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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Persuasive Writing

Hello My Friends. Some of you will be starting school this Fall, which means that persuasive essays and term papers are in your near future. If writing is not exactly your strength, there is no need to worry. You're in luck. I got you.

In my FREE E-BOOK I share 17 years of  knowledge and experience that I’ve personally imparted to SUCCESSFUL students, decorated professional writers, and hungry recording artists that have helped them to write more effectively and achieve personal goals.

Even if you are not in school, there are some basic tips that I offer in this book that you can APPLY IN YOUR DAILY LIFE TO YIELD ADVANTAGEOUS RESULTS THAT ARE TANGIBLE. My specific goal with this book is to impart useful information that will help you to magnify the seething energies that you already have burning inside of you. I hope that the words in this modest offering will assist in bringing you MORE MONEYINFLUENCE, and POWER over your environment.

To download my eBook, free of charge, CLICK HERE. If you would like to send me a donation for my work, you can do so via PayPal. My email address is No monetary contribution is too small. No monetary contribution is too large. The decision is yours to make, and I’m extremely confident that your next move will be your best move.

My next book will be for sale, and will have some interesting surprises. In the meantime, I'm excitedly declaring W.A.R. to show my gratitude to readers who’ve leant their loyal support to Mind Glow Media. Your friendship and integrity is NEVER taken for granted. In the spirit of love, I DECLARE W.A.R!!!