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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ask Third Eye Max A Question Now

Ask me a question... Any question... I will be taking 22 of your questions and answering them in a rare video presentation. So if you ever wanted to know something about me, or see me go into further detail on something that I have written, or haven't written about, then this is a cool opportunity to do so.

All that you have to do is pose your single question in the box  provided in the Survey Monkey web link below. It's that simple. Your identity will be anonymous. I will not know who you are when you submit your question, but if you choose to identify yourself I'll feel more inclined to make answering your question a priority if I recognize you by name as a patron and supporter of Third Eye Max.

If I think your question is useful to the Third Eye Max readership, then you are probably good to go for the video whether I know you or not. Thank you for your support.