how brilliant they were, but their words were ALL mine. If this fake Rasta could have stolen the interview I conducted with Haile Selassies Attorney General, he would have taken that too. That, however, is only in my book The Treasures of Darkness. Its not on my blog.

Be very skeptical of anyone presenting themselves to you as some altruistic teacher but they don’t have the humility to identify peers that they’ve gained insight from in whatever it is they’re teaching. These peers are often people they don’t actually know, but they’ve been moved by their expressed ideas in some way. This is a more genuine form of admiration, because there are no ulterior motives.

People love to shout out legendary teachers who’ve transitioned, or even wonderful Elders who are still alive, because it feels safe and gives the public the impression that they are the SOLE inheritors of a rich legacy of teaching. Some of these brothers will demonize Christianity, but they clearly have a Messianic Complex.

They subtly brand themselves as THE ONE. They only see competition in potential allies because their minds are really small and they’re not very bright. Their integrative skills are poor. In real life, they’re bozos. No one who really knows them respects them.  They sit on a perpetually revolving door of thrones.

Remember, no matter how bright you think someone is, they are receiving SOME portion of their light from men and women of their generation, who are ALSO proficient in similar areas of study. Some of these peers are well known. Others are not. Yet we all learn from and inspire each other. That’s just how the rhythm of life flows in the transmission of natural intelligence. Unfortunately, some  are proponents for Artificial Intelligence because they're not real.

You are only a teacher when you put the student onto other teachers you’ve learned from. Otherwise you’re just a self-serving bum passing yourself off as a king. The crown is not for everyone to wear, but we can all be inspired by its glow.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Death & Dismemberment by Definition

What if the drive to uncover all of the precious secrets of ancient cultures is an act of violence intended to strip them of their primal power with the machine guns of cultural anthropology and the aircraft bombers of satellite photography?

Man decodes the riddles of stoic gods as a means to his very own ends, which adorn him with the elusive crown of mastery. Everyone and everything outside of mastery is either a willing subject or a slave to it. Decoding is when the politically impotent bags the baddest bitch in the room for props and never calls her back. 

He is the serial killer who pompously postures himself as Prometheus with the torch of brutal insight in hand. No lamentations for the fallen robot in the resurrection of the real.

The true guardians of ancient genius are those who ultimately preserve the allure of its ancient secrets. They give us just enough information to be inspired by the brilliance of sleeping centuries without completely exposing its distant mystery.
After all, power is maintained through the conservation of energy and not in its total release. However powerless people always want to see something powerful completely decoded and disrobed. This is death and dismemberment at the hands of Definition.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Simulacra of Bio-Mysticism & The Orgasmic N!gga Time Bomb

Popular Black culture is like the Pornhub web portal that makes the whole world cum. Its ambassadors are Orgasm Inducing Organisms (OIO) who are more commonly known as “Black People.” These Black ambassadors are the disenfranchised ghetto occupants who make panties and thongs moist while facilitating flaring penile erections dripping with precious precum for golden goblets.

Many non-Black humans resent Orgasm Inducing Organisms while patronizing their romping shops of erotic pleasure. The OIO is despised by the haughty Homo Erectus. Still, the OIO will always exist, because they make the world cum hard. The global economy is fueled by creamy vaginal spasms and wild ejaculations of white-hot semen.

Within the context of this blog post, the Homo Erectus is not the familiar relic of Darwinian theories of evolution. Instead it is one who actively, or passively, supports the creation of simulacra. A simulacra is a caricature, an external representation of The Real that is falsely made to appear to be The Real.

The Homo Erectus is eager to stroke the object of its desire without truly penetrating the creamy core of allure. Lay back while I disrobe my thesis. I won’t hesitate to spill for the thrill.

Today, white soccer moms are twerking, Asian teenage boys are making trap music, middle aged white men are doing the dab, and pale-skinned Arabs are enthusiastically participating in the Keke Challenge. Hip Hop is just one expression of Black pop culture, and it is at the center of the larger world culture. Hip hop music is played in elite nightclubs, strip clubs,  commercials, television shows, movies, shopping malls and at sporting events. Hip hop slang is used in New York Times articles concerning global politics.

At some point, everyone has watched video pornography by choice, but many won’t talk about it simply because it made them cum. In like manner, the entire planet is immersed in some form of Black pop culture. However they may not make it a topic of conversation among Orgasm Inducing Organisms who shape and mold world culture by making everyone in the world cum. They do this through the arts of biomysticism that only organic Black bodies can practice.

