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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Only Built 4 Riddim Chiefs who Sing & Rock Mics (THE EBOOK)

My second book of 2017 entitled Only Built for Riddim Chiefs who Sing & Rock Mics explores the spiritual origins of hip-hop music in its modern context.

I say in its "modern context" because what we now call hip-hop has always been a part of African spiritual traditions even though those ancient expressions were never identified as "hip-hop" by name at any time in human history. 

Yet just as the Vodun of Bénin is an amalgam of West African spiritual influences, hip-hop draws from a wide variety of already existing musical genres to convey a distinct one that is exciting and new. Unlike the xenophobic cultures of our current world, hip-hop grows stronger from, and enthusiastically embraces, its diversity of artistic expressions. It is an audible representation of the Grand Unified Field Theory at work. Cosmic forces converge upon one another at a single point of musical expression.

In this eBook--which will be given exclusively to patrons who already signed up for, AND will soon purchase, my TREASURES OF DARKNESS book when it drops--I place a strong emphasis of focus on the history of Jamaican dancehall, while examining the often overlooked influence that a forgotten genre of African American music has had on the development of the modern rap artist. All of this will be examined with the spiritual sciences as a backdrop for deeper comprehension and gnosis. 

This new ebook includes quotes that I HAVE PERSONALLY OBTAINED over the course of my journalism career through interviews with:

1) Big Daddy Kane (The most important rapper from Brooklyn)

2) Edward Seaga (The former Prime Minister of Jamaica)

3) DJ Kool Herc (Considered the Father of Hip Hop)

4) Father Barney (Founder of the Stone Love International Sound System)

5) Lady Saw

6) Yellow Man and MORE

Why rely solely on citing books that quote or paraphrase the individuals who have influenced hip-hop music and culture in ways that the casual fan isn't aware when you can get direct access to them through your own interviews? This is exactly what I have done here.

My ebook, Only Built for Riddim Chiefs who Sing & Rock Mics, is a complimentary piece of literary work that will expand your understanding of, and appreciation for, the hip-hop culture that you know and love.

If you signed up for TREASURES OF DARKNESS before October 7, 2017, this ebook will be emailed to you following your purchase of that book. The website that will allow you to purchase The Treasures of Darkness along with my future books is coming very soon. I will announce it here.