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Monday, February 18, 2019

Wonder Wheels of Infinity within the Dimensional Shift

Back in the summer of 2017 I was on a long line to get on the Wonder Wheel ride at Coney Island’s Luna Park with my wife and daughter and noticed that there was a sign indicating that the wheel can hold up to 144 people. 

When I saw this, I thought about chapter 14:1 of The Book of Revelations that spoke of the 144,000 elect of God destined to stand with the returning Christ on Mount Zion, which is the mountain of  man’s inner sun, also known as the “Third Eye” or pineal gland. The pineal gland is located between the two hemispheres of the human brain and it visually resembles a woman’s stimulated clitoris.

Upon a recent inspection of Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia I found that the number “144” corresponds to the Hebrew word “Qedem,” which is essentially the DAWN of your scorching inner life force when it rises above the horizon of your conscious awareness to occupy its highest station of power within you.

A sea of men and women who have completed this internal resurrection of life within themselves witness the opening of their Third Eye and they stand as the elect in orgasmic Christ consciousness.

We’re not going to get into whether Jesus Christ actually existed as a historical figure, or whether he is Black or white. Those are elementary study conversations. Mind Glow Media deals with under graduate and graduate studies so we deal primarily with the principles behind a thing, not in its literal historicity. Achieving Christ Consciousness in your heart and mind is precisely what The Book of Revelations is talking about in chapter 14:1. There is no flesh and blood man whom you’ve never met coming to save you from unpleasant experiences.

When Coney Island, Brooklyn became the building site for one of North America’s oldest amusement parks in the early 20th century, the neighborhood was home to several Jews who had emigrated to the U.S. from Europe.  For me, the famous Wonder Wheel ride evokes thoughts of Ezekiel’s Wheel in the biblical Old Testament. The wheel in Ezekiel’s vision is believed to be a reference to the Ophanim, a lofty order of celestial beings who manifest as interlocking scorching wheels or rings. In India, the term for “wheel” is “chakra.”

A chakra is an internal rotating wheel that opens the gateway to inner dimensions and inner worlds of self-exploration. The inherent diversity of these internal dimensions are signified by various colors within the visible light spectrum. Each of the seven colors have at least seven gradients (7x7=49). Go back to the chapter beginning on page 117 of my book TheTreasures of Darkness and see what I said about the number 49.

Initially, the hue of green emanating from one person with an activated heart chakra is never exactly the same as the green emanating from their lover, even if the love that they share between each other is real and mutual.

Two people can love each other intensely and sincerely and still have arguments or disagreements with each other. This is because their internal dimensions are not in total alignment so they may look at the same thing and have two different perspectives on it. Couples are never in total alignment in the beginning of their relationship. They realize this once they get past the initial stage when their lover can do no wrong. Her green is different from his green, but they are both still green.

However these differences should not be frowned upon, but mutually understood and embraced. You’re not supposed to be in COMPLETE dimensional alignment with your lover in the initial stages. Subconsciously, this dimensional dissonance is what initially attracted the two of you to each other in the first place, but it isn’t what keeps you together through challenges.

A true and loving long-term relationship between two people involves establishing an authentic and mutual appreciation for the two different expressions (different gradients) of the same internal dimension (color) that you share. As this happens over time the spectral signature emanating from each lover’s heart starts to align naturally.  You are internalizing more aspect of your lover, while they are internalizing more of you. Inevitably you meet in the center of your internal dimensional rings.

This is the symbolic meaning of the marriage ceremony which often involves an EXCHANGE of engagement RINGS which are WHEELS. The exchanged rings are a symbolic reference to your internal chakras or Ophanim (dimensions).  

For those readers who think that me cross-referencing Hindu culture with Judaic tradition is a big stretch, you should know that ancient India, historically, had a significant Jewish population. The Star of David was the star of the Indian god Vishnu.

The Jewish Patriarch “Abraham” was originally known as “Abram,” which phonetically sounds like “Brahma” which is another name for Vishnu. These are not coincidences. The book Qabalah: The Mystical Heritage of the Children of Abraham by Daniel Hale Feldman offers some insight concerning the relationship between Indian Tantra and Judaism that may add to your perspective on this cross-cultural connection.

Amusement parks are replications of the Astral Plane on the Objective Plane of form that we occupy in day-to-day life. Two books that helped me to conceptualize what the astral plane is like are Far Journeys and Ultimate Journeys by Robert Monroe. The book Astral Travel by Gavin and Yvone Frost exposed me to the actual practice of astral projection and travel.

