Search the Dark Waters of Nun

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 IS HERE

History is a bitchy devourer of souls with no respect for personal boundaries. She is only sweet and affectionate to those who write their own narratives. I write to crystalize my personal thoughts, which lead to richer, deeper personal discoveries concerning matters of importance to me.
After starting this Mind Glow Media blog in March of 2009, I now have a personal platform to share my richest thoughts with the world through the wealth of printed literature as an independent author and book publisher.
It brings me great pleasure to introduce Mind Glow Books to you. It is the one-stop shop for purchasing my new book THE TREASURES OF DARKNESS as well as my future literary works.  I've already begun shipping internationally and with your support, I know that my literary vision will heighten the Green House Effect for the entire globe. 

My words don't just stimulate the human intellect. They speak to the depth of feeling in the human heart. To get your copy of Treasures of Darkness, please go to my website right HERE.

You can also send me payments for the book througn VENMO.  My business page is  @adika-butler. For purchase price, please visit my Mind Glow Books website above. You can email me your mailing address through the CONTACT section there. Be sure to reference your VENMO tag in that email so I know who you are. I also accept general Mind Glow Media donations through Venmo. Stay tuned for more updates.