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Saturday, February 13, 2016

What the Fuck Are Your Priorities?

“Is Beyoncé really pro-Black or is she just a fraud?” This question reflects the mindset of an individual who is focused on the wrong shit.

If you are a genuine brother or sister who is creative with a platform to address some need in your community through art or science, Beyoncé just pushed hundreds of thousands of Black people who may have otherwise ignored you, toward you. Why not get in Formation and take advantage of the opportunity if you're really about That Life?

A lot of “conscious” folks are so used to bitching and complaining about shit they dont know how to recognize a gift. The momentum has shifted. "The Curse" on our people has been broken, accept in their own minds.

In case you haven't noticed, the only young Black people on the planet right now who have anything new, compelling, and exciting to offer popular culture on a global scale are those who were once ostracized by the larger Black community as Hotepers, Weirdos, and Cultural Extremists.

You have now been chosen by higher forces to be the new Social Engineers, the new sergeants and generals of the New Black World, and the best many people can do is sit on the internet all day and shit on one of your frontline soldiers? There’s levels to this shit! Unfortunately, many of you don’t understand that.

To question whether or not Beyoncé is for real is a distraction and shows a misunderstanding of personal priorities. The real question is what are YOU doing now that she has made you and your worldviews sexier and more appealing in the collective mind of the global populace? How are YOU, as a sincere advocate of Black self-determination, going to capitalize off of the publicity that Beyoncé has brilliantly generated for herslef. After all, YOU ARE the one who is really about That Life, not her, right? 

Keep hating on rich Black entertainers on social networks behind your fake screen names and divine avatars. I will continue to apply my knowledge of the Life Sciences to take care of my own personal business. Anyone who knows me knows that unless you are a part of my circle of family, friends, and associates I’m not even all that wrapped up in what you’re doing anyway.

I don’t watch the Bizaro Palo ritual that you call the Super Bowl, or any television. It’s counterproductive. I came to this planet to learn, make a difference in the lives of others, and gain powerful experiences. I didn't come here to sit on the sidelines and get caught up in watching celebrities and athletes do these things. Why should you look to the heavens for the stars when you have your own inner light that radiates within?

For those who may be interested in learning a little bit more about the connection between human psychology and business you may want to read the Edward Bernays book Propaganda . To read it, just click on the link below.