The Homo Erectus breaking its silence would be like seeing the pornstar you regularly jerk off to in the street, walking up to them, and telling them to their face that you masturbate to their image on a regular basis. This would be uncomfortable for the indulger who normally sees the pornstar as a sexual fetish tool, a mere means to Get Off, like that classic Prince song.

Suddenly the direct encounter has the watcher entertaining the remote possibility that the pornstar isn’t just an empty husk for their personal pleasure, but an actual human being with complex feelings, thoughts, and other internal dynamics. No good.

Rather than face this inconvenient truth, the Homo Erectus hides its seething lust for the pornstar while in the pornstar’s immediate presence. They hold on to the simulacrum, the external vestiges of who the pornstar is, by interacting with them superficially and exclusively through pornographic web portals.

The Homo Erectus never penetrates the shell to get to the true core of the pornstar because the only thing they ever desired from the start was a superficial relationship with them, a simulacrum of intimacy. This aptly describes the relationship that many non-Blacks have with popular Black culture, most notably, through contemporary hip hop.

Racism is a violent resentment of ones projected homoerotic desires.  Rather than express this resentment towards the self, the hater transfers their hatred to The Other, the mysterious object of their desire. The Other is an OIO. The racist looks at the OIO and sees both the height of his inherent potential and that which he will never be at the same time. They love what makes them cum so they want to own it as a tangible possession for eternity, but they can’t.

The Homo Erectus, true to its  name, erects an entire civilization that is a projection of its  ideal self—a glossy superficial being completely empty inside. The racist aspires to become a living Simulacrum to capture his intangible prized possession within his own tangible being. Hence we have a nation of simulacrua, caricaturized ideals in the form of the nigga and the swagged out Homo Erectus.


Friday, August 10, 2018

Khonsu's Redemption: The Traveler has come

The Wave Function is the expressed ancestral memories of consolidated atomic particles coupled with all of their potential states of being from the near and distant future.

The past and future coalesce to create a single moment in time, which opens the portals of unlimited possibility, in the deepest recesses of your mind. This Quantum Singularity is represented by the serpent swallowing its own tail in Hermetic iconography.

Electrons, which are the receptive consorts of a single, central proton, are distinctly encoded with the latent potential of the entire atomic particle. The Wave Function transcends space-time by occupying the past, present, and future all at once.

These three essential ingredients form the broth of continuous movement that flavors the Trimurti of Brahma (The Creator), Vishnu (The Sustainer), and Shiva (The Destroyer) in India’s Vedic philosophy.

The icon that the global physics community uses to represent The Wave Function is what looks like the trident of the Greek god Poseidon. This three pronged fork alludes to the cycle of past, present, and future realities that The Wave Function occupies simultaneously.

Hellenic scholars will concede that the ancient Greeks borrowed mytho-poetic themes and concepts from North Africa and ancient India. This explains some of the inter-cultural fluidity we observe in their mutually shared symbols and the specific principles ascribed to them. The trident of Poseidon and the trishula of Shiva are one.

There are external hydrogen-based intelligences that stimulate the Wave Function in man. When a man activates The Wave Function within himself, we are observing him in The Flow State. If this Flow State lasts long enough, then he will generate his own Wave through the momentum he has gained incrementally over time.

Some onlookers will ride his wave, but his vigorous current will inevitably dissipate like impotent Avengers before Thanos’ bejeweled Infinity Gauntlet. The sands of time shall bury these forgotten castaways under motionless shores of mediocrity on deserted islands of meager destinies. The jeweled gauntlet of the lunar pathfinder are our priceless treasures of darkness.

The Man who is truly in the midst of his Flow State is not the Wave. He is the moon that modulates the rhythm of the ocean’s tide to generate Waves for other career Wave Riders. He is the cause, not the effect. He evokes strong emotions of lunacy from others, but does not experience these destabilizing emotions within the fibers of his own being.

Fools who don’t know any better will look at the surfers riding the crests of aquatic steeds and mistake the observable effect for the hidden cause because they only venerate what they see within the experiential seas of human endeavor. Meanwhile, the minority, an elect few, understand that the sublime, unassuming, pathfinder in the Air is generating waves for gnarly surfer dudes to ride.

These written lines are tidal waves of bioluminescent thought. Keep your eyes on the skies. The Traveler has come.