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Friday, May 23, 2014

Dancing with Shadows: Silhouettes of Afro-Caribbean Mysticism

May 2014 is looking like a month of firsts for Mind Glow Media. On the heels of my first published e-book Voices of the Dawn I put together the first of possibly many e-Motion pictures for the site. This one is entitled Dancing with Shadows: Silhouettes of Afro-Caribbean Mysticism. The audio visual presentation, clocking in at over 50 minutes, highlights some of the sights and sounds of the Afro-Caribbean spiritual experience with a brief exploration of Brazil thrown into the mix. 

I put it together using Windows Live which is arguably the most basic video editing software on the market. Its a common feature already included on most computers utilizing Microsoft Windows. This was my very first attempt at using any kind of video editing program without any direction or assistance. I pretty much taught myself and had fun with it. I hope you do as well. Im excited about what I might do with more professional software. Time will tell.

Anyway, Ive provided a link where you can watch and/or download the e-Motion Picture as a wave file for free. Just click HERE

Enjoy and share. If you would like to get in touch with me concerning the video, or any other Mind Glow Media posts you can email me by clicking on the Ptah photo under The Architect bio section on the lower right side of the page.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Voices of the Dawn (Free Ebook Download)

My free ebook Voices of the Dawn is now available for download. It is a revised literary extract from The Voice of the Dawn, which will not be available to the public. At least not at this time. 

To my current knowledge, most mythologies are culturally relative. Although many of them contain universal themes and story elements that seem to overlap with one another, they elucidate the rich cosmologies and meta-histories of specific ethnic groups. This story—which you are about to read—is arguably the very first global mythology of the 21st Century.

I hope that you get something of value from it. Donations are accepted. Just click the donate button on your right. Download, read, and share this electric scroll with those you love. The download link is right HERE. Before you click the green DOWNLOAD button, make sure that you uncheck the tiny box right beneath it. The goddess Tantalah lives within you. Peace.