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Friday, June 12, 2015

The Skeleton Key 2, Coming to a Theater Near You

Rachel Dolezal, the local president of the Negro Advancement of Ashkenazi’s Claiming Palestine (NAACP) should get a starring role in The Skeleton Key 2, written and directed by yours truly (lol). Nah, but seriously, there are a lot of Rachels out there, and there will be more of them within the next decade. The difference is that many of them will undergo surgery to get broader noses and have natural hair sewn into their heads. 

There are plenty of whites who are so enamored with contemporary Black culture that they even desire to co-opt the painful struggle that has molded it into being. Within that struggle there is a sense of identity. When you lack a core identity, you will inevitably come to the point where you have a genuine desire to cultivate one.  Identity is the crucible of the soul.

Meanwhile, there are a lot brothers and sisters on social networks bashing Rachel because of what she did. Ironically, they are often the ones using fake names and avatars on these internet platforms because they're afraid that their white bosses and/or human resource departments will find out about all of the Black Power rhetoric they spit behind a computer keyboard after work hours. Through the sense of anonymity that the internet provides, these individuals  are participating in some form of disassociation from their true selves. Who are they? Who is Rachel? Who are you?

A lot of sheep in wolves clothing are throwing digital stones at the notion of white supremacy and hiding their hands because they don’t really believe that they are protected by the ancestors they gloat about on social media.

Nevertheless, in a day and age when a dark-skinned Black woman or man will look at you with a straight face and tell you that they’re “mixed” the will of our ancestors is still being fulfilled in strange ways, and in Dolezal’s case, through even stranger bodies.

The ancestors would love more Black bodies to work through, but sometimes, it seems that there aren’t enough of us who truly trust in them and are willing to act upon our expressed convictions by doing The Work. Until there there are more Black people actively working toward the cause, they will do the best that they can  with the Dolezal’s of the world.