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Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Grander Chessboard & The Dimensional Shift

Metaphors and similes in language demonstrate the conceptual height, width, depth, and arc of a single thing so that we see its multidimensionality.

If planet Earth were really flat, then it would be impossible to create metaphors and similes through language. This is because the very nature of our existence would keep us from conceptualizing the height, width, depth, and arc of an idea or concept.

The Moors of medieval Europe taught Christian Europe that the Earth was spherical. Our illustrious scholar Wayne Chandler shares this on page 166 of his essay contribution to the Ivan Van Sertima edited book, Golden Age of the Moor.

Ironically enough these Moors also gave the West the flat two-dimensional chessboard as a War Game simulation. I explained this in further detail in my previous blog post The Grander Chessboard & The Moorish Days of Futures Past. A simulation is an extended metaphor that alludes to something more fundamental.

The chessboard of al-Andalus was originally a perceptual reference point, an active metaphor, for indigenous Virtual Reality (VR) technology that was anchored by organic plants and animals.

The ancient VR technology that the Moors inherited from their African forefathers was lost due to the breakdown in indigenous culture over the course of many generations. The metaphors and similes became literal whereas they were once purely symbolic references to deeper dimensional truths.

We are being conditioned by social engineers to process the inner depths of our multi-dimensional reality through two-dimensional flat books, flat screens, flat music, and nutrient deficient flat foods that lack dimension.  

When the inorganic VR technology is sprung on society how will a man who regularly eats genetically modified French fries respond to a virtual fried chicken drumstick that has no weight or mass, but sends a signal to his brain that it tastes good and quells his hunger?

If a woman with no online businesses invests a great deal of energy in her social media likes and follows, how will she respond to virtually simulated hugs as her Pavlovian reward for generating attention for a social media platform in an attention economy?

Exercise the muscles of your imagination. Explore the height, width, depth and curvature of your inner world. Don’t fall victim to Flat Earth theories on reality that take on many forms. Stay connected to the world of the real, because in the face of a global revolution, a new and bizarre VR is where the exploiters are trying to shift the dimensions of our shared reality.