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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Genetic Displacement & The Quest for Ancestral Identity

Native Americans are widely lactose intolerant, but so are most “African Americans” according to studies I’ve come across. My preliminary research suggests that many continental Africans are the exact opposite and are in fact lactose tolerant. This is conceivable since cattle rearing was not as widespread in ancient North America as it was in ancient Africa.  

In my mind, the lactose distinctions lend credence to the notion that many people identified as African American are actually Native American, with ancient genetic ties to the Americas.

According to a DNA test that I recently took, I am lactose tolerant like the continental Africans that I just referenced. Also, I have no Neanderthal ancestry, which is something that I already suspected before taking the test.  It also indicated that my genetic makeup is overwhelmingly Sub-Saharan African, where there were absolutely no Neanderthals. Nevertheless I have European ancestry. To me, this is very interesting because all white people—as far as I am aware—have Neanderthal ancestry.

But what if my “European” ancestors were not whites at all, but Black Africans who migrated to the region far in antiquity and interbred among themselves over a long period of time? A series of generations of interbreeding, coupled with new environmental surroundings, may have caused these African migrants to develop genetic markers that were in some ways, distinct from THEIR African ancestors. That may explain why I reportedly have European ancestry with no Neanderthal blood ties. This anomaly would seem unlikely if my European ancestors were white people. Also, how did the lion become incorporated into the coats-of-arms of European royal families when there are no lions in Europe? 

I’m just thinking out loud at this point, and will do further research to tie more things together for myself, by comparing my genetic findings to what I know for certain from family history. Still, it would be a good idea for Blacks who are serious students of world history to keep one thing in mind: when we hear name designations like “Native American” or “European” that sound foreign to whom we were taught that we were by whites, or even well-meaning, yet mistaken, Pan-Africanists, we shouldn’t be so quick to assume that they are references to a so-called red man or a white man. These may very well have been Black people.

Culturally, genetically, and spiritually, not all Blacks are fundamentally African. MY African lineage is reflected back to me in so many ways. I can FEEL where I come from. I sometimes joke that if you are Black, but you don't like classic Jamaican dancehall music, then you probably are not African because that genre of music is as African as contemporary music can get. Lions like to eat gazelles because their ancestors like to eat gazelles. 

For those who are historically literate, and study WORLD history beyond the propaganda taught to us in school, there is no reason why a “European” or a “Native American” would not be Black, especially if we are talking about antiquity. Let’s briefly explore some cultural anthropology together, so that you can better understand why I am saying what I’m saying.

There is a book written by a  13th century historian from Iceland by the name of Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241) entitled “Heimstringla: History of the Kings of Norway.” In that work he specifically says that in the land of Svíthjóth (modern day Sweden), there were “Black men and many kinds of strange tribes” (pg. 6).

Mind you, Snorri was considered an authority on Scandinavian history and Norse mythology in his time which was during the 13th century, not 1865 or 2016. We ’re talking about 13th century Europe. This was long before the “Enlightenment” when white Europeans started falsifying their own history, and hiding elements of their ethnic mythologies for political and economic purposes. How long were these Black men that Snorri references living in Sweden before he even knew of them? It’s something for us to consider within the context of this narrative.

I have images of 16th century paintings that depict Native Americans with dark, chocolate brown skin, and they were not slaves. They were Black people living out their lives in the Western Hemisphere. The BBC documentary Ancient Voices identifies the original Native Americans as Black people. See the video below. The Asian element came later across the Bering Strait and mixed in with the Black population that was already in the Americas thousands of years before the trade of African prisoners of war.

It is my opinion that the blood quantum requirements for several Native American tribes are minimal because the people who are getting the  most monetary assistance from the U.S. government through the Blood Quantum Laws have minimal amounts of pure Native American blood themselves. Most of these beneficiaries would socially be classified as white.

Meanwhile, the copper-skinned Native American descendant who has the highest levels of Native blood is  discriminated against and deprived of economic benefits that would be available to them because they have been genetically displaced and falsely identified as an “African” American when they are in fact the TRUE Native American.  

