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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

To Swallow A Star: Dishing Food for Thought on the Universe in your Belly

Gastronomy is the art and science of preparing  foods entering  your gastro-intestinal tract (your stomach). Within the word “Gastronomy” is the word “Astronomy,” which is the study of the planets and celestial bodies of our universe. The entire universe is in YOUR stomach.

The path of destiny laid out to you in your personal astrology chart can be altered through Special meals. A chef  can shift the planetary placements in your belly around through a kind of culinary Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the Chinese name given to an ancient art that predates Chinese civilization. This art is centered on the balance and allocation of energies throughout the volume of space. We say things like “As above, so below,” but do we really know what that even means?

An astrologer reads the planets in the sky. A chef, however, uses food as a modality to shift them around in your stomach. God is the central intelligence that has donned the apron of observation, while modulating the intensity of the flame of focus emanating from the eye of the stove. This flame is the alchemical agent of motion for heavenly orbs in transit.  The celestial supper of cosmic resonance is the choice food that we all consume, with bio-genetic cellular spoons.

The European culinary arts center on elemental witchcraft filtered through Islamic mysticism. This is why many chefs dress like Sufi whirling dervishes. France, which is the main focal point for European culinary arts, is also the first European country to embrace Sufism as part of its 19th century orientalist movement. Also, the tall chef's hat introduced by the French is called a toque, which is literally an Arabic word that means hat. Why didn't French cooks use a French name for their hat? There is no coincidence in the similar style of dress shared between chefs and dervishes. The whirling dance of the Sufi and the twirl of the spatula in the hand of a cheerful chef mixing waffle batter are one and the same.

Your intestines is your first brain and the geometric formation of energies inside of it can be manipulated by a chef through the nerve endings  on your tongue. Bon appétit bitches. Don't forget to leave a tip.