Search the Dark Waters of Nun

Friday, September 22, 2017

Finally...The Treasures of Darkness

A wonderful book is a well decorated coffin that preserves the meaning of undying words. This long-awaited and highly anticipated book release is my funeral, to which you are all gladly invited.

The ceremonious occasion signals the  death of Death within us, to spark the  redemption of Promise and the timely resurrection of Life.

From a tiny aperture in a far flung corner of the Milky Way galaxy comes a scorching spectrum of light. Within this light are the varied colors of vanity, passion, pride, vigor, audacity, beauty, innocence, and uninhibited  force.
It brings me great pleasure to  share with you the luminous TREASURES OF DARKNESS.

Its official release date is 11.11.2017. However, you will have an opportunity to purchase copies of the book from me before then. I’ll let you know exactly when it is available. To purchase it, go to