So what is a “Native American”? What is a “European”? They are ALL expressions of Blackness. Let’s embrace ALL of ourselves so that the Artificial separation between us and others may disappear. Don’t allow your genetics to be displaced by political propagandists who want to revise history and deprive you of what is yours.

The lead photo for this post is an inspiring peace of art by Ethiopian artist Aïda Muluneh.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Mind Glow Market Research Survey

Since 2009 ThirdEyeMax has been dedicated to the “soul” purpose of Opening Eyes and Illuminating Minds. In my effort to do so with optimum effectiveness I would like to get a better  idea of how my blog can best serve your needs within the context of the subject matter regularly explored on it.

I am eternally grateful for the support that I get from my readers in the way of detailed feedback, promotional assistance, and monetary donations as they are all EXTREMELY helpful. I want to give you so much more in the future and I will. But rather than assume what you need, I am pushing myself to learn how I may nurture and expand my growing audience.

As a result I am asking that you complete the 10 online questions included in this Mind Glow Market Research survey. It will give me more insight into who you are and what topics pertaining to the Life Sciences interest you the most.

Every month I get thousands of readers, but only in the last year have I gained a Working knowledge into who you are, what you enjoy reading the most, and why. This is because most readers do not interact online, much less in person. While I get a substantial amount of feedback on various posts on Facebook, those readers represent a small percentage of my readership.

If anonymity is a concern for you, the survey is not only quick, but your identity is anonymous which allows you to share your thoughts without fear that I’ll track down your IP address and have my friends waiting at your door. Here is the link to my survey right HERE.

Tell a friend to tell a friend. The survey  link is also here:

Twa Babies: The Rise of Global Synergy in the Midst of World War 4

The Leprechaun is an Irish interpretation of a group of nature spirits known all throughout the African continent. Bes, the Kemetic netcher (personified expression of nature’s intelligence) is probably the most recognizable example of these beings outside of shamrock land.

Since gold is compressed hydrogen from the sun, its presence at the end of a rainbow represents  the fall, and subsequent condensation, of the visible light spectrum into dense, solid matter. The leprechaun at the end of a rainbow was originally the African guardian of nature who grants man the ability to transform an immaterial idea into a tangible reality with remarkable ease.

In the empirical science community such related concepts are being explored by a growing number of astronomers through the Rainbow Gravity Theory. This theory proposes that our physical universe has no absolute beginning or ending, but is in fact a conglomerate of color-coded energy frequencies that spiral out into infinity.  The rainbow of Irish cosmology isn’t necessarily about chakras although that’s the automatic assumption that many people who dabble in occult philosophies make. After all, everything multicolored must deal with chakras, right? Wrong!

 When you do a comparative study of world mythology you find that ancient people were often talking about the same ideas, using the vocabulary of their respective cultures to  convey  universal themes. However if you assume that this was ALWAYS the case then you’re making a mistake.

The rainbow may not carry the same symbolic connotation in West, Central, and North Africa, that it had in ancient India. Therefore you cannot assume that the people who live in Ireland—which incorporated elements of African culture in ancient times—are talking about chakras when they incorporate rainbow symbolism into their mythologies.

Let’s expand our cosmological palettes to consider other explanations for things that are beyond microwaveable consciousness's cultural frames of reference, which are always in a pre-seasoned, pre-cooked, ready-to-eat format.

People who jump into metaphysics without a broad overview of world history and cultural anthropology are lazy decoders who force concepts together that really do not have a connection. They highlight the apparent, while ignoring the subtle, yet more important, cultural nuances of an idea or concept. “Negus” in Ethiopia means “King.” A Naga in Central and East Asia is one who has accumulated profound spiritual wisdom. One may reflect the fundamental qualities of the other, but to say that a Naga and a Negus are virtually the same is incorrect.

