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Sunday, March 10, 2019

The God Down Below 2: An interview with Set

The Kemetic netcher Set was committed to helping Andrew Noble to find his inner darkness so that he could discover his inner light. Every man is a Light Bearer. However, he must seek the treasures of darkness if he wishes to unearth the precious gold, emeralds, and rubies that lie buried deep within his “chest.” 

After spending an hour getting better acquainted with the purported Nemesis of the Nile, the Pulitzer prize-winning editor knocked back ice-cold bottles of brass as the seconds on his digital tape recorder walked unmolested through the corridors of time.

Noble managed to capture most of his Q&A with the god Set. What follows is a brief dialogue concerning man, gods and civilization. 

Set, I guess the first question that I have for you is…why? Why did you do it? Why did you murder Ausar?

I killed Ausar because he dishonored my little sister Auset when he fucked that Tamahu bitch. He violated the sacred code of the gods which forbade sleeping with the spawn of the Neanderthals. I loved my brother Ausar dearly, so it hurt me to take his life. Even though he was much younger than I was, I grew to admire him. I looked up to Ausar; he was a great man in other respects. However, I am a warrior in the army of Ma’at, and must therefore play my position.

Set, I’m a little confused. Now I may be a little rusty with my Kemetic mythology, but as I remember it, you were an enemy of Ma’at, not an ally. Am I missing something, here?

(Set laughs). Kemetic mythology is not completely understood by modern man. It is widely considered the fanciful stories of primitive people. Ironically, in your U.S. law dictionary the word “Primitive” means “first in order; bearing its own authority, and not from an outside source.” My ancestors are VERY primitive. So is our mythology. 

It has often been said that “men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.” However the same applies to mythology, which for the most part, is more truthful and accurate than the history carefully curated by your ruling elite and disseminated through their universities for the purpose of social engineering.

Enduring mythologies are the “product” of the world custodian’s attempt to explain mathematical equations and concepts through the use of stories. Boring numbers are substituted with colorful personalities with corresponding valences. These characters are used to convey universal truths while offering you personal insight into your own higher nature. The mythological characters are aspects of your own mind.

Your scholars have never given you the backstory behind the mythologies that have been handed down to you over centuries because they’re just intellectuals, not intuitive spiritualists. They’re not qualified to secrete the mysteries. The truth is that I have ALWAYS acted in accord with Ma’at. I adhere to universal laws because I am a living expression of a universal principle. 

I am the living embodiment of anarchy and chaos, and anarchy and chaos were present at the foundation of the manifested universe. In the beginning I was there. 

I also assisted in the Haitian Revolution when we served Napoleon divine justice with a hot plate of humble pie. Ausar cannot say that he has always acted in accord with Maat. He knew that he was wrong in what he did. That’s why he got in that coffin.

He didn’t get into the coffin knowingly, though. You and 72 other conspirators tricked him into getting in the coffin.

Ausar may have been a disloyal nigga who couldn’t turn down some Tamahu pussy even if the bitch had the word “Ebola” tattooed on her pubic bone. Still he was no fool. In fact, he was a very wise man in most aspects of his life. He saw the coffin at the banquet and he already knew what time it was. 

He broke the code of Ma’at, and for a man of his stature, and his position, the ultimate price for such a misdeed is death. The laws of Ma’at apply to everyone in the universe. No one is exempt. Not even Ausar.

Hmm…I see. There has been a resurgence in the interest in indigenous spiritual culture among Blacks in America and the Caribbean over the last 50 years. Many are leaving the Western religions in pursuit traditional modalities of spiritual healing and wellness. How do you feel about this?

I think it’s a wonderful thing. However it’s potential for real self-transformation is severely compromised by people participating in those social movements, while exhibiting poor character. I see a motley crew of liberal men and women with no common creed.

Mentally immature women with big ankh earrings complain about the absence of good men. But in their hearts they want to conquer kings with their vaginas and make them mindless slaves to their passions. This woman will objectify her own beauty on the internet for empty attention from strange men she doesn’t know, but she won’t volunteer to use her social capital—which is usually based entirely on her looks—to sell a service or product developed by a Black man, even if the service or product serves the collective and pushes the African diaspora forward.

She may support the man if she’s sexually interested in him and he’s available to her, but she’s indifferent to his cause if he’s loyal to his own woman. She doesn’t care about the great opportunities he can create for himself and others. She only cares about what she might get out of the interaction for herself. 

One of the reasons you have no functional community is because these kinds of hoes are selfish. Their days are numbered though because they serve no purpose to any cause but their own. This cause is usually very small and insignificant in the bigger scheme of things. Their main purpose is to find a king and support him but they’ve chosen to do otherwise.

Too many of the men in these spiritual movements are charismatic liars and narcissists. They create confusion and breed mistrust which corrodes what could have been a functional community. 

These men pretend as if they want to liberate Black people but they truly aspire to erect mega-churches to make money spouting regurgitated feel-good rhetoric that doesn’t actually empower you to do anything exceptional with your skills or god-given abilities. They're in the business of keeping you angry with the white man, but where has staring at the white man's penis gotten you?

