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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Introducing Sibyl Creative Consulting

Those of you who have grown intimately familiar with my writing over the years  realize that I have many curiosities and interests that intersect with one another. One of them is assisting creative men and women with their art by giving them helpful and honest advice. Sibyl Creative Consulting is my personal platform for that work.

Sibyl Creative Consulting is restoring nobility to popular art and culture through astute counsel that empowers artists to reach their full creative potential. Adika Butler, its founder, has provided graphic design, critical analysis and literary editing services to authors,  event promoters, hip-hop artists, singers, politicians and videographers for well over a decade.

Mr. Butler is highly regarded and well sought after for his spiritual insights and frank  observations that significantly enhance the projects that he works on. Open your heart, and broaden your mental scope of possibility by allowing Sibyl Creative Consulting to work for you. Visit my website right now at More features are to come.