Also, students of the life sciences who are of African descent may want to consider the study of history and cultural anthropology for its own sake, instead of arduously searching for the African presence in different world cultures all of the time. In doing the latter, we actually fail to identify the inherent African cultural DNA in non-African societies. This is because we get caught up in looking for Black faces instead of looking for the reoccurring thought patterns behind those Black faces.  

I personally find some aspects of ancient Germanic mythology and folklore quite fascinating. Last year I learned that the term “knock on wood,” comes out of the old Germanic belief that trees were populated by dwarves who have the power to grant people good luck and offer them protection from curses or physical harm. Similar views are shared about magical little people who are intimately related to the Twa throughout Africa.

To go even further, we can examine a quote from the book, Faust, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In this classic work of 18th century German  literature we read:

“Once you know the stars’ procession, and Nature is your guide and master, when spirits speak to spirit, your soul will then unfold its strength...”

The quote above summarizes the true essence of traditional African spirituality. In your quest for knowledge don’t just read “Black Books” that are marketed to you. Read GOOD BOOKS that define the classical output of world cultures. You will see your own reflections in those mirrored pages because you descend from the original architects of high culture. At different points in antiquity this culture was dispersed throughout the four corners of the earth. Now it lies at the heart and soul of Earth’s global culture.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Esoteric Knowledge: Who Really Needs It?

I’ve heard people say that esoteric books and information are useless because they don’t help you to make any money and address real life issues as they arise. The reality is that the information can actually help you in these critical areas.

People who are successful in business often excel at marketing and promotion.  The prerequisite for effective marketing and promotion is esoteric (obscure) knowledge about human beings and their hidden desires, curiosities and motivations. 

A business person may incorporate subliminal advertising, or the use of neuro-linguistic programming into their  repertoire of public seduction. How can you effectively manage and lead a large number of people who all have different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, if you don’t have a working knowledge of human archetypes?

If you have no interest in developmental psychology you’re destined to be a devalued employee at best, or a hopeless beggar at worst. To become wealthy, you must be an asset to other people. In order to be an asset you must find out what a substantial amount of people need and then find a way in which you can uniquely fulfill that need for them. This may  involve influencing the minority who  influence the masses.

If you can’t give people what they want, then why would they give you their money? How can you fulfill a need or want without a basic overview of human psychology as it is understood through the scope of the spiritual Life Sciences? You can’t.

Higher consciousness is not escapism. Esoteric knowledge has practical value, but only if you have an imagination and WORK ethic to go along with the information you’ve acquired. If all you can do is memorize lots of cool facts about chakras and pineal glands then you’ll only be the smart dumb guy who can’t put any of his knowledge to practical use to improve his life. Youll have a nice ankh necklace and an empty refrigerator; lots of YouTube favorites in your digital library and no good (i.e. expensive) books on the shelf. Imagination is the difference between an operative Builder and a speculative mason who can only build in a cipher with the homies.

If you have not inherited certain genetic minerals for your soul’s soil, you’ll bitterly curse the seeds of knowledge planted inside of you, thinking that they are useless when it is actually YOUR soil that is infertile. Then again, you may have the necessary minerals, but are deficient in the amino acids that would allow you to get the most out of those minerals. Every line from your mind is a building block. Get your crane right, nucca.

My woman loves my cooking. I could body you with ground turkey nuggets, and escort your soul from your physical with the Itis. After that I’ll weigh your intestines against a feather on a scale. All jokes aside, my food tastes great because I actually enjoy cooking. I like cooking because I initially learned it from my mom who was an extraordinary teacher and a great cook. It is highly probable that she inherited some valuable qualities from her grandfather who was an accomplished chef.  She had the minerals in her soul’s soil which she passed down to me through her blood.

We all have an opportunity to fulfill the genetic calling of our ancestors to manifest what is in us, and we cannot manifest what is not in us. No matter what, you’re only going to be what you Are.

Wealth is generated in the Air, but that Wealth seeks the tangibility of   Earth to affirm its inherent value in the world of structure and form.  I live with my head in the clouds because the root of my power is in the sky. But my feet are planted in the ground, where I leave my footprints in the bed of night. The sky is never the limit once you’re in good Standing.

