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Sunday, February 25, 2018

When the Doves Fly: The African Origin of the Ancient Greek Oracles

“Two black doves [came] flying from Thebes in Egypt, one to Libya and one to Dodona; the latter settled on an oak tree, and there uttered human speech, declaring that a place of divination from Zeus must be made there; the people of Dodona understood that the message was divine, and therefore established the oracular shrine. The dove which came to Libya told the Libyans (they say) to make an oracle of Ammon; this also is sacred to Zeus. Such was the story told by the Dodonaean priestesses, the eldest of whom was Promeneia and the next Timarete and the youngest Nicandra; and the rest of the servants of the temple at Dodona similarly held it true.”    

                             - Herotodus, the Greek Father of History

The Furies of ancient Greek mythology were based on far older secret societies comprised of African women who had the same social roles and functions as they did over in the Aegean.

The Furies of the Hellenistic world were somewhat of a moralistic  police force made of Black women utilizing nature spirits. They punished men who were immoral and transgressed internal laws by breaking external oaths and taboos.

According to the ancient Greeks, the Furies were women with coal-black skin and serpents for hair. Think about that while you look at the two women in the lead photo for this blog post. I will talk about the Medusa later.

When you think about how oppressive the Greeks and Romans were towards women as a whole, the whole concept of authoritative women in ancient Western society sounds like a total and complete fallacy. Imagine Harvey Weinstein advocating for fair treatment of women in Hollywood before being accused of serial sexual harassment in 2017. It just wouldn’t have happened.

In the Los Angeles Times there was an  article that ran in December, 2017 entitled “Tracing the Roots of Misogyny to Greece and Rome with Mary Beard” that illustrates the struggles of white women in the earliest European cultures.  I suggest you read it.

Any white woman who fancies herself a “witch” a “high priestess” or an “indigenous medicine woman” while helping to uphold the tyranny of white male patriarchy is liar and a fraud. The designation of “white” as a race didn’t even exist until the anti-miscegenation laws of 17th century colonial America. However in this blog post, we will use the term “white” to identify women of a particular hue and culture since the human color code is familiar to the common reader.

Before the spread of Christianity and Islam Black African women—in stark contrast to their white counterparts—owned land, conducted business, and directly addressed political matters within a social structure fashioned by Black Men. The Black men who systematically and institutionally oppress Black women in Africa today are either Christian or Muslim.  You will not prove me wrong on that.

Patriarchy  is not inherently  bad. It all depends on the men behind the system. Some men are powerful, dominant, and secure with themselves, while others are the complete opposite. Before the spread of Christianity and orthodox Islam, Black women were the only women on the planet with political, economic, and spiritual  power as a collective. This is only because secure Black men ran the world.

There is compelling evidence that in ancient Athens, white women were not even citizens. They could not vote in elections. They were more or less, private property if they were wives or concubines, and public property if they were prostitutes. Read Women in Greece by Sue Blundell. She’s a white woman and her book is  published  by Harvard  University Press.

What you call a matriarchy can only exist in a society run by dominant men of exceptional  integrity, emotional sensitivity and sexual prowess. When men are weak and insecure they become Haters who intentionally keep women out of positions of power and make sure that the women are in constant fear  through the looming threat of physical violence. They also try to destabilize other men who would take their women away if all men were competing on a leveled playing field.

Feminine women derive pleasure from serving powerful men of good character. Weak men are sexually inadequate and must rely on terror and intimidation to get women to do the simplest things for them, like cooking a simple meal.

To me it seems obvious that any social model that seemed to empower the women of ancient Greece—including its oracular institutions—had to come from outside of Greece. Another possibility is that the cultural expression is a holdover from ancient Greece’s archaic period when people of a different racial designation and culture occupied its localities.

The Minoan civilization, which preceded Greece in the Mediterranean, was not white. There were no white women in positions of spiritual, political, or economic authority under the watch of white men in the ancient Greco-Roman world. 

This conclusion is drawn from the records left behind in Greco-Roman literature spanning multiple genres including epics (The Iliad by Homer), tragedies (Oedipus Rex by Sophacles) and comedies (The Clouds by Aristophanes).

And who were the mysterious “black doves,” from Kemet who brought their oracle tradition to Dodona according to the Greek “Father of History” Herodotus

When you watch the movie 300, the women who had the power to tell the future went into an ecstatic trance that looks very much like what a Haitian Vodun mambo who has been mounted by a loa may experience.

I think that this is because the Greek women were taught by  Black women with long roped hair who originated south of Greece. According to Greek mythology, the powerful medusa who turned men to stone with a stare, also lived south of Greece, specifically in Libya, which is a country in North Africa. Connect the dots.

The Amazigh goddess Libya (the ancient Greeks called the Amazigh “Berbers’) was also known as Sibyl. The ancient priestesses of what is now Naples, Italy were called Sibyls and were known for their seership, which is historically synonymous with oracle traditions. The fact that they were linguistically linked to a Libyan goddess is considerable proof of their African roots.

 In some parts of Africa, the ability to access visions of the past, present, and future come through Mami Wata. Among the ancient Khemer people who built the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, this Mami Wata archetype was known as “Suphanna Matcha,” which means the “Golden Sea Maiden.” In Thailand this natelligence would be recognized by the slightly modified name  “Suvannamaccha,” which carries the same meaning.


This awe-inspiring coordinator of water spirits is depicted as a beautiful ocean mermaid throughout Africa and Asia. By the way, the modern English word “Mermaid” was preceded by the Old English word “Merewif” which means “Water Witch.” What exactly is a “wife”?  Those who read the chapter beginning on page 117 of my book, The Treasures of Darkness, have uncommon insight on this topic.

The matriarch of the sea is associated with monetary prosperity in business among other things. The next time you go to a popular Thai restaurant, check to see if the restaurant owners have any streamers, pictures, or statues of  Suvannamaccha in their establishment.

River water pursues the path that nature has laid out for it until it connects with its estuary at the mouth of an abundant ocean. Abundance denotes  wealth and prosperity. Lock in and pay attention now.

Ocean water consists of salt and water  which make up the majority of the content in your blood plasma. Your rich lineage is your true wealth and abundance. Those who  spiritually connect with the abundant ocean through the magnetic albumin protein in their own blood  can harness the POWER and abundance in their blood through that ocean.

Those who do this find their Flow State and are able to intuit their true path in life through the intelligences in their blood informing them of their mission. The albumin protein is also in human breast milk. The breast milk from the left nipple is sweeter because its closest to the heart which is the seat of intelligence. There is much more that can be said, but I think you get the general idea.

 In Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich you find several stories about stubborn men who are considered crazy by the blind masses for pursuing their entrepreneurial paths in life.  However all of these men inevitably found  wealth and abundance on their respective journeys. Such men are wise. Those other guys, are otherwise. Although he is not in Napoleon Hill’s book, please watch this short documentary on 80s business titan Reginald F. Lewis.

The wildly successful are those who make big bank by following their distinct flows along the riverbanks of life while the blind warn them of impenetrable dams up ahead. Whenever we feel decisive about our business moves we must trust that we are properly aimed no matter what the nonbelievers around us say.

This is what it looks like when we reach for boundless skies. This is what it looks like when Dodonic doves fly.