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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Estrogenda & The Media's Power of Depiction

Well, what do we have here? A friend of Mind recently sent me the cover image for the November edition of the hip hop magazine, XXL. The new cover features G-Unit honcho 50 Cent alongside hip-hop’s teeny-bop sensation, Soulja Boy.

50 seems to have been somewhat of a big brother to Soulja ever since the young entertainer emerged onto the hip hop scene. When Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA criticized Soulja for contributing to the dumbing down of hip-hop music, it was 50 who came to Soula’s aid, clowning GZA and calling him musically irrelevant in subsequent interviews. GZA got the last laugh, however, when he crushed 50 with his 2008 dis track “Paper Plate.” I kind of find it interesting that G-Unit tried to sign the mediocre Mason Betha when it was at the height of its popularity in 2005. 50’s failure to complete that ritual ultimately compromised the G-Unit brand, but not because Ma$e was a great lyrical talent. We already know that he was not.

Metaphysically speaking, the signing of Mason Betha, would have been a symbolic victory that would have only consummated the occult ritual that was G-Unit’s spectacular rise to hip hop prominence. The original G-Unit is the brotherhood of free and accepted masons (for them the “G” stands for “Gnosis” and “Geometry” not “Gorilla’). 50 tried to buy his Mason, but P.Diddy would hear none of it. That’s why 50 started taunting and threatening Diddy back in 2006. He was frustrated with the fact that Diddy wouldn’t let Mason Betha out of his Bad Boy contract. 50’s boss Marshall Mathers, who is a distant relative of Golden Dawn occultist, MacGregor Mathers, was the one who orchestrated the ritual that was G-Unit’s ascent to superstardom.

More recently, 50 Cent has become Soulja Boy’s main advocate in the whole Kat Stacks debacle. For more background info on that whole situation, I suggest that you read any one of the leading hip hop news websites or blogs. What is of particular concern for me with this MGM blog entry is the use of hip hop music and culture as a tool for the demasculinization of Black male figures. XXL Magazine, which is published by Harris Publications, could have used any one of the many pictures it shot of 50 Cent and Soulja for their cover, but they chose to use this one because they are cosigning The Estrogenda, which is the agenda to get young Black males in their teens to personally identify with estrogen-filtered male images. This is evident in the Peewee Herman-like fashion sense exhibited by many of today’s teenage boys, and the entertainment media is fueling the fashion. The motivation behind the media-sponsored Estrogenda is quite simple.

As Frances Cress Welsing beautifully pointed out in her seminal work, The Isis Papers, the greatest threat to white genetic survival is the Black man’s penis. According to a 2006 report released by the Population Reference Bureau based in Washington D.C., Poland is on pace to experience a 17 percent drop in its population by 2050. Ukraine is on pace to loose nearly half of its population. More recently the Bureau conducted a study in the United States and found that non-whites accounted for 48 percent of all births over a 12-month period that ended in July 2008. The U.S. Census Bureau says that people of color will make up the majority of the United States’ population in more or less than 30 years. These are the flaming facts beneath the screaming kettle that brewed the Tea Party and the new anti-immigration, scratch that, anti-Mexican laws.

In an effort to maintain the power that they once had over the globe, some members of the white American power structure have decided that it is in their best interest to postpone the inevitable through the application covert genocide through media seduction. Yes, you read that correctly. You can kill people with media. Once you've destroyed their minds, then everything else falls into place. In fact, if you carefully study the history of the modern world you will discover that most revolutions and mass movements were initially instigated by writers. Until fairly recently, the media has been one of the white power structure’s most effective weapons in its genocidal campaign against original people.

Studies show that white women of child bearing age are giving birth to less children than they were in past years. Consequently, the Killuminazi's game plan is to turn as many Black men out as possible through media seduction while white men seek out the Black women who've been spurned by these pillow biting Black men. Through the children conceived through these unions, the astral entities that occupy the bodies of these men hope to make the Western mind the dominant influence on the planet within a few generations. Who are these astral entities I speak of? That's another topic for another day. What I will say is that the crucifix is an astral portal through which they may gain entry into YOUR mind, body and soul. If I were you, I would not wear one.

