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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Let Us Make Man in Our Image: The Other Side of the Zodiac

Empowered men and women who mold world culture and civilization seem to realize intellectually, or intuitively, that the stars and planets of the zodiac may have an impact on them, but they do not have complete and total control over their day to day actions, speech, and movements. They propel us, but they don’t compel us, unless we give away all of our personal power.

The extent to which we embody the negative stereotypes of our zodiac signs is the extent to which we play the bitch role, face down, ass up, to the planets  and  the stars.

However, by augmenting our personal magnetic fields we put ourselves on a path of evolution where we inevitability join the royal court of celestial luminaries. When ancient man spoke of what we today understand as “gods” and “goddesses” they were talking about men and women who carried a magnetic resonance that allowed them to influence people in the same way that you are influenced by the stellar bodies of the zodiac. The closest thing you may have to a god or a goddess in this respect, today, is a highly influential celebrity.

We weaken our magnetic fields when we maliciously encroach upon the dignity of others. So the saying “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” has nothing to do with “others” but has everything to do with you. Think about that.

If you do not, at the very least, believe that you have the capacity to communicate effectively while Mercury is in retrograde then it is only because you are Mercury’s bitch and are thereby subject to all of its gifts and curses. You might as well have auditioned for a role as an extra in the web series Underground or the new Roots movie because you are a total and complete slave to the magnetic resonance of people, places, and things.

You’ll hear people say things that may sound to you like this: “I’m just a product of my degraded environment, therefore I have no choice but to be the mediocre nigger I am,” or “I can’t afford to buy food for my children to eat because the white man who has only existed  for 7-8,000 years is holding me down.”

 A “god” or a “goddess” doesn't rationalize their perceived limitations based on the positioning of terrestrial or stellar bodies. They burn their perceived limitations away. You and I don’t  exist. We are creating ourselves at this very moment by forging our souls in the fires of wise words that meld steel.

LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE!!! The “US” in this context is a collection of integrated psychic elements, that magnetize the “prima materia” that idealized psychic compound that you and I access as  higher mind.

The “MAN” is the man or the womb man that you  see when you look at yourself in the mirror with the Eye of the master sculptor who is eager to create. Look into the pupils of your own eyes. Can you feel the excitement?