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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Cultural Appropriation & Master vs. Slave Morality

This ongoing conversation about Cultural Appropriation is an interesting one when you look at it without the murky lens of Slave Morality.

Culture isn’t so much defined by race as much as it is defined by the local customs of a people who may even share the same race and national identity. Even though northern Italians and Sicilians share the same race and national identity, their cultures are very different. They speak differently. They eat differently.

Some will say that this difference in culture is because the Sicilians were more heavily influenced by Blacks, who were of a different race. However Sicilians were not culturally influenced by Blacks as a broad, monolithic group. They were influenced by SPECIFIC groups of Blacks who had a common national identity based on a shared culture. The Zulu of South Africa did not  give  Sicily it’s swag. Northwest Africans did. This goes back to the Punic Wars of the 3rd century B.C.E.

Let’s say that Albert is an African American who is mainly of Ghanaian and Senegalese descent. He doesn’t know this, though, because no one alive in his family can trace their lineage back to a specific country in Africa. Nevertheless, Albert wants to feel connected  to Africa and its people. He becomes “self-initiated” into Ifa without being authenticated by Yoruba practitioners or Afro Latino custodians. Is Albert guilty of cultural appropriation? Of course he is.

While all West Africans may adhere to overlapping principles that guide their perspectives and ways of being, they also have a variety of distinct cultural expressions that highlight those principles. What then grants people the legitimate right to claim a culture as their own if we know that a person's race does not automatically tell us what their culture is? Principles deal with generalized themes and concepts. Culture is more specific. We are talking about macro vs micro, here.

 To assume that cultural appropriation is solely based on  racial differences is to ignore the cultural diversity that exists within a single racial group. Remember, the term is called Cultural Appropriation, not Racial Appropriation. Race is an artificial concept constructed by white men with an inferiority complex. Culture is an organic expression of human instinct relative to local geography. Culture is dictated by the intelligences that exist in the soil, minerals, and plant life of the land.

If you are not from the land, and you have not been authenticated by the people who are directly influenced by the intelligences of the land, and you adopt their culture to your personal benefit, then you are an appropriator of their culture. It doesn’t matter if you are of the same race as they are. Race can be an indicator of culture, but it is not culture in and of itself. Africa is a vast continent with many rich cultures. No Black person in the Americas has an ancestral claim to EVERY single one of these beautiful cultures. They only have a claim to the ones that they are bound to directly by blood, or by paying dues to the culture’s ambassadors and custodians. 

Black parents with children should consider placing a strong emphasis on their children learning S.T.E.A.M (Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics). If more of our children become geneticists then our descendants won't be claiming African cultures that they do not have blood ties to. When you Big Up people who are not YOUR people by blood then you will not gain spiritual power from it. Your bloodline will not advance. It doesnt matter if the people youre giving props to are Black like you. ARE YOU RELATED TO THEM BY BLOOD? This is all that matters. 

When my niece grows up, she can wear traditional clothes and adornments that women in India wear without being a cultural appropriator. My sisters and I have a great, great grandmother who was from India. My blog is called Third Eye Max for a reason. If you are creative, then ancestor reverence can take on many forms. I give props to my ancestry from Ghana, but I'm on my Shiva shit too. 

One might say that I’m lost and confused, and that true cultural appropriation is when a dominant racial group steals culture from a submissive racial group and makes money off of it. In essence, the dominant class fucks the submissive class, nuts on them, and walks away without saying “I love you.” Fucking monsters!

Masochists who have a perverted sense of power that they wield over others by affirming their perpetual victimhood, love this definition. So do white liberals, because it promotes the docile slave narrative that they wrote long ago. It’s the narrative of the Noble  Black wimp who clings to Slave Morality instead of Master Morality. As a direct result, he is used and tossed in the trash like a disposable paper plate. 

White liberals want Black people to always see themselves as helpless victims, who are somehow morally superior to whites solely because they are human doormats for whites. Get the fuck outta here. God forbid Black people see themselves as conquerors who take what they want because they like what they take.

The reality is that in this global village, we’ve all been cultural appropriators. We have been cultural appropriators in the way that I originally described it at the outset, not how white liberals and their Black puppets describe it. We take elements from cultures outside of our own because we’re attracted to the novelty of human expression. We admire the creativity that people showcase as they demonstrate to us who they are through art, food, physical gestures, religion, and fashion. Culture Vultures are people who've made cultural appropriation their lifestyle and only reason for existing. They are parasites. Vampires. That is far more extreme than cultural appropriation.

I don’t want to hear any accusations of cultural appropriation from pompous Black folks in dashikis espousing the superiority of classical African thought, while making money off of Vegan centered businesses. Veganism doesn’t come out of any ancient African traditions. It comes from white people influenced by the Eastern Philosophies of Asia. Those who tell you something far different are just New Agers in kente cloth. Veganism is dope. It’s responsible. It’s wonderful. I respect it. But it’s not African.

You can’t utilize TRADITIONAL  African modalities for spiritual empowerment and be a Vegan. I remember long before Veganism became popular, Vegans did not use animal products of any kind, for ANY purposes. The appropriators of veganism today say that as long as you eat vegan you are a vegan. Before that, it was a pervasive lifestyle that was not limited to just diet. 

Cultural Appropriators always adapt the tenants of foreign cultures to make them more amenable to their familiar lifestyles because it’s more convenient for them to do so.  If we’re honest, we can admit that we have all done this. There is nothing wrong with incorporating other indigenous cultural elements into your psychic makeup, but give them their respect too! Dont try to make it seem as if you are Super African in EVERY facet of your life. You’re lying!!!

Cultural Appropriation is the hallmark of globalization. We bust open each others closets to wear each others clothes. We break open each others refrigerators to eat each others food. The way many of us see it, all human beings live in the same house. This house is called planet Earth. So it’s all good.

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