50 Cent or Soulja Boy’s sense of industriousness can be a great inspiration to young Black men and women if it is applied with integrity. Despite what some members of the “conscious community” might want to say about 50 and Soulja Boy, both are young Black men who have worked hard to obtain whatever material wealth that they have. As a young Black man who has worked hard for his modest comforts, I can respect them for that, if nothing else.

If more members of the so-called “conscious community” had 50’s work ethic then “The Struggle” would only be a topic for discussion in Black history classes, not lectures and panel discussions. If more members of the so-called “conscious community” knew how to use technology to market and promote its invaluable Human Resources like Souja Boy marketed and promoted his “Crank That” single at the tender age of 17, then more of our great Elder teachers would be living comfortably for the wonderful work that they’ve done for us.

Too often we turn up our noses at those individuals whom we perceive to be “unenlightened.” In the process we forget that none of us have deciphered all of the mysteries of the universe. We ALL have our personal strengths and weaknesses and can learn from one another whether we are “conscious” or fast asleep. Nevertheless, the IMAGE of 50 Cent and Soulja Boy that has been presented on this magazine cover undermines Black manhood on different levels.

50 Cent has his face covered like a ninja. Initially, ninjas were cowardly assassins and spies who practiced espionage on the behalf of their Japanese overlords. This is rather ironic, given that 50 has long been called a dry snitch—which is basically a spy—by some of his hip hop peers. The bloggers say that he was trying to channel Lawrence of Arabia. The main character from the Lawrence of Arabia movie was based on the exploits of T.E. Lawrence who was a spy for the British government when the British were colonizing the Middle East during the early 1900s.

In the picture 50 has his left arm draped across Soulja Boy’s shoulder, while Soulja Boy grabs his own crotch with his underwear in plain view. It’s not even a natural looking pose, because what kind of dude grabs his cock while another man has his arm across his shoulder? What makes the cover image even more peculiar is Soulja’s neutered, altar boy, facial expression. Bishop Eddie Long is probably licking his chops with a copy of XXL right now, wishing that he could “Super Man” the Atlanta rapper.

During a magazine photo shoot the photographer usually suggests to the artists how they should pose and then the magazine’s editorial team decides on what image they will use for the cover. Naturally, the editorial team wants an image that will garner the most public interest so that it can sell as many copies as possible, thereby increasing the likelihood of satisfying its loyal advertisers. However, if the editorial staff has integrity, it will in the very least be mindful of the potential impact that the image will have on the minds of its reading audience. Most of us recognize the amount of influence that the media wields over the minds of the general public, but few of us know the ancient origin of the sometimes dark, twisted relationship between the media and the general public.

In ancient times, Media—a kingdom that was located in what is now Northern Iran—was known for having some of the most skilled magicians and sorcerers on the planet. Whenever the nearby Persian kings sought to settle disputes with enemies, whether foreign or domestic, they sought the assistance of the infamous sorcerers of Media who would cast elaborate spells to subjugate the minds of the Kings’ adversaries. Today there isn’t much difference. Every writer in today’s media who is worth their salt is either a magician or a sorcerer. The magician works to educate, entertain, inspire and empower others, while the sorcerer looks to entertain, manipulate, program and enslave you for personal gain.
If you decide to embrace any media, do yourself a favor and make sure that it’s media that makes your mind glow, because that’s WhereItzAt.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hieroglyphs of Love: The Papyrus of Ani Revisited Pt. 2 of 2

When a woman truly loves the man that she has sex with she willingly surrenders some of her life-force to him. The man absorbs her life-force energy which in turn amplifies his own. He then channels it up the 33 vertebrae of his spine until it reaches the cerebral cortex of his brain. When his cortex is intensely stimulated, a stargate portal is opened within the deepest recesses of his mind. This portal separates the Objective Plane of existence, which can be perceived by the five senses, from the sensual bliss of the Subjective Plane (the so-called spirit world).

The man who has this experience will attain higher levels of inspiration and awareness and find a new passion for life. In the B.O.C.F Ani witnesses Ra rising in the eastern sky after he enters the Tuat/Twat. The reference to Ra here has nothing to do with the sun in outer space. The B.O.C.F is actually talking about Ani’s inner sun, his Kundalini, the Serpentine Fire that rises up your spine and hits your cerebral cortex, resulting in the blossoming of the one thousand petaled lotus, your pineal gland. The “eastern sky” is the upper-right hemisphere of your brain, not the open space between the clouds above your head.

