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Friday, May 6, 2016

Sexual Neurosis, Social Media & The Katholic Kente Krist

Hotep bitches. I figured I’d take the time to publicly address a subject that I’ve discussed with friends for a few years now: the blatant neurosis exhibited by many Afrocentric men and women  with regard to sex and how sexuality is  expressed in everyday life.

Many progressive Blacks living in the Western hemisphere—particularly those in the United States—have taken it upon themselves to learn the history and culture of their African ancestors to improve the quality of their lives. While this is very commendable, many  have not taken the time to go beneath the surface information designed to boost their self-esteem  to truly understand the cultural psychology, the underlying mentality, that makes African achievement possible. 

Many of these individuals come from Christian homes where people conveniently adhere to a few spiritual values, while ignoring the ones that take them outside of their daily comfort zones. They don’t realize that an authentically spiritual life is often lived on the outskirts of convenience.

Although these individuals may genuinely have an affinity and  love for traditional African culture and spirituality, they still think like   Puritans straight off of the Mayflower even though they have dreadlocks, afros, and wear big Ankh necklaces laden with gem stones over crisp dashikis. 

These people LOOK the part of being “enlightened,” and may even have an  impressive lexicon of vocabulary words to work with. Still, there is an unhealthy disconnect in their minds when it comes to sex and sensuality.

Many of them are  sexually uptight, which  has lead to demonic possession. They have entered into a composite state with the Katholic Kente Krist (K.K.K.), a malefic spiritual intelligence that terrorizes and infects  the minds of Afrocentric men and women, often causing them mental illnesses that are rooted in unaddressed sexual hangups and phobias. These seeds of neurosis are planted in their minds by the subliminal cultural influence of the Roman Katholic Church in North America and the Caribbean.

This influence revolves around self-denial, which precipitates   self-detachment, but it is ALL triggered by sexual trauma through abuse. As Inquisitives, we will examine how this all plays out among men and women in the Afrocentric conscious community, and the larger Black community, to see how the issue may be effectively addressed with solutions.

Male Neurosis

Sometimes I’ll be on social media and I’ll observe a very attractive woman post a visually enticing picture of herself and men will go out of their way to compliment the woman. The desire to give compliments is natural. However THESE compliments are often grandiose and phony.  I can tell that most of the men don’t actually know the woman to be complimenting her as intensely as they do. In most cases, the woman doesn’t even care that the men exist. This is evident because she does not acknowledge them or respond to the male compliments in her posts, although she will do so with  comments coming from other females in the very same post.

The women posting these pictures accumulate the energy that these men give away and use it to fortify their self-images, even if their sense of personal empowerment is something as simple as a renewed, albeit temporary, sense of appreciation for their own value as women.

What is not healthy is that the men will say fake bullshit  that only masks their true sexual desires like “Sista, you’re a true goddess in the flesh and a living testament to the beauty of our great and mighty race. Black power, my sista!!! Black power!!!” This sounds more like an excerpt from the script of  a comedic spoof than a genuine compliment that a man gives a woman on her APPEARANCE.

This is significant because a woman’s physical beauty generates a natural response from men rooted in raw ANIMAL  MAGNETISM, not the intellectualism and political philosophy we see in the quote above . A lot of  conscious dudes publicly deny their raw animal desires by dressing their sexual power animals up in pious, politically appropriate tuxedos made out of African Kenté cloth.

This is not REAL and most conscious women know it. They know you really want to grab them firmly by the waist and pound the shit out of them with hell’s wind staff as those extravagant earrings they love to wear jingle and you talk that filthy talk.  Depending on the man, many of the women might actually prefer this. Nevertheless they play along with the men’s Afrocentric rhetorical fuckry  for their own personal amusement.

What  man with a healthy libido is seriously contemplating racial politics when he sees a random woman with nice cakes, anyway? And if the curvaceous woman happens to be a Latina or Chicana with pale skin, or dare I say, a white female with blue eyes and platinum blonde hair, are THOSE women expressions of Latino, Chicano and White power respectively?

Maybe I took that question too far, as some conscious brothers will not publicly admit that they have in fact seen  fairly attractive women of other races because it is not in conformity with the  script that is often parroted by many in the Afrocentric conscious community.

