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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Close Your Eyes... Hit it Raw... Bear Fruit...

Observing social media, it seems that a lot of people define consciousness as the simple ability to identify and “expose” double standards and inconsistencies in race, gender, and class relations through rational protest.

This naive assumption undermines the fact that these cultural double standards and inconsistencies are not reflections of humanity's rational faculties, but undeniable proof of its unexamined emotions that are deeply rooted in intergenerational trauma.

This explains why folks can sit around for weeks eating popcorn and shitting on pedophile celebrities like R. Kelly, but remain silent about grown ass men they see with their own eyes pushing up on young girls in their neighborhood. When are they going to have a popcorn session about this elephant in the room?

The cognitive dissonance is real, and the kicker is that many of these supposed moralists are Catholic. This means that they identify with a global religious institution that has a near 2000 year history of pedophilia that would make the Pied Piper of R&B look like a saint. Of course I’m not talking about one of the good Catholic saints that weren’t pedophiles like R. Kelly, if such creatures have ever even existed in the entire history of Roman Catholicism. I haven’t bothered to do the research.

By the way, if you have children, and are into Western occultism, you may want to know that the French catholic school teacher once known as Alphonse Louis Constant was a pedophile who had an appetite for young girls. He may have been smitten by the teenaged version of an R&B singer named Aaliyah had she lived in 19th century France as he did.

Constant left the church and changed his name to Eliphas Levi and is responsible for drawing the famous Baphomet goat image that he published in his occult book Dogma and Ritual of High Magic. Since some of you Western occultists have stopped listening to R. Kelly’s music are you going to throw away your Baphomet statue too?

You don’t have to answer me, because it’s not about me. I don’t promote Levi’s Baphomet as an authentic emblem of deity, although I’ve written about it for curious readers. My question is just something for you to consider in relation to your professed moral values. Levi’s book was translated from its original French into English by occultist A.E. Waite who retitled it Transcendental Magic. From there, Levi's drawing filtered into Western pop culture and is seen by many as either diabolical or divine.  If you read my book, The Treasures of Darkness, you already know ta lot of his info, though.

One of my book readers recently told me that a lot of people they’ve talked to in the “conscious community” still haven’t heard of my book. I agreed with them, and they asked me why I think this is the case. 

I told them that the higher you climb up the Great Pyramid, the more narrow it gets. Consciousness is not physically tangible, but it always occupies smaller spaces the more powerful it becomes. This is why Bobby Hemmitt doesn't occupy as much real estate on the world wide web as Drake.

The gold capstone on a pyramid is hoisted up by the mass of stones below it. These stones cannot see the capstone way above them, yet they raise it to higher heights in the Air. People who are not a part of the pyramidal structure, however, do see the gold capstone in the air and are more inclined to treat it with high regard and value. Whether or not my work is a figurative gold capstone is debatable, but the principle behind my analogy still applies.

The world is pretty much an insane asylum filled with magical livestock, edifying plant-life, and breathtaking landscapes that offer healing and sustenance to the hungry. If humanity were truly as rational as folks assumed, everyone would pour their expendable energy and resources into the small minority of men and women who facilitate healing and soul reclamation by encouraging connections to the organic world.

All factions of the Woke Movement that do not see the cultural value of Black antiquity’s spiritual sciences are the chosen  leaders of modern day Black slaves who conveniently search for freedom within their own bondage. They fuck fat pussies to bust nuts in rubber condoms, yet have the audacity to complain about perpetual menstrual cycles, missing babies, and invisible fetuses. Imagine, that?

They despise pussy cream and reject a raw and direct interface with the awe-inspiring grip of Nature. Woke individuals holler all day about liberty, while encouraging our collective restriction so that we bear no fruit. Fuck being “woke.” Close your eyes and hit it raw. Embrace the darkness. Da is in the belly. Let her feel it in her guts as her luscious thighs quake with every pulse of life. 

The future of America doesn’t belong to trump cards that hold rank or Ugandan giants of the House. It certainly doesn’t belong to posturing moralists who can only identify cultural inconsistencies and double standards by begging the powerful to make major concessions. Power does not consider the idle protests of cyber activists who lack the drive and determination to disrupt its continuity by the sweat of their brow in the real world. 

The future only belongs to visionaries who can groom themselves into  emotional therapists who patiently escort the insane from the turbulent seas of debauchery to the peaceful shores of self-awareness through art, science and sustainable technology. Humans don’t think with the gray matter in their heads. Their central processing centers are in their bellies. Fuck being woke. Woke people are watchers, and watching is painfully passive. Close your eyes and hit it raw. Be active and physically involved.

Embrace the Mystery of the inner world or the superficiality of the external will blind you with empty ambitions of  wokeness. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Netflix's Bandersnatch & The Ice Man's Cold Inheritance

Netflix’s new Black Mirror program Bandersnatch, isn’t so much a movie as much as it is an interactive media presentation that contains movie elements, such as cinematography, a score, soundtrack, and fictional characters.