Since the man knows that his woman made it possible for him to make contact with Ra he will love her—if he is a good man—with all of his heart, which will then imbue her with more energy than she previously had. She will find herself doing things that she thought that she could not do. The love that the couple feels for each other is a mirror reflection of the love that they feel, or should feel, for themselves. Man and Woman represent two different aspects, two different polarities, of One Soul. Conceptually speaking, this is the metaphysical meaning behind marriage. A marriage occurs when two souls who once perceived themselves as being separate entities recognize and acknowledge the fact that they have always been one.

The B.O.C.F is a metaphorical guide to achieve spiritual transformation through the process of sexual intercourse. That’s why Ani undergoes numerous transformations upon entering the Tuat.When a human being experiences a superior orgasm they are literally out of their mind, because for that split second in time, they exist on a higher plane that is separate from our physical world. It is a world of thought, a world of feeling, a world populated by our highest hopes and aspirations.

Quietly as kept, an orgasm is actually a precursor to what we feel when our bodies expire and our souls are released from the shackles of the flesh. If you think back to how you felt at that split-second before your very first orgasm, you probably felt like you were about to die. Understandably, that sounds like an awkward statement for me to make, but I say this because there is an overwhelming sense of finality in that brief moment.

Man’s natural inclination to pursue as many orgasmic experiences as possible reflects his subconscious knowledge that the experience of ritual death (sexual intercourse) on a repeated basis is really living, and what many consider to be a pure life in this world (abstinence, celibacy) is actually death in its purest form. Before we can truly appreciate what it means to live in purity in the spiritual world, we must go for periods of time living what many may consider a pure life in this world.

The human spirit is the greatest expression of life and vitality, but it can only be cultivated when it is repeatedly subjected to the complete opposite of its own nature. This is the pressure that makes the diamond. This polar opposite—which in this case would be the world of Maia, the world of the five senses that you and I occupy—functions as a mirror reflecting the spirit’s nature, gradually reminding the spirit of what it truly is: an emanation from God itself. The fact that life down here helps us to grow spiritually only proves that it embodies the complete antithesis of what is real and true to us. Therefore, whoever truly wishes to live must die. The labia minora of the vagina are the Gates of Death.

As a youth growing up in a Rastafarian household I used to hear my dad and his brethren reason in our living room about how the Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia. While this is true, we must understand that the name “Ethiopia” is the land of Ethiops. Ethiops is another name that the Greeks gave to their god, Zeus. So, if Ethiopia is literally the land of Zeus then what does this tell us about Zeus’ origin? It says that Zeus is the son of a Black woman and that he was a Black man. We know that Zeus was a Black man because the name “Ethiops” in Greek means “burnt face.” The movie No Holds Barred starring Hulk Hogan was on point in that respect.

Zeus’ brother Hades lived in the underworld, but the underworld the Greeks were talking about was not the Christian concept of Hell. They were talking about Africa which was south of Greece thereby making it the so-called “underworld”. Watch the Clash of the Titans movie that came out earlier this year with your third eye open. The Medusa was actually an African goddess with dreadlocks. The Greek explorers who went to Africa came from a patriarchal culture so they were not used to women looking them directly in the eye!

Greek women would look at the ground when Greek men spoke to them because they would be beaten severely if they did otherwise. When Greek explorers saw Black women in Africa with political power and wealth looking them directly in the eyes they felt powerless and made up stories about these Black women with writhing snakes for hair who could turn a Greek foreigner to stone with just one glance. To this day white men, and some Black men, have this fear of assertive Black women. They call them “difficult,” they call them “bitches” but often times these women are exactly who they are supposed to be.

Notice that the Medusa in Clash of the Titans had a hard time turning the nomadic rock man (Berber) to stone. This is because he was an African like she was and was subject to similar cultural mores, although the Berbers were more patriarchal in comparison to most African nations which were matriarchal. This may explain why the rock man was eventually turned to stone. Not to get sidetracked, but with regards to the Ark of the Covenant, Ethiopia is just a code word for every Black woman. The Ark of the Covenant is her vagina, not some pretty gold chest holding the Ten Commandments in an Ethiopian monastery.