Any frowning on individual uniqueness, any divisive promotion of Group Think or blind dedication to a political dogma that borderlines on religious devotion and religious thinking, signals the presence of the K.K.K

First of all, how does one conclude that a woman that they don’t really know is a goddess? Is it because she has a pair of warm, luscious titties that’ll  melt a thick bar of butter on contact? Is it because she’s gorgeous and is wearing a head wrap made of Kenté cloth? What has she accomplished in her life that is indicative of a goddess besides looking good and amassing likes and follows on social media? What are her ambitions?

 I guess a pretty face, a beautiful body, and some colorful African fabric is all a woman needs to qualify as the physical embodiment of a deific feminine force. I won’t call this a subtle form of misogyny because  a lot of us as men do this to women without malicious  intent.

However, this is definitely a devaluing, a degradation, of the feminine principal because no woman deserves the colloquial identification of “goddess” SOLELY off the strength of her good looks. There is so much more to what we, as English speakers, call a “goddess” than physical beauty. There are women who are better qualified to be identified as female deities in the flesh although their images may not stimulate any erotic thoughts in a lot of men’s minds.

Interestingly enough, I never hear conscious dudes refer to a wise older woman who has lost much of her erotic sex appeal to time as a “goddess,” and it’s not like we don’t see these women in our communities doing incredible things consistently. They will call this kind of woman an “Elder” or a “Queen Mother” but never a “goddess” which would be the highest level in the hierarchy of female archetypes.

Only the sistas with the big bubble butts, small waists, thick  succulent thighs, and supple breasts that we wanna titty-fuck and bathe in our special tartar sauce are qualified reflections of deity, it seems. The underlying thought here is that the highest level of power that a woman can aspire to in a man’s mind is to be an object of erotic desire.  This attitude is symptomatic of soul possession by the K.K.K, which is an internally conflicted, sexually repressed, traumatized spirit with an Afrocentric cultural veneer.

Men will make mild, meaningless references to some “Nubian Queen” or an “Oshun in the flesh” on social media and then watch aggressive interracial porno videos with Mellonee Monroe receiving hot porridge masks from big black cocks from the Congo. This is a potentially dangerous form of disassociation and mental compartmentalization taking place here. 

The reason why this can be dangerous is because the individual is never aware of themselves as a whole individual at any given point in time. Their minds are a series of fractured compartments that never overlap. People like this commit sexual crimes and genuinely believe that they’re innocent after committing those crimes.

Some men in the Afrocentric conscious  community read a lot of spiritual literature that they don’t realize is influenced by Katholic asceticism and Neo-Platonic thought so they feel guilty and ashamed of sexually expressing themselves honestly. Sex and spirituality are seen as mutually exclusive, a leftover mental program they inherited from the Christian church.

If a woman that they’re intimate with were to say to them “I want you to cum in my face. I’m vitamin D deficient and I need an explosive solar shower from my African sun god. Show me the light of Sirius and the warmth of the Arcturus,” many of these virtuous book worms would initially feel taken aback, even if they wanted to comply immediately with the woman’s request. The whole idea that it is not spiritual to  eagerly indulge in physical pleasures is Neo-Platonic, which is at the spiritual root of the K.K.K.

Then when we examine another facet of sexual dynamics we find that a healthy heterosexual man’s intense animal desires are deemed savage and abnormal by our high Roman Katholic cultural values. The problem with this is that the sexual desires that human beings have don’t just disappear because they are socially frowned upon. They are energies, and energy cannot be created or destroyed, only sublimated into other forms of expression.

These sexual energies that are stigmatized as vulgar in their honest manifestation are thereby explored in secret and in hiding. Shame and guilt causes the individual to identify, potentially, with every and anything that can enhance those emotions.  Morbid interests develop, and over time sex becomes less about  healthy self-expression and the sharing of mutual vulnerability between a male and a female, and more about the reclamation of stolen sexual power through the sexual domination and overt control of a weaker human being.

A man who does not have enough masculine vitality to sexually seduce a woman with his mind and his soul force may become a predator of weaker men and children. But how was HIS masculinity even compromised to the extent that he would embrace such perversion? Simple. He was violated by someone who was possessed by the K.K.K, so now he is too.

