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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Mind Glow Market Research Survey

Since 2009 ThirdEyeMax has been dedicated to the “soul” purpose of Opening Eyes and Illuminating Minds. In my effort to do so with optimum effectiveness I would like to get a better  idea of how my blog can best serve your needs within the context of the subject matter regularly explored on it.

I am eternally grateful for the support that I get from my readers in the way of detailed feedback, promotional assistance, and monetary donations as they are all EXTREMELY helpful. I want to give you so much more in the future and I will. But rather than assume what you need, I am pushing myself to learn how I may nurture and expand my growing audience.

As a result I am asking that you complete the 10 online questions included in this Mind Glow Market Research survey. It will give me more insight into who you are and what topics pertaining to the Life Sciences interest you the most.

Every month I get thousands of readers, but only in the last year have I gained a Working knowledge into who you are, what you enjoy reading the most, and why. This is because most readers do not interact online, much less in person. While I get a substantial amount of feedback on various posts on Facebook, those readers represent a small percentage of my readership.

If anonymity is a concern for you, the survey is not only quick, but your identity is anonymous which allows you to share your thoughts without fear that I’ll track down your IP address and have my friends waiting at your door. Here is the link to my survey right HERE.

Tell a friend to tell a friend. The survey  link is also here: