Search the Dark Waters of Nun

Friday, March 30, 2018

New Media's Propagation of the Social Sciences through Digital Blood Bathing

Traditional footnotes and bibliographies are literary devices of control when used as a persuasive tool in the propagation of the social sciences.  Many of you already know this intuitively. But I’d like to explain the mental mechanics behind what you know so that you know HOW you know what you know.

On the surface traditional footnotes and bibliographies help to foster a sense of academic transparency between the reader and the author. That’s a good thing. However, beneath the surface, they are  also applications that constrict the reader’s interpretation of the text so that they never venture out beyond the narrow intellectual confines that the author has set up for them in the text.  

Subliminally this reinforces the notion that you should automatically defer to an authority figure, not based on the merit of what the authority figure is saying, but solely on the basis that what is being said is coming from an established authority figure. In other words, YOU ARE BEING  PROGRAMMED TO BOW to A.D.A.M. (Academic Director of the Artificial Man).

Artificial humans do not have cultivated INSTINCTS that allow them to discern from truth and blatant falsehood. Artificial didn’t originally mean fake, though. That’s the oversimplified definition of the word. It is actually a reference to anyone or anything that is a product Craftsmanship. A mason is a craftsman, but so is a butcher.

The cataloging method that I used for my book, The Treasures of Darkness, gives the reader fuller insight as to how I arrive at my distinct conclusions while simultaneously opening the door for them to go BEYOND my interpretations of the topics I introduce through a more direct experience of the information that I am sharing. That is my sacrifice and the future's gain. This ritual is achieved through the medium of Black ink on a page. My book is called The Treasures of Darkness for more reasons than I can explain through this format.

Going forward, I will explore new formats for a more holistic reception of distributable information. I am in pursuit of The New Book. This new book is a steadily flowing lifestream of knowledge that unifies various forms of art and media under one umbrella for a more visceral learning experience that stimulates the senses in the body of the anointed. Enjoy your weekend, and stay blessed.