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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Addressing the Skeptics

It’s no big secret that more than a few brothers who come into the kind of information shared on this blog page love to persuade other people to see the world through their own “enlightened” eyes. Should they have a conversation with anyone who is skeptical about their personal views on ancient history, metaphysics, or the occult, their immediate reaction is to try to persuade the person that they’re talking to to see things their way. “Oh, yeah? You don’t believe me? Well I’ll show you. I'll prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus Christ never existed as an actual historical figure,” is the approach that many of you take. THIS IS A MISTAKE.

Often times when you speak confidently on a particular subject (especially if you're a young Black man), the other person you are talking to will automatically say things to discredit your knowledge like: “Aw, how do you know that? That’s just something that you read in a book. You’re just repeating something that you heard some place else. You didn’t grow up in the church so what makes you qualified to speak about the likelihood of Jesus’ existence as an historical figure? You think you know EVERYTHING nigga because you read a book or two?”

Obviously, no one knows everything. That's why we're all here as human beings, to learn and gain experiences. However, if you’ve spent years doing research on a subject and you know that your views are well founded, then save yourself the time and aggravation of trying to pursuade someone who has not done the prerequisite RESEARCH, or lacks your personal EXPERIENCES, to see the world through YOUR eyes. Even if you managed to convince them, you would be subverting their minds.I say this because they couldn’t possibly know what you know because they have not taken the steps for themselves, as you did, to acquire the knowledge you have. These skeptics seem to think that simply by asking you a few questions they have the privilege of knowing--in just a few minutes--what it has literally taken you several years to learn.

If someone is skeptical about the validity of your personal views, then let them be a skeptic no matter how much you may love them. LEARN TO LET GO OF YOUR DESIRE TO GAIN CONVERTS. That's for the Christians and the Muslims. Not for us. If you try to persuade and win them over through argument then your motives are EGO driven and is not coming from a pure place. Nothing gainful will come from your conversations with them on the subject matter anyway. They have already made up their minds that your views are silly our completely unfounded at best.

When it comes to metaphysics and the spiritual sciences, build with like-minded individuals or those who approach you with an open mind (meaning people who do not agree or disagree, but will at least consider what you have shared with them). You have the best opportunity to learn more from these individuals on these subjects, which is what you really want anyway. Any good teacher is an even better student.

Don’t try to win over people who want to shoot down whatever you have to say, but lack the desire and the passion to research the material for themselves and see if what you’re saying holds any real weight. If someone shares information with me on a subject that I’m genuinely interested in, and I don’t know much about it, I keep my mouth shut when they're talking. I listen to what they have to say then I do my OWN research. If what I find conflicts with what they told me THEN I’ll ask them about it and actually listen to what they have to say. Maybe I made an error somewhere in my attempt at fact finding and they can show me where I went wrong. Nevertheless, my approach, I think, shows a genuine desire to know.

But then again, I’m interested in learning, not debating for the sake of debating. If you go back and forth with someone who does, you might be sorry that you did. Trust me, I've learned this from personal experience.