Search the Dark Waters of Nun

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Esoteric Knowledge: Who Really Needs It?

I’ve heard people say that esoteric books and information are useless because they don’t help you to make any money and address real life issues as they arise. The reality is that the information can actually help you in these critical areas.

People who are successful in business often excel at marketing and promotion.  The prerequisite for effective marketing and promotion is esoteric (obscure) knowledge about human beings and their hidden desires, curiosities and motivations. 

A business person may incorporate subliminal advertising, or the use of neuro-linguistic programming into their  repertoire of public seduction. How can you effectively manage and lead a large number of people who all have different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, if you don’t have a working knowledge of human archetypes?

If you have no interest in developmental psychology you’re destined to be a devalued employee at best, or a hopeless beggar at worst. To become wealthy, you must be an asset to other people. In order to be an asset you must find out what a substantial amount of people need and then find a way in which you can uniquely fulfill that need for them. This may  involve influencing the minority who  influence the masses.

If you can’t give people what they want, then why would they give you their money? How can you fulfill a need or want without a basic overview of human psychology as it is understood through the scope of the spiritual Life Sciences? You can’t.

Higher consciousness is not escapism. Esoteric knowledge has practical value, but only if you have an imagination and WORK ethic to go along with the information you’ve acquired. If all you can do is memorize lots of cool facts about chakras and pineal glands then you’ll only be the smart dumb guy who can’t put any of his knowledge to practical use to improve his life. Youll have a nice ankh necklace and an empty refrigerator; lots of YouTube favorites in your digital library and no good (i.e. expensive) books on the shelf. Imagination is the difference between an operative Builder and a speculative mason who can only build in a cipher with the homies.

If you have not inherited certain genetic minerals for your soul’s soil, you’ll bitterly curse the seeds of knowledge planted inside of you, thinking that they are useless when it is actually YOUR soil that is infertile. Then again, you may have the necessary minerals, but are deficient in the amino acids that would allow you to get the most out of those minerals. Every line from your mind is a building block. Get your crane right, nucca.

My woman loves my cooking. I could body you with ground turkey nuggets, and escort your soul from your physical with the Itis. After that I’ll weigh your intestines against a feather on a scale. All jokes aside, my food tastes great because I actually enjoy cooking. I like cooking because I initially learned it from my mom who was an extraordinary teacher and a great cook. It is highly probable that she inherited some valuable qualities from her grandfather who was an accomplished chef.  She had the minerals in her soul’s soil which she passed down to me through her blood.

We all have an opportunity to fulfill the genetic calling of our ancestors to manifest what is in us, and we cannot manifest what is not in us. No matter what, you’re only going to be what you Are.

Wealth is generated in the Air, but that Wealth seeks the tangibility of   Earth to affirm its inherent value in the world of structure and form.  I live with my head in the clouds because the root of my power is in the sky. But my feet are planted in the ground, where I leave my footprints in the bed of night. The sky is never the limit once you’re in good Standing.

Do you need esoteric knowledge of the Life Sciences? Of course not! You also don’t need to live in a mansion eating the finest foods that money can buy. You don’t have to play hide-and-go-seek with Belgian chocolate beauties coated in warm maple syrup, either. Nevertheless, I would imagine that the Life Sciences can put you on a winding path to prosperity that leads to all of that and more.