An ark, by definition, is a chest or a box. What’s the slang used for a vagina on the street nowadays? It’s called a box. Meanwhile a covenant is “an agreement held to be the basis of a relationship with God” (Oxford English Dictionary). Every time a Black man sticks his penis inside a Black vagina he is making a covenant with God to pro-create babies and/or his own reality. Every time a Black man and woman come together for sex they cannot help but accomplish one of the two or both. The more aware a man becomes the more careful he should be about where he sticks his penis. The more aware a woman becomes, the more discriminating she should be about what penis she allows inside of her womb. When we fail to do this, the situation can become a slippery slope, and I’m not talking about semen mingled with vaginal secretions.

The horrible demons and apparitions that confront Ani during his travel through the Tuat are simply colorful metaphors for the temptation that visits most men when having sex with a beautiful woman. It is the temptation to quickly rush to orgasm by violently fucking the shit out of her. It can be difficult for a man to avoid this inclination since a woman’s body gives a man so much pleasure. However, the wise sage triumphs over his demons by practicing the holdback method. When he reaches the point where one more thrust into the woman’s vagina will bring about ejaculation, he stops and takes a few deep breaths through the nose while contracting his prostate gland and pressing on the area between his anus and scrotum called the perineum.

In this area is a tube that transfers semen to his balls and then to the opening of his penis. Pressing on this area is the equivalent of stepping on a garden hose to create a backflow of water. With enough practice, and a healthy prostate, the man learns to holdback through the application of sheer will and does not have to utilize this technique with his hands. However, when it is practiced, it should be done while the man performs oral sex on the woman. This is because her vaginal juices will have a calming affect on his mind, kind of like chamomile tea. If pent up energy and frustration is the work of the devil, then performing oral sex on your woman might be the best scripture. The mere thought has me speaking in tongues.

Each time a man avoids busting his nut while engaging in sexual activities he heals his body and reenergizes his spirit. Eventually his body adapts and he learns to have multiple orgasms without loosing any of his seamen. Seminal fluid contains testosterone which is needed for higher concentration and brain function which leads to creative thought. This explains why most of your great artists and creative minds are men and why championship boxers are advised not to loose their seed before a big fight. Testosterone is the basis for aggression, which is good when it is sublimated for creative endeavors.

A food that is high in testosterone producing agents is steel-cut oats. I highly recommend Bob’s Red Mill brand. When it comes to ejaculation use your discretion. A wise man knows that too much head can lead to the loss of “brain” fluid which causes a loss in brain fluid which inhibits access to The Mind.

Hieroglyphs of Love: The Papyrus of Ani Revisited Pt. 1 of 2

The ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Papyrus of Ani is one of the oldest pieces of spiritual writing known to man. It predates the Bible by over 1,300 years. The book itself is over 3200 years old. Priestly scribes would write books that were specifically for their Pharaohs, Queens, noblemen and noblewomen before their deaths.

These papyri of poetry which contained spiritual affirmations that prepared these individuals for reentry into the spirit world were called The Book of Coming Forth from Night by Day (B.O.C.F). When the Arabs colonized Kemet in later centuries they foolishly renamed it The Egyptian Book of the Dead since they usually found it in the sarcophagi of dead mummies.

The Papyrus of Ani is perhaps the best preserved version of the Book of Coming Forth. Ani was a royal scribe who served under Pharaoh Ramses the Great circa 1200 B.C.E. When Ani died he was immortalized by his fellow scribes in the B.O.C.F. It is worth noting that in ancient Kemet the name “Ani’ meant “Beloved” and in modern day Ghana the name “Oni” means the same thing. In my two part series 2010: The Year We Make Contact I linguistically demonstrate that today’s Ghanaians are related to not only the ancients Kemites, but the Olmecs.

According to the B.O.C.F, Ani was escorted through the Tuat which was the Egyptian name for the underworld. After his death he is guided through his new surroundings by the jackal-headed god, Anpu (Anubis). In his travels through the Valley of Death Ani encounters all kinds of demonic entities that try to devour his soul before he even reaches the throne of the god-king Ausar (Osiris) for his Final Judgment.