Much like the traditional video game, Bandersnatch opens the door to parallel realities wherein each individual who interfaces with it Through the Looking Glass has a different experience. A person playing NBA Live on their PlayStation alone in Tokyo, Japan does not have the same experience as one playing by themselves in Nebraska even if they are playing with the same NBA teams.

The simulation is different because the video game’s vast pool of possibility is so wide open that no two players can have the same experience of it based on the variety of choices they can make within its minimalist plot. The plot has to be minimal in order to accommodate the many variables that the video game player introduces. The player makes choices interactively that lead to a purely individual experience, as opposed to the collective experience we have with conventional films.

For hundreds of thousands of years wise village elders would tell stories to their clan about the hero’s journey beneath a dark blanket of pulsating stars. The fundamental structure of the action story has not changed from then until now. There is an introduction of characters, then an ensuing conflict, followed by conflict resolution.

This inverted pyramid structure of story-telling was enhanced in the theaters of ancient Kemet and arguably perfected in modern action films coming out of Hollywood over the last century. This  deterministic, fixed story structure has for the most part fostered a collective experience of the story before the night-time bonfires of primordial man, and within the movie theater of our modern world.

Considering the interactive potential of the internet, Netflix introduced a program that turns Hollywood’s traditional movie on its head to offer something more revolutionary than people may realize. Hollywood is in trouble, and I’ll explain why shortly. In the meantime, if we are judging Bandersnatch as a well-written, entertaining movie we would say that it is bad. Not bad meaning good, but bad meaning bad.

Before this month is over, millions of people across the United States will subject themselves to the torture of watching a poorly-written, unentertaining media presentation for no other reason than the fact they can play Demiurge and choose the course of action of its characters. Bandersnatch is interesting and engaging experience without being entertaining. What a paradox!

The Bandersnatch media presentation promotes the Greco-Roman take on Gnosticism by having us identify with its sadistic Demiurge that controls the fates of men like pieces on a two-dimensional game board. The zoomorphic symbol for the Demiurge in European Gnosticism is the lion, an animal that appears within the Netflix program if you were paying attention.

As I point out in my book, The Treasures of Darkness: Living Jewels for Spiritual Resuurection, European Gnosticism demonizes the physical world primarily because its adherents were deprived of their mother’s love and mercy. Their long-term cave trauma opened the door to them seeing the natural world and it’s ecology as an inherently evil place.

Here the absent mother is merely a metaphor for an environmental surrounding that does not foster LIFE and ABUNDANCE for its inhabitants. The lush and curvaceous woman (not to be confused with a fat woman) is demonized in poor cultures because she represents a formidable mouth to feed in a land of abject scarcity. In such cultures women with boyish bodies are more preferred because they require less maintenance than a voluptuous woman.

Stefan Butler, Bandersnatch’s main character, saw the world around him as a cold, and evil place, but he was literally without the love and warmth of his mother. This detail in the plot is not some coincidence that I’m reading too deeply into.  It’s simply a reflection of the distinctly Gnostic overtones that you usually find in Black Mirror programs.

The more familiar version of European Gnosticism that arose after Roman emperor Justinian shut down the spiritual universities of the Mediterranean and North Africa is essentially the Ice Man’s ideological inheritance. There is no ancient Black culture on the globe that characterized Earth as a prison planet. Their primary source literature and oral traditions will back up my assertion without fail.

The notion that they did see Earth as a prison is an ideological projection that European scholars saddled with cave trauma are making in THEIR books about ancient Black cultures which are secondary and tertiary sources. Seeing the earth as a plane to transcend is not the same as seeing it as a fundamental prison to escape from. 

A young adult looks forward to one day moving out of their parents’ home, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they look at the experience of living with their parents with resentment and contempt. They simply want a new experience of freedom that may include having bad bitches walking nakedly through the house at strange hours of the night. For  more accurate commentaries on true Gnosticism I recommend that you read Not In His Image by John Lamb Lash and Rethinking Gnosticism by Michael Allen Williams. Those are just starters.

All in all, I believe that Bandersnatch will be a reference point for some cultural media phenomenon that has yet to come in the way that Dark City was a reference point for the Matrix trilogy. The entertainment industry is preparing for a future world in which men and women can no longer write based on text messaging culture where words and thoughts are minimized and abbreviated for speed and convenience.

Since folks can’t write, they cannot tell stories through films that require a script with detail and depth. This is why I say that Hollywood is in trouble unless it looks for writing talent with unconventional voices. The traditional movie house that you have to leave your home to visit will not be able to keep up with the media potential of the internet. The Netflix film Bird Box could be about the old guard of Hollywood blinding itself to this inconvenient truth. 

The Olympians of the entertainment universe plan to usurp the Hollywood Titans by introducing media that arrests the viewer’s attention and holds it captive. This attention grab is not based on the intricacies of its plot and depth of characters, but based on the viewer’s freedom to play Demiurge and shape and mold an imaginary world on the internet. An artificial human’s God complex may be stronger than their desire to be emotionally stimulated and mentally inspired. Until next time.  

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