These men talk a lot about glorious Black queens but they don’t live with any Black queens that they’re in loving relationships with. Also these so-called Black queens are always young and highly fuckable broads with incredible curves that don't know shit. They are great candidates for a harem, but they are not queens. They are not wise.

The elder women with lots of gray in their hair who’ve accumulated true wisdom and experience to share with your collective are never called queens. This is because their breasts are sagging and their asses are flat and the dudes don’t want to pound them permanently into a firm mattress anymore. 

The Neteru see the fuckery with all of the charlatans swindling poor people out of their hard-earned money with false narratives and media hype. That’s why we started to withdraw from the American Conscious Collective in 2016 and its been crumbling apart ever since.

Instead we’ve refocused and are putting our support behind a few individuals within this collective, and these men and women will be distinguishing themselves in the world over time. These men and women are supported by the Neteru because they’re sincere about putting the esoteric knowledge they’ve acquired to functional use for themselves and those wise enough to support them. The knowledge of the Neteru is for your artists, cultural visionaries and social reformers. 

It isn’t for the common man in the street with no ambition or care in the world. A lot of you ruin your lives with all this complex mystical information when it was really none of your business to begin with. You should focus on just being a decent human being. Enjoy your friends and family. Learn how to bake chunky chocolate chip cookies. Smile more. The Neteru don’t want you filling your brain with high mystical sciences because you’re going to end up in a mental institution simply because you don’t possess the skill set needed to put that extraordinary knowledge to tangible use. You will go crazy or become a drug or sex addict because you don't have an outlet for any other form of creative self-expression.

Your comments sound very elitist. I’ve always seen Kemet as more socialist, if I were to place it in a modern political paradigm.

Do you even read, nigga? Ancient Kemet was a civilization with an outrageously wealthy ruling class. It was inherently elitist. Most of the population was illiterate. The Blacks who are into ancient Kemetic literature now, were reading and writing it back then. The ones who are not interested in it now, were the same people who could not read it back then.

I’m anti-elitist.

Well then you are anti-civilization because all civilizations are coordinated by an elite class. If you’re anti-elitist, that’s fine, but understand what you’re saying. You eat at McDonalds, shop on Amazon, and attend Broadway plays with your wife. You are therefore a beneficiary of civilization.

Civilization thrives on innovation and creativity which are stimulated through competition which is the driving force behind a free market economy. Free markets adhere to the principle of anarchy and chaos which are my domains! Chaos is a higher form of order that vibrates at a frequency beyond human comprehension. I am the psychic inspiration behind the free market system which will ultimately collapse civilization as you know it. I am the unregulated derivative in the global stock exchange. In our mythology Heru defeats me to keep Kemetic civilization and Kemetic elitism in-tact. However elitism will inevitably precipitate the fall of that which it upholds, which is civilization. I will be present when this happens.

So you promote free market societies which uphold modern civilization in order to collapse modern civilization? What a paradox. My head is spinning from the mind fuck.

No Tiger & Bone ginseng roots needed for stamina and endurance either! The Neterus plans for man are laid hundreds of thousands of years in advance. We exist beyond the ceiling of mans awareness, yet we guide the movements of humanity through the men and women we chose as vehicles for our agenda. Many of you are not worthy to claim descent from the architects of ancient Kem, much less sit among the assembly of gods because you have poor character. You regularly tell lies for no reason and you dont keep your word. Unlike many of you, Ausar had integrity in the end. That’s why he gave himself up as a willing sacrifice by getting inside of the coffin. He understood that the more noble aspects of his legacy would be restored through his son Heru, whom it was my job to initiate into the world of statecraft. Heru’s light holds the glow of his father’s resurrection.

Are you saying that the epic battle between you and Heru was nothing more than an initiation for him?

That’s exactly what I’m saying. And who better to initiate him than I? People have to remember that his mother Au-Set is my sister, which makes me Heru’s uncle. He is a part of my family. We share the same blood. I love that bird ass nigga as much as the Kardashians love the paparazzi. However the stability of Kemet is far more important to me than even my love for my own family.

Heru was destined to sit on the throne that unites Upper and Lower Kemet. But even though a man may have a date with destiny, he has to make his own reservations, so he can see his story unfold in the diner of the gods. Nothing can be handed to him by a waiter with no bill. He must labor through blood, sweat, and tears to build his own legacy. The struggle that comes out of that allows you to develop an understanding of human psychology that will enable you to thrive once you reach that destination within your life’s journey.

More important than that, the experience will help you to understand yourself a lot better than you did before you ever decided to embark upon that journey. You know your strengths, your weaknesses, and limitations. Everyone has limitations, even the gods, which is why we all work together as a divine corporation of cosmic intelligence. We are stronger as a group, than we are as individuals. 

Ausar had to come through me to sit on the throne. Even though he passed his initiation, there were still some important lessons that he hadn’t learned. That is why he had to reincarnate through Heru to work out those kinks in his armor.