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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Psychic Self-Defense for Hungry Whores in the Virtual World

There’s a ghoul creepin’ around online, no vixen is safe from. It latches on ’em when they're syrupy thick with stacked buns.

If you clicked on this blog post to see a sarcastic Black  Puritan bash  visually stunning women who have  captured the  imaginations of  men, then you’ve barked up the wrong tree of knowledge.

Before it was perverted through cultural inversion, the English word “Whore” was derived from the Arabic word “Houris” at a time when Moorish pussy traders peddled blondes with commercial curves through the streets of old Europe.

The Arabic word “Houris” simply means “Beauties.” Originally the word whore was not a synonym for “prostitute” until feudal Europe structured its societies so that the only occupation that visually appealing women could be monetarily compensated for was prostitution.

One way that you can  confirm, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the word “whore” was not originally used as a derogatory term is by tracing the etymology of the word “Queen.” That word goes back to the old English word “Quean” which means  “curvy maiden” or “beauty,” which was essentially what a whore was by ORIGINAL definition.

When princes had the power to choose a wife through a patrilineal line of succession, they didn’t purposefully choose  prostitutes –which are women who have sex exclusively for monetary pay or its equivalent—as royal consorts. They chose young “whores” who were simply young beauties who may have had nice curves. These women often came from aristocratic families, themselves. They went on to become “queens” who were elevated whores/beauties.

Beauty is the fountain from which all       human imagination springs

In matrilineal lines it was often the princess’ family who chose the prince who became king, so it was actually the “whore” and her family who conferred secular power on the man she took on as a husband. These young women of class and refinement had inherited wealth, so they  didn’t feel as if they had to sell their vaginas for food, clothing, and shelter. In other words, these whores weren't prostitutes.

The only form of spirituality indigenous to  planet Earth is an ecosophic one centered around a reverence for beauty in all of its conceivable expressions. The purpose of this post is to point out a few things that some women may have overlooked so that their beauty is not tainted in the long term by psychic vampires in the virtual world.

I’m interested in the preservation of all  visual beauty—whether they are women, fine art, or exotic ecological landscapes—because they are all living muses for our  active imaginations. The human imagination is the fountain from which the pleasures of paradise spring.

Social media vixens who are addicted to posting several racy photos of themselves a day for no reason other than to have men lust after them are under the influence of an intelligence that is thinking for them, but fools them into thinking that they’re actually the ones in charge.

A lot of males—especially   pubescent  teenage boys, and older gentlemen who are way past their sexual primes—are jerking off frequently to their images and videos. In  their sexual arousal they lock in to the women's visual likeness while projecting feelings and emotions boiling over with intense carnal desire. No big surprise there, right? Well, here’s something else to consider:

If she has any empathic qualities, which feminine women are sure to have, then the MASS-turbation of those men (understand that a “mass” is a ritual that stimulates the growth in volume of a spiritual entity’s mind) can saddle the woman with hungry nagging spirits that cause her to have severe mood swings or bouts of sudden emotional confusion that she doesn’t even understand herself. 

Over the years the media has reported on the seemingly erratic emotional outbursts of Naomi Campbell, but imagine if youre a woman and millions of men across the globe are looking at your image and masturbating while staring intently at you. Women primarily internalize kinetic energy, while men primarily project it.

Mental disorders often have spiritual roots that are firmly grounded on the causal planes of existence. Keen observers will notice that gorgeous women—who flaunt their visual beauty at every opportunity because there is nothing else that they have cultivated within  themselves to garner social rewards  or accolades from others—suffer  from mental disorders rooted in extreme emotional instability. This instability may not be evident when you’re just getting to know them. All you can see is their physical beauty, which can be a blessing and are curse in a deviant society.

How do many women treat this spiritual affliction?  THEY POST MORE PICTURES!!!!

Posting is what the predatory astral pimps who control their minds compel them to do in the short term so that THEY can get stronger by feeding off of the attention that the women garner from masturbating men over the long term.

 Of course, there are still other women who are consciously using their looks to mine financial opportunities. I am not talking about those women. They know exactly what they are doing. They are earning a living for themselves through the seductive aesthetics of witchcraft. Truth be told, they may not even have the desire to be seen unless the attention they receive can be converted into a voluptuous monetary stream.

This is written for beautiful women who are being manipulated by malicious incorporeal intelligences  based on their insatiable desire to be seen. Generally speaking, women in their varying shapes, sizes, and skin tones personify the intrinsic beauty of Nature, which must be touched, tasted, smelled, and seen.

If they are not touched, tasted, smelled and seen they shrivel up like an old bouquet of flowers and become  resentful towards the prospective viewer. A  garden with an assortment of radiant flowers is seen because it is beautiful, but it also sustains this beauty through the focused energy it absorbs from being seen!

There is an unspoken relationship rooted in reciprocity, give-and-take, that exists between Beauty and those who observe her. If Beauty is ignored then she dies. If Beauty dies, her would-be observer has no imaginative fuel for creative self-expression. An architect with a hammer  and no vision is a dead man. Vision is a flower that bursts from the seed of inspiration.

This is why you  see gorgeous women with ugly men. It isn’t simply the fact that the ugly man may have a lot of money. It’s the fact that his money gives him the luxury of feeding this woman with the attention she desires to sustain her visual allure. Her radiance thereby stimulates him to acquire more material resources for his own personal empowerment. The serpent swallowing its own tail is a timeless emblem signifying the bond between Beauty and those who observe her.

When the Instavixen uploads a new picture she experiences an emotional high as a combination of chemicals are released into her bloodstream that reaches her brain. This feeling is intensified by likes which triggers the production of dopamine, a biochemical that causes a sense of contained euphoria and excitement. But this beauty is really the Bottom Bitch for predatory astral pimps who collect the lion's share of her potential energy which they convert into a kinetic emotional revenue stream  that they sequester in extra-dimensional bank accounts.

 This is what happens when hundreds, or even thousands, of random men  on the internet that you don't know are projecting the desire to plaster your ass cheeks, tummy, breasts, thighs and face with the broth of their steel cut oats. You think “oh, it’s just my picture, these men can’t actually touch me. I’m safe” but your essence has been captured in that picture. Western empirical scientists call this method of energy transfer, radionics. A bokor in Haiti may call his method for energy transfer, Vodun.

 If you don't take steps to protect yourself from attention that does not serve you then your life  can become extremely problematic. You probably have a talent that is just as impactful and powerful, as your physical appearance. There are ways for you to get attention from that. Refine that talent into a marketable skill, and find a way to fulfill a need.

There have always been pretty women who are just as known for their highly marketable and socially valued skills, as they are for their stunning sex appeal. I believe that you can be one of those women. When you go beneath the surface, then you are mining your treasures of darkness.

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