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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hurricanes, 'Planes' and the Commodification of Fear

Now Irma is in the eye of the trauma storm, so the commodification of fear continues.


The same folks who believe in their hearts that a white man’s mind is behind every destructive Hurricane or expressed force of nature, are the same ones who refuse to acknowledge the powerful, life-giving  forces of nature  conveyed through the talents and skills of a Black man or woman who is willing and able to help them.


So great is their preoccupation with Death, that Life moves through their ranks unassuming and widely ignored. Some folks are conscious of the latest  conspiracy supposedly initiated by “the powers that be,” but they're rarely conscious of Dedication's ability to add value to their living experience.


The white man is their Devil, therefore he is also their God. On the higher causal planes, the devil is merely the Dr. Jekyll expression of  the neurotic God, Mr. Hyde. The same principle applies in reverse.


When you hear the hysteria and paranoia of the savagely  abused, know that it is a symptom of a people who are more stimulated by—and therefore identify more with—fear and the power of evil than they do love and the power of good.


They marvel at the penis size of evil, even coming up with an endless array adjectives to describe it, because getting their backs blown by their devil of choice is what they know best.  This is your classic trauma victim.


Trauma victims need our gentle compassion, not our harshest criticisms. Your state of grace comes from your recognition of abundant resources, whether human or otherwise. Once compassion is bestowed upon the abused, then the abused will recognize their own abundance. Divinity and Victimhood cannot stand in the same place.


Food is the most treasured resource on the planet because it consistently offers humans the most intensive care they need through compassion. What wont the most frugal of individuals pay for a pretty hot plate? Save your Free Smoke for the abusers.


The plants and animals you eat dont talk because they are greater than you. The hottest part of a scotch bonnet pepper is its internal seeds, not its outer husk. The essential nature of power is to conceal the source of it’s own vitality, yet power is paradoxically out in the open for everyone to see. Hot peppers are the condensed individuated units of amalgamated force that propels life forward.


The greater always fortifies the lesser in the spirit of service. Once you internalize your food, everything that needs to be said, is said as you chew and process its flavor. A food’s flavor is its compassion.  Useful men and women are the food of their own divinities. Emulate the appropriate foods through compassion.


My current emphasis of focus is on that which cooks, without giving off smoke.