Search the Dark Waters of Nun

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Lion's Lamp & The Quest for A Higher Fire

The amount of power that you currently have can be assessed by observing your ability to manipulate your environment to effect desired changes within it.

Those who do not want to see you enhance your ability to do this are not your friends although they may appear to be. They are the carpenters of defeat, assembling limiting structures that rupture the mansions of mastery within your mind.

They use the height of your personal failures, and the length of your losses, as measuring sticks for their own success. They cannot draw up a workable blueprint for themselves because they are too busy critiquing the architectural frameworks of those who put the hammer and wrench to work for real.

Your personal space, is the place, in which these losers with rulers, set the poisonous groundwork for your disgrace. You work your magic through your wood. Don’t let wayward woodworkers invade your space.

In my writings I speak truth to power because I know that we’'o power because I know that we've all been lied to on our energy bills. We generate megawatts for blocks on full batteries. These chumps can’t “charge” us.

It would be a violation of our souls if they did. We are walking power plants, in an endless dance, with the damsels and dons of destiny. When we speak truthfully about our respective conditions it clarifies our collective reality while enabling us to connect emotionally with one another by highlighting powerful common experiences.

 If you’re a reader of Mind Glow Media, chances are you are a progressive, forwarding thinking, individual who wants the best for themselves and others. You can count yourself among those who are truly inspired. You're always ready to spark the dark with the flaming arch of a higher fire. Not everyone is like you, though, and that is okay.

Be careful who you share your dreams and highest aspirations with. And even when you do, pay close attention to their reactions. Is your perceived confidante a beacon of encouragement, or are they a mouthpiece of defeat?

When we refuse to pay attention we end up paying a hefty price.  If this message resonates with you, feel free to  lace up your track shoes and run with it. Hopefully, it contained helpful words that will light your path and heighten The Glow.