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Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Trance-Formational Power of Music

“A song is more than just a melody. The words and sounds are psychic and axionic expressions that have the ability to create high-energy state, high-vibratory state that can increase the power of a soul or a loa. In our ordinary reality, music in itself has the ability of inducing different levels of mind alterations, from mild elation, bliss, or ecstasy, to rapturous frenzy, agitation, madness, vigor, or somnolence, sleep, and heavy trance. Al types of music—from the slow and monotonous rhythms in adagio, andante, largo, scherzo; from the elegiac and romantic to the trepidation of allegro, allegretto, and its variants vivace, animato, agitato, martial, and prestissimo; from the pianissimo to the fortissimo; from a simple instrument, flute, piano, violin to a full-blown symphonic orchestra; from the gallop of rock-n-roll and the twist to the pompous, grave, martial, or glorious expressions of the baroque—are capable of creating a whirling of energy, a maelstrom that places the individual on the threshold of singularities.”

                                                     -Reginald Crosley, M.D.
                                                   TheVodou Quantum Leap