Do you need esoteric knowledge of the Life Sciences? Of course not! You also don’t need to live in a mansion eating the finest foods that money can buy. You don’t have to play hide-and-go-seek with Belgian chocolate beauties coated in warm maple syrup, either. Nevertheless, I would imagine that the Life Sciences can put you on a winding path to prosperity that leads to all of that and more.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Presidency & YOUR Ancestral Electorate

It’s election time in the United States again. This means that millions of Americans are taking a serious, hard look at which of the presidential candidates are going to relieve them of their financial burdens and make sure that there is enough fried chicken in every pot.

The two leading characters in the theatrical political performance have strong personalities, which will only enhance the level of intrigue surrounding Americas titillating political extravaganza in months to come.

Although I won’t be giving any of the political characters any serious attention, I can personally relate to people who will. As a kid I remember lamenting over whether or not Hulk Hogan would beat Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff in the confines of a steal cage, or whether the Hulkster would be able to pin Andre the Giant in Detroit’s Silverdome. That was the child that I was.

Today, I don’t give my valuable energy to such things, unless I’ve chosen to take a stroll down memory lane as I have been known to do occasionally. As for the whole political process, I realize that the only viable President  of MY world is ME. The best President of YOUR world is YOU. It won’t take long for me to explain what I mean within the context of this post.

The President is an archetypal figure with deep roots in the ancient world. The earliest literary reference to such an individual can be found in the sacred texts of ancient Kemet where Ausar is identified as the stately figure who presides over a nation of dead men, women, and children in the underworld.

When you acknowledge and give due reverence to the deceased members of your genetic line through ritual, then you are initiating your own presidential campaign within the Nation of Infinity (NOI). Through time and effort, you create the circumstances in which you become the Presidential candidate that you seek outside of yourself.

                   YOU ARE ALWAYS PROTECTED

I think that we’d all be surprised at what we can accomplish once the millions of ancestors within our genetic lines have cast their ballots in our favor. The world of form that we occupy is shaped and molded by the citizenry of the causal plane. Our lineage comes down to us from two people: our mothers and our fathers. Hence a bipartisan approach to ancestor reverence is the only approach that we can adopt in order to maximize our support in the World of Form.

If you approach your ancestral electorate with sincerity and humility—which are the very qualities that the two front runners for the U.S. presidency lack—then they will respond to you with tangible support that you can see and feel on your campaign trail.

While millions look to national political elections to see change occur in their personal lives, the change that you seek is coursing through your veins and looking at you as a reflection in your mirror. Now I don’t know about you, but I think that the person in your mirror embodies a change that you can believe in.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Nommo Worries: Manifesto of a Madman?

Kyle Odom, who reportedly has an open arrest warrant on him in the attempted murder of an Idaho pastor, had a message that he was anxious to deliver to President Barack Obama earlier this week:  people of color—green amphibian humanoids from Mars to be exact—are  here, they’re trying to take over the U.S., and they really wanna fuck!
The downstream news media is giving its readers and viewers the impression that Mr. Odom has been smoking crills with your boy Lamar. I’m not going to weigh in on that. Instead, I’ve provided Odom’s manifesto so that you can read what he has to say for yourself.
According to the document, Odom says that he became aware of the Martians after he started meditating and experienced a higher state of consciousness that brought about an out-of-body-experience (OBE).
None of us know for certain if, or to what extent, the published manifesto is an unauthorized edit of the original text, so keep an open mind about what you read. Is this the manifesto of a madman? MGM will leave that to you to decide. Click the link right HERE to read it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Demise of Coke Rap & the Death of the N!gger Horror Story

“Apparently,” it all started in 2014 when J.Cole released his critically acclaimed album, Forrest Hills Drive, which included the aforementioned hit single. Not only was this unabashedly hip hop album a critical success, but a commercial one, as the project was certified platinum with no guest features, a feat that arguably hadnt been accomplished by a solo rap artist since MC Hammer dropped Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em in 1990.  FHD's auditory scope also enabled Cole to garner new fans outside of the multi-colored spectrum of hip hop music.

