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Monday, April 27, 2015

The Decline of the Black Nobility in Film

Some friends who are great supporters of MGM put me on to a film entitled Last Knights, which explains the fall of Europe’s Black Nobility through historical fiction. Historical fictions usually involve made up characters and story lines that are rooted in a historical basis that isn’t far removed from the truth. 

I wrote a couple of series on this site that talked about the “Black Nobility” of Europe which bleached itself out after several generations and became victimized by its own arrogance. Now you have another film that you can watch before and after you have read my pieces along with other writings on the Moors of medieval Europe.

The film stars Clive Owen and Morgan (Moor Again) Freeman. Interestingly enough, Freeman’s character looks like an older version of the Knight (Moorish nobleman) in the picture above. Is that a coincidence? I kind of doubt it. Checkout the film at the link below for further understanding. 

Much respect to True Master for crafting the “Y'all Been Warned” beat which has assisted me in my creative visualizations on the grand Moorish legacy.