Amusement parks appeal to children as well as the child within every adult, because a child’s mind is naturally acclimated to the exotic realm of endless visual possibility. Only children can get into heaven because the higher intelligence that we call God is a child. If God were an old man with a big white beard, then you and I wouldn’t be down here fishing for new experiences because old men are not hungry for new experiences. They’re contemplative about the rich reservoir of past experiences they already have. Old men look back. Children look forward. Think about what I just said carefully before you disagree if you want to disagree.

People in New York can bear witness to the fact that when you see Coney Island in the distance from a train suspended in the air in the night time, the amusement park looks like something conceived from a child’s vivid imagination. It looks like a place where all things are possible. The rides in amusement parks are visual representations of timeless cosmic principles filtered through light, sound, and exotic geometric structures.

The tallest structure at Coney Island’s Luna Park is the Parachute Jump, a tower that symbolizes the descent of The Fallen Ones from the celestial realm to the dense physical plane of earthly existence. At night, this tower lights up as a DESCENDING rotating spiral of vibrant colors, which alludes to the mythological descent of Dan, Benin’s rainbow serpent, as well as the rainbow chord of Tibetan Buddhism through which Tibetan kings are believed to have descended to Earth. One of the most popular rides at Coney Island back in the day was the Super Himalaya. The Himalayan mountains are located in Tibet.

The second tallest structure at Coney Island is the Wonder Wheel which symbolizes the internal dimensions or channels within man locked in time. The ride contains wheels within wheels, which reminds me of Ezekiel’s Wonder Wheel vision in the Bible. The Wonder Wheel ride at Coney Island holds 144 passengers, which signifies the elect of God who break through the perceptual cocoon that we call time as colorful butterflies of the spirit.

The scientific community is reporting that the rings on the planet Saturn are dissolving from intense heat that is permeating our solar system. This heat does not come from the sun, though. What’s happening is our solar system is in a hotter sector of the galaxy hence the dramatic change in Saturn’s appearance. The planet is named after the Roman god, which is itself based on the Greek god, Kronos. The word “Chronology” which is the sequence of events within TIME comes from the name of the Greek god Kronus that had power over the domain of time. The Chronoswiss watch is named after the god Kronos. The wonder wheels of Saturn are dissolving because the circle of time is dissolving. The hands of time are moving counterclockwise.  

                               Saturns Rings

More than ever, the news media is giving you reasons to be angry to get your mind off the fact that the circles of time are dissolving from our awareness as we direct our focus of attention inward toward preferred future visions. The circles of tribulation,  restriction and stress disappear as we internally align with the cosmic principles encapsulated within the Congolese Cosmogram. This Central African ideogram contains circles within circles.

There is an interesting article that ran in the New York Times back in 2016 entitled Ezekiel’s Wheel Ties African Spiritual Traditions to Christianity. The article should have been titled “Ezekiel’s Wheel Ties Christianity to African Spiritual Traditions.” Anthropologists found African religious artifacts in Maryland that resemble Ezekiel’s biblical vision of the Wonder Wheel.

African prisoners of war who were brought to America were brutally murdered and physically tortured for practicing traditional African spirituality. Many of them got around this infringement upon their natural rights by brilliantly cloaking African cultural principles with Judeo-Christian symbolism. It is believed that the artifacts in Maryland are depictions of the Congolese Cosmogram that signify the spiral path of the universe and man’s cyclical journey through it. The words “SPIRIT” and “SPIRAL” are both related.

The African prisoners of war practiced “The Ring Shout,” a circular counter clockwise dance that affirmed their divinity and strengthened their collective vision of mutual freedom from temporal bondage. Remember I said earlier that the hands of time are moving backward therefore the rings of Saturn are dissolving.  The Ring Shout dance involves a group of people who form a circle and dance in a counter clockwise formation. They’re moving forward through their wonder wheel of infinity within the dimensional shift  

The media bombardment of your consciousness with news designed to rile you up and keep you constantly angry and stressed is designed to pull you away from doing The Ring Shout with your loved ones so that you can therapeutically dissolve the outer rings of time constriction to strengthen your inner rings of multi-dimensional alignment.

Observe current events, but don’t get too emotionally involved with matters that you are told you should be excited about, but in reality, don’t concern you or your family. Focus on your own Wonder Wheels, and maybe you will soon count yourself among The Elect of Mount Zion. This is Third Eye Max. 

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