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Saturday, October 27, 2018


Conceptually speaking, what’s the difference between an “Intercontinental” heavyweight champion and a “World” heavyweight champion?

The word “continental” is an adjective in reference to continents which are large land masses surrounded by bodies of water. Anything “intercontinental” therefore concerns large interconnected landmasses.  This excludes oceans, which are the bodies of water that separate these continents from one-another. An intercontinental champion is a landlord who is in the process of expanding their sphere of influence to include the 7 seas.

Unlike the intercontinental heavyweight champion, however, the WORLD heavyweight champion already has power over the WATERS, which is essentially the ability to influence the EMOTIONS of the greater populace in a visceral way.

The world champion’s ability to elicit strong emotional responses from people translates into more power, more influence, and a greater flow of currency along the banks of human consent through direct access to sky blue abundance, which is the watery reservoir of feeling. The intercontinental champion stands at the shoreline, on the verge of great things.

Every now and again, people will ask me what I think the meaning of life is. To be quite frank, I don’t believe that life has any meaning but the one you dare to give it. If you think that you’re special and treat yourself accordingly, then you will create a reality around you that reinforces that idea.


Ordinary people criticize or do their best to ignore men like Donald Trump. Extraordinary people see what they can learn from people like him. Trump once said “Without passion you don’t have energy, with out energy you have nothing.” He also said “No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.” 

Relatively few people ever thought he’d be President of the United States of America, so he’s actually LIVING his message. There are people you like, who say a lot of things that sound good, but theyre not living their message at all.

 If you only try to learn from people that you like, people who make you smile, then you may not be as intelligent as you think you are. If you pay attention there is priceless, applicable knowledge that you can acquire from EVERYONE for the right situations, even me.

You can say what you like, but all over the world there are people who talk about Trumpwhether for good or for badthey FEEL that what he says and does has power and influence over their day-to-day lives. How many people in the world are talking about YOU and contemplating YOUR words? How many people believe that YOU have power and influence over their day-to-day thoughts?

Again, life has no inherent meaning. You have to feed your imagination and use your vision to give your life meaning. Life is a tiny flaccid balloon. You have to blow that bitch up with helium until it floats off into the sky. The winds of time will take the audacious soul to far away spaces and places.

The very first time I heard Lil Wayne say that he was the best rapper alive around 2004, I didn’t take him seriously. I thought that he was just talking shit. Then sometime between 2006 – 2008 he went on a mixtape and studio album run that left a substantial amount of people believing his boast.

Whether he was or wasn’t the best rapper alive is irrelevant to my point. What’s important was how many people were able to FEEL as if he were based on his ability to use his imagination to generate a personal vision for himself that became a consensus reality for others. I don’t see why you can’t do the same thing, even if it isn’t on the same magnitude as Wayne—but then again, it may be on a greater magnitude!!! There’s no telling who’s reading this. You could be a living legend in the making.

Tastemakers build lofty, exaggerated mythologies around powerful men and women once they’re able to eat off of their legacies. Otherwise, they feel they have no vested interest in churning out flattering propaganda about them. There are many amazingly talented men and women you’ve never heard of for this reason.

The irony in this is the fact that powerful men and women cannot reach a station in life where people could eat off of them until they first construct a winning mythology around themselves.

Building your ideal self is the highest form of masonry. You draw up the blueprint and produce the brick and mortar. Those who observe your labor over time are solidifying your vision into a tangible edifice of preferred destiny.

Staying power is determined by popularity, which is favorable attention sustained over time through demonstrated skill and applied psychology. We are the champions!!!

This isn’t even a taste of the kind of insight that I share in my book The Treasures of Darkness: Living Jewels for Spiritual Resurrection which is once again available at my website right HERE.

Staying power is determined by popularity, which is favorable attention sustained over time through demonstrated skill and applied psychology