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Friday, December 7, 2018

Spirit Cooking with the Astrological Archons of Retrograde

Astrologers read the stars. Spiritual medicine men and women read them AND rearrange their placement in the heavens by actively working through the universal principle of “As Above, so Below.”

In observing the Western astrological symbol for the retrograde periods we see that they use the familiar “RX” symbol that is also utilized by the modern pharmaceutical industry which has undeniable roots in indigenous modalities of sorcery. We know this because the English word “Pharmacy” comes from the Greek word “Pharmakeia” which literally means “sorcery” or “witchcraft.” Don’t believe me. Look it up for yourself.  

It explains why you’d even have a drug store chain known as “Rite Aid.” A rite is an act of ritual, and this ritual is performed by the priestly pharmacologist who prepares the RX prescribed by your local pharmacist at the Western man's sterile botanica.

The pharmaceutical industry is entirely based on sorcery. Right  now engineers at MIT are working on producing antibiotic drugs out of wasp venom. That sounds very Harry Potterish to me. But what exactly is sorcery? It is the spiritual sciences of the world’s indigenous people—which is the science of botony, zoology, and the stellar bodies, which are all used to facilitate working relationships between man and himself, man and his community, and man and his natural environment. In Benin, West Africa, this science is called Vodun.

When the world’s sacred sciences were observed by Europeans—who did not have home grown cultures of their own that dealt with the CHEMISTRY behind spiritual phenomena—they called it magic. Magic consists of extraordinary space-time occurrences with no root in the pitch-black soil of reason and explanation. The truth, however, is that there is ALWAYS an explanation, albeit it may not be known to you.

When I cook for my friends and family they’re always  impressed by the flavors in the dishes. To many of them, my cooking is magical. For me, however, it’s very scientific. A lot of it is chemistry. There are multiple steps in my head that I follow to create a desired culinary experience for the people eating my food. Other cooks who haven’t become one with The Flame may rely exclusively on the written magical formulas in the grimoire that I call a Recipe Book.

You can’t practice “magic” without first understanding magical psychology. You want to practice alchemy? Learn how to cook and you will learn a lot about it. What if I told you that Vodun veves and sigils are stylized visual depictions of combined roots, herbs and animal byproducts that cause a chemical reaction upon activation? What if the beautiful aroma of a heavenly home cooked meal is literally an intelligent spirit that you’re touching with your nostrils after it has been summoned by a chemical reaction precipitated by a glowing eye on a stove?

If this kind of subject matter interests you and you don’t own my book, then you’re playing games at this point. As a single body of work it is as powerful as any single metaphysical lecture, book, or podcast that has come out between 2009-2019. Yeah, I know 2019 hasn’t come yet, but I always write to you from the future. No presentation in the last decade stands above The Treasures of Darkness: LivingJewels for Spiritual Resurrection. Few people can take your mind to the places that I can with elegance, humor, style, imagination and thoughtful simplicity.

A scientist is someone with the mind of a technician and the soul of an artist. The true scientist fuses linear, sequential reasoning with creativity and imagination to achieve a desired effect in the eye of the observer. Multi-million dollar business deals are closed over well-prepared meals in restaurants because the science of cooking, and what people call magic, go hand-in-hand. Many people say that your food is your best medicine. What exactly are we being fed, for the most part, by the western pharmaceutical industry?

When a person purchases “RX” from their local pharmacy, they are literally buying combinations of planetary retrogrades to address the celestial configuration of internal conditions that caused their sickness to begin with. The word “Retrograde” doesn’t mean to move in reverse. It means to APPEAR to move in reverse.  RX in the form of drugs don’t cure diseases. They only APPEAR to cure them by reversing the SYMPTOMS of the disease. The actual disease is spiritual. Drugs put the disease in a retrograde progression, but it doesn’t heal the root cause of the disease. It alters our perception of the disease.

I remember a person who was battling cancer many years ago. They were taking Western medicine with minimal results. They got creative and decided to go see an obeah man in Jamaica for treatment and their health dramatically improved, but only temporarily. The cancer went into remission. This means it went retrograde through the obeah man’s medical intervention with planetary and stellar resonance. Remember I said that astrologers can read the stars and planets. Spiritual medicine men can rearrange their  placement in the heavens. As above, so below.

The cancer came back because the driving catalyst behind it was never directly uprooted although it’s outward expressions, its symptoms, APPEARED to have been reversed. Retrogrades (RX) are only helpful when you’re actively decoding your own life to understand your internal condition in retrospect through deep introspection. Otherwise, they wreak havoc.

These are just my abbreviated thoughts on matters of collective importance. It’s easy for us to be bewitched by planets and stars when we don’t stand in the truth of our own vibratory resonance. We bow to external influences and get all spooked out during astrological retrogrades. We do not have to be slaves to the stars and planets. They may propel us to respond to situations in a certain way, but they don’t compel us to do so.

When we work towards cultivating good character in our daily lives, the individual atoms that make up our dense physical bodies develop the same Quantum Spin orientation that point in the same direction during rotation. This quantum spin orientation is the basis for what Ifa devotees call “ashe.” All living things have it. The intensity of our ashe is reflected back to us in our personal magnetic fields. A weak magnetic field will be vulnerable to the attacks of planets and stars because we haven’t defined our own internal characters within the cosmic alphabet of communal experience. As a result we are sentenced to death.

 Astrology is great, but don’t use it to build a prison for your mind. Lets start cooking, so we can free ourselves with the roar of the flame.

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