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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ras Joseph Spice and The Singers & Players of Instruments present...Green Trees

Nearly 40 years ago my dad and his band, Singers & Players of Instruments (Psalm 87:7), came together to express a common vision through the magnanimous gift of reggae music.

The 9 songs recorded before my birth included contributions from the legendary saxophonist, Roland Alphonso of The Skatalites and extraordinary lead vocalist Ras Joseph Spice. The music that they made alongside writer, Natty B, and bass guitarist and arranger, Horace Finlater, was thought to be lost forever. However, it has been rediscovered and remastered for the world’s listening pleasure.

When my dad Horace shared the news with me earlier this week I was excited, and that feeling has only intensified. At a time when the world needs more music that conveys beauty through a resounding message of hope and good will, these 9 jewels were recorded in the 1970s, but made for 2016. What would seem to be late to some, is actually right on time.

I’m sharing one of the tracks entitled “Green Trees” with you below via a video I put together myself. I heard the song for the very first time that I can recall, on Tuesday (It was probably playing in the house when I was a very young child and I just don’t remember). There is more music and information to come. In the meantime, let me know what you think of the song. My email address is Peace.