At a glance, any forecast of Forrest Hill Drive’s commercial success  would’ve seemed counter-intuitive, especially if you’ve observed the most lucrative trends in hip hop music and culture over the last 20 years. Cole—who graduated magna cum laude from St. John’s University—keeps a low profile. He hasn’t had any known run-ins with the law, he didn’t get shot and live to record horror stories about his experience after the fact, nor has he ever donned a mob alias and told lies about moving keys of cocaine over seas. 

Cole did not have to pander to a pre-internet, white hip hop consumer who was born in the 1970s or 80s. This demographic, for the most part, was more interested in paying for Nigger Horror Stories, which are grossly exaggerated and caricaturish portrayals of Black male death and genocide over highly infectious beats. This cartoonish sub-genre of hip hop—which millions of hip hop fans, including myself, have consumed over the years—involved a heavy preoccupation with guns and street pharmaceuticals, usually in the form of cocaine.

However the American news media has gone so far to eroticize the death and utter destruction of young Black males  within the collective psyche of white America, that it no longer stimulates the brain-numbing neural high that once  accompanied rap music’s lyrical  lynchings of Black males at the hands of other Black males. Scarcity creates value, while abundance causes it to diminish. The overwhelming consensus around the United States of America today is that NIGGAS DIE EVERY DAY, B. Therefore in the minds of many people it’s no big deal, which means that Black Death is too common, too frequent and too normal to be a musical commodity in today’s global marketplace.

Young Black men who can be sentimental, introspective, or just down right fun and goofy amidst the chaos and danger that surrounds  them are far more interesting and far more compelling characters to customers in the global market than a coke-peddling, pistol totting, hardened thug. How does a mere mortal relate to a gutter god with no fears, insecurities, or inhibitions? The world is now less entertained and amused by the idea of a battered and bloodied God being crucified and more interested in the idea of him rising from the dead after said crucifixion with a new gospel for the planet.

After a while the Super Nigger routine becomes boring and lame, because these paper tigers lack humanity and never go after the real tough guys who would not hesitate to take their lives. The goon's sense of hopelessness is malignant. He violently threatens his brothers and women, but lets the George Zimmermans of the world walk the streets with no fear. How many nightclubs across the U.S. have been shut down as a result of the mindless violence that coke rap often precipitates? Its a cool genre for short-term hustlers, but its bad investment for far-sighted business men.

The kicker is that in real life, Bob Marley was far more of a gangster than 98% of the so-called gangsta rappers you can name, but he never shot anyone but that sheriff in a song. He made music so that people could dance, reflect, and push through life’s hard times with a realistic sense of hope and jubilant feeling of purpose.

The corporate-manufactured Nigger Monster is constantly reminding us that as much as he stacks his bread up to Pepperidge Farm proportions through illegal activity, his inevitable demise is right around the corner. So here we are now, watching the death of coke rap and the glamorous Nigger Horror Story that once had crackers clutching their popcorn bags in awe from cinematic tall tales of vice and crime. In a mutual celebration of debauchery the Black artist relegates himself to a nigger, while his white patron devolves into a nosy cracker from uptown searching for what he believes lies at the very core of everyday Black Life.

None of your favorite coke-peddling gangsters from the 1990s or Early 2000s can compete with Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, or Drake in today’s  market place. Even the original Snowman, Young Jeezy, has wisely sharpened his dialogue in order to remain relevant in the emerging hip hop art world.

If you’re an aspiring Nigger Monster looking to sell more hopeless ghetto horror stories to suburban white kids, youre wasting your time. They dont get high off that shit no more. You should find Marty McFly and have him send you back to 1998 in a Delorean. There, your choice of content will have more value.

However if you are an urban artist with style, wit, humor, or an inspiring vision for the world, then this is your time to capitalize and build a lasting legacy. Read often, live life, and work hard. The Tastemakers have spoken.