Once Ani reaches the throne of Ausar his heart is weighed on the Scales of Justice by the goddess Ma’at, who embodies the principle of divine order and universal truth. If Ani’s heart outweighs the feather of the goddess, his soul will be devoured by Ammit, a terrible beast that sits at the bottom of Ausar’s throne. However if his heart is lighter than the feather, he is granted entrance into the abode of the righteous where he will dwell with the gods and enjoy everlasting life.

Ani turned out to be one of the more fortunate souls as he was allowed complete entry into Amenta, the ancient Egyptian name for heaven. Then again, this should be expected since the entire papyrus was a written affirmation to help insure Ani’s transition from the world of the undead to the realm of the true and living. Once we understand that the Egyptian word “Tuat” became the English word “twat,” the Papyrus of Ani takes on an entirely new meaning.

The Tuat spoken of in the Papyrus of Ani is in fact the vaginal cavity of the Original woman, which is both figuratively and literally, an underworld pathway to paradise. Ani represents the wise erotic sage who engages in sexual intercourse with a deep understanding of the metaphysics of sex.

The jackal-headed god Anubis embodies the mode of sensual expression that Ani has chosen to gain entry into paradise, which in this case, would be the “doggystyle” position. Also notice that Ani must obtain the favor of the goddess Ma’at before he can inherit the Kingdom. Naturally, if a man doesn’t have the consent of the woman he has sex with, then he has committed rape. Psychoanalytical profiles reveal that rapists are generally defined by feelings of repressed anger which makes them guilty of having a heavy heart, among other psychological problems.

When a man with a heavy heart engages in sexual intercourse he may suffer from premature ejaculation because the pain and anger he carries in his heart renders him incapable of expressing the natural vitality of his spirit. In such instances his woman goes sexually unfulfilled, which only magnifies the man’s overwhelming sense of misery and failure. For a man, prolonged impotence is the spiritual equivalent of having your soul devoured by Ammit, which in itself, is symbolic of man succumbing to his own lower nature.

To reverse his downward spiral the man must take responsibility for his own evolution to ensure that his heart is as light as Ma’at’s feather. Many of us have felt the anguish that comes with looking for love in all of the wrong places. However, looking for love in and of itself is a mistake. The real task at hand is to remove those internal blockages that inhibit us from receiving the love we desire in full. Once your inner world is transformed, the outside world will confirm it. We must learn to believe in the best part of ourselves no matter what our detractors and naysayers may say or think about us.

It’s been statistically proven by various independent research groups that Black men born and raised in North America—not South America, Africa, Asia or the Caribbean—suffer the most incidences of prostate cancer. This is due in large part to the fact that all of the overt and covert hatred that America directs towards Black men breeds feelings of anger and resentment, which, if not addressed over a long period time, become localized in the Black man’s reproductive organs. This often plays out as some form of cancer. Since it is the Black man’s manhood that is constantly under attack in America, this hate usually localizes in his genitals, more specifically, his prostate gland.

“The kingdom” that the erotic sage inherits with the blessing of the goddess is “The King’s Dome,” or rather, the consciousness of the god-king Ausar once he experiences a superior orgasm. Every Queen who believes that she has a King by her side should want to give her highness some good Dome, for this will assist him in his efforts to inherit the kingdom for them both. However, a distinction must be made between an Inferior Orgasm and a Superior Orgasm.

An Inferior Orgasm is what most men will experience at some point over the course of their lives. It is inferior because it is an orgasm fueled by the mechanical stimulation of the reproductive organs through sex or masturbation.

A Superior Orgasm, on the other hand, occurs when there is a true spiritual bond shared between the man and the woman who are having sex. They share their triumphs, tragedies, disappointments and victories in life together. Thus when they have sex they establish a spiritual connection that penetrates the soul and thereby enhances the orgasmic experience.

In one of his books—and I apologize for not remembering which one it was—the pimp turned author, Iceberg Slim, said that often times a John (a man who pays prostitutes for sex) might have the biggest penis, but he still can’t bring the prostitute he is having sex with to an orgasmic climax.

Iceberg said that the reason isn’t because the John is not skilled at various sexual techniques, because in some cases he might be. Slim said that it is because the prostitute does not have any emotional connection to the John so no matter how big the John’s penis is, no matter how fast and how long he thrusts rhythmically into her womb, she won’t dance to his music. She just will not cum. The prostitute is too numb and the John is too dumb for trying to invoke feelings in her that she could never genuinely have for him.