The large-scale penitentiary system that privatized prisons used was introduced by the Vatican in the early 18th century. St. Michael’s Prison for boys and young men was erected in Rome by Pope Clement XI. These males were traumatically introduced to the sexual mysteries of Katholicism, and spread the sexually deviant gospel to their community once they were released from prison.

The only way to rise above your beastly sexual desires is by lovingly embracing them because they are a part of you. This outlook does not entail allowing your beast to rule you. It has more to do with making your beast your bitch without denaturing it of its raw force and power. You are not weird. You are an individual who is one of a kind!!!

If you don’t embrace the beast then your neurotic attempt at disassociation will leave you terrorized and tormented by the K.K.K. You will start using sex as a means of establishing dominance over weaker people (men, women, and children), and that is not what sex is meant for.

Men traumatized by the K.K.K. may want to consider culturally appropriate psycho analysis and psychotherapy. Taking sexual advantage of men, women, children and animals is a definite sign of mental illness caused by MOLESTATION and other forms of ABUSE.

What many  of Us don't seem to understand is that all Neo-Neanderthal religions are fueled by intense sexual guilt and characterized by a forced withdrawal from ancient Neanderthal sexual perversions that have been deposited into the  genetic memory bank of the Neo-Neanderthal by Nature’s shareholders.

When you  embrace  patterns of  thought that bind you to the spiritual body of the Katholic Kente Krist you are  simultaneously OWNING and EMBRACING the fear and guilt that the K.K.K. feeds off of.  This propels you to  become a weirdo in your personal sexual preferences just like the ancient Neanderthal man.

 The tragedy is that all of this fear and guilt is not a part of your genetic legacy. Instead you have assumed a cultural identity that is not your own. Beyond cultural identity, we all have a rich and very unique spiritual identity that we reclaim when we crucify the Katholic Kente Krist. We crucify the K.K.K. by recognizing the inherent relationship between spirit and the human body.

Most of us have heard the saying that “children should be seen, and not heard.” Who coined this phrase? It originated with 15th century Katholic priest, John Mirk, who wrote this in one of his directives to other priests concerning the proper treatment of women.  All women were considered to be minors (i.e.children) by Katholic orthodoxy.

I’m willing to bet that the silencing of actual children was promoted in more recent centuries because  if given the chance to speak freely about their experiences, the children would scream: “I WAS SEXUALLY MOLESTED BY MY PRIEST!!!” Children should ALWAYS be heard unless they’re protesting going to bed at a reasonable time.

Suddenly, I notice that people want to talk about sexual depravity and pedophilia in the hip-hop community as if it wasn’t present at the inception of the art form. Long before modern hip-hop as we know it came into being, a master of ceremonies (an MC) was originally a Katholic priest who performed rites during church mass that were designed to move the crowd—oops—I mean church  parishioners, to a specific course of action.

The men who founded the Katholic church were known for their hymns (songs), misogynistic declarations, and fascination with pederasty. Its priests prefer companionship through large groups of men over female intimacy. This is well documented. Why wouldn’t we find the K.K.K. terrorizing the hearts and minds of some of our own Masters of Ceremony (MC), when the very title of MC was borrowed from the Roman Catholic Church to begin with?

This ties back to what I said near the beginning of this post  concerning the subliminal influence of  Katholicism in the Caribbean and North America. The Papal Trans-Europe Express tunneled its way out of Rome, burrowed its way through West Indian soil, and penetrated the streets of NYC at Cardinal points to rock the planet.

And don’t tell me that an “Emcee” is different from an “MC.” That argument has no merit because there would have been no way to conceptualize the former without the latter.  The word “Emcee” has no basis in meaning or definition to stand on its own without first referencing the “MC.” You already know this. I’m just reminding you.

A rapper rooted in his true cultural identity is  more akin to a West African Djele, who is mislabeled a “Griot” a term  derived from French. The French colonized Mali in 1892. Djele means “blood,” because much like the liquid crystal that flows through our veins, this musical poet has a melodic cadence and a nice flow to his fluid words. He is always accompanied by the beat of the drum, which transforms him into a Holy Grail, a living repository of the history, joys, fears, and highest aspirations of his people.

Female Neurosis

 If you’re a saucy….