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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Rise of The Crow: Introducing Ultra-Violent Beethoven

“Mortals speak in prose. The gods speak in verse. Stellar souls are forged in the fire of memorable melodies and dancing words.”
- The Crow

Ultra-Violent Beethoven is a multi-faceted recording artist who once sought refuge from the never-ending tumult and disappointment of his personal life through imaginative self-expression.

After harnessing the mystical powers of The Crow—which he is learning to embrace as his sacred animal—Beethoven acquires the uncanny ability to musically traverse a wide variety of genre-bending soundscapes as a producer, while exploring the full spectrum of the human experience through his uncanny gift for rhyme.

His musical influences are wide and varied, from the hip hop sounds of Nas, Rakim, Wu-Tang, and early Common, to the rock impressions of David Bowie, Radio Head, and Joy Division.

This Summer Beethoven independently releases his debut LP Daddy Needs A Shotgun (D.N.A), which is a creative tour de force.  This gritty concept album is an earthy work of art that highlights a philosopher’s vision of a changing world, and the sense of urgency he feels in his heart as he struggles to get that vision into the ears of the human populace. 

However, once Beethoven's album falls into the hands of Solomon Journey—a jaded hip hop journalist who writes for Swag Temple Magazine—Beethoven’s story unfolds and his music comes to life! Instead of using his art as a form of refuge, he uses it as a shotgun to motivate and inspire others through the tutelage of The Crow.

“DNA has been a profound experience,” says Mr. Beethoven who will be producing and directing a short film  to accompany his album. “It‘s an extraordinary breakdown of a life that has been an emotional roller coaster. With this project I invite all thrill seekers into the depths of my personal amusement park.”

You can find Beethoven’s highly acclaimed album on all major retailing services beginning in August of 2016. You can periodically check in with Mind Glow Media to get some free music from Ultra-Violent Beethoven.